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Aurora-based Discord RP: OOCulus Drift

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Aurora-based Discord RP: OOCulus Drift



You were watching TV, minding your own business when the commercial break hit. A flashy NT logo appears followed by a commercial. An annoying voice of a human salesman starts to speak to the audience, showing pretty pictures of nice looking apartments, boring dinner parties and golf. "Does your monotone existence tire you? Depresses you? Do you wish to escape to another reality where you can be yourself? Well, if that's the case, we have a deal for you!" A picture of a strange looking helmet thing pops up. "Ooculus Drift, new from NT entertainment division!" A series of pictures of happy people of all ages appears with the voice going on in the background. "The helmet allows you to travel into a virtual reality where all your dreams come true, designed completely by yourself! Or maybe you wish to enjoy other people's creativity like and link to their worlds!" A series of majestic looking images begins to slide, allowing you just enough to time to for you consider the possibility this may actually be interesting. "Now, you may ask: 'Mister salesman, isn't mind upload technology dangerous?' We say nonsense! Our technology is based on direct neural input, it's your own Holodeck in a form of a comfy helmet. It's completely safe, and cheap!" The image changes into the picture of the helmet one more time before switching to the NT logo. "Ooculus Drift, from NT entertainment division. Buy it now! Because your dreams are our reality!"

Just before the commercial ends, a text in tiny print appears at the bottom, so tiny that anyone with a bad resolution couldn't even see it:

May or may not contain snippets of Vaurca mind upload technology; NT does not cover any potential brain damage from extended use.

For reasons known only to you, you buy it several days later. Excited, you plug it into the power supply, slid the helmet on while sitting on a comfy chair and start the adventure.

You feel a tingling sensation and a short stab in your brain as the helmet activates. First, you can feel your hands and legs go numb, as you instinctively try and remove it your hands do not move. The control of your body goes away. You panic. You hear a short sentence uttered by pleasant female voice: "Motor controls deactivated: proceeding sensor override." Your sight and hearing go away... so does the numb feeling, as your mind begins to drift across your body into the abyss. A dreadful feeling of harmony goes over your as your are completely unplugged from your body. Complete darkness. No stimuli. But you can still think. Is this what being dead feels like... you feel insanity going over your until darkness finally turns to a perfectly white screen: "Welcome to Ooculus Drift. You may now interface with the programs. Please think to access the- zzzzzt-" the voice stops... mid sentence. The white screen starts to distort in ways you can't even imagine. You feel like throwing up but you have no stomach.

As the screen turns to normal, you feel almost a satanic voice speak to you, deep and echoing, like every word was spoken by thousand voices: "Welcome organic... to my Domain."

OOC info:

Alright. Some of you may be asking yourself: "Dafuq is dis shite?" Well, to put it shortly, it's a RP game inside a RP game. Your character has been pulled into a virtual world of an insane AI entity. You are now its prisoner and it wants to play a game. An RP game. What your character does and does not do will effect if they are able to return to the real world.

Why I chose this for chose this forth-wall breaking adventure over something simpler? Because it allows almost unlimited variety in experiences, freedom from lore restrictions while still being faithful to it. My TES RP always revolved around players choosing what adventure they want and this is an element I think everyone enjoyed. You are not forced to stick to any given path, and with the added benefit of the world being virtual, you are not glued to the snowflake rule. You can customize your character up to the point where it does not anger the entity. Want a psionic commando chick? Sure. Unathi elite warrior? Sure, go ahead. You want to spend your time ERPing with other players? You get erased from the game. Period. Prolonged inactivity will also be punished, and the game reality will morph to exclude the player directly changing story as needed.

Good? Alright. I will be setting up the discord server soon. Anyone interested is to message me by any means they have, or simply glue a reply here. You can draft your character, but do not post it here. You will post it on the discord server.

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Guest Complete Garbage


This seems neat. Sign me up.

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Three so far. Also, if you have questions, feel free to ask. I am usually responsive.

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