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Out In The Black


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<--- Play this before READING.

Advance the map to allow out of space exploration, once in a while a NanoTransen official under the guise of most likely your Head Administrator would create a sort of mission for the crew in a way, involving a team to go out and explore space. I don't know if SS13 allows for persistent changes to the game like adding NPC's to a certain area, which would create a sort of creeper spawn for these people to find. A science team much like in the movie I referenced with the images would go with a security team and an engineer or two to explore a certain area, to then uncover what is there. It would be an IC advancement of the station's science, possibly influencing the whole station's story in a long term way as everyone would remember their experience exploring the area. I've actually done this before but on a different game, with a different roleplay, it always worked though and was very, very interesting. All I can say is exploration is fun, but exploration of science is much better and the mystery of what is, why and how are the greatest part to it. They might uncover an amazing technology or some kind of creature that shouldn't of ever been found(Xeno's for example.). Which could have HARSH ramifications for the station and it's crew on board when they come back, carrying whatever aliens, parasites or disease that might be with them. The law of life is that for there to be great reward, there must be an equal amount of risk.

I can give some textual roleplay examples if possible, although it's not in the traditional SS13 format, one you'd see in forum roleplay.

Joshua steps forward, obscuring his light over the empty and desolate deck, the light shining through the breaches within the ship, unable to feel the bone chilling air of space through his hard suit. Before stepping forward and turning on his radio he'd say "It's all clear and yeah... I think we found it." he'd shine his flashlight up to a large piece of flesh emitting from the roof, like a spiral connecting to an egg, the so called 'fabric' of the creation being a mixture of bone and a puss flesh.

^ You can see roleplay occurring from something like this and how it would be VERY fun for people as well as interesting to hear about, as opposed to Antag's busting heads with a E Gun.

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Well you could always build space pods, numerous ones. Use that for transportation no? Or is it gateway only? Also if you want, just make players Xenomorphs/Alien races. Admins could act as them, I couldn't possibly imagine this ever not being remotely fun. IF you do it just once I promise, you will be getting swarmed by people yelling "AGAIN, PLEASE< MOAAAARRR".

You'd have the benefit of being the ONLY server that does proper exploration, with a real mission and real story to it. That's what roleplay is about, creating new and interesting story for people, it's something you remember years afterwards. I still remember an exploration mission I did on a GmodRP that which will stay unknown, that involved a hostile sort of creature bouncing around in this ice cold planet, killing off security and science personnel inside the bunker. It was like someone had gotten the Thing but put it in the sci fi universe, it was really awesome.

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Denied, it will take too much work to get this working and you probably wouldn't see it for months.

For admins to make it happen would require admins to do everything that during the round.

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