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Ryan Falcorino

Discord Sci-Fi survival RP

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Howdy. After being inspired by some of the other discord-RP's that I have been in, I have decided to host a sci-fi survival based one!


For some reason or another, you found yourself aboard the Crystal Class Super-Cruise ship. Whether as one of the crew, a passenger, or one of the assorted riff raff and civilian workers that managed to board the ship. The first eleven weeks of the cruise featured tours of the eleven colonies. On the twelfth week, they stop on stronghold to pick up some passengers. The passengers are sent to high-class reserve luxury suites and never seen again for the rest of the trip.

One day, one the final week before the cruise would begin unloading passengers to their worlds, something happens. Evacuation alarms ring around the ship, and explosions rock the hull. Suddenly, wherever you are on the ship, a blue flash envelops your vision and you awake on a planet, amid wreckage.


The characters will be scattered across the planet in the sections, or life pod that they went down in, they will all have a radio and will usually be alone unless some of you want to be crash landed in the same section.


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