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I've no clue what happened. but.

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BYOND Key:TechnoKat

Total Ban Length:Permanent?

Banning staff member's Key:nightmare00

Reason of Ban:I've just logged off from previous rounds to deal with problems irl and suddenly I see that I've been banned, someone under byond key of Viktorawr for welderbombing medbay and unacceptable reason when asked to, but dates 2014/12/21

Reason for Appeal:I've no clue what really happened, I've been playing, logged off and banned when logging in.

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I understand that other people might use your computer. However, its important to remember that its your responsibility to make sure that your siblings don't ruin things for you. We can unban you, with the understanding that a sibling coming on your computer and ruining things isn't an acceptable excuse. If you want to play byond, you have to make sure they don't mess things up for you.

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