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Na'Khar Sa'Kuate's Askme.NT account

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There is a slight static as the camera feed cackles on, then focuses in on the silver furred tajaran sitting on a chair in front of it. He is wearing blue surgical scrubs but with a long cloak draped over the majority of the uniform, concealing his frame. Glasses rest forward on his muzzle as he turns to wave slightly at a female Unathi leaving the frame with a grin. The room is of dim lighting, and much of the background is too dark to see aside from a lamp a few feet away and a near filled cigarette tray on the black top desk. The tajaran adjusts the camera and a few clicks are audible before the brightness adjusts to lighten his facial features, two long verticle scars run down the side of his face and he turns back to the camera before awkwardly smiling.

Clearing his throat quietly he says "Hello.. he is Doctorrr Sa'Kuate, and well.. he was told by his boss to make one of these accounts."

He curses quietly and mumbles something in Siik Mas as the camera tilts, before being clipped into place.

"Ehem, so anyway.. feel frrree to ask him anything, yes?" He pushes up his glasses slightly and smiles slightly.

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