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Add the engineering cyborg inflatable dispenser as an R&D prototype


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I can't think of the research levels that should be required off of the top of my head, perhaps nothing too drastic beyond metal/glass, since it's just a matter of convenience to have such a tool, and it's not anymore overpowered than ordinary inflatables. As it stands right now, inflatables are amazing, but they are a teensy bit clumsy to place/deflate many at a time; the engineering cyborg dispenser is great because it can instantly deflate and collect doors without having to wait, and being able to click with it where you want inflates placed is nice too. Plus it's always good to have extra prototypes for R&D to hand out to departments beyond [guns/force gloves] surgical tools and the welding tools (which are pretty lame in and of themselves because they recharge so slow and advanced welding tools hold more, but I digress).

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