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Changes to XenoArch


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I think i accidentally posted this in completed, if it was just moved there let me know

I'm not asking for much here, just a simple change.

Xeno Arch is already a very Meh job, but one I enjoy. Unfortunately, Its very, very, VERY common to not have any artifacts on the sublevel. or the main level. 9/10 i have to go to construction level to find ANY artifacts. Then I have to wade through a sea of rock playing hot-cold to find one artifact, bring it back, and spend what's left of the next round trying to figure it out. Usually, its never figured out before the shuttle is called in.

All im asking is for one guaranteed artifact on sub level, just one. Maybe two. You can put the rest of them on the damn moon if that satisfies your masochistic side, but just give me one guaranteed on sub, so i can RP one artifact and have a report made on it.

Another useful boon for XenoArch, and mining for that matter, make the airlock on construction bigger please. its only one square on the interior, if we can make it a 4x4 or even a 1x2 i'll have room to bring out my Field Gen and bring the artifact back in. As it stands right now, i have to get inflatable barriers and construct an impromptu airlock which usually winds up pissing someone off, if i can even convince anyone to give me the barriers to begin with. I get that it's just part of the job, but as it stands, you don't have enough time to accomplish one thing 99% of the time, please streamline this so things can actually be done!

I dont see many XenoArch's in our games, and i dont think its solely because its mostly RP, because with a little luck it isnt. I think the job as it stands is terribly inefficient, and streamlining it slightly while keeping the main challenges of the job intact would see more activity in this dept, one that I enjoy. XenoArch kind of feels like a job that was made but never finished, and like the red headed stepchild no one gave a shit enough to fix.


one thing turned into three

Guaranteed 1-2 artifacts on sublevel

Larger airlock on construction level

Maybe give XenoArch access to more airlocks?

OH! and build a display for artifacts please! a little museum display so people can see the fruits of my labor. I WANT TO BE RECOGNIZED DAMNIT

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Giving xenoarch more airlock access means giving scientists in general more airlock access, so that may be a problem. Maybe harass the HoP for more access? I main a scientist pretty much and I'd be all for more access generally but there's a lot of barely qualified folks that end up in science that would exploit the extra access and probably ruin it for everyone else.

A guaranteed artifact is a good idea, I've seen many round where xenoarcheologists are out for an hour and longer without finding jack shit. It's not even like they can gather ores without a smelter (mini-smelter for xenarch would be absolutely awesome for the vast majority of the time when mining/cargo never pull through, but that may be a separate suggestion).

Other than that, I don't think I've ever actually explored the construction level other than for one mad drug party but even that was just a corner. Though I can imagine the faffing about setting up a temporary airlock just to get an artifact in.

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