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Incident Report - 30/12/2456


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Reporting Personnel: Samantha Mason

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Pharmacist

Personnel Involved: Roy Wyatt, Engine Technician

Time of Incident: Approx. 1500 hours.

Location of Incident: Escape

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault []Misconduct [x]Other Sexual Harassment/Assault

Overview of the Incident: I was at escape with the CSI, Jack Morgan, smoking a cigarette. Unbeknown to me, Roy Wyatt was behind me with a rubber ducky. He startled me, and honked it twice, smacking me in my groin region with the toy, causing me to become uncomfortable and scared. He laughed and ran to the sitting area of the escape area, I approached him in anger and told him never to do it again, where he proceeded to take the toy and honk me in the arm, not taking me seriously. He was arrested and charged with sexual assault by security.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: The captain of the shift, which has the first name of Elana came to escape and saw the incident take place.

Additional notes: Roy needs to have a talking to about his behaviour, for assaulting people in their groin is unacceptable.

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