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[Declined] DaBurs Vaurca Loredev Application (Destined For Greatness!)

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Ckey/BYOND Username:


Position Being Applied For

Vaurca Loredev

Past Experiences/Knowledge:

Wrote lore for multiple SeriousRP servers on Garry's Mod for HL2RP and StalkerRP servers.

Do you play Vaurca extensively? Why?

God, yes. I love the Vaurca as a race. They were my first whitelist, and only whitelist. Why do I play them? Simple answer: They're truly unique in my eyes. It takes a special kind of person to want to roleplay as a physically unappealing race that is looked down upon in society. If you see a Vaurca player, you know they're in it for the roleplay and not the sleek fur/scale aesthetic of some of the other races. Although I'm sure most of the people who play those races are excellent roleplayers. I was nearly devastated at the negative feedback Vaurca once got, and was one of the staunch supporters of the race during the time of Vaurca turmoil where it was being decided if the race would be replaced as a whole with a vote.

If you were chosen for Lore Developer, what would your plans be for Vaurca?

Suggested talking points:

The nature of VR.

Virtual in my eyes has a lot of untapped potential. I think I'd like to dig deeper into the societal complexities of being in. I think the Orwellian/Wachowski/Huxley connections already established in the subtext could be doubled down on. This is a complete dystopia where more compassionate unbound should be making visible efforts to free the bound they see as victims who have been swindled and milked for the fruits of their labour. Expanding on that aspect of the lore, and how it should effect Vaurca-on-Vaurca roleplay would be one priority.

The nature of Unbound and Bound.

From a gameplay perspective, I think it'd be more appropriate if the Vaurca if they had their cybernetics even more drastically implemented into the game than they already are. Flashes and EMP weakness is great but the strengths are honestly sort of lacking. Having to constantly breathe phoron and consume k'ois to restock is counterproductive for what your role aboard the station ultimately goes toward. Being able to breathe Phoron is great, but perhaps some cybernetic lungs let them process oxygen as well?

For as much as I love Vaurca, not a lot of people do. Compared to other races, their downsides are a bit heavy on the scales compared to the upsides. Having already the trait of disliking light, would it be too far-fetched to give them a built-in set of eyes that can see in the dark, or thermally? I think not.

The nature of Vaurca's overall status in the galaxy.

I feel the overall sentiment of the Vaurca by the majority of the station is as their relationship is with all of Humanity: strained. I feel like that sentiment could be, however, downgraded to a constant caution instead of a perpetual passive-aggressiveness as Humanity and other races took a slightly more sorried and pitied stance towards the species. But at the same time, those fears of invasiveness aren't at all unwarranted. The Vaurca aren't slowing down- and whether people see that as a pox on the Universe slowly spreading, or signs that real change and efforts will have to be attempted by other species to help the Vaurca as a whole find their place in a galaxy everyone else can live in will ultimately cause some inner political conflicts and real decisions with those outside races.

Would you embark on major or minor rewrites of Vaurca lore? If yes, why is your rewrite worth it?

The Vaurca groundwork and lore is wonderful, like a mighty foundation for which a beautiful home will be built. I see no reason to tear down that foundation and start from scratch. I think all the lore needs now is advancement and tweaks, and with the right ingredients it has the potential to turn into something even greater than it already is.


I really hope my past experiences on the server, on the Station don't reflect how much I can get into and love lore. I started a Warhammer40k thread awhile back for that reason alone, and I really do consider myself someone who enjoys and is enthralled by the lores set in a sci-fi space setting.

Thank you.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix


Unfortunately your run-ins with administration and plethora of notes and warnings and temp bans make it very difficult to consider hiring you. We just lost our previous developer to naughty behavior. If this was in the past I'd try to weight your abilities over these red flags but new policy makes that almost impossible.

I encourage you to continue playing on the server and reapply if this application re-opens in the (hopefully distant) future.

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