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[Accepted] IPC Whitelist Application- Frostyfaucet~!

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BYOND Key: Frostyfaucet

Character Names: Kristen Curstov (Of mechanical background, descendant from a line of Russian heritage to spark her will with wit.)

Crail Sen'do (Studious elder of the great mystery, the space around each being that is life, bent on unbending his mind to align it with other's and their points of view.)

Species you are applying for: IPC

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, it's intriguing to have varying types of positronic brains with AI protocol schema that aren't all of the same complexity.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

Almost like some sort of sick joke; playing out a tactically linear-thinking IPC with nil-zero personality holds broadening possibilities and uniqueness on its own. With the positronic/AI personas, the most trivial characters can arise, stating factoids, gathering ones of alien proportion, and being a technically-not-living dictionary! In contrast: Insanely rigid droids can take the forefront, strict on protocol of simply completing tasks given via their optical and auditory senses, maybe not even holding to themselves a concept of time, simply an infinitely-growing list of chores to complete. If anything, this gives the IPC beings a factor of interest that differentiates itself from any other species, more so when the three conjunctions of IPC are also considered in how uniquely an IPC can be played.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Humans may develop a sense of objective within their process of work and being, whether it be taking the twinge to get revenge on a coworker for the coffee they spilled upon their crotch, or fidgeting through the day with an eye on the slowed by-standing clock in doting wait of lunch hour. An IPC could be programmed with such a protocol that their actions and processes of emulated 'thought' are very much the same, or, the programming protocol might be so simplified that an Industrial IPC might walk straight through a window pane, shattering it without loss of pace, as its objective of becoming the most productive employee overrides creating clinically logical routes within the environment.


Character Name: Manhattan

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

As Man-to-Machine interfaces became apparent amongst humanity, within cyborgs and androids of various, succeeding make, one of the many scientific sects which had continued to jive at Artificial Intelligence did not waiver to the call of easier technologies. For, until it was artificial, it was not properly scaleable. Titled after the historically diverse city, and inter-jokingly bashed at in cohesion with the codename given to history's nuclear project, the Manhattan unit was to be mass-produced with regulated cost, and sold efficiently to all economic classes. The theory was that a non-human intelligence could and would legally adhere to any request with absolute servitude, and with such a device made available to everyone the economy would stabilize, and society could lax-lazily coast atop the Manhattan labor force.

Times went passing, as they do, and the researchers who had tasked together the parts and projects of the Manhattan units struggled to press their findings unto the following generations. MMI's only progressed, and became more household, and the already unknown research surrounding Manhattan development was swept under the rug with a multitude of other AI attempts. With the economic crisis caused by the removal of lawful cyborgification, many cried for re-implementation, many searched for alternatives, and many a more. The generations and employee proceeds of the Manhattan unit researchers saw speak of looking more into the dusted, occasionally re-referenced project. It was primarily developed with the 'learning' route, which was less effective than other current 'predictive-elimination process' and 'predictive-action verses inaction' routes. Though, in theory, AI's developed with learning techniques were to be more full-proof in decision making, they were theoretically all-too slower than the preemptive decisions of predictive routes. The unit would only be looked at again with the turn-up of leaked Skrellian AI algorithms, the company's current employees combining Skrell algorithm with the compatible on-record AI development projects. The Manhattan unit was finally brought to fruition, its purpose of global economics now impossible with galactic factors, and just one of several AI's spawned from compatibility testing within the one company alone. Assisting researchers here and there, the Manhattan IPC was not sullen upon receiving a 'D' ranking from testings with compatibility, for, it was only taught principles of requests and executions, archaically binary in a galaxy of emotion-fairing, intuition-granting, innovative AI.

What do you like about this character? The potential growth and social interactions in which this character can be tossed around in.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

7/10, tag-like and formidable.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Hello! Sorry for the delay.

You seem to have a solid grasp of what makes IPC's different, but I don't have a feel for your IPC character just yet. It was originally a mass-produced MMI cyborg, but what turn of events lead your specific Manhatten to become an IPC? Is it free? Is it owned by a particular corporation? What duties will it perform on the Aurora - just a research assistant, or will it become a scientist? Is it a shell, industrial, or baseline?

Manhatten was given a D rating in comparability, but does this mean anything to it? Are you striving for the full extent of the trope of a 'cold, calculating machine' or are there hints of something developing in Manhatten?

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Thanks for your quick response!

My apologies are implied, as the given paragraphs were shortened to such due to the approximation of two paragraphs, as per the question's reasoning. In complete despite of said fact, your feedback takes on this understanding and interest which brings about a smile! I suppose I was in the heat of the writing whilst articulating it as Manhattan's back story, for the common implementation of aroused thought into story works guided me to leave the reader questioning as to who this Manhattan may be in a more specific sense.

Of course, in return to your feedback, Manhattan is an AI developed based upon a mess of modus ponens laws. Modus ponens is a moral formula as such:

1) If p, then q.

2) p.

Therefore, q.

Whereas most AI developed with the Federation's algorithms are either lawed or free, Manhattan can be thought of as an AI which is lawed with so many laws that it could be unofficially considered free. Each of Manhattan's near innumerable number of laws are in modus ponens format, all with different variables in place of p and q in the attempt to make a standardized computer script into an AI.

In the end, Manhattan is left with a strict intelligence of positive or negative. This law set set Manhattan to be considerably ill-handled when factoring living emotion, and instead focusing on the derived morals of given situations, and which option is best in terms of minimized expense. As a CCIA agent may only pay attendence to the facts of a case, and ignore the emotional needs of an employee in said scenario, Manhattan would act in that exact mannerism.

Then, the resulting grade received with the company around compatibility is irrelevant to having effect on Manhattan, though stored within memory drives in the literal sense of physically. All AI graded under a C in terms of 'compatibility,' or worth to Manhattan's company of origin, we're eventually retired from said company with a provided IPC. Manhattan's laws of modus ponens and minimizing expense were therefore applied to its own interests, which is a paradoxical issue at that point. Immediately, Manhattan thus searched for a cause, and rooted itself on the path to employment with NanoTrasen's Aurora Station.

Standardized with an industrial frame, Manhattan is best suited for EVA and laborious work conditions, e.g. Mining, Supply haul in Cargo, Engineering. Fundamentals about the best course of action being programmed into its function, Manhattan would aswell be suitable in position of bureaucratic debacles, what with Quartermaster entails, and future implications beyond such with a removal into separate chassis'.










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Guest Marlon Phoenix

That response is clear and valid.

Something to keep in mind that may interest you is that in our setting it's entirely possible for the 'ghost in the machine' to arise after long enough, and that if you begin to give Manhatten any level of emotional development, it would be entirely valid and very interesting - especially with the major question about this being rather such emotions are genuine sentience or simple programming quirks.

Application accepted.

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