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Add a new option to round-start job rolls.


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Currently, job rolls will roll one character's job sheet, and then either make them an assistant, a random job, or return a player to the lobby.

I propose we add a fourth option to that little 'if this fails' box, that option being 'consider THIS character instead'.

For example, let's say we have Garn McGarn rolling for Captain and Head of Personnel, set to High and Medium.

The roll happens, he doesn't get either job.

He could either return to the lobby, OR with this new mechanic, he could ask that Abo Dabo be considered too. Here's a little flow chart.

Garn McGarn has jobsheet Captain high and HoP med

Abo Dabo has jobsheet HoS high and sec officer med.

Garn McGarn is rolled for Captain - fails.

Garn McGarn is rolled for HoP - fails.

Abo Dabo is rolled for HoS - success.

Basically, add an option to consider a second character if your first character doesn't get their job. That way, you're less likely to miss out on antag rolls and things like that, just because all of your job slots were taken, and you don't miss out on roundstart spawn goodies (like seclites, because detectives always fucking take them grr)

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