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Jawdat Family Network [WIP]

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix






A Reminder

Hello. If you are reading this, then you have been welcomed into our family. These notifications will keep you updated on the recent dealing of the Jawdat family as it relates to you, the employees and retainers of our business. As you know, the Jawdat family is managed by Nazih and Houssam Jawdat, the two eldest males of the family. They manage the business of owning the restaurant chain Winter's Bounty, which has been given 4.5 stars. A wonderful treat. They also manage their tenants in their apartment complex in Na'tor.

With the growth of the business, we must also have a growth in protection, and administration. With that, the Jawdat Family are now looking for retainers in the following areas:


  • Screening people to find potential retainers to act as guards of Jawdat family interests. If you know potential candidates that can be effective, discreet, and loyal, contact Nazih or Houssam Jawdat.
  • Employees to work as cooks, busboys, waiters, etc, for Winter's Bounty on Biesel or Na'Tor. Regardless of the position, we are looking for people who can be effective, discreet, and loyal.


[~stuff will go here eventually~]



Employee list:

Nur Volkov/bodyguard/lover - CoolfoolFTW

Houssam’s lover and primary protector. He lives with Houssam in his apartment in the capital of Ahdomai.

Apophis Quihtzin / Bodyguard - Kingmatt

Kept on retinue to protect Fayiz and the apartment complex in general in the capital city of Ahdomai while Houssam and Buthaynah are both working for Nanotrasen. He is a personal friend to Houssam.

Integra Langley / Consigliere (Book-keeper) - TishinaStalker

Legal aide and attorney that looks after the ‘books’ and financial records of the Jawdat family. When necessary, she is able to get her

hands dirty.

Flint Mahnke / Bartender - BeeGee0904

A bartender kept on retinue to keep a passive eye on conversations and other such things that pass into his bar for the Jawdat family, and giving them information that could be useful.

Paid on a case by case basis, usually 300 credits for ‘useful’ info.

Jaylor Rameau / Enforcer- EvilBrage

Hired after being temporarily conscriptedduring infiltration of the NSS Aurora by raiders with an unknown purpose. His history and skills were noted, and he remains on retainer for the Jawdat family whenever they need reliable muscle. Usually used to ‘deal with’ hostile gangs in Na’Tor.

Bryce Faust / Partner - Hackie Mhan

Jawdat Investigations - works with Buthaynah in a PI business off station after Buthaynah worked as a partner to Bryce on the Aurora.

Victor Kaipo / Security Guard -TechnoKat

Hired by Houssam to guard the Winter’s Bounty restaurant on Ahdomai, he kicks out or roughs up thugs, gangsters, or angry drunks who try to trash the fine establishment.


/ Doctor - Direwolf20[/colour]

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Guest Marlon Phoenix






Nosey Hoodlums

A family friend has recently given us information on do-gooders attempting to launch investigations into our family. Avoid and find dirt on the following individuals with passive means:

Grant Steele - in charge of this investigation.

Ana Ro'Hi'Tin - CSI for this investigation.

Samantha Mason - Snitch.

Winston Carton - Initial snitch who got this all started.

Elena - lap dog. Avoid catching her ire, for she will grant any request by members of this task force.

Our enemies are reinforcing themselves and attempting to make all we have accomplished come undone. Remain safe, remain vigilant.

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