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Backstory : Antony and Mark Sulien.

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This is a work in progress and additions will be made if cannon rounds can be applied to the two characters. After writing this all at 1am, I'm a little burnt out and will edit it untill I'm happy with it at a later date. For now this is the Working timeline of the Sulien brothers.

Mark and Antony Sulien - Years 2430-2440 - Birth to 10 years old

  1. Identical twins! Mark and Antony Sulien were born on the first of April 2430 to Sergeant Antony Sulien SR and Charity-Worker Theresa Sulien in Harmony City, Luna.

    There were no complications with the birth.
  2. The children had a fairly fatherless childhood, Antony Senior's job required him to be working for most of the day policing and so he rarely had time to see his children, Theresa resigned from her job to raise her children.

As stated in the lore, the military took over the policing of Luna, Antony was part of this military. Antony was responsible for policing northern slum areas of Harmony City, He ensured any aggressive forces were met with an equal force and quelled the tension between refuges and those who were native to Luna. Surprisingly racial tension was high nobody seemed to realise they were all in the same boat. Antony's driving force was that his job was for the protection of his children. If a riot broke out and it spilled into the more economically stable areas of the city his children could get hurt, he didn't see them because he was too busy protecting them. His companions for his daily patrols were his junior officers and a folded up picture of Theresa and the children just after the birth.

  • September 2434- Mark and Antony join "Lunar Tots!-Nursery" A nursery open for all races and backgrounds, Mark and Antony have their first encounters with unathi, skrell and tajaran children.
  • June 2437- Misfortune! - Antony Senior is struck down during a violent misunderstanding of an unathi refugee, Antony was commencing a search on the man's shanty house he asked him to hold his hands behind his head during the encounter, this specific unathi couldn't move his arms that far behind him, health issues likely the cause, of course Antony thought he was just trying it on and pulled a stun-gun on the man. The Unathi being a refugee of a previous war recognised it as a weapon and PTS kicked him, before Antony could react the Unathi was upon him, he died before his superiors could help him, the brain damage suffered during the conflict prevented him being clonable, the unathi got away with a murder charge and time in prison, Antony however left the conflict in a bag.
  • January 2438- Mark and Antony are forced into state care, their mother is arrested for prostitution, the lowest point in her life to try and scrape together what little credits she could for what her children need, they are forced into adoptive families, both are separated but contact remains between them.

With nothing left to provide for her children, Theresa had to get as much money as possible as fast as possible she was so used to her husband providing, and her charity background reminded her what some of the slums women would do for money it was a last resort but it was her only resort to keep up to date with rent and food and her childrens' well being. She could not describe how filthy she made herself feel but she would rather a few black eyes than her children to starve on the streets.

Mark and Antony Sulien - Years 2441-2450 - Ages 11-16

Antony Sulien

  1. Antony was adopted via a mixed race family who couldn't have children of their own. A human father and a Skrellian mother, the father a social worker and the mother a bio-mechanical engineer they were nice and they weren't in the slums, Antony could finally live in safety since his fathers death. He bonded well with his surrogate parents despite them not being his own, they treated him right and he responded in kind they were just happy to have a child. Antony respected his father and loved his mother, even referring to them as "mum and dad" he was glad to be in a stable environment.
  2. Ages 11-16- During his middle school life Antony chose the medical route, maybe if a doctor could've helped his father more efficiently he'd still be around? Those thoughts circulated Antony's juvenile head. Antony wanted to heal the world and his mother helped him during his studies of the sciences having taken that route herself. Antony was a straight arrow during school, he didn't make waves he didn't really socialise much either, a lonely child but he put the work into his classes.
  3. Age 16- Antony left his middle-school and joined up with the Lunar University of Medical Science to pursue his dreams of being a medical doctor.

Mark Sulien

  1. Mark was adopted to a much lower class family, they weren't in the slums, but they definitely weren't in paradise. Two human parents both farmers with a relatively low education, secret supporters of the Humans against Aliens movement. They convinced Mark that life's problems were caused by the aliens and so he grew cold to any race but his own. He wouldn't actively attack another race but he preferred to avoid them. Mark's father made him refer to him as "sir" and was a fan of corporal punishment "for his own good" he would repeat as he punished Mark with belts, slippers and anything on hand. His mother was however much more compassionate she wanted her new son to be what she wasn't and so became very strict about Mark's free time, if he wasn't at work he would be working or getting experience, she didn't expect him to be a brain but she wanted him to have some functional skills. This resulted in Mark falling into some bad crowds.
  2. Age 11-16- During his middle school life Mark chose the vocational route, he learnt how to become an engineer after all that's what all his friends were doing that must've been the right choice. At age 14 he dropped out of school to pursue work with his father, his mother didn't like it but his militaristic dad saw it as his new son following in his footsteps. It was valuable work experience working the land, and taught Mark about all fields of botanical work and manual labour, these years moulded Marks very character.
  3. Age16- When he was 16, Mark got an apprenticeship as an engineer at a Luna engineer corp. Whilst being paid Mark learnt all about engineering with hands on experience.

Mark and Antony Sulien - Years 2450-Present Day

Antony Sulien - As part of his university's placement program Antony was given work and paid accommodation by Nanotrasen, specifically aboard the NNS Aurora as a trainee doctor.

As of 2455 Antony had finished his doctorate course and so, became a fully fledged medical doctor aboard the NNS Aurora, he was finally being paid to follow his dreams and was beginning to pay his own bills and insurances.

Mark Sulien - Mark's apprenticeship took him to taking an apprenticeship at the NNS Aurora, working under fully qualified engineers learning to become a member of the new breed, he had to put his grievances with aliens beside him with such a diverse crew.

As of 2455 Mark had become fully qualified as an engineer, but in his homesickness transferred into botany, his previous experience allowing him to do this.

03/01/2456- Mark bought shares in Miko Du'Razhu's business, after befriending the Tajaran through selling ambrosia with him. A further shift later in the day allowed mark to smuggle a large amount of contraband off of the ship. With no idea who to sell this too Mark is currently hiding it in his home on Luna.


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