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Revolution: Break The Chains!

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Many players have expressed frustration when they spawn as Head Revolutionary and have a hard time swaying people to their side. Even with the advent of uplinks allowing Revs one free Central Command announcement saying whatever they want, there is still this perception that revolutions suck without some sort of gimmick.

I've been a head revolutionary a lot lately and found it's actually relatively easy to get the ball rolling if you follow a simple mindset when head rev:


  • Be the good guy.
  • Keep it small.
  • Make the Loyalist tyranny a slow burning problem.


Being a good guy is simple. Frame your revolution as being the good guys. Even if your movement is full of self-serving, greedy people, frame yourself to be the good guys. You are looking out for the health and safety of the station and must take action to do that.

Inflating your rev goal to be the complete destruction of NanoTrasen is too big and esoteric. Frame your Central announcement properly. 'NT is going to blow up this planet and kill millions!!!' is an example of a bad CC announcement and rev justification. 'NT commands you cyborgify all the redheads' is an example of a better one. There is nothing to really do about something going on outside the station, and you are just trying to convince people to kill random people. But if Command/security is given a task that they have to fufill over a period of time, and it DIRECTLY impacts station crew or their friends, you instantly have everyone taking sides. Make sure the loyalists can't complete their objectives quickly or effectively. It's a bit tricky, and you're given a time limit, but that's where a lot of the fun can be.

Examples can be cyborgification, but you can also demand the station:

  • Loyalty implant everyone in security, another department, or everyone.
  • Cyborgification for ALL levels of crimes.
  • Target a specific species or class on the station for cyborgification. Just firing them isn't enough.


Loyalists can best serve the game mode by trying to be good sports and following along with fulfilling the objective set up by central command. Playing innocent and going 'oh this must be fake. let's double check with cc. surely they will say the announcement was fake and thus kneecap the revs. :)' is not very sportsmanlike, and thankfully admins have been more and more willing lately to verify the rev announcements as valid.

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I'm pretty sure the actual reason with rev is that people rarely have an IC or OOC reason to join the revs.

ICly it makes no sense to join most of the time, as at best it'd be a huge headache for all the paperwork from the inevitable IC shitstorm that would brew up at centcomm, and that's only if the Loyalsts are giving people a reason to join the revs in the first place. which they rarely do from my admittedly rather old experiences.

And OOCly you're outmatched by loyalists in the first place due to them having practically guaranteed better gear.

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