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Longer warning times on random disasters

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A lot of bad shit happens to aurora from random events, and that's fun. A little more time to prepare for those disasters would be great, though.

The two I'm thinking of are the radiation belt and the asteroid strikes. For the belt, there's never enough time for everyone to get somewhere safe. Someone's always left in the brig, or in a corridor somewhere, or gets irradiated while trying to save people... usually there's a mix of all three.

As for asteroids... there are lots of things people can do to prepare for collision. Engineering can put up shields, people can gather at the center of the station (read: the bar) and RP about the coming badness, inflaitable barriars can be ordered, hardsuits equipped, and so on.

So I'm suggesting a 5-10 minute warning time for both events, with a second and maybe third warning a little closer to the event so people don't forget or lose track of what's happening (and letting people know when the access restriction on the maintenance corridores is suspended, of course).

I'd also suggest making the radiation belt last a little longer with the idea that if people have a bit of warning they're more likely to gether with other people and RP while they're in the maintenance corridores.

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I agree with this but 5 minutes is too long. I like that it seems like a mad rush to get into the tunnels but you are right, as someone that mains doctors, you just cannot drag people into the tunnels fast enough. A warning like:

Warning: Approaching radiation. Crew are advised to...

Asteroids seem quite buggy anyway. You get hit by an asteroid then the warning, you buckle in. one second later it says its past. You unbuckle and the entire side of the ship is then exploded. Longer waiting time may have to wait. Fix the buggy random event first.

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You could be right about 5 minutes being too long for the radiation belt. I was thinking along the lines that it's a, like, belt which the station passes through every so often and so ought to be predictable. But I can see the appeal of scrambling for the maintenance corridores.

As for asteroids, though, the long time is sooo needed. Shields in a few critical areas and personell standing by for damage controll could make a lot of difference in asteroid strikes. And if it doesn't, if we're going to be doomed we might as well get a chance to RP about it.

As for their buggyness, yeah, that's annoying, but not really the issue here. Unless part of the reason they happen so fast is a bug.

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Yes, totally. RPing an extended blackout is way more fun than a minute of power loss. Same with telecom interference. As is they're mostly temporary annoyances that people ignore rather than serious events. That said, the power loss ought to be a very rare event. More so than it is now.

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