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An approach to reworking genetics

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We all know genetics is broken, so here's my idea for a reworking of genetics code. I posted something very similar a while back in that "cybernetics megathread", and I've thought about it a bit since then. So, without further ado, an approach for reworking genetics.

Rather than trying to design something entirely new, I think we can work with the current system for genetic modifications (which is all great except for the SE part) by increasing the number of cells and requiring multiple cells to be above a certain number for it to activate. Better powers would require more cells, and may have cells which, unless active, cause the power to work only intermittantly. Furthermore, one or more cells for each power would also be a disability cell (possibly related to the power in some way).

Each disability would be associated with two or more cells such that if an even number of those cells are active, the disability is inactive, while an odd number would result in an active disability. Thus, identifying a gene for a disability might either lead a clever researcher to a power (especially if it's a power that only takes a couple of active cells), or be of use later when counteracting a disability caused by a power.

Relatively benign powers like heat resistance or x-ray vision would generally be associated with fairly normal disabilities. Blindness, deafness, waves of crippling pain, hallucinations, baldness, and so on.

More outragious powers, like TK and hulk, if included at all would be associated with special, extra-evil disabilities. Rage (that is, turning into an uncontrollable rampaging mob for periods) would be an obvious one for hulk. Meatsploding (aka gibbing) would be good, too. For TK, stuff like suffering brain damage or broken bones when using your power, or just getting brain damage in general as an on-going side effect.

To offset the difficulty a bit, each shift could start out with a (very incomplete) list of cells which are thought to be associated with different powers/disabilities. With red herrings, of course.

The result, hopefully, would be that it would be hard to grief with genetics (even if the griefers knew how), and really, really stupid to self test. Particularly if there are lots of little disabilities which cause stuff like uncontrollable trembles (try injecting yourself when you can't hold a syringe), coma, ongoing damage, and so on.

Another thought, which might be a little controversial, is different enzimes sets for different species. Probably the same set of disabilities/powers, and the same number of cells, just randomized differently. It makes sense, and if it means that most of the testing would be done on human subjects... well, that makes sense too.

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