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Dr. Dekker - Xenoarchaeology: Journal of Discovery

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Welcome to my Journal of Discovery. I'm Dr. Stephen Dekker, and this is where I will publish all my discoveries while working as a Xenoarcheologist for NanoTrasen. There will be no easy explanations here, this journal is only for people with enough knowledge to understand it. But don't worry, if you are really interested, but lack the knowledge to understand it, I will write a book, soon, with deep explanations, and I will also try to find the history behind all these awesome discoveries. Let's get started.


All the discoveries will be named depending on different factors, so you can easily recognize them all.





Date: 11/01/2460


Time: 13:04


Coords: 65.1:247.2:30.9


Anomaly depth: 144 cm


Clearance above anomaly depth: 8 cm


Dissonance spread: 1


Anomaly material: Metallic derivative


Fossil: Fork


Description: A knife-shaped fork. Made of ferritic-alloy, high quality craftsmanship. Encrusted with opals and studded with silver. The total volume of the object is 90cm3.


Interesting things about it: After being analyzed, we know that it was used as a fork, but it is knife-shaped. We can also affirm that the user was part of an intelligent culture or civilization, since the fork is well ornamented, using different kinds of minerals, and only intelligent cultures are able to appreciate this.


Personal theory: This fork tells a lot about how the mouth, and the head of the user was shaped. Probably a narrow mouth, and that's why the fork is knife-shaped, and that would also mean that it was not carnivorous. We also notice that it was a very intelligent race that developed social manners, that's the only explanation for the use of cutlery. They also appreciated jewelry, glowing materials... since the fork is pretty well decorated.


Other notes: None.


Analyser: e15ae63843ebb49de31711d49477a1b9.png


Spectrometry Analysis:  Unavailable.


Picture: a85cb1e8ba359d424cbf97a5604a4fc8.png





Date: 11/01/2460


Time: 13:16


Coords: 650.8:2470.8:30.9


Anomaly depth: 88 cm


Clearance above anomaly depth: 22 cm


Dissonance spread: 24.58


Anomaly material: Unknown


Anomaly: Large Crystal


Description: It's a large, ruby-colored crystal. Twinkles faintly. Crystal structure. Mainly composed of aluminium oxide. The total volume of the object is 5m3.


Interesting things about it: After being analyzed, we know it is probably not natural, so someone, or something made it. We wouldn't be able to do something like this since we don't know the technology to synthesize it. It was found next to the Forknife. We couldn't determine the chemical reaction that makes it glow.


Personal theory: This crystal was definitely made by a really advanced civilization, or culture. We could never do something like this, the technology is just... too advanced. My conclusion is that this object is work of the same ones who created the Forknife, since it has similarities, and it was found next to it. I'm looking forward to find more about this awesome civilization.


Other notes: None.


Analyser: 3b54b61da5d9b1b888b81b39a476ef6e.png


Spectrometry Analysis:  Unavailable.


Picture: 29614239e12e61539bcb972ba3d44a13.png





Date: 11/01/2460


Time: 13:40


Coords: 60.5:103.3:6.1


Anomaly depth: -


Clearance above anomaly depth: -


Dissonance spread: -


Anomaly material: Unknown


Fossil: Soul Stone Shard


Description: A fragment of a bigger stone. It flickers. It is a carmine shard, crystal structure, composed by Carbon and Iron. The total volume of the object is 66cm3.


Interesting things about it: It was found on a locked, buried, abandoned crate. It flickers, but it is not due to Phosphorescence or Fluorescence, I found that there was a combustion reaction happening inside, never seen something like this.


Personal theory: I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I'm sure, it's part of the legendary Soul Stone. I always thought that it was a myth... but now... I've seen it with my eyes. There are plenty of tales about the Soul Stone, attributing different powers to it... hope I can find more shards to gather information.


Other notes: None.


Analyser: e5790fe87a21d2e430ced80c5b859aef.png


Spectrometry AnalysisUnavailable.


Picture: 7da9127f983cc1b254f424718ca42390.png




Date: 25/04/2461


Time: 01:44


Coords: 121.4:172.0:30.2


Anomaly depth: 68 cm


Clearance above anomaly depth: 8 cm


Dissonance spread: 1


Artifact material: Metallic derivative


Fossil: Ancient Urn


Description: A dusty urn made of a carbo-ferritic alloy. A figure of an alien lifeform upheld by robots is carved on its exterior. The total volume of the object is 3000cm3.


Interesting things about it: I noticed that the urn had a bit of liquid when I first opened it. When I opened it again once on station, the urn was full of the liquid. I decided to perform a chemical analysis. The urn held 60 units of sopoforic, and once emptied, it started filling again. Nothing was introduced, how the sopoforic is produced is still to be determined.



Personal theory: The carving gives us a lot of information about the civilization or culture who created this urn. An unknown alien lifeform upheld by robots. This means that the civilization has advanced technology, and probably their manpower consists on cyborgs and androids. An urn that creates sopoforic could mean that his owner had problems to sleep. The fact that the sopoforic is produced without the need to introduce a reagent is the most interesting thing, and the process will be studied more in-depth in the future.


Other notes: This is the first time I could finally perform a spectrometry analysis. The spectrometry analysis determined an age of 291 years. In the future, with more samples, artifacts, fossils and anomalies, knowing their age, more relationships between different findings will be stablished.




Spectrometry Analysis:  85084e5696bb524bee7785a320c4e7a8.png


Picture: e863fff5f213b4ec1035c8e7dabdbf35.png




Date: 25/04/2461


Time: 15:43


Coords: 123.1:170.6:50.8


Anomaly depth: 75 cm


Clearance above anomaly depth: 14 cm


Dissonance spread: 18.24


Artifact material: Unknown


Fossil: Anomalous alien device


Description: This device, composed of an unknown alloy is difficult to describe. It looks like a pylon or a large rock, with a carving on its surface that looks like an ant. The total volume of the object is 1m3.


Anomaly reactions: 

  • Ungloved hands: Bluespace trigger, involving teleports, it has to be touched multiple times, it has a chance of triggering the effect.
  • Phoron: Bluespace trigger, all the time. The device turns on, emitting a light all along the craving.


Interesting things about it: This anomaly, device, still unknown, is the most important finding of my whole career. An strange energy came out from it, I could notice and when the Director Fideal Al'majoree touched it without gloves, some sparks came out. It was difficult to trigger the same effect again, but after fumbling with the device... I was teleported. I found myself floating in the middle of nowhere. Open space. I was lucky to survive this. The analyzer had already shown its bluespace nature, but I never expected it to be this powerful. It teleported a whole Z level. Since the analysis reported that a specific atmospheric condition would trigger the device, I decided to try with phoron. This worked. The device started emitting a light all along the carved ant pattern. It eventually teleported me away again, without touching it, only by being close to it.  


Personal theory: This is the most-advanced technology I've ever found. It reacts to phoron and to direct contact with organic tissue. 774 years of age. At that moment, humans didn't even have steam machines and this civilization used bluespace technology to teleport. I hope to learn more about this culture, maybe the ant pattern has something to do with their appearence.


Other notes: This anomaly is quite dangerous. I was teleported twice to open space, and a phoron leak was caused during the investigation due to the negligency of a cyborg.




Spectrometry Analysis:  62345055157a0e524d3da0b728b1437c.png


Pictures: 970f8b8a7c5ce2aaaa06b963e11c89e4.png4fdffe05815d65d4a5c1389b4590ef71.png


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Dekker! I'm hoping you submitted these for proper curation and aren't keeping them as personal trophies. You know who I am!

Besides that though, good documentation. The only thing I'm not seeing is your Spectronomy results. Can't necessarily call it complete without your carbon dating and stratum makeup.

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Journal of Discovery updated with a new finding: The Never Empty Urn.

This time, a spectromery analysis was added to documentation. It was impossible to do it before, due to a malfunctioning of the spectrometers.

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Journal of Discovery updated with an amazing anomaly. The bluespace pylon.

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