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Hosting and ExtraNet Uplink Services

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My name is Samuels.

I am able to provide hosting and Personal Extra-net Uplink creation services at low costs.

You may request these services via this connection.

Hosting Services

  1. Maximum Bandwidth of 50 Gq/s/site

    - Additional bandwidth will exceed normal prices.
  2. Guaranteed Security.

    - All servers are located in a remote location.

    - All connections are encrypted Utilizing Blue-space Technology.

    - Remote destruction of gateway available upon request.
  3. Fast Reliable Service with Minimal Downtime

    - Approximately 1 hour of downtime every 6 months.

    - All information is stored on quantum drives, allowing for fast access and storage.
  4. Monthly: 10 credits/mo, 1 Year: 8 credits/mo - 96c, 3 Years: 6 credits/mo - 72 credits/yr

Personal Extranet Uplink Creation services:

  1. Concept design should be completed and submitted. ** Incomplete designs will cost extra

    - Incomplete concept designs are outsourced to organics. + 2 credits / page
  2. Most Uplinks are finished within thirty minutes. **Provided concept design is complete
  3. Cost: 14 credits / page


All transactions are non-refundable.

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