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A Petition to the Government of the Republic of Biesel; Label the ATLAS Group for What it is, A Hate Group.

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To whichever governmental bodies that decide upon requests and dictates matters such as this, we, the people of The Republic of Biesel request that you officially recognize ATLAS, also known as the Sol National Union for what it is. A xenophobic hate group.

This group with their backwards ideals have no place in civilized society, let alone ours. Not only have they been the puppet masters for Sol’s latest anti-xeno laws, but it is in their very name that they are the SOL National Union. They are the people who applauded Frost invading our peaceful nation after they starved us of foreign trade. They are they ones who turned their heads while Solarian Marines killed innocent Bieselites, including a personal friend of his own who has been declared a hero when he threw himself onto a grenade. Despite implicitly supporting xenophobic nationalists through inaction to denounce themselves from the larger party who is outwardly xenophobic more and more everyday, their very name implies that they are against our Republic, and are here to plant seeds of dissension so that the next Admiral Frost will not fail.

Just recently they have shown their true colours by moving their base of operations to a Sol regulated military vessel within our space. One needs only to think for one second why they would ever have a foreign regulated vessel in our space, orbiting our capital planet, to see that something is amiss. And yet in the very same news article where this is revealed, they try to wave their hand and make them seem like the benevolent with offers of charity.

Not only have they been losing grounds, quitely literally in one case, on Biesel, but also in Sol, where their xenophobia has finally gone too far in the eyes of their public. The decision to bar Tajara completely from Sol has been the dividing grounds, but far from their first xenophobic law championed by ATLAS. It started with the pull-out of the Solarian Navy from space above Adhomai. This was innocent and totally understandable on it’s own at the time, but it was simply the beginning. Then came the aptly named Tajaran Exclusion Act, who’s name tells a story of their true intentions. A want to exclude an entire race from their space. Then they came closer to their goal, the president of Sol willingly sending as many Tajara as he could back to Adhomai as they formed Martial Law to suppress their own peoples. 50,000 Tajara to the first to be sent away, with untolds more after the the too short two-week deadline to obtain citizenship or official documents somehow excluding them. Then they made the infamous Unathi Study public, where scientists solely funded by ATLAS reported that they had ‘found’ that Unathi were inferior to humans wholly based on their race. These findings reporting that Unathi were less intelligent than humans, less civilized, and less evolved. Not only was this study obviously fabricated at the wish of official ATLAS funding, but when the leaders of other nations condemned the study and ATLAS, they tried their hardest to scrub the study from public eyes, deleting it anywhere they could. Next came the minor incident where ATLAS Senators needed to be removed from the Parliament building of Sol by police because they could not act in a civilized manner in front of foreign diplomats.Afterward, an ATLAS official held a speech on the event, and said, in completely their own words. “The Tajara are stuck in an endless war caused by their own backward society. Now they come here to continue their rampage. We have to stop them, for the safety of our families. If the Prime Minister isn't willing to protect our homes from savages, then it falls to us! Hurrah for the black flag, and hurrah for humanity!” To summarize the xenophobic remarks just in those five sentences; Calling the Tajara backwards, insinuating that immigrants in Sol were there to rampage, calling Tajara savages, and then implying hostilities against Tajara, saying that if the Prime Minister won’t ‘protect’ them from Tajara, they would do it themselves, extralegally. This being all the more threatening when you remember that ATLAS has a militant arm of their organization, the Artemis Initiative. On the subject of the Artemis Initiative, the next big public blunder for ATLAS comes from them, when they armed terrorists who would later detonate a bomb in the parliament of a foreign power, supposedly, but never confirmed, at the order of Sol’s president. Then came the events of the Invasion of Biesel, and eventually the talks of ending the embargo on our space. On Frost, an ATLAS senator stated publicly, “Admiral Frost acted in the defense of the Alliance and with the interests of humanity in mind”

With everything above in mind, it seems abundantly clear. ATLAS is less of a political party, and more of a hate group that has somehow infiltrated a foreign government and gain popularity by spreading their backward way of thinking into their people, and our now trying to spread it more to foreign entities so they can have their way. A way paved with hate, hate that should never be tolerated. And that hate is toward Xenos, and humans that do not agree with their ideals. And they will do whatever it is to try and reach that goal where those two groups either exist away from them, or do not exist at all. He is not the first, nor will he be the last to see the similarities between ATLAS and the old NSDAP. He has spoken many times about how they are following a similar path to Hitler’s Germany. Dehumanization of their perceived enemies, like the Unathi and the Tajara, and then the attempted ‘Anschluss’ of Biesel. During a trip to Sol for business reasons, he was stopped by a political commentator and asked what he thought of the recent law being forced through to exclude all Tajara from Sol. He can forgive the misspelling of his name, but they did something worse. They protected ATLAS from his harsh criticisms, spelling instead something horrible where that party is protected from being criticised too much in public light. It is in that light, he will repeat his entire response for whomever reads this.

“He does very limited business here in the Alliance, and surely this ban will affect his personal and professional life, but not to an incredible extent. How he feels, however, is another matter. His cowokers always riff on him for being interested in human history and affairs. But he could tell this was coming. Humanity is repeating their past follies, and none of them see the danger that ATLAS brings to not only Sol, but the galaxy as whole. It's like they're trying to be the new Nazis of humanity, following in the footsteps of Hitler. Except this time there won't be a Soviet Union to help beat them down. In his humble opinion, GAIA should distance themselves from ATLAS, cut the head of the snake before it poisons them and humanity.”

And once more, it is his humble opinion, that we, as the Republic of Biesel, should distance ourselves from this group, and the hate they try to poison us with. And to signify that, he will be the first here to sign his name in this petition against hate.


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