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Christopher Webb's short biography

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Christopher Webb is a human male born on April 20th, 2435 on Earth’s moon, Luna. He had a rough life when he was a child; he developed epilepsy and would have constant seizures however he now takes medication to deal with his epilepsy. However his epilepsy wasn't his only problem, he constantly would be beaten and abused by his father while his mother would sometimes stand by and let him beat on Christopher and his brother, whenever she would step in he would he would always throw them out and they would always stay at her mother’s house. However weeks or even months later when things calmed down she would go crawling back time and time again and things would go back to normal. Christopher always ask his mother why she always went back to him when he does this every time but she would always give different answers like “Because I love him” or “Because I love you guys and we have no other place to go”.

Christopher then began to develop depression at the age fourteen, years went by and his depression had gotten worse and worse until his first suicide attempt when he was sixteen. He attempted to jump off an overpass onto a busy highway but failed when another civilian seen him trying to jump. Christopher spent a few months in a psychiatric hospital and developed a love interest with another patient. When Christopher was released a few months later his mother took Christopher and his brother and went to go live with their grandmother. Christopher’s mother divorced his father however his father did not take too kindly to this so he began to stalk her and threaten her. His mother couldn't take it anymore so she packed her bags and ran off leaving Christopher and his brother behind as their grandmother took care of them.

When leaving them behind his father then began to stalk Christopher always asking where his mother went or where she was at. Christopher couldn’t take any more of this so he attempted suicide again by sneaking but on a police officer and attempting to grab the officer’s handgun and then use it on himself. However he failed when he brought the handgun to his own head but had gotten stunned in the back by the officer’s partner which Christopher did not notice before he could end his own life. Christopher then spent a couple of years in the psychiatric hospital, when he was released he was assigned a case manager to check up on him twice a week and spend time with for a few hours. Chris slowly began to piece his life together; he began to know what he wanted out of his life as his depression had gotten less severe when he turned twenty-one Christopher joined Nanotrasen and went to go work on the Aurora Station.

Christopher does a various amount of jobs around the station however his two dream jobs are to either work in Security or work in Medical. He is usually known for carrying around medical supplies in his backpack. His personality is strange however, he hates says he hates himself and wants to die but his reason on why he’s still alive is because he wants to help people. Christopher is both emotional and orderly; he tries to uphold the law and his ideals, but he follows his heart when doing so however Christopher may often bend the law a little. At best, he is decisive and heroic at times; at worst, he is brash and violent at times. He loves to collect random, useful objects. He loves to be prepared for the worst even though the worst may never come. Christopher loves to make friends and be with people but he is very socially awkward, however he does like to be in his comfort zone by being alone.

Christopher is very nice and caring and that’s why people like people like him, he gets a lot of compliments about how nice he is and how young he looks for his age. He loves to be the center of attention most of the time but only when it’s positive things about him. However he doesn't like to be to be told what to do when he is having fun but when he’s serious and down to business he prefers to be told what to do instead of ordering people around. Christopher may act dumb and may not want to do anything but it’s only when he finds things boring, however whenever he finds things interesting he wants to learn all about it to a point to where he can master it, he’s basically acts like a teenager and some people say he needs to grow up and act his age.

Image came from an avatar maker: http://www.arcadeallday.com/game/manga-creator-school-days-p_8.html

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