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***Mission Request - Shadow***

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PASSWORD> *************





[Prerecorded message starts] This is Shadow. -shuffling sound- She makes offer for any. Easy job, she no care how it done. If they complete, she give some spending cash, five grand. -snipping sound- Shadow recovering from her last...assignment. -sound of cloth bandage being ripped- So she cannot do herself. Do for her, she pay.

An Unathi in NSS Aurora - Siriskalot Uaethis. She owe....debt. -shuffling sound- Transfer two grand credits into his account. She reimburse. Leave him message that she, Shadow, thank him. But if...he get in trouble, deal is off, and she no pay the five grand.

Contact her when done. She reimburse the two grand, and pay the five grand. But if Uaethis get in trouble somehow, or her request is jeapordized, deal is off. And she will not help whoever messed it up. [Message End]

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