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Samantha Felix's short biography

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Samantha Felix was born on Earth’s Moon, Luna on August 23, 2200. Samantha is an extremely knowledgeable and well-rounded individual; she is most popular due to her bright smile and cheerful outlook. She's tries to be as helpful as possible and always thinks of other people first. Being comfortable to harsh realities of society she seems to never lose her cool even in extreme situations. She tends to get along with everyone; her reactions to situations portray Samantha as unapologetically nice and girly. She never uses any inappropriate language or uses a term any stronger than "meanie." She is fond of collecting stuffed animals, having a lot of clothes.

On her 18th birthday her and her parents were heading out to go get something to eat to celebrate her birthday. However they had gotten into a horrible head-on collision with another vehicle which and killed both of her parents instantly and left Samantha in serious condition. Samantha was treated at a hospital for a couple of months due most of the condition done of her heart from the accident, while she was being treated at the hospital she met a young nurse named Leon Martin she slowly fell in love with. Once her condition had gotten better Leon had given her a wrapped gift that was meant for her for her 18th birthday from her parents that the police had found in the trunk of the car. When she opened it, inside was a stuffed animal.

After she was finally released from the hospital she went to go live with Leon, two years later Leon became a doctor then later in the year in September she returned to the hospital due to chest pains. Days later she had learned she had developed a heart infection that had been slowly disintegrating her heart, making it weak. She was released and given a trial prescription to see if the medication would stop the infection and help her as she was put on a waiting list for a heart transplant. Sadly a month later she was rushed to the hospital because the medication had no effect on the infection and the infection was disintegrating her heart so much the hospital staff had to put Samantha on life support, there was no chance for her heart to recover and a very slim chance for a heart transplant due to a lack of heart donors. When all struggles to fix her heart condition had failed the hospital turned to Samantha’s family to make a decision they couldn't find any so they turned to Leon, he then made the decision to discontinue life support and put Samantha into Cryopreservation.

Anticipating this action would end in clinical death until she could eventually get a heart donor. Once she entered Cryopreservation there was a computer malfunction to where the date was set when to “thaw” her out was far into the future. Once the doctors found the error, Cindy was “thawed” from Cryopreservation and received her heart transplant she needed. After the surgery she couldn't remember anything until the doctors gave her the stuffed animal and a few other belongings things slowly came back to her and she started to remember things to a certain point, however she keeps the stuffed animal on her to remind her of all the good times and all the people she loved who are now gone. Samantha had to find and adapt to a new life now that she was living in a new era with advanced technology along with new different life forms. Samantha saw this as a second chance, a new opportunity to actually do something with her new life so she decided to go work for NanoTrasen. She usually works as a bartender on the Aurora Station however she’s always dreamed of helping people more by becoming a nurse.

Image came from an avatar maker: http://www.arcadeallday.com/game/manga-creator-school-days-p_7.html

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