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Wiping the P.A.I.

Mr. Majestic

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OH MAH GAWSH, Majestic is making suggestions again, yay! (or nay, for some of ye)

Now. Down to business.

To first explain the setting, in case some of you don't know, the personal artificial intelligence device is the thinger'ma jigger that lets you download another player as a AI companion to talk to or to command or to cause chaos with. There is a button that allows you to delete this AI off the device, for whatever your reason.

Now, concerning the button (of power). I just think that it'd be better to have a sort of permission system set in. As in, the master the pAI is bound to (should it be bound to one) can wipe the pAI off the device without a problem, since it can be seen as a command of "delete yo'self", and all pAI must follow commands given by the master. But, should a different being try to wipe it, the pAI will be prompted with a message maybe like, "X is attempting to wipe you off the pAI device, do you allow this?" followed by a yes or no option. That is my suggestion.

If you wish to witness the logic behind my decision, read on!

Being wiped by someone who isn't your master can be seen as conflict with your primary directive- the thing you follow till the end of days- through pAI perspective. The directive is "Serve your master" basically, and you wouldn't be able to do that if you weren't active. So if someone wants to delete you, the proper course of action would be to check with your master, but denying every time (till told otherwise by your master) can be seen as a proper way to handle it as well. If your master him/herself wishes you gone, then obviously you would not be prompted with a message when he/she presses the wipe button.

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