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Get more, Getmore

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Canon: Canon

Event Type: Corporate Introduction

Event Scale: Medium

Assigned Admin:AverytheCat

OOC Event Description :Getmore, the leading producer of pre-packaged foods have organized a product showcase within the NSS Aurora bar with corporation from their parent Company Nanotrasen.  A Zo'ra hive, Ta with ties to Getmore, a Getmore Marketing Representative, and their company mascot, Clucky the Getmore Chicken dressed in their signature chicken suit will arrive on station. They will arrive with a large selection of Getmore products. 

Who knows about it : Everyone

Host/participants Three Volunteers, one with a Vaurca whitelist.

Notes : This event is meant to introduce people to Getmore, Nanotrasens only major subsidiary. 

This Event is an all day event and may happen more than once that day.

This Event is canon, but can happen during Non-extended rounds. In cases where an antagonist is involved those interactions are noncanon with no exceptions.

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Honestly enjoyed the hell out of this event. There was a hotdog eating contest, won the contest as Sajiid. Had a heart attack. 10/10 would do again!

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