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  1. Hmmm today I will eat taquitos with ketchup while drinking strawberry flavored soda water.

  2. Wiggles? In Command? I bet Wiggles is the kinda person that pours milk before his cereal like a heathen... -1 In all seriousness, Wiggles has been a very thoughtful member of the community as far as I have known him sometime last year around... November I want to say? I have had little issues with him. Wiggles surprisingly has a lot of patience, while sometimes I do poke and tease him for having no patience despite him having quite a bit, I can say he holds these traits well as a command position here on the NSS Aurora. I can fully get behind Wiggles and his command position with full respect and appreciation +1 (I had to make it really big so Wiggles could see it)
  3. Hi! I am more than happy to answer your questions. Regarding question 1) This personally has always been an incredibly difficult issue for myself when it comes to playing as a Tajara and at times admittedly it has made playing Tajara incredibly unfun. The short answer to your question, yes it should be changed as it is at this point a well that has run incredibly dry. The long answer? The long answer is far more complicated as one cannot up and lift the 'established' Tajara lore that homophobia is suddenly to be fixed, changed, and gone. It is something that needs to be slowly nurtured and shifted into a brighter scope that for a lack of better words, resounds your second question. More on that later. Back to the question at hand. To answer further I personally find it rather... distasteful. Many other species have legitimate reasons for their anger or outright hatred. See Skrell and Glorsh. For the matters of homophobia? I see no clear reason for it to entirely being there outside of pure shock value. On the OOC opinion this is a rather poor and generally eye rolling manner to bring attention to a species. A species should be respected on their abilities and what makes them stick out in a surprising and positive fashion, not from pure shock value alone. Regarding question 2) As outlined and said in your own post and subsequently my own being a Tajara, especially one that follows dogmatically to the already current lore, can be frustrating, annoying, and for the crux of the cake: teeth gritting. As someone that plays the PRA Consular Officer quite often it feels like the 'enslave all organics' AI gimmick that has been run one too many times. One can only play 'the Grandfather that hates gays' character for so long before it becomes rather stale and unappealing. To actually get to your question and my answer. As I had said above I am to follow the path of bringing the Tajara around to something that some players can be excited to be behind. I wish to bring about what I am at the moment calling "The Pillars of Life". Tajara are to pride themselves on honesty, clarity, pride in their work, and a sense of togetherness in all who they work with. The last one in particular is what I strive to nail and hammer into as the current gag for most Tajara is that 'Tajara only help other Tajara'. It would be the most ideal to incorporate the ideology of 'comradeship' from the already existing lore and build upon it. For these very things the purpose would be to make Tajara far more open ended and allowing for people to see more understanding in the Tajara and ultimately allow more players to feel unconcerned with WHAT they are, and rather the quality of their character.
  4. As an update I have resigned from my position on HaloStation due to the conflicting interests it would cause with the development of lore here on Aurora. Apologies on my part.
  5. Oh certainly, yes. This is only a minor stepping stone as I had outlined in my application explaining how I will start with this group to begin with as a place to start. Keeping this initial ideal in mind it will allow me to expand on what we already have as Tajara. As a baseline level we have the PRA, DPRA, and NKA. As I have explained we have the conundrum of many people seeing only the PRA and NKA, with only those two we get a difficult problem of the Tajara being stuck in an issue of being one or the other as I had already stated. An issue that I can state firmly agree with is some members have voiced that Tajara are stereotyped into the thought of being nothing more than homophobic, racist, and painfully stale soviets. To expand further on what the Tajara are is my overall expanding vision, but for now I will stay small and to further push on this ideal from a firm base of there being more than just the stereotype of what the Tajara are. To further explain on what I would like to see is a further explanation upon the culture and society of the Tajara. My vision is to see the Tajara grow more from their rigid society as you described as being 3 factions with simple political differences. I wish to expand and truly drive home points of what varies with these cultures and people. What makes each Tajara tick rather than a blanket explanation.
  6. Regarding the matter of being staff on another server. I do not have issues with scheduling on HaloStation and can dedicate plenty of time to both. As far as I am aware and have been told it is only the matters of active staff such as moderation and administration, not lore and CCIA. On your second point, you are correct. I have been somewhat off and on but with some affairs in my life clearing up as well as a sudden burst of drive to help this community I pride myself on wanting to be here far more than I have been as of late.
  7. Ckey/BYOND Username: Allakai Discord Name: Allakai#1723 Position Being Applied For:: Tajara Deputy Past Experiences/Knowledge: Administrator (HaloStation13), Lore Contributor (Citadel Station RP) Examples of Past Work: https://github.com/Citadel-Station-13/CitadelLore/blob/master/lore/species/tajaran/Zhan Lore Additional Comments:
  8. Very well. Then by all means I am willing to lay my complaint aside with this realization. I accept your points and say I was very frustrated myself at being wordlessly vented after nearly an hour and twenty minutes of being silent and not making it clear you are an antag. The point of an antag is to drive a story. There was very little story when suddenly things are vented, there was no lead up, nothing at all. Your point of "mustache twirling" is a little bit eyerolling; however, not once did I say that and you seem to be exaggerating that point but no matter.
  9. I am not blaming Garnascus and with that realization he was busy in real life I suppose I should have left him out of this. Again my problem is the lack of RP and if @Small Town Pizza Lawyer can at least realize that what they did was poor form in rp and will improve then I will not have issues with this.
  10. Hey it's my favorite space ent! Greetings, Chief Yamani here. Lemme just say: Rain is the goodest of good trees. He is very knowledgeable of his craft (that being the supermatter), he is polite (well for a tree it is remarkably so) and above all I enjoy interacting with him. I certainly enjoy the character and would love to see him grow haha tree pun
  11. Oh! You're the player of the GetMore IPC? Well this makes this a lot easier to talk about. I do not think I've talked much with Stev OOCly but if Borya is giving this the pass then I got no issues. Now IC wise let us speak, yes? The other characters I apologize to admit: I do not know. GmC is kinda the only character I know and I gotta say I like him a lot. Solid rp, a good character, and certainly something that caught my eye and is notable. Glancing through your application I do not quite see many issues and I certainly find the pre-made character picture you got going very nice. I will give this a +1 due to a great character and a wonderful application and because you got a laugh out of me.
  12. I am not arguing against antags antagging. I am arguing and pointing out there was absolutely no lead up or RP to your antagging and sudden explosions without some form of notification you are malfunctioning or not a normal AI is poor form.
  13. No, I simply was asking a question regarding an instant that happened regarding the particular moment of the random explosion, not as an grand sweeping ahelp.
  14. Hmmm today I will name yet another Tajara after a vegetable. Any ideas?

  15. Greetings, hello, salutations; CE Yam here. Glancing through your application it is a little difficult to read, but do not worry I can certainly understand and read most of it. Mostly the major issues comes down to punctuation, capitalization, and some minor other errors but again this does not bother me and I know as a fact interacting with Niki Sanem is that you certainly do try to rp. Though as @Scheveningen has said, your character's backstory does need touching up! If you could spiffy up the errors I mentioned earlier as well as go into the details outlined by Schev I do believe this would make a lovely application. If you feel like you need help please do not be afraid to ask questions either here or even approach someone on discord for questions!
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