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Cold Dawn - Fourth Episode: To the End of the World

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Event details

Event Type: Canon

Event Scale: High Intensity

Assigned Admin: Alberyk

OOC Event Description: Fourth Episode of the Cold Dawn arc.

Who knows about it: The crew of the Horizon is aware that they are heading to the North Pole to search for another archaeologist to read the map.

Host/participants: Alberyk

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La Villa Strangiato

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The event was appropriately warned for high intensity. This helps foreshadow that people are gonna fuckin' die. However, there are a few problems here, which I'll go over in bullet point:

  1. Barebones supplies. Playing an IPC, I got taken out of commission for half the round because there were no toolboxes or nanopaste. In addition, because there were no chargers or APCs to draw charge from, I could have easily run out of charge (because lol Zeng frame) midway through the round. This seriously sucks, especially when you join as medical for the express purpose of helping people and then get owned by an ice storm. We also didn't have a lot of food or a very large kitchen with supplies; AFAIK, there weren't even any produce boxes or fridges of meat/flour/eggs like you get in the Horizon's kitchen.
    1. Barebones medical supplies. Yeah, this was a complaint last round, but it's still kinda relevant here. No hyposprays until midway through the round, extremely cramped space (though we mostly made it work), only two advanced trauma medkits (esp. when first responders aren't gonna spawn with their own kits), two bottles of inaprovaline. In conclusion; please god check with people who play medical/security before you finalise a dangerous event map.
  2. Really dangerous mobs. Yeah, I know, it's advertised as a high-intensity event, but when some of the mobs actively prevent people from getting away from UNAVOIDABLE FUCKDEATH WEATHER EVENT, I feel like that's kind of a BS case of fake difficulty. This is especially pertinent when we have lame guns and limited medical supplies.
  3. Why don't we have roles again? If we have Command roles for an event, I honestly see no reason for us not to have ship roles on an event like this, even if we're technically "off-ship". For security/engineering/medical personnel, it gives them the opportunity to spawn with useful supplies from their department that really make playing their respective roles less of a PITA. If the concern is a matter of not limiting people to slot numbers, you can allow off-duty crew to pick up supplies and be bossed around by Command to do whatever they want.

Anyway I liked the setting, and I liked the fact that the weather was very dangerous. I'm actually glad we got supplies, a scanner, a sleeper, and a chem lab at all! But I definitely think there's room for improvement that are within the powers of mapping.

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