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  1. After discussing with the team, we decided against accepting borgs that the main sprite/body is made up mostly of hologram because it does not really fit with the rest of the borg sprites. Application denied.
  2. Okay, now let us break down this in parts: -this did not happen in an affiliated or official discord, our jurisdiction is limited here. Unless it is something severe, like doxing or planning a raid, we won't usually take action. If this behavior spills into our discords or in the server, necessary action will be taken. - staff behavior is another case. The staff in those screenshoots had their behavior relayed to the people responsible for each team. Staff should not trashtalking people even in private discords. -the security discord stopped being an affiliated discord since we
  3. I will lock this since everyone thinks that being in the discord at some point gives them the right to talk about this. The Resolution to this complaint will come later today.
  4. This was updated: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Job_Accessibility_Requirements Feel free to give more feedback. Main changes: Added Eyesight: - Perfect: No colorblindness. Nearsightedness is allowed. - Flawed: Nearsightedness and colorblindness are allowed. - Blind: Blindness is allowed. Investigator needs perfect eyesight. Everyone else can be flawed. Visitors, chaplains can be blind. Hydroponicist: Heavily Movement Impaired / Mute / Impaired Hearing / Impaired First Responder: Change Impaired speech to Minimal Speech Impedime
  5. Okay, so this is the conversation that happened between Yonnimer and Garnascus in regards to the stun situation And taking in consideration that the flash mechanic was not in the wiki until now, I find really strange that you do not even know the mechanics of your species and claimed that it was possible to stun them with batons, when that is nearly impossible in practice. @Yonnimer explain this, please.
  6. Crown Announces National Census 02.04.2463 The Crown released today an official statement announcing its intentions to conduct a national census. Proposed by Queen Shumaila Azunja to better gauge the Kingdom’s situation, the census project was quickly approved by the Parliament. Provinces have been tasked with acquiring and processing the information of their respective populations. Royal census takers will visit households in the next months; mounted constables will accompany the officials in rural areas to guarantee their safety. Tajara living abroad will be able to provide
  7. I will lift the ban. Appeal accepted.
  8. Miran’mir Academy Expedition to Set to Sail for the North Pole 21.03.2463 The Miran’mir Academy of Scientific Pursuits Archeology Department announced today its intentions of organizing a team to sail to the North Pole of Adhomai. Originally proposed by Kamyar Hourany, the Academy’s Museum Curator, the expedition aims to find the wreckage of the Minharrzka’s Chosen, a Gunpowder Age ship. The Minharrzka’s Chosen was part of a fleet commissioned by the Empire of Das’nrra to locate the supposed entrance to Aghar’mahrk, a subterranean mythological realm. The eponymous vessel and i
  9. I will lift this ban. Ahelp or contact staff next time. Appeal accepted.
  10. A better solution would be to either bolt or seal the entrance to the area and change the warden's robot ID so it can't leave.
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