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  1. Well, the application shows knowledge of the lore and I know that the player can be trusted with a whitelist. However, I was a bit wary of the politics thing, but with the religion points more explained I am happy with accepting this application. Application accepted.
  2. Against just removing more and more gamemodes, we will have less variety and people will get feed up with the rest of the stuff we have right now.
  3. The scrubbers are a bit odd to me, they do look far more blurry, which might be due to the smaller sprite size.
  4. Canon: Canon Event Type: Secret. Event Scale: Very intense Assigned Admin: Alberyk OOC Event Description : The final episode of the Tajaran Cold War event arc will happen. Who knows about it : No one knows. Host/participants : Notes :
  5. I will explain why I did put a note saying to ban you next time. You have been around for 18 or so days, and you managed to get 20 or so notes/warnings/bans. That is around one or more note every day, that is way too much.
  6. Alright, then tell me a bit about this character before I consider unbanning you.
  7. The backstory shows that the player understand the lore and can use it to create a character, on the top of the feedback, I believe that you will do great while roleplaying as a Tajara. Application accepted.
  8. I am fine with removing Tajara from the ert, as they can join the iac, tcfl and mercenary response teams.
  9. You can't just drop this without context or more evidence than a discord message.
  10. Weapons Seized During Police Raid in District Six Acting under information provided by anonymous sources, Mendell City police seized a large number of illegal weapons during operations in District Six. Following two weeks of investigation and planning, agents of Tau Ceti law enforcement conducted raids against suspected gang hideouts. In just a single warehouse a total of eight thousand firearms were confiscated. Adhomian-made bolt action rifles, machine pistols, revolvers, and machine guns were found alongside explosives. Eight Tajara were arrested and charged with being involved in organized crime and smuggling; three of the suspects were residing in Tau Ceti through work visas. Despite the success of this operation, officers were unable to continue the searches due to the hostility of the population. Shortly after the first arrest was made, several locals encircled the police vehicles; shouting and throwing objects at the agents. Mendell City Police retreated from District Six to avoid further confrontation with the inhabitants, as more individuals rushed to their location. Mendell’s investigation division reported that many of the confiscated weapons serial numbers could be traced to the People’s Republic of Adhomai. The PRA embassy released an official statement explaining that those guns were stolen during the Tajaran Civil War, affirming that they are not associated with any criminal activity in Biesel.
  11. Voting for dismissal because mechs powerloaders already do this and fill the future forklift niche.
  12. I will be very clear here. Your notes this years start at 16th of january. Since then, you got around 25 notes or so. Between the day you started and the day you got banned, it has been around 51 or so days. This is like, a note every two days. You were also warned and we gave you two temporary bans twice. You are being given A LOT of chances, and that is more than clear to you. Yes, you were permabanned for something small, but it when you take the big picture, it is not something small, it is the drop in the ocean that is being contained in a teacup that is your notes. I am sorry, but you deserve this permaban. But, this is your first perma, so you can still appeal and be given ANOTHER, likely final, chance.
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