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  1. Investigation Reveals Alien Power Behind the Sabotage of the Nuclear Program The commission to investigate the accidents that halted the nuclear program has returned to the National Assembly with concerning news. The source of the damage was a computer virus that had infiltrated the nuclear plants' systems. Computer hardware and centrifuges would become prone to overheating as the virus disables its safety measures. After further investigation, the technicians discovered that the malware was likely created by the Jargon Federation. After the commission explained their findings, the National Assembly exploded into yells of "Ratajani" and "Alien Imperialists". Ex-interim President Brajrr Alnadruskiy, banging his fist vigorously against his table, denounced the Federation in a short speech: The Free Tajaran People's Party, the Followers of Nated, and Rrhaza-Akhran Rahman Hadjuk applauded Brajrr's words. The Adhomian Blue Party remained silent. Commander Ahem Kah'nrir suddenly left the Assembly and did not take part in the rest of the meeting. After the commotion subsided, President Almrah Harrlala addressed the National Assembly: National Adhomai Worker's Party, Commander Kahan Hro'rammhad, and Muharajuurl Muhr’Fal hailed Harrlala's speech. Kyff Hotak vowed revenge. Supreme Commander Nated advised against any harsh measures for now. The systems used in the nuclear programs have been already upgraded against the Skrellian virus. President Harrlala and Supreme Commander Nated decided to keep the commission active to protect the project against any future sabotage attempt. The facilities are expected to be fully operational in a few weeks. How the malware infiltrated the research computers is still unknown.
  2. This is solved then. Admins were made aware of the guidelines and I will see about adding them to the wiki or somewhere peopple can check.
  3. @Haydizzle why did you not post the stuff you had first instead of an imagem from a non-affiliated discord?
  4. If you are going to say this, post any evidence because you are not involved in the situation.
  5. Can you post some examples of the behavior you find problematic? Some context would be helpful. We are also not taking in consideration anything taken from non-affiliated discord unless it is really bad like doxxing.
  6. Great application. It uses the lore and its elements well to create a compelling character. I do not think I have anything to ask. Application accepted.
  7. Sorry for the delay, here are the non-canon event guidelines to make sure we don't have these issues anymore: Feel free to post some feedback. I will leave the complaint open for a while.
  8. The Crown Establishes the Her Majesty’s Mercantile Flotilla 07.09.2463 After months of negotiation and purchases, the Crown has announced today the creation of the Her Majesty’s Mercantile Flotilla. The Mercantile Frotilla was a project envisioned by King Azunja to bring prosperity to the Kingdom by facilitating trade with other galactic powers; Queen Shumaila wisely decided to follow in his footsteps. For the past two years, thousands of civilian ships have been bought from NanoTrasen and Hephaestus Industries. Waiting in harbors above and beyond Adhomai, the fleet can now be deployed in the service of the New Kingdom. The ships were auctioned to selected companies involved in the fields of shipping, logistics, and commerce. The auction, held in one of the rooms of the Imperial Palace, attracted many guests; business representatives, heads of notable dynasties, and parliamentarians were present. After the main event, a dinner was held to celebrate the successful business. Queen Shumaila was present during both the ceremony and festivities. All of the ships were sold to national companies, who now must make use of their spacecraft for the betterment of the nation. Any company in the possession of a spaceship destined for trade has become part of the organization known as the Her Majesty’s Mercantile Flotilla. The Her Majesty’s Mercantile Flotilla is a trading company uniting all the businesses involved in commerce with intergalactic entities. The Crown will be actively involved in its administration, presiding over the taxation and regulation of the trade. Since the Kingdom lacks any kind of space force, the protection of the Her Majesty’s Mercantile Flotilla has to rely on the protection provided by private entities; a contract has already been signed with the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate to safeguard the Mercantile Flotilla for the next five years. Proper training is also being provided by the megacorporations to the employees of the companies. While the news was well received by most of the Parliament, Grand Admiral Mahtra Dynhaas complained about the Crown's priorities; in his opinion, building a military presence in space was a far more pressing matter. Prince Serhiy Oliinyk advised caution when making further deals with megacorporations. Queen Shumaila promised that establishing a space naval force was her next priority.
  9. Lakeside had no real lore. Its removal or change does not really affect anything besides forcing some people to retcon where their characters lived or change some basic stuff on their background (which I might argue had little to no effect since said place was nothing but a name on a map), with the bonus of now taking the lore in consideration. While we think that players should have a degree of freedom when it comes to their character's backstory, headcanons should not stand on the way of the lore vision.
  10. This week's teaser: Isolation Ward: Library: Updated hydroponics with more trays: While feedback is welcome, we must consider that the map is essentially at its final stages and large structural changes and overhauls won't be possible.
  11. You can reach the surgical table from all the tiles close by the table except the one close to the maintenance door. Not possible due to how stuff was mapped. We are not doing any major restructuring now. Since the map is at its final stages, big changes are not an option.
  12. Alberyk

    The 3/4thening

    We are not changing the perspective of the walls and windows due to the nbt map. It is nearly done.
  13. Tajaran Union of Writers Bestows its First Literary Award 01.09.2463 The Tajaran Union of Writers, the organization responsible for supporting their brave writers, has issued its first literary award today. The Tajara People's Writer is a medal destined for the authors who have created exceptional works exalting the qualities of Hadiism and the Tajara; the commendation was created by President Hadii early this year. The recipient of the award was Bohumil Oyunsky, a writer from Mal'jor. Oyunsky's latest book, "Night of the Ha'rron", tells the story of a Hadiist family living under the unlawful occupation of Nated's rebels. The novels describe many of the Al'mariist's atrocities during the conflict: Hotak's indiscriminate killing of civilians, theft of private property, and all forms of banditry. The protagonists, holding dearly to President Hadii's promises of liberation, survive and endure these hard times. The story is laced with tragedy, drama, and depictions of the heroic nature of the common Tajara. The book ends with the family being rescued by the Grand People's Army and their allies. Despite being a fictional account, Bohumil researched thoroughly the events depicted in an attempt to remain faithful as possible. "Night of the Ha'rron" was highly praised in literary circles because of its tension, historical fidelity, and Hadiist ideals. In a period where most authors prefer to use the First Revolution as a setting for their novels, the previous conflict has left much to be explored. Comrade Oyunsky was applauded for being a pioneer in depicting a modern and relatable setting to a younger audience. Party Secretary Yakiv Hadii, representing President Hadii, personally offered the award to Bohumil Oyunsky during a brief ceremony in Nal'tor. Minister of Education Kalim Khazdar suggested adding the "Night of the Ha'rron" to the national curriculum. During the event, Bohumil signed a copy that is later being gifted to President Hadii.
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