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  1. After talking to the other headmins about proxy unbans, we are not going to accept them. The player in question will have to apply on his own, sorry.
  2. I have other proposal. Allow assistants to have maintenance access, so they can raid the tunnels before security does.
  3. You can't find emp grenades in the maintenance. If it is somehow there, it is a bug, but I am sure it is not in the list.
  4. I think it is really lame that people do that. Also, I don't think that the maint spawn has anything really dangerous besides knifes, I guess.
  5. As I explained in your application, you are free to reapply in some weeks, 3 or 4 should be enough. If you do not break any rules, we can consider a trial.
  6. The thing is, garn did consider what you did, taking in consideration your notes and warnings, worth of a ban. There is really a escalation in punishments, and your case was severe enough to deserve a temporary ban. Sorry, but can't really make an exception when the whitelists guidelines are clear on this. If any whitelisted player reaches the point of being banned, they are also being whitelist stripped.
  7. Why did you put garn's name if you agree with his decision? Now, if you read this: You may notice this: "Receiving too many administrative actions. The previous conditions are under the discretion of the team to enforce. If you disagree with the removal, create a staff complaint for others to review." So, yes. You have a couple of notes and warnings, and coupled with the ban, that is pretty much too many administrative actions.
  8. Sorry, but your application is not being accepted. Your temporary ban, that wss the reason why I removed your whitelist, just ended. You are free to re-apply in a couple of weeks. If you do not agree on why you got banned or anything, I recommend making a staff complaint.
  9. Some questions. What faith does she follows? How exactly did her partner die? What are her objectives with moving to tau ceti? What does she seeks in the future? What is her opinion on the war? Does she supports any side right now, and if yes or no, why? Which job are you playing with this character?
  10. I have to agree with garn, he did not really broke any of the rules. Sure, emagging the cyborgs would be fine to avoid them coming after you. And killing people is fine, as long it serves a story and there is escalation. From what I see, he did interact with the crew and gave them enough foreshadowing, so he did not go around murderboning. Sometimes things don't go on our way. And as I said, can't really punish people if they have not broken any server rules. I will consider this complaint solved, I will lock this in around 24 hours or so.
  11. This has been a while, so I will lift this ban. Remember to read the server rules.
  12. While I find the girth meme funny. I believe that we can condense some of those pages into others. Now that we got a page for each faction, I plan to move stuff like military, cuisine and fashion to those pages, since they are already divided between the nka, ala and pra.
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