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  1. we should make ling more like the stuff
  2. This should be simple code-wise, but it is kinda sprite heavy.
  3. This is not what this section of the forums is for. We are not creating an unique role for your character.
  4. So, you have passion about the lore and you are clearly interested in it; that is good. But, there is kinda of a big issue with your comedic purposes behavior x in the server discords. While I am not really annoyed by being pinged or having to read silly questions, and I will usually act like I am and over exaggerate my annoyance with you for comedic purposes (which I am sure that you also get this and it is all in good faith), I think that some people can really get feedup by your somewhat excessive shitposting and non-serious behavior. Do you think you can put it under control and likel
  5. If it is a voted gamemode and not secret, which is what I am talking about, it will call another vote instead of starting the round. That delays things even more. If people want to decided the gamemode, they should participate in it. That is the basic principle here. If you the gamemode to be x, you should contribute to it by joining.
  6. Follow the format, please.
  7. If this suggestion is added, a rule will also be added making clear that voting and just leaving won't be tolerated. I am unsure what is the benefit of letting people vote for whatever and not joining, what is there to gain for them? I see no other reason besides to mess with the people that want to do something else that you might not like. This is useful when you consider that there is cases where some people keep stopping the round from starting by voting gamemodes that have a high player count choice that won't really be reached for it to start.
  8. You can only give so many it was my brother's excuses. Also, there is no reason other than being a diphead to vote for a gamemode and don't play at all.
  9. This can be solved with logs and administrative punishment. Yes. Doing so is being a bad sport and acting in bad faith. Why are you voting if you don't want to play that gamemode?
  10. I don't think that adding something specific to a single mob is a good idea. At best reword it to add distress or something. I also kind feel this might be an ic issue, because a lot of time people just ignore things like animal abuse because of cultural backgrounds and influences.
  11. The liberation army entries in the notable tajara page were expanded and updated. Two new notable characters were also added to the dpra: President Almrah Harrlala and Ex-interim President Brajrr Alnadruskiy https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Notable_Tajara#Democratic_People.27s_Republic_of_Adhomai
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