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  1. Alberyk

    Itanimulli's Unban Request.

    Ban lifted then.
  2. Alberyk

    Itanimulli's Unban Request.

    Ignorance is not an excuse to break the server rules, so read them again, if the rule breaking behavior continutes it is very likely you are going to be permabanned again, do you understand?
  3. Alberyk

    UnBan Request

    I am not against unbanning you, but you were warned for throwing people down disposals, spoken too about giving away mutagen pills and temporary banned injecting yourself with toxins and other things, just this month, before I applied this perma. If you break any server rule again you are probably going to be permabanned again without much hope for an unban, do you understand this?
  4. Alberyk

    Itanimulli's Unban Request.

    Why should I unban you? Can you explain me what you did wrong when you were banned, and your behavior overall on server?
  5. Alberyk

    Staff Complaint - QueenOfYugoslavia

    I did allow the shuttle to be bombed at the time because this was ahelped when security was in direct conflict with the mercenaries, the crew later boarded the shuttle on their own, at this time the ticket has been closed for some minutes, and the bomb exploded shortly after killing most of them. I was under the impression that the bomb would be used solely to inflict damage against the mercenaries or their shuttle, and I did not expect the crew to wander into it for whatever reason they had at the time.
  6. Alberyk

    [Resolved] Staff Complaint- Alberyk.

    Not sure how this matters at all when I did wait until the end of the round, if I am not remembering wrong, to talk about this. It does feels you are trying to grasp on straws here.
  7. Alberyk

    [Resolved] Staff Complaint- Alberyk.

    Still rule breaking, done so many times that we had to resort to temporary bans. And you had two temporary bans before, not related to going afk at all: One of the headmins is already looking into this, and I do believe that review around 30 notes/warnings/bans is a bit too much and not related at all to this complaint.
  8. Alberyk

    [Resolved] Staff Complaint- Alberyk.

    There are far more other examples of bad synth play, and no, I do not have any grudge against anyone, even if I was upset and called you validhunter. In fact, I even ruled something really shady in your favor, the looc case where you told everyone to wait to ahelp something you could barely explain, and then returned saying one phrase in character, without using looc to explain that people could carry on with whatever roleplay was happening, before using the stun, which I found to be the bug abusing case later when someone ahelped and wanted to make a complaint. If a warning is still in a player's note, I will believe it is supossed to be there, and no, warnings are a step of punishment, alongside notes; As I explained, you were not only warned and spoken to, you were temporary banned and job banned before, and as the rules says:
  9. Alberyk

    [Resolved] Staff Complaint- Alberyk.

    I do not agree when the notes show otherwise, and there are plently of examples of similar behavior repeating there, such as the synth rule breaking and going afk/leaving round start. And no, I would not perma ban someone in the same situation without the same or worse precedents as yours, I hope you do understand that the fact you abused a bug was not the sole reason to issue a perma, but the fact you have a large collection of administrative actions.
  10. Alberyk

    [Resolved] Staff Complaint- Alberyk.

    Those are just examples, when I do see the notes that exist on your account and they do show a rule breaking behavior that did not stop after warnings, temporary bans and talks, I do believe it that applying a perma is valid, that is also in the rules. To be clear, people get perma banned if they kept breaking the rules after being talked to, warned and temporary banned, which is clearly the case here.
  11. Alberyk

    [Resolved] Staff Complaint- Alberyk.

    Except, you used hypnotize before, you knew it would vanish and go into cooldown. As shown in the logs; I do not really buy that you were not aware of this being a bug, because that was not the first time you were playing vampire, and far less it being the first time you were using those powers. I do believe this is a clear case of bug abuse. Now, looking at the rules: The rule is clear here. On the subject of your notes: You had more than 35 notes, that include warnings and bans, just since you started to play here, less than one year. Some examples of them might include: So, yes, this was not your first time breaking the server rules, you were spoken to, had notes put on your ckey, warnings and temporary bans. I do believe that a perma ban here is fair escalation.
  12. Item added to the code, you should be able to spawn with it.
  13. Alberyk

    Vedai's Stainless Steel Fork

    Item added to the code, you should be able to spawn with it.
  14. Alberyk

    Ghostly Board

    Item added to the code, you should be able to spawn with it.
  15. Alberyk

    Diamond With Flaw's Clawed Arm

    Items added to the code, you should be able to spawn with it.