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  1. Cargo can access the crusher by going through the shorting office's maint access.
  2. I believe this is solved, I will close this complaint in around one day or so.
  3. This pr removes the option of being a vox from the merchant and heist: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7664 Why: -vox lore is untouched at all, with zero development or any real desire from anyone to do anything with it -can't really enforce anything without a whitelist, since anyone can be a vox -vox have a terrible meme heritage that no one works to destroy -vox enables some really annoying behavior from players -it is used to be extra robust as an antag, instead of roleplaying whatever a vox is meant to be -will probably open space for our own antag alien species in the future
  4. I also believe that human's numbers need to be lowered. Our setting is already really massive, nearly anything that happens feels like it has few consequences. It is also harder to justify the presence and important of some alien species when humanity has 300% more than their population.
  5. There is no real way to fix or solve this, without sacrificing the performance, besides fully changing the maps to have less z-levels or use less asteroid tiles at all.
  6. Death should really be enforced when it is due to irs, result of conflict between two players or canon events.
  7. About the death stuff, the rules explain a bit on it: So, the argument of dying in extended due to carp or slipping on lube should not really take in consideration.
  8. Cloning has to go, brainmed makes death far less common and harder to happen, giving a lot of chances to rescue people.
  9. You don't really, sorry. No one here has the obligation to give you another chance after you were permabanned twice.
  10. Cloning has to go, be reworked or changed something that fits brainmed. Brainmed makes death takes far more time. People can take a lot more of damage before starting to die. Killing someone takes far more effort.
  11. As other players already covered the questions that I had, I will accept this application.
  12. A lot of those notes are warning, temporary bans and the perma bans, you can clearly see those, and most of the times, people won't place notes without talking to you. The reason why your application was denied is because from your shitory, it seems that you do not learn or you are trying to improve.
  13. Not sure what this complaint is, if it is about your unban being rejected or if it is about your original ban. But, I will be sincere here, you have a lot of notes, warning, bans and around two permabans. There is zero reason to trust that you will behave after all those chances. I don't really see what is wrong with the mod's choice of keeping you banned.
  14. After taking in consideratio those changes and the discussion we had, I will accept this application.
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