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  1. I had a talk with a mod and checked the notes, looks like they were spoken too and had a note added to their records. I do not think that any other action or ban is needed here. I will close and move this in around 24 hours.
  2. Being added here: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6320 I will need more map or at least, their ideas/designs.
  3. I will take a look into this and what exact did the mod do.
  4. Hello, I will handle this. And fair warning to anyone that wants to post on this thread; only do if you are involved and have something to add. Think twice before posting and consider the forum rules.
  5. Alberyk

    Tajaran canon event

    Canon: Canon Event Type: Canon visit. Event Scale: Medium Assigned Admin: Alberyk OOC Event Description : A canon event related to recent tajaran events will happen on station. Who knows about it : No one in character is aware of the event. Host/participants : Alberyk, Mofo1995
  6. Nomadic Gathering In Harr’masir Ends With a Favorable Outcome 06.04.2461 The Majesty’s observers have released an exclusive report on the results of the nomadic gathering in Harr’masir, relating their experience and the most recent news about the Rock Nomads. Several Rhazar'Hrujmagh families have gathered at the location of the Almalik’Rhazar, joining to show their support to Rustam or his opponent, Njadrasanukii. The Nomadic King soon organized the gathering with all the present elders at his wagon, defending his action while the dissidents accused him. The debate lasted for hours, without any side reaching a consensus, until an elder proposed to solve the dispute with a challenge. Both sides would take part in a traditional nomadic sport, with skill and the Gods themselves deciding who was right in this dispute. The selected competition was a game known as N’hanzafu roping, where two riders, using Zhsram as their mount, had to capture a N’hanzafu calf with a lasso and complete five rounds around a circular arena with it. Competitors are allowed to knock down each other or steal the other’s rope, but weapons are strictly forbidden. A simple arena was quickly built in the middle of the camp, with the population watching and cheering for their favored side. Rustam and Njadrasanukii entered the area wearing their traditional gear and mounted on the top of their Zhsram. A young N’hanzafu was then brought in the middle of the place, being released after the elders gave the approval needed to start the competition. The dispute between both competitors lasted for less than half of an hour, with Njadrasanukii being able to lasso the calf and complete two turns at first, but Rustam was soon able to break his grasp on the rope, with a shove from the top of his mount, and steal the animal from him. Showing an expecional display of skill and knowledge of the Rock Nomad Traditions, the King of Many Wagons was able to conclude the challenge. The camp erupted in cheering and celebration for Rustam’s victory, and the elders, even with many of them grumbling and still complaining, accepted his right to bear the title of Almalik’Rhazar. The Nomadic Leader asked for the royal observers to leave their camp after the celebrations were concluded.
  7. Imagine all the people...
  8. Alright, after looking into the logs and taking in consideration what the reported player in question, I do believe that things are much more clear. However, I still do not think this really had some proper escalation, Even if it was secret, you should just behave like it was an extended round, not really taking in consideration the gamemode to change your character's behavior. If you have any doubt on doing something, ahelp. Since the reported player does not really have anything on bad behavior lately, I am adding a note. Take in consideration the server rules on escalation, jumping to explosives, or even joking around about them, would require some heavy context and escalation. I will close this complaint in 24 hours, if no one brings anything else up.
  9. You left the lore team recently. Why do you want to return to it?
  10. Item added to the code, you should be able to spawn with it.
  11. Item added to the code, you should be able to spawn with it.
  12. Sprites added to the code, you should be able to select it.
  13. Items added to the code, you should be able to spawn with it.
  14. Item added to the code, you should be able to spawn with it.
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