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  1. Trial began as of June 12th, 2021. It will conclude on July 12th, 2021.
  2. Ministry of Education Appoints New Rector to the Nal'tor College of Career Excellence 10.06.2463 Founded some months after the establishment of the People's Republic of Adhomai, the Nal'tor College of Career Excellence is one of the nation's most renowned centers of learning. From its creation until now, it had Jamison Knight - a human invited for this position due to the lack of a Tajaran candidate at the time - as its rector. However, after a brief analysis of the college's archives, the Ministry of Education discovered that Knight's term was meant to be a temporary o
  3. [2020-02-26 02:01:44.212] b5T-aenK ADMIN: PM: ShesTrying/(Ka'Akaix'Voa C'thur)->Firstact/(D'Jar Sa'Kuate): Hey, got a sec? [2020-02-26 02:01:58.149] b5T-aenK ADMIN: PM: Firstact/(D'Jar Sa'Kuate)->ShesTrying/(Ka'Akaix'Voa C'thur): Sure [2020-02-26 02:02:09.994] b5T-aenK ADMIN: PM: ShesTrying/(Ka'Akaix'Voa C'thur)->Firstact/(D'Jar Sa'Kuate): Is your character an HOS, or an Odin officer? [2020-02-26 02:02:33.320] b5T-aenK ADMIN: PM: Firstact/(D'Jar Sa'Kuate)->ShesTrying/(Ka'Akaix'Voa C'thur): I decided to move him to officer after a long absence. [2020-02-26 02:02:55.195] b5T-
  4. Civilian Officials Accuses the Northern Ras'nrr Junta of Crimes Against its People Today at the National Assembly, representatives of the Rhazkjara Valley and Das'nrra lodged an official complaint against the Northern Ras'nrr junta. Civilian authorities claim that Ahem Kah'nrir has taken exceedingly harsh measures to halt the free movement of people through national territory. To stop the population from leaving his territory, Ahem allegedly banned the use of any kind of boat by civilians; fishing was also forbidden for reasons unknown. His soldiers visited coastal settlements, des
  5. The Nation Honors President Hadii with Celebration! 30.05.2463 Today, the entire nation has united to celebrate President Hadii's extraordinary leadership. The Presidential Honoring and Respect Anniversary ceremony was held in Nal'tor at the square before the foundations of the Palace of the Free Tajara. Millions of citizens joined the celebrations on the streets. A crowd of thousands stood at the plaza to listen in person to President Hadii's speech. Accompanied by his minister, President Hadii climbed on the stage; his presence was enough to trigger minutes of applaus
  6. Sorry for the delay. I don't think I have anything to ask. The application displays a good knowledge of the lore and how to use it to create a character. Application accepted.
  7. Crown Reveals the Bunker Plan 25.05.2463 As the threat of a possible nuclear war hangs over Adhomai, the Crown has revealed its plans to safeguard the country from this menace. Government officials announced the construction of bunker complexes close to the main urban centers and military bases throughout the nation. The "Bunker Plan'' has the objective of securing the Kingdom's continued existence in spite of a nuclear exchange. Outside of serving as blast shelters, the underground complexes will be stocked with supplies to guarantee the survival of their inhabitants for up t
  8. This is solved then, I will close the complaint in around one day or so.
  9. I will lift this ban, but further abuse in staff pms won't be tolerated. Appeal accepted.
  10. I have seen some concerning behavior from you in-game, such as when you are frustrated with whatever happened, you can come off as rude or raging. One case, in particular, was when you said something along the lines of the server being ruined, despite all the great lore, because of antags and that staff did not anything about it (in which I also got fed up with said comments and told you to come to the job of a moderator if it was that easy). Keeping your cool is very important in the lore team because we can take part in a lot of discussions that can get kind fierce when both sides don't agre
  11. No, you were not. You played in the server for less then one month and got a couple of warnings, note and ban in a really short time span. Here is our conversation: Unsure when I was not friendly, but your behavior was really awful. I don't see how a ban was not deserved when this was not the first time you started to insult people in dms. Now, I am bringing this in dms because you are somehow arguing that what you did was wrong, and if you can't see what was wrong with your behavior, unbanning you is pointless because you are likely going to do the same thing. Do you see
  12. Idris Incorporated Seals Deal with Baltor Watchmakers 13.05.2463 As part of the Crown's agreements with the intergalactic corporations, Baltor watchmakers have recently sealed a deal with the Caishen Jewellers, an Idris Incorporated subsidiary. Artisans will now supply the megacorporation with finely crafted watches. Gold and precious gems from Olska will be used to fabricate the clocks; the products will then be exported and sold to the foreign market. The agreement was well received by the population and local administration that expects to use the extra revenue to fund furt
  13. Okay, sorry for the delay. I have decided to deny this application for some reasons. The application is not very strong in regards to painting a cohesive character. Sure there is some knowledge about the lore, but it is not used very well to create a strong/good character. That could probably be worked more with my help. For example, her motivations are not very clear and still feel like it is out of nowhere.This alone is probably not enough to deny a whitelist unless it is really bad or there is no effort in changing/improving. The other reason is your behavior in game, it is not re
  14. You are reapplying with the same character name, with a single addition that does not really change the name, that you were told to remove before. This is kinda of a sign that you did not learn what the loremaster and the previous writer told you.
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