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  1. I have spoken to him about doing it properly. I will consider this solved then.
  2. If you don't agree with the ban at all, you should still make the complaint. That is what the forum tells you, it is written there for anyone to see. You can just complain about the rulling fine, and I see little merit in changing the name because people hold misconceptiosn that can be cleared by reading the sub forum description, this would likely happen if we changed the name to something else.
  3. Application accepted. I will add the whitelist as soon the web interface is working.
  4. Ok, I will lift this ban, But, if I catch anything else, I am not going to lift any ban again.
  5. Sorry for the delay, it is quite a lot to read. Anyway, your character should not really be open about their sexuality. I don't really find it very believable, because they are old and is pretty much new to the human world and ideas. On the top of that, it could trigger more persecution from the community or the growing dpra/ala presence on Biesel. But, it is totally fine to have a homosexual character as long you take in consideration the entire Tajaran stance on this and play along. Do you understand this? As menown pointed out, you will have to pick a single language due to present restrictions, if you have to make a choice between siik'maas and delvahhi, which one would it be and why? Take in consideration that someone speaking only delvahhi would have a lot of trouble advancing in a society that uses siik'maas mostly. @Zer0Winds
  6. The best solution would just add their own shoes, instead of just removing the restriction. I don't really want to lift this restriction for tajara, so I am voting for dismissal.
  7. The thing is; Unban appeals is for when you agree with whatever the staff said, and wants another chance. Complaints is for when you don't agree with the staff did. Putting warning/notes appeal into the unban section will just make this confusing. Staff complaints being the general; "i dont agree with this" works far better in this case.
  8. I guess no then. Appeal denied.
  9. Population of Gakal'zaal Takes Up Arms Against Oppressors Inspired by President Almrah’s decision, the Tajara of Gakal’zaal have risen up against the illegitimate Unathi occupation of their world. Under the leadership of a community representative, Andranik Huwaytat, they have sent a message to the people of Adhomai and the whole galaxy: Government officials have confirmed interest in assisting the Gakal’zaal Liberation Front, through material and political support. President Almrah has announced a diplomatic conference with the People’s Republic and New Kingdom to convince the other two nations in adopting the boycott against the Hegemony.
  10. The argument I pointed out is; why would tau ceti care about a murder happening, Which is stupid, because that is what they are meant to do in regards to criminal justice, a state would waste money to investigate and do a court, because that is their job.
  11. That is not how justice works at all. Any modern state would really care about murder happening within its borders, even NanoTrasen, since it is a co-worker that might be killing each other.
  12. Well, no one asked me about this, and I kinda code all custom items. It is not really possible right now. And I guess that having your own custom borg/posibrain name would work better as an character setup option than a custom item request.
  13. Anything outside of cyborg sprites is not possible in regards to custom player content.
  14. Going to bring up the fact that I am nearly sure that you had that picture for days before paradox called you out, and then you changed to something else.
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