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  1. It should not be random clothings, they should be made with the culture/part of the setting they represent. Also, nothing is stopping people from adding stuff from Tau Ceti.
  2. The Crown Concedes to the People’s Demands 29.06.2462 Tensions continued high this morning. The HMS Rredouane and the HMS Dolor remained on patrol in Kaltir’s bay, and the Palace courtyard remained full of protestors.. However, the Parliament was able to hold a meeting with King Vahzirthaamro Azunja. After hours of discussion and negotiations they reached an agreement. A new chamber will be created in the Parliament: the Chamber of Commoners. It will be composed of elected representatives that will serve a term of three years. Any citizen, noble or commoner, will be able to occupy those positions. Despite this, the new house holds considerable less power and seats than the inheritable titles - a simple majority from the Chamber of Nobles will be able to overrule the decisions made by the Chamber of Commoners. Alongside the concessions to the Commoner’s Party, the Crown has made other compromises to the members of the Parliament. Promises of relaxing the draft and increasing funds to modernize the army were made. Amnesty to the sailors that participated in the HMS Dolor and HMS Rredouane mutiny was also granted. The news were received with celebration by the population. The protestors in front of the Imperial palace became a cheering crowd when the changes were announced. The ships blocking Kaltir’s bay docked soon after the meeting was over. The sailors were welcomed with open arms by their colleagues; they were dragged to a pub to commemorate. The city’s garrison stood down, returning their weapons at the orders of the Field-Marshall. The protests came to an end by the night; as most of the population returned to their homes. King Azunja retired himself to his private quarters shortly after the meeting, offering no further insight into the situation. Elections for the Chamber of Commoners are expected to begin in two months.
  3. I will give you another chance then. Appeal accepted.
  4. Tensions Rises in Kaltir During Demonstrations 27.06.2462 King Azunja remains silent as the protests enter their second day. The protestors have become more restless, thanks to the lack of response from the Crown. As the protests continue, reports of clashes between the protestors and constables have become more common. Several arrests were made, with charges that include vandalism, trespassing and insulting the King. Most of the streets of the capital have been marked as off-limits to protestors, forcing the demonstrations to happen before the Parliament and the palace’s courtyard. A crowd now stands before the home of the Azunja dynasty, asking for more representation and holding portraits of the loved ones they lost during the war. Some sailors have taken further action during the protests. Two ships, the HMS Rredouane and the HMS Dolor, have set sail without orders from the Royal Navy command. Both vessels are now sailing around Kaltir’s bay as a sign of the crew’s support towards the protestors. They have told their superiors that they do not plan to return to port until the people’s demands are met. Any civilian ship attempting to approach the dock is being told to return by the sailors. Some eyewitness claimed that the HMS Rredouane has aimed its guns towards the capital. The Kingdom’s military stands divided before this event, with many suggesting that such is an act of mutiny. Field-Marshal Rrhazhal Zarkradar'Akhan has ordered the city’s garrison to arm and prepare themselves in case of conflict. Kaltir’s coastal defenses are in full alert. Parliament is seemingly paralyzed by this crisis, and is unable to take decisive action without the presence of the King. The Crown Heir has recently addressed these concerns; she claimed that King Azunja is unable to attend any session of Parliament due to suffering from a mild illness. Some parliamentarians suggested making a decision despite His Majesty’s absence; members of the Officers Party have threatened military intervention if this happens. Field-Marshal Rrhazhal has promised to stand with the King no matter what.
  5. Protests Takes Over the Streets of Kaltir 25.06.2462 The Commoner’s Party has brought the people of Kaltir to the streets, as they had threatened to do previously. Thousands of Tajara left their homes to protest in the capital, blocking important streets and thoroughfares while bringing life in the city to a grinding halt. Many protestors gathered before the parliament building and the courtyard of the Imperial Palace. They request the establishment of electable positions in the parliament, seeking greater representation of the population in the government. Sailors have also shown their support to the cause, organizing their own demonstrations on ships and in ports. The Crown has not released any official statement in regards to the protest yet. However, multiple parliamentarians, mainly from the Royal Party, have declared their intentions of not acquiescing to the population’s demands. The Commoners Party, alongside some members of the Officers Party, have released a announcement: The entire contingent of the constabulary of Kaltir has been deployed to maintain the order and safeguard the city’s property during the protest. Most of its forces are concentrated around the parliament and the palace, stopping the protestors from getting too close to those important buildings. Protests were reported as well in Miran’mir and Dymtris. The demonstrations have remained peaceful so far.
  6. The application is concise and gets most of the aspects covered by the lore. But, I have some questions before I make a decision. 1. How does Ostroverkhov sees the other two Tajaran factions: the People's Republic of Adhomai and the New Kingdom? 2. What exactly are his plans on Tau Ceti? What keeps him in the system and not just going back to Adhomai? 3. What are his opinions in regards to the caste system that exists in the Tajaran species?
  7. Just as an update. We discussed this application and decided to adapt the idea for when we write about the Tajaran television and entertainment.
  8. Grand People's Army Expeditionary Force Reports Success in Hro'zamal 22.06.2462 After months of preparation and skirmishes with the rebels on Hro'zamal, the Grand People's Army Expeditionary Force has launched an offensive against the enemy. Soldiers are being dispatched from the capital on missions that have the objective of identifying and destroying rebel hideouts. These battalions, under the guidance of the Colonial Guard, marched into the jungle and eliminated the presence of traitors by torching their bunkers. Because of the lack of infrastructure and defensible positions in the jungle, the army has decided to retreat back into the city after conducting these attacks. Military command has confirmed that this strategy is the most effective one for this conflict, claiming that the Grand Army’s superior numbers will quickly crush the enemy. A contingent of the People's Air Force has been transferred to Hro'zamal to provide air support during the operations. Autogyros fly over the jungle, scouting and bombing positions relayed by ground forces. The Grand Army has developed a new tactic to complement the emerging anti-guerilla doctrine: the use of Gyrodynes to swiftly deploy reinforcements during engagements. Making use of their vertical take-off and landing capacities, these aircraft are not only able to transport our forces but also offer close fire support, medical evacuations and resupply despite the harsh jungle environment. Once constrained by the wild winds of Adhomai, the People's Wings are now free to soar high in the sunny skies of Hro'zamal. Prototype vehicles adapted to the conditions of the colony are currently being deployed in the field; these new automobiles are the brainchild of the Hadii Institute of Orbital Research. To further the development of the colony, the Office of Colonial Affairs is now offering extra subsidies to any Tajara willingly to settle on Hro'zamal. Anyone seeking to start a new life will be able to do so on the lush lands of the colony. The Party will give their full support to settlers, ranging from adequate farming equipment to top-of-the-line HVAC systems. The call to expand the Tajaran horizons is upon us! The Ministry of Defense has promised that the rebel leader, Fakhri Oan, will be captured in less than one year by the Grand People's Army.
  9. You were not a witness or involved in it incident. The rule is clear, you have to be involved in the incident, you were not. And you were not the first one to complain about being banned being equal to have your whitelist removed. Everything you said in your post was not related at all to the incident or the complaint, you were just saying your opinion/pointed out how your case was handled. You were not really adding to the complaint at all. Suggesting how or when a whitelist should be removed also had no place there, you should have done a suggestion. Anyone that was also banned or had their whitelist removed could also come and give their piece, which as I said, could turn that complaint into something else that was not related to that case in particular. Take in mind that the rule starts with ONLY, that means that this is the sole case that third parties should come and post it. That is how complaints go, I am not handling this complaint myself, I am only explained why I did this. In regards to the change, I see how it is bad when we are making more clear on how/when we will do something. We are not reactively changing the rules to punish anyone, we are making them more clear. Being banned is too many administrative actions in our vision.
  10. You still broke the forum rules, you keep breaking them; you will be punished. Under the logic that something similar happened to you, anyone could post under any complaint that got them banned or punished in anway way. The rules are clear that you have to be related to the incident in question, not the punishment. You were given a lot of chances to start following the rules. Those in particular: You were not involved in the incident, you had nothing to really add besides the fact that you also had your whitelist removed due to administrative action. The complaint section used to be plagued with infighting, peanut galleries and cherry picking. We really need to be strict for it to don't devolve into a mess. Now, in regards to the waiting time. I have asked for the team to look into it after you contacted me. However, half of the people dealing with whitelist were busy with irl stuff at the time, Abo and Read, which reduced how much we could process in regards to trial and discussion. As I said before, a ban is too many administrative actions for me, but I just decided to make this more clear what is the team instance on this and so I updated the whitelist guidelines to reflect it better. It was also not unannounced, I posted it in the general discord announcement channel and updated the title of the topic to reflect that it was updated today.
  11. I will consider this solved, will cose this in one day or so.
  12. This kind of adminbus was not really accetable, even if Matt did not murder anyone or did anything besides hitting an airlock once. So he should have not really done that with his powers. I am warning him about doing this and further action will be taken if anything else like that happens.
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