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  1. As skull pointed out, not really something that is worth adding another forum rule about, since this is already covered by them. +1 dismissal.
  2. I already did by speaking to the admins about this, and highlander did not happen after this. This suggestion can be closed now,.
  3. I am satisfied with your answers. Application accepted.
  4. Some questions before I decide on this application: 1 - What are Yahir's opinion on the conflict happening in Adhomai? Which side does he supports, and why? 2 - If he believes in the Ma'ta'ke pantheon, which god he worships and why? 3 - What exactly are his objectives with moving to Tau Ceti? What are his plans for the future? Now, some small corrections; It is Crevus instead of Creves. If by Ma'ta'ke, you mean the deity instead of the religion, it would be Mata'ke, you can read more here: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Ma'ta'ke_Gods
  5. They can do much more than a regular, like blocking ranged attacks and dismantling wall.
  6. I am against giving the crew an energy weapon like that. It would be better if they just had a regular sword.
  7. This would make them useless. Voting for dismissal.
  8. No, we should not add ways to punish the victim here. -1 dismissal
  9. Right, so, garn is right. We won't delete your past notes. Feel free to make a complaint trying to dispute the note put by the trial. I guess this is solved. Going to lock this in around one day or so.
  10. I guess this would work with the language stuff. However, I am not touching skintone code due to how terrible it is and I feel that it restricts a bit too much. But, this would require removing some available languages and stuff from the species datums.
  11. I don't see why exactly this would appear in your ID or records, which is something that makes sense for citizenship or religion. Otherwise, besides offering some lore on whatever place it might be. I would really like for it to have some effect in game like the other options do.
  12. The announcement for the applications asked for an original writing of your choosing which either demonstrates an understanding of skrell lore in its current state or express the direction in which you will be taking it. You should include it.
  13. I will be clear this, I think this is your second permaban on the discord server. I will lift this, but if anything else happens, I doubt I will consider giving you another chance.
  14. How would you change this and why?
  15. This would be a really big retconn/change that would mess with their themes, and would be far harder to justify their numbers and situation. I don't really think that this would make the narrative better, because it would severely weaken their religious connotations, alongside not giving any real reason on why they were chased to other planet and by who.
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