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  1. Supreme Commander Nated Returns to the Control of the Liberation Army! As the crisis in Amohda entered its third day, the National Assembly was still unable to reach an agreement concerning the invasion of the Island. Ex-interim president Brajrr Alnadruskiy suggested the restoration of Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan to the office of Supreme Commander of the Liberation Army. His proposal was met with intense protesting by the civil representatives and President Harrlala; junta and military members praised the idea. Both sides continued to accuse each other of betraying the principles of Al’mariism as the discussion continued. Ex-commander Nated was then allowed to speak. Silence took over the assembly when Nated stood up to speak: The National Assembly remained silent minutes after the speech was over. Negotiations resumed when Nated returned to his seat. Both civil and military representatives agreed that the restoration of centralized leadership was necessary to coordinate the invasion of Amohda. With the approval of President Almrah Harrlala, the post of Supreme Commander was restored and granted to Nated. The office of Supreme Commander has powers equivalent to that of the President. However, the command of the Liberation Army has been transferred to Nated, alongside with the territories controlled by the juntas. The juntas of Sren'dul and Harr'masir pledged their support for the incoming invasion under Nated’s command. Crevus agreed to lend its ship; gambling taxes imposed on the city suffered a deduction as a compensation for their participation. The national assembly concluded its meetings with a round of applause dedicated to Supreme Command Nated. The Liberation Army was permitted to plan the invasion of Amohda. The future of Al’mariism has been saved by our brave leaders.
  2. Amohda Seized by Separatists; Liberation Army Paralyzed! Despite the warnings, the Amohdan separatists decided to carry on with their traitorous plans of secession. Yesterday a single message proclaiming the independence of the Island was sent to Shastar City before all communication was cut. An emergency meeting was called by President Almrah Harrlala, with all representatives attending. While the discussion was underway, more news of the takeover reached the assembly. A group of government officials present at the Island was able to escape using a gyrodyne. They reached Sren’dul in time to contact the authorities. The rebels acted up without prior warning, hunting down anyone against their vile cause. The Mrrazhakulii under Yaropolk Yazar murdered and arrested loyal soldiers and commanders during the night. All across the Island, Amohdan warriors joined them with weapons in hand. Federal buildings and armories were captured with ease. Radio stations were also disabled to stop any kind of coordinate defense. Loyal Liberation Army forces were quickly subjugated by the traitors. Intelligence agencies suspect that the separatists are being supported by the New Kingdom of Adhomai. The Island is now silent and controlled by the separatists. While the National Assembly decided that military intervention is necessary, they could not reach an agreement on many aspects of the plan. The Shungsta Junta refused to send their soldiers, pointing out that they are essential to maintain the order in the region. The Rrhaza-Akhran of Sren'dul claimed to be unable to help invade the Island due to the threat of monarchist rock nomads raids at the northern frontier. Crevus refused to lend their ships without proper payment. The representatives of Southern Rasn'rr and Das’nrra have agreed in organizing an amphibious assault to retake Amohda, but cannot carry on with the operation without support from the rest of the military. Ex-supreme Commander Nated attempted to appeal to the unity of the Tajara people in their struggle, his plea was quickly drowned by the sound of the discussion and accusations. The National Assembly concluded its emergency meeting without reaching a consensus. Ex-interim president Brajrr Alnadruskiy, leader of the Free Tajaran People's Party, has criticized President Harrlala’s leadership as “weak”.
  3. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/10086
  4. Hro'zamal Rebels Led by a Madman! 24.09.2462 The Grand People's Army Expeditionary Force reports further victories at Hro’zamal. Large stretches of land were cleaned from any rebellious presence and assigned to incoming settlers. The grasp of the Orbital Navy over the smugglers tightens, choking the rebellion. Despite this, the traitors continue to resist the rule of the Party over the colony. Not only they wage war against the people of Adhomai; they are following an insane Tajara. Suspicions were confirmed through the testimony of a rescued soldier. Private Dima Prruzhulkanich was captured by the rebels when attempting to escape an ambush against his brigade. The soldier was dragged into the jungle by the traitors, held prisoner in several different camps. Comrade Prruzhulkanich was forced to eat bitter alien roots and drink rainwater. While under the watch of traitorous sentinels, he heard the news about the leader of the insurrection. Fakhri Oan fell ill shortly after retreating into the jungle; he remained bedridden for weeks. When he woke up from his coma, he claimed to be the reincarnation of some historical Tajara figure. He adopted the title of Baron of Hro’zamal, clearly displaying his support for the reactionary cause. His madness was not well received by all insurgents; as a large group supposedly abandoned him and decided to form their own terrorist group. The private was later found and released during an attack against an enemy outpost. Comrade Dima Prruzhulkanich was turned over to the military justice to stand trial for his unauthorized retreat. Intelligence reports confirm that the enemy is being supplied by agents from the New Kingdom and the Liberation army. The enemies of Hadiism have returned to assault the future of the Tajara people. The Party has already publicly denounced the aggression, their meddling will not go unpunished. The support of the Republican population is essential during this conflict. Contact the Office of Colonial Affairs and join the colonization effort today! The Ministry of Defense has promised that the rebel leader, Fakhri Oan, will be captured in this year by the Grand People's Army.
  5. Royal Party Secures Leadership in the Chamber of Commons 22.09.2462 After three days of voting, the results of the election for the Chamber of Commons were published by the Crown. The Royal Party has secured 44% of the seats, followed by the Officer’s Party with 36% and the Commoners Party with the remaining positions. Specialists stipulate that turnout reached 75% of the total voting population. Despite minor clashes between supporters of the different parties and two voting machines being stolen, intergalactic observers praised the elections for its integrity. Crown Heir Shumaila, speaking under the behalf of King Azunja, has welcomed the Chamber of Commons. In the incoming days, the new chamber will take part in discussions related to future deals with NanoTrasen and the purchase of spacecraft. His Majesty delegated his duties at the Parliament to the Crown heir until further notice. The King did not offer any explanation for this decision.
  6. I am going to have to deny your application for now. Probably because of all the negative feedback and from stuff I have observed that matches it. While that does not means you are a bad player, I feel that you just need to be around for a while, pretty much all of this stuff is very common with new players so there is no real malice in this behavior.
  7. Zikala Falls: Gakal’zaal is Liberated! After the victory of the Gakal’zaal Liberation Front against the Unathi offensive, the freedom fighters have made steady progress towards the planetary capital. Zikala has been surrounded by the Liberation Army for the past two weeks. A full assault was held back under the orders of Commander Andranik Huwaytat. Outside of some skirmishes and shelling, the external front has remained largely uneventful. However, Tajara within the city have been acting against the oppressor. Brave agents and countrymen carried out dangerous missions involving sabotaging defenses and infrastructure vital to the Unathi war effort. The city armory was looted by a mob. Tajaran guards and levies are abandoning their posts in droves. The alien authority has crumbled after the people stood up to take what belongs to them: their own future. The situation came to an end after a delegation from the Unathi contacted the Liberation Front command. The Unathi authority was abandoning Gakal’zaal. The Overlord and his lackeys evacuated the planet in a hurry, bringing anything they could carry with themselves to the orbital station. A crowd formed before the shuttle port, attempting to escape the capture of the city; they were stopped by the tyrant's bodyguards. The cowardly Yizarus left most of his subjects behind while saving himself. The last shuttles filled with riches left Zikala as the freedom fighters were given the order to seize the settlement. The Liberation Front entered the capital without facing resistance; the garrison had been disbanded before the retreat. The population greeted their liberators with cheering and celebration, joining them in their march through the streets. Commander Huwaytat led his Tajara to the city palace. The building was nearly empty, all of its wealth was already taken away by the alien invader. Mj'akurahur Drrawa'jur, left behind by his ungrateful master, was found hiding in the edifice’s basement. The traitor is currently being held prisoner until he can be judged for his crimes. Looting and vandalism has been strictly forbidden by the Liberation Front. Despite this prohibition, the Sk'akh temple of Zikala was broken into by freedom fighters. Icons of the three-headed god were beaten and destroyed, holy texts were thrown out into the streets, and religious murals were defaced. No priests were present when this happened. Commander Huwaytat promised to turn the temple into a proper church for the worship of the Twin Suns. Preaching the alien faith has already been outlawed. A significant Unathi population still remains on the planet. Although most of them remained loyal to the Overlord, the Liberation Front has decided to allow them to continue living in Gakal’zaal. Soldiers were stationed close to Unathi neighborhoods to prevent any kind of reprisal. Freedom of worship was granted to the aliens, with the clear exception in regards to proselytizing. The fate of the guilds remains unclear, as many Tajara consider them as an unfair exploitation of their work and resources. After Zikala was secured, the Gakal’zaal Liberation Front announced the creation of the Free Republic of Gakal’zaal, the first Tajaran nation outside of S'rand'marr. Commander Huwaytat was elected to be its leader. President Almrah Harrlala and the national assembly decided to recognize it as a legitimate state shortly after its declaration. Negotiations with the Hegemony are currently underway. The victory on Gakal’zaal is another step towards the liberation of the Tajara across the galaxy. All must carry the flame of Al'mariism in this struggle.
  8. Following the suggestions of the lore team, mainly Haydizzle that helped a lot with it, I have changed how the main Tajara page is structured to make it better to read and see the themes of the species. The overview has been expanded. The ethnicities section was moved to be after the basic biologic overview, since it is one of the most important parts of the species. A small description of each tajara race was also added to it. History and the factions were also moved up, since they play a big influence in the lore. Religion was put under the societal section. Some outdated stuff was also fixed. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Tajara
  9. I told player about this complaint, they did not log since then. They have been permabanned. They can explain their reasoning in an unban appeal. This is solved.
  10. There is zero reason to do that besides wanting lethals bullets to break the antag's ribs and make sure they die. The hos has a gun that can fire lethal rounds. Security has an entire armory with laser rifles. Cargo can order more guns. Robotics can print combat mechs. Just because you can't pick up those things and blast thing right away, it does not mean they don't exist. The station and security are not defenseless. I am sure that most people would not like if everyone started to carry weapons because people died on station. Following that logic, any cargo tech could just start making weapons and ordering guns because they were hurt during some canon event. No one wants this to be a thing, security does not get a free pass to powergame, sorry. Antags and regular crewmembers are different, they have totally different motivations and reasons. Antags don't have the same motivations and reasons to be on the station like regular characters that are just there to visit/work.
  11. President Hadii now has a far more detailed entry at the notable Tajara page: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Notable_Tajara#President_Njadrasanukii_Hadii
  12. Small addition to amon, done alongside the human lore team: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Amon#Life
  13. I fail to see how being hurt or anything by something that happened on the station is an excuse to carry a pistol loaded only with lethals at round start as the hos, when you already have a gun that can fire lethals. Following this logic, anyone could start packing all the guns and weapons they could. Still need a reason to carry lethal weapons besides of what you get in the locker. The head of security should not take stuff from the armory because they want another gun. It was issued with less than lethals, you were carrying it with lethals. The head of security already has a gun that can fire lethal bolts of energy. Pointing out every wacky stuff that happens once in a while to justify carrying lethal ammo is really trying to grasp on straws. You literally said you did in the ahelp and in this complaint. Even if it was the first time you did it would be powergaming, even if it was extended. Besides, changing what you do based on what gamemode is would be metagaming. Also, I saw you taking stuff from the armory because I was ghosting around.
  14. I don't really have any question and I believe you display the needed lore knowledge to make a Tajara character and roleplay one. Application accepted.
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