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  1. After taking in consideration what we found out in their player complaint, I am going to have agree that this ban was deserved. This complaint has been solved, and I will lock it in 24 hours.
  2. I will deal with this. After taking a look into your behavior, and some new information that was brought to us. I am applying a permaban on the player, from the community as whole, discord and forums. And I don't plan to lift those bans at all. Since, said player used to play on a ckey that had an already large collection of note, warnings and bans, alongside two permabans (that are now lifted). However, the player made a new account, the one that is now subject to this complaint, and did not tell the staff they were the same person. Resulting in it getting a large collection of notes and etc, because staff was sure they were someone. In the end, they just abused changing computers, location and ips to avoid being caught, until their lastest permaban. This is bad faith, and you would not even be given 1/3 of the chances you were in the neworleans ckey if we knew about this. This complaint is solved. I will archive this in around 24 hours.
  3. Just as a note: resomi was never a playable species on this server.
  4. I will handle this. From at first, I don't see much issue with what the officer did, you stole the baton from him, stunning you is perfectly fine. Now, the deal is; you have a lot of notes and warnings, and you taking in consideration your behavior here and the security appeal, I do believe you did not really learn anything that staff tried to explain you in all those chances that you were given. So, at this moment, I am leaning towards accepting prate's rulling here as valid.
  5. Taking a look into this, and taking in consideration that they ahelped and worked with the rest of the antags at the time to help with their gimmick, I don't really think they the players are at fault here. If anything, it might be an issue with a bad call from a staff member, which is already being solved in a staff complaint.
  6. Pretty sure that this happens due to their phoron tank code, that is meant to leak once in a while.
  7. I will handle this. First, not sure why exactly this is a staff complaint, can you explain what was wrong with garn's behavior staff wise? Second, the insulated gloves thing was kinda silly, while I understand that you were mislead by a wiki passage that was written eons ago (that I also asked to be removed), it is kinda silly to think that only engineers should have some monopoly on the insulated gloves. And yes, it is fine for them to open fire on you when three engineers are breaking into the janitor office. Third, antag selection is rng, and people are free to join as whatever job they want when they can respawn, as long it is another character and they don't meta any knowledge, which is what Garn did here. Unless, you think that he abused his powers, which is not something I can find here. And last, who exactly he was acting as low rp?
  8. Nope, that is exactly what happened, you took someone's else uplink and used it to buy ammo for a gun, the fact you did not have a gun or not does not change anything. You acted in bad faith and tried to take advantage of a situation.
  9. What happened: One merc had to leave, I get int to replace them. You walk to their ssd body, that had their uplink on the ground, you take the uplink of the mercenary that I was finding a replacement, and you buy something from it. Not sure why did you use your own radio instead of someone else, but, I banned due to two reasons: -you have a lot and lot of notes/warnings -that is really bad faith, not sure what your intentions were in doing this besides trying to take advantage of a situation.
  10. After taking in consideration the logs and the player's note, I am applying a perma ban. Their behavior as whole was not acceptable.
  11. I will edit the warning. I think this will be solved, and the thread will be closed in around 24 hours.
  12. Sorry for taking so long to deal with this, I have been a bit more busy lately. Anyway, let me explain how I see this. The situation with the head of security does not seems to be of much of an issue with me, due to the previous conflict between both parties, cargo and security, and the fact that cargo just went with civil disobedience instead of assaulting security, which would be the really issue here. I am totally fine with this kind of thing, as long there is some reason to back up this kind of choice, people can defy command and security if they have a reason. Now on consequences; I also believe that people should suffer due to their choices, and surely Willow would due to what her did, but it was a non-canon situation due to antag and etcs, which is what happens in a lot of cases, and there is little we can do here, so I feel like this is kind of thing that should be solved on spot or with the cciaa, if they are not solved, good luck, that is how the story went. As far I recall, Rose did accept the consequences of punching that captain during the serial killer arc, which was demotion. However, I believe that people doing really egregious things using the antag excuse is not acceptable, but this is really not the case here. On the Asperger's Syndrome situation; I can understand how hard it is. It can be an interesting roleplaying avenue as well, and from what I seen from Willow, I do not think that her condition was at the point of being unbelievable that she was still employed. However, I can understand the frustation of people with some of the things you did, but, from my memory and experience in the past months, you did improve. And a permaban here, after a warning and a really short ban that was months ago, would be really inappropriate. So, stay calm, that I don't think you should, or you are, getting banned due to playing as Willow or something because of this complaint. But, I also believe that you did jump the guns in the situations that were you spoken to before. While I don't have anything against characters that are rebelious or antagonistics at first, they should be playefd with care. Anyway, I think we should reword the warning: "Take in consideration fear roleplay and escalation in your actions, avoid putting yourself in danger or in trouble unless there is a good reason to. If you are planning on doing something drastic, ahelp first. While playing characters that are rebellious and emotionally unstable is fine, you should think twice before doing anything with them." What do you think, @Rosetango
  13. I am going to vote for dismissal due to the following reason: As skull pointed out, people doing this in a malicious way, such to bypass a restrictions, will be punished. There are a couple of cases already on this.
  14. It is .94 kilometers in length ,or 3,195 feet in length and 800 feet in width in whatever those things means.
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