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  1. Alberyk

    CrystalClear's Antag Ban Appeal

    Beford I consider unbanning you, I need you to explain me what was exactly wrong with your behavior.
  2. This is really outlandish and does not fit with our general lore and the themes we use. I would recommend reading the lore we have, mostly the human one or whatever is interesting to you, and then create a character related to it. It would sure fit the server more, and avoid the problems of being bwoinked due to talking about zombies or what happens in post apocalyptic Italy, since you would be in synch with everyone else, and it is easier to related. If you need help, feel free to ahelp or pm people. And as the other pointed, your characters should be a product of their backgrounds, the background should not orbit around them. I recommend trying to play mudane people to gather some experience before trying something more unique, but still in the bound of the universe that our writers created. So, I think that your story is not fit for our lore and the setting. There is effort in it, but it is not for the server at all.
  3. Alberyk

    Kelt's Foreign Legion Dog-tags & Dress Beret

    Some issues: -you can't be part of the legion and be in command/security -if it is for a past service, I find a bit strange that it already ended when the legion is less than two months old.
  4. Alberyk

    Make Vox Not a Meme.

    Kinda hard without a whitelist.
  5. Alberyk

    WykedEvil, Unban Request

    Alright, appeal accepted.
  6. Application denied due to inactivity. You are free to apply again if you are interested.
  7. Application accepted.
  8. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6016 What it says in the title; stops people from teleporting tonon station z-levels, such as the derelict, using telescience. What is people's opinion on this?
  9. Alberyk

    WykedEvil, Unban Request

    I am not against unbanning you, however, you should take in consideration that you got a rather large collection of notes and warnings in the past months that you have been around. And my main issue was the fact you got three warnings in three days, which should have been punished with a ban at the second or third offense. So, do you understand that if you keep breaking the server rules and causing trouble, you might get banned again?
  10. Implemented in https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6028.
  11. Alberyk

    Armrha's Un-Jobban Appeal

    I will lift this ban, take in consideration the server rules.
  12. Alberyk

    Armrha's Un-Jobban Appeal

    Before I consider unbanning you, I would like for you to tell me which rules you broke and what could have been done better in that situation.
  13. Item added to the code, you should be able to spawn with it.
  14. Alberyk

    D'Jar Sa'kuate's Zandiziite Cape

    Item added to the code, you should be able to spawn with it.
  15. @veradox We have decided to move this application to the trial period. It will last for around one week, until 08/02.