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  1. Security gear has received innumerable amounts of nerfs to their effectiveness despite that antagonist gear has always been strictly superior in every way. What antagonists have never had, however, is actual self-sufficiency and the ability to properly 1v2 situations and consistently survive. It takes an inordinate amount of powergaming and positional skill to be able to avoid being damaged as an antagonist, but this takes its toll in the price of being unable to engage with the majority of the crew as a result. Antagonists have an extremely difficult time shrugging off wounds right now. Ju
  2. I'll add something I forgot to mention: I do not mind the concept of being forced to use station bounced radios -- though I wish bounce radios could 'listen' and broadcast different channels at once, perhaps with a limitation. I mind when PDAs, computers, everything gets incapacitated and the entire round is shit for those trying to fix the situation as a result. Not all my characters are looking for the first opportunity to escape with their waifu into maint and ignore everyone else in the round. Killing NT net functionally stops many jobs and makes the concept of playing almost pointless, be
  3. Agreed. There is no reason to hit NT-Net especially, because the entire station depends on NT-Net to function. Cargo won't work, the code level cannot be elevated, you can't communicate with centcomm except via fax machine (well, probably not, because of the quantum relay), and suit sensors basically fucking stops functioning so medical has to depend on eyewitnesses to report wounded persons. I actually want to play the round for two-to-three hours. Please stop antagonists from speed-running the fucking round because they feel like sabotaging critical station systems without any actual esca
  4. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Subfaction. Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): A seasoned Solarian battlegroup with a feared reputation. How will this be reflected on-station?: It might be reflected in future events or antag gimmicks. Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists?: Yes. Why should this be given to lore developers rather than remain player created lore?: The objective canonicity of player created lore is questionable at best. Do you understand that if this is submitted, you are signing it away to
  5. lmao @ the accusation of highballing, siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh never change
  6. I am quite glad I am not in the habit of voting anymore. Otherwise the PR as mentioned could actually negatively impact my personal experience. Still pretty silly of a PR implementation though.
  7. I was one of the officers present for this round. I had a pretty mild role in the decision-making, as I was primarily awaiting command to tell me what to do half the time rather than taking charge myself as a character that is an EPMC contractor. Which, naturally is frowned upon, emergency or not. Wasn't like sec was gonna round to my banner anyway, you know? People tend to vote for themselves. Anyway, that's just me reaping what I sow and crying about it. So, it might just be best for me to concisely analyze what happened from my perspective. This is a fairly long Schevpost™ because I can'
  8. It would be much better to see, flatly, that someone is readying up for this or that role, seeing as how the major point of this suggestion is to arm people with the knowledge that they shouldn't take a chance on a contested single-slot role and try to join with something else in mind instead.
  9. No thanks. This would simply invite people to more easily metagame and/or harass the player for whatever their character does in the round.
  10. There's a visual+mechanical with smoke grenades right now, actually, they disregard walls and windows/other obstructions and thus its not incredibly clear what the true range of a smoke grenade is besides getting off-screen from the smoke as quick as possible. This has led to people catching malicious reagents and dying from something they couldn't see.
  11. The one thing I find sad about this upcoming change is that it most likely cannot come any faster.
  12. I speak as someone who almost never votes for the game mode unless kyres logs on to state in all caps "EXTENDED" which I will kindly oblige and then play the round. Sure, this change wouldn't affect me, but I find that this theoretical mechanic would probably just discourage folks from voting if their reason for joining the round is moreso motivated on what characters are actually in the round rather than voting for the game mode.
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