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  1. It does in-game, actually. Whether it should in-universe is a different story.
  2. >Implying Angela Ulery is not everyone's mom
  3. Is this UnknownMurder's application?
  4. Hi I'm Not Available how can I be of a disservice to you
  5. I agree. It should be a lot speedier than it supposedly is, nothing really makes a lot of sense with how everything is framed. The slowest drives should only take a couple weeks to travel, up to a month for larger convoys such as for trade fleets or large military detachments with slower logistical vessels, provided they're travelling from one end of the known civilized galaxy to another. Shuttling out in a speedy craft from one system to another adjacent one should take 24 hours at most.
  6. image.png.d28573c4f0c540c56080983e76a820df.png

    1. ParadoxSpace


      this joke brought to you by RadiantRose

  7. Okay so, there are a couple status updates that have more than 10 replies on them. Can this one get 2500 replies and an F in the chat?

  8. Number 2500 is pronounced two thousand five hundred. Number 2500 is a composite number. Factors of 2500 are 2 * 2 * 5 * 5 * 5 * 5. Number 2500 has 15 divisors: 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, 125, 250, 500, 625, 1250, 2500. Sum of the divisors is 5467. Number 2500 is not a Fibonacci number. It is not a Bell number. Number 2500 is not a Catalan number. Number 2500 is a regular number (Hamming number). It is a not factorial of any number. Number 2500 is an abundant number and therefore is not a perfect number. Number 2500 is a square number with n=50. Binary numeral for number 2500 is 100111000100. Octal numeral is 4704. Duodecimal value is 1544. Hexadecimal representation is 9c4. Square of the number 2500 is 6250000. Square root of the number 2500 is 50. Natural logarithm of 2500 is 7.8240460108563 Decimal logarithm of the number 2500 is 3.397940008672 Sine of 2500 is -0.6501275235749. Cosine of the number 2500 is 0.75982511349019. Tangent of the number 2500 is -0.85562784387133

  10. From the top. 1. Wxkri, by all accounts has gone missing. An investigation is likely launched, considering the importance of the individual to the Federation's interests and the fact that his disappearance lines up shortly after he gave a lot of useful information to the Federation, which is very suspicious and suggests foul play. At least to the Federation, it certainly would. 2. Some basic components of evidence/pre-existing conditions are found. I'll split them into lettered categories. 2a. The blood in maintenance. 2b. The same blood on the refitted Tajara mining voidsuit. (Good question, what colored blood was it last?) 2c. Some indication that there was a prior assault early in the shift where Wxkri was shot (but not killed) by a KA in front of a few individuals. 3. Depending on how seriously we take this, since CCIA has booked people before on this basis to bust liars; security camera footage. Since I witnessed the murder as an observer, I certainly know no footage could've possibly captured the event as it was undertaken in maintenance. The prior assault with the KA as mentioned in 2c... well, don't really know. That's probably concerning to someone. I personally view the entire situation as on the borderline and not precisely within reasonable doubt. The evidence is not damning, but I'd view it sufficient for an investigation - Welp, Alb swooped in quick, just saw the PDA logs. RIP.
  11. I was observing when you murdered Wxkri in maintenance. There was a lot of blood. If security walked through that section of maintenance during a standard round, it stands to reason they would've gotten forensics immediately to the site. Clean-up crew would likely have someone to call as well. Citation needed. There isn't actual written-down lore on this, and I don't think de facto lore would help the case here. There is also no IC explanation for why the bones are there. To some it's probably more likely that the bones are there for mystery and intrigue reasons as well as to establish that the asteroid is a very dangerous place to wander. Corpse decay does not happen in a vacuum, and there's not even a little bit of oxygen within the asteroid's atmosphere (apart from an unintentional issue that happens when the miners force their airlocks like the minimum wage dummies they are). Should also state that murder convictions without a body have happened, and that circumstantial/forensic evidence are enough to book someone for an indefinite period of time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_murder_convictions_without_a_body
  12. Should point out this thread was necrobumped. Nobody was misrepresenting you, they were quoting the exact literal posts you made and responded in a literal fashion. You're responsible for your own words and the obvious implications thereof in formulating sentences or ideas upon this very forum. Kind of a drastic response to being called out as wrong, but okay. Bye.
  13. I was part of the Jargon Security Forces that round. Look at this from the Federation's standpoint. 1. Wxkri gave us a shit-ton of information the round of his death pertaining to a ton of leads and potential guilty parties. Wxkri was not only a Federation sympathizer but essentially a valuable informer, willing to defy doc-patient confidentiality to assist the Federation. The death of an informer is not something that goes unnoticed, especially that of a C'thur who is essentially a Jargon Federation citizen as far as that consideration goes. 2. Yahir later PDAs someone about a bug being squashed. There's a very limited amount of things this could mean when a valuable Federation informer that is a Vaurca, suddenly disappears or turns up dead. 3. The Federation is not stupid. They and the FIB will pursue anything that even looks like a lead, and so would the FIB when motivated to do so, considering the disappearance of a Federation citizen happened within the territory of Tau Ceti, and it looks really bad on TC and NT for not trying to investigate or cooperate to assist in the investigation of the mysterious disappearance/death of Wxkri. The Feds/FIB would certainly detain anyone who looks like they'd know about a disappearance/murder. Considering the corporate influence that NT has over the TC courts as well, it rounds out to assume that the courts are not as impartial as you might think they are. If you took careful consideration to clean up the trail and not say a word to anyone, as well as not allowing Wxkri to be able to speak over Hivenet to call for help, then I'd see reasonable cause to overturn whatever decision was made. Actions have consequences.
  14. Wowwwww, yew meow wike a cat! Tat mweans yew awe won, wight? Shuwt tha fuwck up. If yew weally wanna ta be pwut on a weash and tweatet wike a domestwic animew dat's called a fetish, not "quiwky" or "cute OwO". What pawt of yew sewiously tinks that any pawt of acting wike a fewine estabwishes a reputawtion of appwecition? Is it yewr wack of any defwining aspect of purrsonality that uwges yew to resort to shitty repwesentations of cats to cweate an iwwusion of meawning in your wowthless wife? Weawring "cawt eaws UwU" in the shape of headbands fuwthew nuwtes the cuwmplete absewnce of human attwibution to yewr fawlse sewnse of purrpersonality, suwch as intewwigence or chawisma in any fowrm or shape. Whewe do yew tink this mindset's gonna lead you? Yew tink yew're fuwnny, rawndom, quiwky even? What mawkes yew tink that actink like a fuwcking cat will make a gawddamn hyena laugh, OwO? I, purrsonally, feel extwemely simpatetic towards yew as yewr only escape from ta wort-less ting yew call yewr exitsitence is ta preten ta be an animal OvO. But it'sa not a wort-y choice ta assert tis howwifying fact as a domiwant OWO trait, mainwy because purrsonawity twaits wequire an initial purrsonawity to way their foundation on. You're not wowfy of anybody's time, so fuwck off, "cat-girl". UmU
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