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  1. eh not exactly... IPC security characters are more heavily scrutinized compared to that of other xenos in the same job on the OOC side, because it's too easy to either make a really dumb robocop or HK-47 knock-off.
  2. The amount of anime avatars...

    1. Scheveningen


      You all sicken me.

    2. Alberyk


      This is my favorite anime, a hatto nani in timmuru. It tells the story of the protagonist, hatto kiddaru, that has to work for the nyakuza (yakuza for you gaijins) due to her addiction to snorting hourglass sand.



    3. Scheveningen
  3. There's a funny saying. "The only thing worse than a borg main is a sec main. The only thing worse than a sec main is a borg sec main." Unfortunately, these both have the air of truth to it, and secborgs tend to be the most non-conducive to a roleplaying environment, as their goals sum up to "kill or detain bad guys", and as very focused synthetics, it doesn't leave a lot of leg room for potential for them to negotiate. Tangentially related note, it would be cool if we ported peacekeepers in their place, whose goal is strictly pacifistic.
  4. Then stop posting if you have nothing constructive to contribute.
  5. It says a lot about a person if they didn't understand the content and intent of that manifesto, and then took nothing of value from that as their method of defiance and defensiveness. The staunch majority of people who Coalf said "fuck u" to, also had probably the strongest positive traits commented about. In context with reading it, for certain individuals it was a genuine "why are you the way you are" and for the others it was pretty clearly banter supplemented with strong compliments. Coalf, I remember discussing this often with you about it but my mind is pretty made up about that whole situation. While sure, personal attacks are pretty iffy in terms of how this server is concerned, that is largely in the past and you've admitted countless times since than that there was a hundred different ways to do things differently. You were an amazing Tajara lore deputy and as a creative mind in general, you'd be qualified for the same role again in my opinion. A major amazing thing about you is that even when people get rude with you, you keep a pretty thick skin and don't hold eternal grudges just because someone got snarky. You definitely have an abrasive sense of humor sometimes, but not to the extent that it boils down to personal insults and you making fun of the positions of people trying to get serious. You're fully capable of understanding boundaries and even when boundaries get crossed due to a misunderstanding, you're capable of taking responsibility, and making changes straightaways to do better to specific people you may have offended. You're flawed just like the rest of us, Coalf, even if other people insist they're above making bad calls and misjudgements, they really aren't. Failure is what happens when you refuse to acknowledge and fix a mistake. But even with your flaws, Coalf, you still have strengths that stand out even from the crowd. You care to think about your decisions before you make them and you care about holding discourse. I understand it gets you down a lot, especially when sometimes the other person you're talking to doesn't want to see reason but has their own agenda to push at any cost -- but still keep doing what you're doing in that respect in trying to change hearts and minds. It is absolutely unfair to anyone here or even Coalf to insist that they must improve or apologize more or pay penance for more than anything than they've already done. That is goalpost shifting, and if you honestly still have an issue with what Coalf did, you seriously need to learn to get over your grudge with him.
  6. (OOC: The player wishes to retract this IR upon request. @Datamatt)
  7. +1. VT's done a substantial amount of work developing their respective race and keeping the story arcs ongoing while ensuring transparency of those changes reaches the community. Which is more than can be said of some people. I've only seen VT get snippy/defensive when either they or others are being mistreated. Not saying it's a good excuse per se but it's pretty unreasonable to expect someone to shut up and not talk about problems endemic to certain areas of the community. Do you have a particular image to transform Mars into? I agree that "the wild west on an entire planet" is a pretty stale setting and it could use some improvement.
  8. It's worth noting that while enlistment with the US National Guard is possible, it's generally more difficult to blow past it than, say, joining up to be a grunt or a squid (US Army and US Navy, respectively), given the NG's reputation as being composed of citizen soldiers. A recruiter for the National Guard in the United States has the right to turn you down (I mean for any reason honestly, they can do that) if they find out you're not a citizen, and your residence in the country hasn't been for very long (essentially, you're telling them in that specific case that you're nowhere near being a full-fledged American citizen yet, so you're an unknown variable and a flight risk). A system like that is pretty reasonable, it would be equally reasonable were it to be similarly translated for non-citizens in Tau Ceti being otherwise incapable of gaining the rank of Legionary/Prefect until they serve for a period of time that qualifies them for citizenship in exchange for their service, and likewise you can't just become a Volunteer your first week migrating to Tau Ceti. I like the idea of ERT being reworked out of the interpretation of them being just mere mercenaries. It doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense, considering how ERT and HAPT are both essentially specialized squadrons of corporate troops designed as direct force multipliers to ascertain asset loss and move to unfuck drastic scenarios. Elite of the elite, but they don't work just for money, they work because they're contracted to and otherwise must serve or else they could lose a lot more than money from trying to quit their job given the sensitivity of information often related to either party. "They're highly trained mercenaries!" just doesn't cut it, because it implies ERT has agency and can contractually back out of a job if the terms didn't fit them. No, it seems more sensible that once your signature is finalized on a piece of paper for your hiring form, the company owns you like a federal government owns a soldier. Different side of the coin. I like the cut of your gib regarding TCFL too. "We fight for freedom!" federal types that deploy onto a station with the motivation to protect Tau Ceti citizens and neutralize threats to said citizens. Because their budget comes from taxpayers (which are not as numerous and powerful as corporate interests, especially so as corporate interests dodge paying taxes), they should be less armed than ERT, but arguably balanced so that TCFL can at least hold their own as a team against any antagonist force. For me to lobby these changes though (which are basically buffs), I suggest the chances of ERT/TCFL get shrunk down and only scale up, kind of like how the system works presently with ER calls. Arguably, the distress beacon should not be able to receive ERT/TCFL every time. There should be a 30 minute cooldown between ER calls as well. Also forgot to mention. There should be some bluespace-y distress beacon inside the telecommunications satellite. You can break it, but it can also be fixed. Breaking it removes the ability to make distress calls entirely, fixing it restores that ability. My 2 cents though, for what it is worth.
  9. The Gang Gets Tied Up In A Ponzi Scheme /s
  10. This is an example basis as to why, as situations like these should never happen at all. 5 minutes is really not enough to make an interesting impact on the round, and those who try end up emulating the above with their goals. Auto-traitor should stop functioning the way it does 5 minutes prior to the shuttle docking.
  11. Reporting Personnel: Mei Liau Moon Song Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Medical Doctor Game ID: b2d-aY5b Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other) - Fernando Gonzales (Witness) - Scalpel (Witness) - Svetlana Krusha ( Witness) -Finley Greyson (Offender) Time of Incident: 12-13 JUL 2461 Real Time: 11pm PST 12 JUL, 2019 Location of Incident: Medical Bay Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ x ] - Neglect of Duty [ x ] - Harassment [ x ] - Assault [ x ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: (General description of the incident, to include as much detail as is deemed necessary) Upon the shift beginning, Greyson when I stepped in line to get equipment from the medical vendor kept pushing themselves in-front of me and placing there hands on me, to which I pushed then away and told them do not touch me. They repeated touching me to which I pushed them again and reported this to the Chief Medical Officer. Greyson begin to slander me after this, making up accusations I attacked them without provocation. After this Greyson went about our ways and was treated for genetic damage to which i commented on and he threaten to report me and have me fired. He confronted me at the bottom of the stairs again, and I told him off and walked away. After this, we were assigned positions by Gonzales, while this happened Scalpel arrived as well. Greyson found a rodent that was breeding in medical and begin to parade it around medical in sterile areas and around Doctor Gonzales coffee on the table, I told him this is a violation of many health violations and he instead of disposing of it and washing his hands ran around to another area with it to which the CMO ordered he dispose of it. Greyson instead ran back to the OR with it and begin talking to Scalpel, still playing with the rat which I then reported to the Chief, Greyson when I reported it went on break and left to go to security and complain. While Greyson left his duties, a patient with a gunshot wound came in with moderate blood loss, Scalpel offered the patient to me and I treated the patient to which Greyson complained over comm's about, lying and claiming I lacked the credentials to perform such a operation, to which I had enough and left for home early. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: F.gonzales, CMO Actions taken: Verbal Reprimand Additional Notes: (OOC Note: I'm posting this on behalf of another community member who did not wish to be named OOCly for making an IC complaint, I'm aware there isn't precedent over this but I'm doing it anyway because I was asked to. Afaik CCIAA have other means apart from asking the person who made the IR certain OOC questions on when to schedule the actual IC meetings with CCIAA. The handling CCIAA staff is more than welcome to ask me via discord. Apart from this section, these are all of the one players' words.)
  12. Telescopic batons are not gonna happen, chief. They are brutal weapons and far, far worse to deal with than stun batons. It is the very reason only the HOS (and I think captain) have one.
  13. Tricord's heal rate is not enough to save the life of most people in critical condition, and it's actually far more inefficient to use than a cocktail of the higher tier drugs such as bicaridine/dex+ together. It's incredibly rare to see four damage types on one hurt person at once.
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