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  1. I don't find this idea to be particularly compelling, some for the aforementioned reasons already, but I may as well risk repeating others in doing so anyway in order to cover my view on the situation. Firstly, revolvers - relative to existing options - are quite terrible self defense weapons, not to mention equally terrible for long range on top of that, alongside other primary and secondary weapons of their generation compared to those of the existing generation. During the times in which revolvers were manufactured and machined, they were effective sidearms to draw on an opponent in a pe
  2. cool cadet tips: always use the AOE effect of the handheld flash so that your fellow officers who do not wear eyeprotection also get blinded.

    1. Scheveningen


      another cool cadet tip: disrespect your surroundings

  3. Extra notes: I decided to put this at the top to clarify a few things. Up until fairly recently (2 weeks ago, ish), I had a decent administrative history of conduct for at least two years without a whitelist strip or administrative action in the form of a ban. My whitelist was automatically stripped as a result of a 3 day ban that was doled out, rightfully, because I lost my cool and made some rather ridiculous and unsubstantiated claims about another player. I do, however, believe that awhile my demonstrated toxicity and refusal to just cool my head for more than two seconds rightfully earned
  4. Rewatched the movie Groundhog Day today.


    I did, actually, but I also wanted to make a funny joke.

  5. My favourite IC drama was when I was playing a security cadet, and the department was chasing someone who walked out without serving a brig sentence as was initially intended. An officer gave chase, and I lagged a bit behind due to suddenly getting caught by a crowd.

    Later, when I would ask where the officer and the escapee went to, it was in cargo maintenance. Eventually my cadet caught up, and an Unathi engineer was tearing and clawing into the escapee's skull. I reported it as excessive use of force as well as the officer's failure to curb the vigilantism.

    I recall my cadet reporting that to at least two rungs in the chain of command and nobody cared, in spite of the fuss my cadet raised over it. Equal parts absurd and funny.

    1. Lmwevil


      good one, unathi moment and sec moment - then a command lazy moment

  6. gort, several counts of murder I approve of this PR
  7. If your statement is subjective it can be classified as an opinion, but it can still be supported by incorrect facts, and therefore be regarded as a "wrong" opinion with no actual basis in reality or evidence. Like, that defense is basically this tweet lampooning the entire concept, pardon the vulgarity; Because, yes, there is a difference between right and wrong as an abstract, and also a difference between behavior that is thus right and wrong, according to the rules of the official community, and just common sense and kindness to others in general. I can't really fathom what the p
  8. The concept of it being "just jokes and mockery" doesn't change that everything demonstrated here was clearly phrased in such a way that was incredibly hurtful, frankly, and if the targeted users in question were there to see such abusive comments thrown around, it would be seen as toxic bullying, straight up. It's absolutely unacceptable to write that kind of apologia in defense of such awful behavior.
  9. Also I should probably point out, in case nobody remembers history, it was incredibly unpopular across the entire community at the time that Cassy_jenelle got banned, and almost all of the staff who were still around at that time admit the way that situation was handled was a complete and utter failure to damage control and hold specific individuals responsible for questionable behavior at the time. I don't even know why Cassy was mentioned, because that's a terrible case to justify an equivalent response to a vaguely similar scenario. A lot of people hated that decision and thought it was wro
  10. I do not recall the full context of that conversation that I appear to have been screenshotted in (In regards to Hep's comments, I don't know if that is exactly what I replied to, it's been awhile, but I assume there was more context besides that singular message), as I have long since disconnected myself from that discord community due to a variety of individuals, and other reasons, there who are of otherwise bad reputation overall and of bad conduct, I NEVER liked associating with them and once they started bringing some of their pals of equally similar personalities and behavior, I got frus
  11. Will be moving between today and a week. Bbl.

  12. also the guns being white is more likely to be advanced polymer rather than being tupperware plastic. i think its pretty believable in the context of IC.
  13. help, the
    [checks notes]
    vysokan sheep-herder woman is bullying my blonde-haired blue eyed solarian online

    1. ImmortalRedshirt


      Cope harder, Soylarian.

      For legal purposes, this is a joke.

  14. its a good thing your opinion is an outlier in terms of overwhelming feedback supporting this
  15. Slugs are outright foiled by ballistic armor, whereas buckshot is normally foiled by the corporate heavy armor. Thus, with the current antag heavy armor kit (which is essentially very cheap for TC-based antagonists right now, and practically free for mercenaries), it is possible to take zero damage from buckshot and very little, residual damage from slugs.
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