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  1. You're doing really good so far. One of the few goodsec regulars that exists, and you're been doing quite well as command in general.
  2. time to be a pessimist. No offense to Cactus' hard work on this or anything, but a fair deal of things are missing just from the two departments I've played so far. The nature of a compact map makes it so that antagonists are easily identified and worse yet, pincered incredibly easy due to the fact that the mass of people are more concentrated in the lessened space. Command cannot be accessed by antagonists without instantly alerting the entire crew since the innards of command are essentially hugging the AI core and the main halls. While understandable that the updated Exodus map doesn't have as much time investment into refining it as the current Aurora map has, the great winding size of the original Aurora map combined with difficulty of navigating the terrain that is maintenance makes it hard for antags to exit through but even harder for anyone else to follow them, which is technically a massive advantage for antagonists. Were we back in ye old days when the population was low enough that the map balance didn't matter as much, this would be fine. We float a large player count during the majority of the day, however, and Exodus isn't big enough to support the issues that afflict the station crew and antagonists.
  3. "Completely unprovoked"? I don't think you really understand the gravity of the situation. Nobody earns a permaban for mistakes. Permabanned people eat permabans for personal failures in conduct and general refusals to improve or integrate with the community on a basis of good faith. Failure is defined as refusing to correct mistakes, by the way. Regarding situation #1. You were the asshole in that situation. You raged for getting killed in a video game. That's a gamer moment right there. Regarding situation #2. You were the asshole in that situation. You raged at someone in LOOC because of game events that were happening to another player you knew. Yet another gamer moment right there. Here's some advice. After reading my reply, here's what you should do. Log out of this forum account (correct, don't even reply further, I assure you that isn't good for you), go try another RP server under a different ckey. Behave better on that ckey for a month or so, with the objective of not winding yourself up over things and not repeating the same pitfalls that you fell into recently with this community. If you manage to not create issues on another server, get someone to rep you for a ban appeal when you come back here after the month's run out. Best thing you can do in this situation if you care at all about this community and want to come back. You need to prove you care in such a way that is not destructive or ruthless towards other people just wanting to play a video game without the awful attitudes.
  4. Rescinding complaint. Issue was resolved.
  5. BYOND Key: Scheveningen Staff BYOND Key: Simon_the_miner Game ID: b3j-dClv Reason for complaint: To dispute the following warning, have said warning removed, and have the situation that surmised during the round determined as an IC issue: Evidence/logs/etc: Ticket logs: I was not able to obtain screenshots of the textport to prove security threw the flashbang first during the Mexican standoff. Additional remarks: Tl;dr, I was given a BS warning over something that escalated in IC. While the decisions I made were questionable (the same can be said of many characters that round), I do not believe they were roleplay breaking or rule-breaking. The death of the RD was not personal nor initially intended, but I held the ability to kill another character should the worst-case scenario have happened. It did happen, and a mod gave me immense amount of shit over it while failing to understand the context of the situation, why I acted the way I did, et cetera. I do not believe I did anything objectively wrong from a roleplay/gameplay standpoint. I did not kill the RD for no reason. The RD died as a means of intentional collateral if security were to act during the Mexican standoff that was not a peaceful action. At worst, the culmination of the events happening was a result of a falling out of trusts on both side of the conflict, but consequences arose from the fight that happened. I enacted those consequences intentionally because my character felt betrayed in the instance where the flashbang was thrown in, and they immediately registered security was preparing means to breach into our area of the hallway and then flood in to fight us. I'm sorry to @CommanderXor for killing them in such a fashion, but it was a call I made in a tense situation and it seemed like the best call at the time to put security into a worse off position.
  6. why: I don't really know. I've passed the RND guide around rather discretely, gathering a small amount of feedback and ultimately I came up with the most optimal path to top off the RND levels to ensure that the RND/robotics experience can be fully realized and experience during a round without needing an extremely experienced regular to have to play a round. I will admit that at this point, having done it countless amounts of times, it's pretty tedious now, and it really sucks to have people in RND who are inexperienced and stuck at major stages of the round's flow. I do not know if this will make things better. I hope it does. I also hope I am not responsible for a new generation of validhunting powergamers. If it does change things, I hope it will inevitably be for the better and not for worse. On the other hand I guess if someone is particularly stupid and malicious they'll get banned faster. Anyway: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vZOQyhClbj7ieIWp8_GGC1tGEpkJCN4W97k6dD5I6tA/edit?usp=sharing Enjoy yourself responsibly. Please don't do anything that'll make me admit that this was a mistake in the future.
  7. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7003 Removed the damage amplification to melee weapons while wearing force gloves. Force gloves are now 5 TC. You can still combo force gloves with martial arts to wreck people. Enjoy.
  8. Remove it. Round-ending mechanic on low-pop and a mild annoyance when there are surgeons. Doesn't actually impact the larger round apart from a few characters who will continue what they were doing anyway.
  9. The shooting aspect while moving isn't possible or useful anymore, as shooting while in movement will instantly put all of your shots off target. Likewise. If someone with a gun is playing into environments of tight chokes with easy areas to be dead-ended into, or rather areas to which they have far less advantages than a person with a melee weapon and a "rush the gun wielder" mentality, is that person with the gun playing the game smart or are they the stupid one in that situation? Force gloves exemplify the noobkiller playstyle by killing bad players even easier and being able to start reaching into occasionally wounding a good one. Is that something that should stay in the game? I don't really think so.
  10. I'm open to alternatives, this is generally a rough draft of things.
  11. hmm today i shall drink water

    1. Xelnagahunter


      You know 100% of people who consume water will die. =P

  12. OK. Premise: Station-side cloning bad. Need better solution. How do? Propositions are as follows: Mechanics 1. Axe the cloning lab. Set it on fire. Delete it, whatever. Remap it to be a utility closet room, just get rid of it. 2. Cryocells now have two modes: Triage and Rejuvenation. Triage treatment requires a beaker of cryoxadone to heal an individual to full, barring internal injuries of any kind such as organ or brain damage. Triage treatment should function as normally. Rejuvenation treatment requires clonexadone only. Rejuvenation treatment is designed to, after a period of time, revive a cadaver as if they were at -75% health. As soon as this occurs, a rejuvenated dead person will then require triage cryo treatment instead of rejuvenation cryo treatment. As soon as a person is revived, 60 units of clonexadone is consumed from the beaker to revive the person. The person WILL NOT be revived without a full beaker of clonexadone. Further, a rejuvenated person always has their brain damage set to 59, still carrying the fact that medical needs to spend more than 5 minutes on one person who 'died'. Because they have 59 brain damage, they can still get psychological traumas upon being revived. 2a. Caveat, rejuvenation treatment is useless on someone who needs triage treatment, triage treatment is useless on a dead person. Likewise, clonexadone should be renamed or something, in addition to no longer functioning as a superior alternative to cryoxadone. 2b. Two beakers full of clonexadone will spawn alongside the cryoxadone beakers. Without a (competent) chemist, doctors need to revive the right people wisely. 3. Individuals who are rejuvenated will earn a permanent scar, randomly placed, on their character sprite. This will carry over in the database. At an admin/mod's discretion, rejuvenation scars can be removed per character. 4. If 20 minutes passes after your character dies, or if your character receives 60 brain damage in a round, or if their head is cut off, they cannot be rejuvenated. 5. Remove the ability to produce cloning equipment machine boards, requiring them to be purchased through the merchant instead. 6. Mercenaries get one Syndicate Cloner and a cryo cell on their ship that can pre-scan and clone without brain damage or traumas, however the cloned individual will still have genetic damage. Lore 1. Near-universally ban cloning, citing previous precedent that it was possible legally to clone an army of followers. Exceptions include the Syndicate who don't follow the rules, and the Jargon Federation who are out of reach diplomatically to be pressured to do anything. 2. Axe CMD, replace with RTMD. "Rejuvenation Trauma Memory Disorder". Same principles. 3. Rejuv scars happen because of how clonexadone restabilizes the body. Don't ask questions. Consequences The Good - We don't go the unbalanced defib direction. This is still a drag and revive situation, with after-revive consequences to deal with. Most of the process is the same, but the thematics are different in addition to some of the balance behind it. - Rejuvenation carries (visual) consequences, perhaps far heavier than cloning ever did. This may help facilitate roleplay with seasoned characters who have died a lot yet still survived. - Rebalances medical to be less of a cloning press and it becomes more worth it to collect dead bodies and actually rejuvenate them without the awkward moral concerns of cloning. The Bad - Medical gets nerfed again because clonexadone gets axed and you have to rely on cryoxadone for cryocell triage instead. I know, I know, your job is lame enough, but it's better this way, imo. - Characters who are morally predisposed against cloning and have that as their gimmick may no longer have a leg to stand on, however, rejuvenation can be bandwagoned on as a morally wrong thing, which puts them in a position where they're positioned against people who want their co-worker's life back. "Okay, so you think it's better if they were just dead?" It becomes a much more interesting quandary than before. - Rejuvving is very costly, eating 60u of clonexadone per person. This may or may not make it harder to "essentially" revive people than we did with cloning, but I am quite sure we'd rather that rejuvenation be a last resort for the most crucial in-round characters who need to come back to help save the station at any cost. - Failing to rescue a corpse in time, or someone gets decapitated/brained with a hammer means a character is permanently removed from the round. The Ugly and Stinkee - Dude scars lmao
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