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  1. Bear with me. This is a bold claim. It is no secret that Tajarans are perhaps somewhat based on cats except if they stood on two (digitigrade, optionally) feet, were sentient, were of the appearance of being humanoid and occasionally murdered one another over cultural disputes like any self-respecting humanoid would do. And they have tails. This is another bold claim but I will die on this hill. What if Tajarans had tail customization as if it were a specific kind of organ they could change out for different tail types? I think this would be cool to have such visual variation of Tajaran tails being very bushy or even being quite stubby and pathetic-looking. I don't think Unathi would have this kind of difference in their tail as real-life lizards don't have nearly as many breeds of similar inspired animals with such different organs. Also, add a tail symbol on the targeting doll to indicate that you wish to damage a xeno's tail and for surgery purposes, also dismember xeno tails for those weirdos who like to deprive xenos of their pride and joy; their tail. Can also allow for weird body modification stuff I guess? Like, onto humans. That'd be so weird but probably hilarious to deal with in-game to attach a lizard's tail onto a human's tailbone. Seriously, allow us to staple xeno tails onto people's asses and it'll be the biggest moral outrage of those rounds. And it'll be hilarious I apologize if this suggestion sounds fucked up already in advance but I'm sleep deprived and I get my best and worst ideas from resisting the call of sleep.
  2. -1. I don't think you're well behaved ICly or OOCly to have earned this.
  3. Realistic as it gets unless someone wants to rewrite the behavior into gradually increasing magnitude of asphyxiation scaling with gradually depleting internals.
  4. Lung collapse by proxy of internals tank happens because... it's a little complicated, but I'll simplify as best as I can. There are two states of breathing: 1. Breathe by atmosphere 2. Breathe by internals A.) What's the atmosphere? It's the large native environment in which you're either able or not able to breath from. Normally these areas have large amounts of oxygen that are constantly refilled by atmospherics. They have a large metric amount of gas in their area (like, thousands of oxygen tanks crammed into one area), ergo you can normally breathe in it for months before the source starts to get to dangerously low levels, if you're the only person that lives in the atmosphere. B.) What are internals? They're an extremely compartmentalized, remote ability to breathe a very specific kind of atmosphere. You breathe straight from a small container instead of a large room being constantly refilled. If your tank is empty, you're essentially breathing in a vacuum. Which is to say, not breathing. At all. In both cases, however, should the pressure of breathable air drop to 0, your lungs would normally collapse, nearly instantly, if the pressure change differential is severe enough. 100->0 is sudden enough to cause some serious damage to your lungs because one's body is definitely not well-adjusted to the trauma instantly suffering asphyxiation. Because of this, I argue in favor of the status quo and the current working method of preventative engaging of internals when necessary. It should never be used in a manner that is reactive only, but if sudden decompression happens due to factors out of your control, well, you should put internals on but accept the consequences. In the inverse, when you knowingly try to enter a vacuum, your first decision should be to enable the internals to prevent any problems with your lungs. It's realistic, practical, and simulates the dangerous of deadly atmosphere pretty well. It creates challenge and an air of lethality for making small mistakes. Such mistakes should be that punishing, because otherwise space is not very dangerous when the mechanics for surviving it are forgiving.
  5. I'd be willing to add a spawn-in blurb for Vox that establishes basic RP guidelines for roleplaying a Vox. There's just not a lot to go off of in terms of the wiki, because I've seen multiple different accounts stating what the Vox lore is/isn't and there needs to be work to clear up those misconceptions.
  6. New players don't necessarily get special treatment. We're supposed to treat everyone with a good standard of treatment on the OOC side of things. The arguments aren't inconsistent, they're just bad arguments. The discrimination we have is already enough. The onus is on the players to choose whether their character is a xeno-hater or not. That's the magic of a roleplaying server like this one, the ability to still have various choices to make despite some restrictions for the safe of making sanity checks for immersive and sensible gameplay.
  7. Dealt with Sterben the other day as a head of security. After a critical moment when I was attempting to diplomatically neutralize a ninja and then had a brief lull attempting to gather additional information on the next step forward to deal with the wizard we hadn't yet engaged with, yourself and "B.E.N.", the IAA, insisted upon meeting with my head of security with a sense of urgency. Your character and whomever played B.E.N. then tossed a laptop onto my desk to inform me of using a chat room on the laptop in order to circumvent the matter of the ninja compromising communications. I clarified earlier that the matter of communications being compromised was irrelevant to myself and my department, as well as to the affairs of command as a whole, and I do also recall explaining that my character did not care if the ninja was listening in, and that they would continue to use the communications network if the transmission of said information was of equal or greater benefit to command or my own department than if it would be to the ninja. Which was very strange that such an option was suggested despite my character's insight on the matter. Call me biased but I'm certain it was sound enough advice to be heeded in that circumstance, and I viewed that calling my head of security to remind them of a very suboptimal way to work around communications being compromised was not exactly a smart move or a good use of anyone's time. It seriously disrupted the chain of events and stalled efforts to ensure contact with the two round antagonists was established and that ground rules were also set in motion before anything particularly stupid happened. My character also didn't have enough time to establish "uh hey, these don't have notifications like PDAs do, so the laptop option is either unreliable or completely useless". tl;dr: 1. Generally not a good idea to suggest laptop chat applications. My character won't carry around a laptop just to carry it obsessively and check it incidentally every 2 minutes. PDAs exist as the better option due to the directed nature of information flow that happens on a medium separate from in-person conversation, and thus should be the preferred method of comms if discretion is necessary. 2. Generally not a good idea to insinuate something is mission-critical and then transmit information to an important functionary of the station that wasn't exactly mission-critical to let someone know about it. Again, PDAing that as a suggestion would've done better than calling my character to their office just to have a very unnecessary conversation while I have pressing job and station-security concerns. 3. There's a right way to do things and then there's a better way to do things. While not technically incorrect to ask to have an in-person conversation, it is more optimal to offer feedback or make suggestions through PDA messaging. This saves your time and my time and if I don't respond to the PDA message you can safely assume I'm too occupied to handle the concern at the moment.
  8. The benefit of playing a human character is that you have far less restrictions on character and background creation compared to that of whitelisted species, who have far more restricted guidelines on how they're supposed to be designed, on how they're supposed to behave and otherwise socialize with others. The idea is to stay close enough to the culture and gravitate towards the values of a faction specific to their species that their character belongs to. Humans don't have this restriction, they have far more freedom and may just as well make a character from the frontier whose occupation was a planetary ranger who scouted several worlds to help map out landmarks and important locations for their local government. Their reason on the station could be that they're a retiree from that profession and essentially whittle their remaining retirement money away as a visitor, telling stories about their supposed exploits to others. That's just one of many examples. As a Tajaran (if I recall correctly) you can't have been born on Sol. Likewise for Unathi. Etc.
  9. Vague qualifier that might otherwise be misinterpreted to an unreasonable extreme. Well, how would you define 'unable to maintain research work'? Personally, I think heads of staff should be reported more for calling the shuttle for foolish reasons. "The events caused psychological distress to the crew" is an absurd reason to be trying to end the round for. People with whitelists should be far more considerate both OOCly and ICly when the topic of calling a shuttle is referenced to.
  10. nitpicking aside I don't think xenophobia and roleplaying that is an important cornerstone of properly roleplaying here. The funny thing is that you can choose not to discriminate but you could also do so at the same time. Totally your prerogative. Just ensure that you enjoy the potential consequences that comes from that. Otherwise you're literally not in a position where you're allowed to complain when something does happen to you ICly. There are also, strangely, consequences to choosing not to be a xenophobe. People tend not to like fence sitters. I'm just gonna say that I prefer to be an advocate for the status quo, because I genuinely don't see what's wrong with current gameplay/roleplay styles at the moment besides what a couple loud minorities like to talk about over discord/the forums. Would someone on the side of "we need more speciesism" explain why we need to be even more discriminatory to individuals that barely earn as fair a wage, can't afford as decent living conditions and etc compared to that of humans? Because uh, this seems like the awkward part 2 to the "BUFF HUMANS" meme thread, to which I already made my case that people who play human really do not give a shit about what people think is optimal, because this is a game about mistakes and whoever makes the least of them, survives. Having claws or whatever does not make you immortal.
  11. it wouldn't be a corporation anymore because the Skrell do not have corporations
  12. "I got whitelisted for Tajaran just so I could have sharp claws for melee" yeah sure you did, furry

    1. geeves


      dont call me out like this man

    2. Goret


      How dare you saying the purpose of my future whitelist?

  13. citation needed for that assumption.
  14. Hmm today I will check my notifications here and then close the tab out after clearing 20 separate notifications of Alberyk closing several threads I apparently posted in.

  15. I don't think this issue is related at all to moderation as they only handle the OOC aspect and implications of in-game problems.
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