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  1. I feel like you just don't have what it takes. You don't call, you don't answer my DMs, you don't write, where's my fucking money, Lebowski?
  2. this is one of those situations where I, as the token community contrarian would say something to be the devil's advocate but there's literally no position to even test the value of this suggestion with. Gonna have to agree, it just seems obvious that "Preston Prestoff, Raider" seems really immersion breaking and hurts others' experiences.
  3. It was worth waiting 4 years for.
  4. Add bunne. It's cute and I love it.
  5. Can't you tap animals with a hand labeller? If not, might be worth adding that functionality to the hand labeller and then mapping it in xenobio.
  6. Marlon pretty much says what I wanted to say. A chaplain recently defused a nuke by slicing the anchors to the nuke and then pushing it down a hole into space. While in the given round this was particularly heroic because it was a last second save, the precedent this sets is pretty bad, because you can essentially "defuse" the nuke from killing the entire station by slicing the anchors and then throwing it down a hole into a z-level where it is ineffective, rather than attempting the actual risk of defusing the nuke through its electronics and wiring. Naturally, if I started a project thread right now to remove the ability to even slice open the bolts with a welding job, we'd see a week-long debate about how being able to remove the anchors without the nuke disk really adds more to gameplay and roleplay than it hurts, despite evidence to the contrary. There's definitely a community problem boiling down to multiple attitudes having different opinions on how gameplay and roleplay should be, thereby harming productive attempts to achieve proper resolutions to issues.
  7. informative post, very cool. The bold part isn't mutually exclusive to the part before it, right? I.e., -2 is always subtracted from threat level if the target is human?
  8. I cannot say I support this. A lot of this has very little understanding of the dogunese language, it is otherwise a very sub-par application and does not demonstrate much of the doggo species and I hope you reconsider to do better for next time.
  9. As title says. Ghosts who are bored and have low investment in the round should be able to roleplay as the station domestic pets.
  10. Statement made by Cnaym. Just because the ban message isn't specific doesn't mean you were not banned for it. This is the last message I'm replying to you specifically, Bygone, but please stop attempting to bait.
  11. You metagrudged me and Contextual during the round posted above and admitted to having done it for very malicious OOC reasoning. It was outright proven by the administrators that you used IC means to lash out at another player, @Contextual and indirectly so at myself, for malicious OOC reasoning. You gave zero faith to a moderator to let them do their job instead of taking matters into your own hands. I will remind you that this wasn't the first time that this happened either. @nursiekitty can tell you in detail about how they had to deal with your metagrudging behavior in the past. You have given no indication or proof that you are doing better. There are a ton of -1s not including my own in this thread. You are applying for a maintainer position, which has a degree of authority and responsibility attached to it. You are undoubtedly a very inspired and good writer. But you have shown poor judgement, you have recently abused your power and authority of a very tentative IC role as the AI to screw with someone's roleplay experience due to malicious OOC intent, to which you were also recently permanently banned for. If you cannot show that you can be responsible and good-intentioned with the small things, I don't think you should be trusted with the big things.
  12. To which not only did Contextual and I (who quite literally were doing nothing wrong and there was no reason for you to force yourself between our characters interacting) disagreed, but after review of the administrators they believed you did wrong for things you did that round. I mostly find it ridiculous that your only point you're trying to drive here is to complain about the tone I held with you after you essentially metagrudged me and Contextual because you saw something that happened that you didn't like. If that were to happen to anyone else in this community I wouldn't be demanding they be all sugary, spice and nice either.
  13. Merging the two borg modules is an aspect that's been a long time coming. Previous arguments in the past is that a single engineering module would have too much and do too much, but the benefits the construction one gets over the other is minimal for what it trades off.
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