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Lance Sweep

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Canon: Canon

Event Type: Sector sweep

Event Scale: Small

Assigned Admin: Tailson

OOC Event Description : Ceres’ Lance officials partook in a scheduled sweep of the station for rogue shells. They had parted with one bunker suit control module to the internal security department. Shortly after their arrival they began interviews with crew, taking blood samples and handling scans, several crew began to show suspicious activity. Eventually, it became apparent that two individuals - the IPC Noir, and the Skrellian Qu Shin, were working to hide an untagged shell by the name of Sundeene Fiscelli from the Lancers on board. The operation proceeded to find the Lancers in the presence of Sundeene Fiscelli, who at that point had made it apparent their true nature. Submitting peacefully, Noir, Qu Shin, and Sundeene Fiscelli were transported without harm to the NTCC Odin for processing.

Sundeene Fiscelli was cleared of any potential SLF collaboration. They were re-tagged, fined, and demoted for their crimes.

Noir was arrested for a yet undetermined duration by Republic authorities for their crimes.

Qu Shin was fined for their crimes.

Adrien Major, in an unrelated incident, was placed on official watch due to suspicious activity in purchasing a shell tagger seemingly out of the blue, and failing to cooperate with Lance officials.

The present Lance operatives were : Giselle Royce (Tailson), Jakob Venter (Geeves), Cadence Brooks (Doxxmedearly), Marco Hernandez (Furrycactus)

The briefing for the operation can be seen below.


Who knows about it : Anybody is permitted to know about this event and its results in post ICly and OOCly.

Host/participants : Kyres1, (Varying participation ahead) Tailson, Doxxmedearly, Geeves, Furrycactus

Notes : This was ran on the Secret gamemode.

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