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  1. Why aren't you using the circuit kit's photovoltaic cells?
  2. Reading the application, I am somewhat concerned that you haven't read my Eridani rewrite. I am also concerned about your activity - see Matt's reply for that - and your ability to finish projects. You've been taking up big features for your PRs, then you vanish for a few weeks and shelve them afterwards. More importantly for lore, this has happened with the very hyped-up IPC rework. Other examples include augments, deptsec, powertools, medicine side-effects rework, proy gamemode, etc. Long piece-by-piece reply:
  3. Excellent loredev with fresh ideas, whom I very much enjoyed working with during my skrell deputy tenure. I can only hope that Sleepy is still able to conduct the forbidden ritual that brings races back from the dead. +1
  4. Assuming that there is a shadow cabal behind Coalf being accepted or even allowed to apply is silly. Coalf's first wikimaint application was declined (though I personally strongly disagree with the manner in which it was done). And it's not like his second application was accepted on a whim either.
  5. utterly shook by the recent alexis kennedy news as a very big fan of his work. as much as i would love the allegations to be false, the sources seem credible. i have to reconsider a lot of things now. :(

    1. Scheveningen


      innocent until proven guilty, tbh.

    2. VTCobaltblood


      yeah but some of the sources aren't prone to lying

  6. Make me headmin so I ban everybody I don't like, which is 50% of the server. I will be the new Thanos.
  7. ???? This is not a solution to anything whatsoever mentioned in the post
  8. I thought that Goret already took this complaint?
  9. This is VERY similar to Martian scrapyards, which are detailed on the Synthetic Origins page.
  10. Geeves, please don't post when uninvolved. This is serious.
  11. BYOND Key: VTCobaltblood Game ID: bZa-mGiL Player Byond Key/Character name: Khaled Al-Bastaki, don't know the ckey Staff involved: Not ahelped, no staff in round Reason for complaint: Unacceptable behavior as HoS. More detail and evidence in spoilers. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No. No staff in the round. Approximate Date/Time: 30/02/2019
  12. Nice pfp. a real eyeful there. you rock

    1. VTCobaltblood


      Really paints the town red

    2. Coalf
    3. GreenBoi


      i am intruding

  13. hej So like um, I'm looking for images of humanized cats for a project unrelated to Aurora. Ideally, I'm looking for something like the works of danielpup: By which I mean, I'm looking for a realistic human-like physique with feline traits (full cat head, cat fur and cat tail). Nothing overly cartoonish pls, i.e. no probably no typical furry art. If you find something that can help me in my search for the cursed and the forbidden, dm me on Discord (VTCobaltblood#1108) P.S.: Yeah it has to be specifically housecats. Lackadaisy was already suggested. I also know about Kitty's Water Mill.
  14. It's not mandatory, and it's stated so in the post. However, character concepts should involve main themes somehow, even if it's playing on them. You can't have a subversion if you don't have anything to subvert in the first place.
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