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  1. VTCobaltblood

    Rework the function of *deathgasp

    For playing dead. Though I agree that having an emote to do it is a bit excessive.
  2. VTCobaltblood

    Skrell Lore Deputy Position Open

    warble time
  3. can we just destroy security and me

    1. GreenBoi


      no, you must bait them more.

    2. VTCobaltblood


      can we just destroy you for not playing josuke

    3. GreenBoi
  4. VTCobaltblood

    Rework the function of *deathgasp

    It's just not on the verbs list. You have to know about it, and type it out in the command bar.
  5. VTCobaltblood

    Rework the function of *deathgasp

    We already have the succumb verb. Don't see a use to *deathgasp.
  6. VTCobaltblood

    Remaking the Library into an Internet Cafe

    As someone who actually plays that department, and after collecting feedback from quite some people playing that department, I do. Science does get public traffic, which is pretty obvious to anyone actually playing it, and I am very surprised that a head developer would claim otherwise. Usually it's mining and robotic repairs, but I get other requests as well. Currently these are accomplished at the Robotics and R&D desks, but these are very isolated from each other, which is an annoyance when they come to an incorrect, or an unoccupied desk, and need to be re-direcred. Another issue is when Science is underpopulated and has no roboticist, but a person with overlapping qualifications, such as a director, is there. The robotics desk is closed, but there actually is a person who can do some of the requests, but can't work both of the desks. I would like it for them to perhaps have an united front room with one desk. Separating science and "the general crew" is also a fairly flawed mindset in my opinion, which this also sets out to correct, integrating science into the crew more by giving them a "front" role. Yes, and that's why I am redistributing the space instead of just expanding into the asteroid. However, people playing science, especially R&D, have often complained how cramped and horribly claustrophobic the department is, especially with Burger further shrinking it down. It's very annoying and uncomfortable to actually play it, and we have just lost some space which we needed. It's really about how it feels, and it feels horrible. So it's about reworks I don't know of again? I didn't say anywhere that I am removing the books database, though. I have already proposed a solution to the problems you've pointed out in this thread.
  7. VTCobaltblood

    Conspiir's Unathi Application

    Literally just give Conspiir all whitelists wtf Seriously speaking, though, Conspiir is indeed one of the best roleplayers on the entire server. All of my interactions with their characters have been nothing short of outstanding RP. (Yes even the sexy clown masks) In fact, Conspiir's fantastic RP is what made me stay on the server when I just started out. Big +1.
  8. Some of these modifiers actually contradict currently established lore. For example, Medical is stated to have a lesser salary than Research in this article, while in the code their salary is the same.
  9. Yes, but a roboticist with a bachelors apparently can receive the same salary as an actual researcher with a PhD. Which is, to me, a bit ridiculous. It's not like it's particularly difficult to automate robotic repairs and construction, either.
  10. VTCobaltblood

    Remaking the Library into an Internet Cafe

    The aesthetics are retained by holobooks, because really I could just refrain from implementing them and make it all depend on tablets serving as ebooks instead. Projectors are hooked up to station's power, not their own batteries. "omg but what if we run out of power" could also be an excuse to keep candles instead of lightbulbs, but hey, looks like nobody is advocating to do that. The internet lounge will probably have more rechargers than just one. Department lobbies and surface might also get rechargers I guess.
  11. Why is Robotics salary so high when they only need a bachelor's degree? The world may never know...
  12. VTCobaltblood

    Pegasus's Human Lore Developer Application

    Pegasus is one of the first people I've interacted with in this community, and I deeply appreciate how welcomed they made me feel. Their responses to my questions were well thought-out, and they were very open to my, a total rando's, suggestions on how to improve the lore I was next to oblivious of half an hour ago. I think they would be an excellent pick for the human loredev if all human factions get the same amount of care as Dominia. +1
  13. VTCobaltblood

    Minor Mapping suggestions [!]

    Add a holopad to the sci firing range, and please reduce the absurd amount of holopads at toxins.
  14. VTCobaltblood

    Knives now eyestab

    Merged. Can move to completed.
  15. VTCobaltblood

    Remaking the Library into an Internet Cafe

    No. These designs would be archaic and very unfamiliar to people in the year 2460. It's the equivalent of saying that Google should be using telegraphs and fountain pens because of their "familiar and homely human design" in our modern day. Besides, internet cafes are pretty cozy if you ask me.