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  1. I still stand by my support of Coalf's application, and am still willing to mentor if necessary. +1
  2. Yep! The doc I've attached as a culture essay is my WIP rewrite of Mars.
  3. I said I will refrain from further comments. I did not apply to start drama.
  4. I was warned, not dismissed. I have personally asked for my dismissal. If you would send me examples of the behavior you find offensive in DMs, that would be great.
  5. This is not what I was dismissed for. I will refrain from further comments on this matter.
  6. Ckey/BYOND Username: VTCobaltblood Position Being Applied For: Human Lore Deputy Past Experiences/Knowledge: I was the previous skrell maintainer before being dismissed by Jackboot, and was allowed to re-apply by the new loremaster. Examples of Past Work: In my tenure as skrelldev, I worked on various projects with my deputies. The one most relevant for human lore would probably be Skrell Military, roughly half of which is written by me, and the other half by Aboshehab under my supervision. I've also written Martian gangs, illegal surfarcers on Venus and Scarab culture, and am currently working on human lore navboxes as a wiki maintainer. Additional Comments: Rename Necropolis Merging this into the second question. I disagree very strongly with the format, design and overall creative direction of most human lore articles. A lot of them do not read as a foundation for roleplaying characters, but rather as dry descriptions you'd see in a geography textbook. This will be explained in further detail below. Human lore also has a staggering issue of being inaccessible, being hidden in categories (e.g.: Jupiter) or singular links which nobody tends to click (e.g.: Elyra Culture). I plan to correct this by making proper human lore navboxes, even if I'm not chosen for the deputy position. Obviously, another issue is lack of culture/fluff lore which seems to be acknowledged by everyone at this point, including the new loremaster and the current human loredev. Without hesitation, I will give the same answer to both of these questions: Mars. Mars has a fantastic aesthetic that resonates with me greatly - mazes of grey and dark slums, dominated from the shadows by a criminal underworld. How much time is spent describing that aesthetic? Slightly more than two paragraphs. Instead, the page is filled with often unnecessary information such as terraforming projects, Martian senates, the economy, smearing "people of different ethnicities live here" over a whole paragraph, my dumb bloated gang lore, etc. As a result, nobody cares about the actual aesthetic that the Mars article aims to convey, and instead throw cowboy memes around. This is far from an isolated case in human lore, and Mars is but one of many examples. Upon becoming deputy, I aim to rewrite the whole article. This is a biiiiiig WIP, but has a culture section in it. (Side note, I'm on vacation on 16th-27th this month, so I might not be immediately available as a deputy.)
  7. So, how does this demonstrate your understanding of the skrell lore or the direction you're going to be taking it in?
  8. I feel that it could be made a part of Directive 4 instead, and punished like Directive 4 normally is - either with a slap on the wrist, or with failure to execute an order if it's serious enough.
  9. So what you're arguing here is that all attacks by Arrow are called for because Paradox was attacking him as well? Shouldn't actual action be taken here instead of going all "hey well you just deal with it it's not a safe space lol"? You yourself state: So shouldn't the staff chat be at least somewhat policed to prevent insults and personal attacks of this nature? Shouldn't our management, the head staff team, be the ones to make us at least somewhat work together instead of just shrugging when people openly attack each other, especially when the ones insulting and belittling other people are also the head staff of the server? Yes, I admit that Paradox's behavior is not ideal. Why does the head staff deal with it by insults instead of taking actual action?
  10. Is it seriously being argued here that calling people's thoughts and opinions "brainfarts" is actually OK and justified? What is wrong with this staff team? How can you conciously, continuously try to validate intentionally making the staff chat an unwelcome environment for a specific contributor? Didn't we adopt a policy to make chats less toxic? Why is head staff of the server suddenly exempt from it and gets a free pass because apparently they think they were right, and the offended party is suggested to, well, just "roll with the shit"?
  11. Why is this an excuse to insult someone when you're head staff of the server?
  12. Four things: 1. Paradox is not head staff. 2. Paradox didn't insult you directly. 3. Paradox didn't ignore people very clearly getting offended afterwards. 4. Paradox's remark isn't actually comparable to yours. The ""people"" in his sentence was more referring to the fact that there aren't that much people who oppose the legion because it's underpowered, not saying that these opinions aren't at all valuable.
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