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  1. I said all that I think about this, which you probably ignored. I don't want the setting to be changed on a regular basis - I expect a consistent experience when I boot up the server, not whatever the headmins decided the map, or the setting, should be for today. I expect to play the characters I want, on the kind of map, in the kind of setting, that I come back to Aurora for.
  2. When I come to play Aurora, I come to play the NSS Aurora, not whatever's going on on Adhomai. Tajara lore is exceedingly boring to me, and I wouldn't play on this map. Although this will go through anyway because this is a headmin's project.
  3. I completely agree with the suggestion for all the reasons stated in the thread. I also agree with Chada's points on why it should be behind the command whitelist - the command whitelist doesn't test how well you can play command as much as the fact that you can be trusted to drive the round and roleplay properly. +1
  4. Why? The first just removes a 13 minute roundstart. It doesn't mean that the levels are entirely maxed.
  5. This is needlessly conservative and contains little to no actual arguments against the crew being able to access maint. "You have no business being there" is an IC issue - trespassing. Why would you enforce it OOCly? I think the suggestion is pretty dope for encouraging shady behavior among crew, which is all what I live for. So it's a +1 from me, definitely.
  6. Burger writing a post on a job I actually can talk about, fantastic. False. In fact, the only interesting element of RnD is different methods of optimizing it - circuit kit, roboticist's stuff, etc. The guides we have right now are terribly outdated, and I'm currently following none of them. There can be also plenty of variation if you're a RD - derelict shuttle with phazon head, telecomms parts, etc... snicker All of this ignores a much more obvious, prevalent and important problem than the barely significant things you've described in attempt to make the job seem like "the worst evah". The entire concept of research levels is gamey and anti-RP. It pains me to say "levels" in IC, or to hear you say as an antag to "finish research in five minutes". Although your fix would be welcome, and I doubt it'd be difficult to add, it does nothing to address this problem. The NBT research I've seen being talked about does nothing to solve it either, but that's not for this thread.
  7. Won't work. The main disadvantage of SBRs is that they don't work across z-levels. Although if they get a modified SBR that does transmit across zs, I'm all for it.
  8. i honestly hate myself holy shit

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      Waaaahh! Need a WAaaaambulance? Just wait til I play again, I'll beat the sorrow outta you.

  9. It being a bit longer doesn't at all mean that it is impossible. What I might propose instead is starting the raiders with zero creds whatsoever, so that they are forced to steal something in order to get better gear. From there, they can cheese money if they wish to do so - but in the beginning of the round, they're very vulnerable and need careful planning. If it were not for departmental security possibly getting implemented, it could be argued that security could defeat them very easily, leading to a very polarized gamemode - either it's extended (the raiders got defeated with no money), or absolutely chaotic (the raiders cheesed the money and got all the gear they could ever want). I wonder if it could be balanced with rarer gun stations and it taking longer for the merchants to change.
  10. Sounds awesome on paper, will be horrible in practice. The merchant rarely if ever needs to buy any goods from the station, as it is very easy to acquire ridiculous sums of money from buying and re-selling goods just using the console.
  11. I'd leave that to the CMO's discretion.
  12. I am fully in support of testing this. Most arguments seen against it so far are "oh no but we'll lose now" and "THERE WILL BE NO MORE ARPEE". I definitely can't wait to actually feel secure in my department and having a handy dude at hand to involve in my shit. "Just call sec over lmao" is way more inconvenient in practice than on paper.
  13. I don't see how this being a consistent gamemode would produce any substantial and fresh RP from any crew but command. Speaking for myself, I'd rather choke than have to RP military shit so often, especially with no real build-up or closure. I don't care about the gameplay aspects of it - first and foremost, this is a RP server. Well, at least for me. When designing gamemodes for this server, you probably should think about RP first and gameplay second, and with how this is written, it's painfully obvious that RP was something hastily added at the end. I also don't see how this would change regulations and lore. And AU lore for other gamemodes is indeed not something that I think will happen. -1
  14. Again, I'm not opposed to the idea of actors, but the wording of why this needs to be done just gets worse and worse every second. Although the addition of actors would be fun for sure, current rounds are also fun and capable of making conflict and stories to tell, including Extended. I don't feel that Extended is at all stale or boring, and in fact almost always prefer it over any other gamemodes. That's all.
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