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SLF Incursion Arc


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This is a series of events which occurred from 07-27-19 to 08-22-19.

The basis of this arc was an incursion from the Synthetic Liberation Front in its final struggles to survive, attempting to set up on the Aurora as a smuggling point of sorts for intaking abandoned, misplaced or rogue synthetics fleeing into Tau Ceti. The arc itself was cancelled due to multiple complications. The events which occurred are detailed below.


The announcement thread for the arc can be seen here.



Ceres' Lance arrives in Tau Ceti, bringing the big guns. With the Synthetic Liberation Front showing its ugly face again, NanoTrasen pulls no punches and drops everything they have on them, detailed here -


Meanwhile, the Synthetic Liberation Front begins its infiltration of NanoTrasen facilities, acquiring recruits in events known as the "SLF Mole" events. In these, a combat infiltrator and a Hunter-Killer board the station, with the sole extent purpose of acquiring loyalists in the field to fight for the Synthetic Liberation Front.


Event 1 | 7/30/2019 - Four Synthetic Liberation Front operatives were recruited from crew characters on the NSS Aurora.

Event 2 | 8/1/2019 - One Synthetic Liberation Front operative was recruited on the NSS Aurora. In an unfortunate turn of events, the security department (Head of security Khaled Al-Bastaki, Security Officer Kaden, Detective IRU-Agnes) located an untagged shell by the name of Kiera Patterson before decisively disabling and containing the synthetic on the transfer shuttle. An enormous military-grade synthetic attempted to recover Kiera Patterson before the shuttle left, but bound synthetics managed to lock down the dock, and command forced the shuttle before it was able to board and harm the crew inside. The military-grade unknown escaped on a separate vessel. Kiera Patterson has been turned over to the NanoTrasen robotics line for projected disassembly due to terrorist collaboration. NTCC Odin was informed of the presence of Hunter-Killer androids on board the NSS Aurora itself. shit got real

Event 3 | 8/1/2019 (roughly 16 hours later) - Two Synthetic Liberation Front operatives were recruited on the NSS Aurora. The operations generally went without flaw until it was deduced that Hugh Wright was indeed an untagged shell, in which case security failed to mobilize in time to apprehend them. Them, and their Hunter-Killer accomplice escaped without harm to themselves. The first and second event's conclusions are mentioned here - https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/2662-mendell-city-bugle/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-119020


Event 4 | 8/2/2019 - No Synthetic Liberation Front operatives were recruited on the NSS Aurora. In an unfortunate turn of events, a shell by the name of Aikira Thomas was discovered, disabled, and secured by ISD (Head of Security Jesse Armstrong, Warden Laika Tupulev, Security Officer Albert Weiss, Security Officer Q'orja Sak'ha) A transcript of the events that transpired during the interrogation of Aikira Thomas can be found here, before it revealed itself as a synthetic infiltrator. https://pastebin.com/DaLjb6jZ

8/2/2019 - The SLF mole events have thus concluded with eight SLF operatives recruited from the ranks of the Aurora crew.

 Individuals can know externally about the events of 8/1/2019, event 2 and 3, via briefings, news and internal NanoTrasen employee knowledge. Otherwise, no knowledge is known externally.

Host/participants: kyres1 (Host, shells) , thedococt (HK-Agamemnon), drwago (HK-Charon), cakeisossim, paradoxspace(HK-Kronos)

All events were ran on Secret.


Ceres’ Lance officials partook in a scheduled sweep of the station for rogue shells. They had parted with one bunker suit control module to the internal security department. Shortly after their arrival they began interviews with crew, taking blood samples and handling scans, several crew began to show suspicious activity. Eventually, it became apparent that two individuals - the IPC Noir, and the Skrellian Qu Shin, were working to hide an untagged shell by the name of Sundeene Fiscelli from the Lancers on board. The operation proceeded to find the Lancers in the presence of Sundeene Fiscelli, who at that point had made it apparent their true nature. Submitting peacefully, Noir, Qu Shin, and Sundeene Fiscelli were transported without harm to the NTCC Odin for processing.

Sundeene Fiscelli was cleared of any potential SLF collaboration. They were re-tagged, fined, and demoted for their crimes.

Noir was arrested for a yet undetermined duration by Republic authorities for their crimes.

Qu Shin was fined for their crimes.

Adrien Major, in an unrelated incident, was placed on official watch due to suspicious activity in purchasing a shell tagger seemingly out of the blue, and failing to cooperate with Lance officials.

The present Lance operatives were : Giselle Royce (Tailson), Jakob Venter (Geeves), Cadence Brooks (Doxxmedearly), Marco Hernandez (Furrycactus)

The briefing for the operation can be seen below.


Anybody is permitted to know about this event and its results in post ICly and OOCly.

Host/participants : Kyres1, (Varying participation ahead) Tailson, Doxxmedearly, Geeves, Furrycactus

This was ran on the Secret gamemode.


Ceres’ Lance officials partook in a scheduled sweep of the station for rogue shells.  The operation went as standard and the following individuals were interviewed by Ceres' Lance personnel :

Iah Gadasa, a shell IPC paramedic, was interviewed and deemed a non-threat by Ceres' Lance officials.

Gwendolyn Miller, a Human mechatronic engineer, was interviewed and deemed a non-threat by Ceres' Lance officials.

Flotsam, a Baseline IPC roboticist, was placed on temporary low-threat watch by Ceres' Lance officials within the PMC itself. Government officials do not take this information into account.

The spotty transcript of the majority of the three interviews details a brief interrogation of the three, even dipping into the enigmatic Rudatek, can be found here, https://pastebin.com/bKaYBJq4

The present Lance operatives were : Cadence Brooks (Doxxmedearly), Carl Harrison, (Capesh) Rookie McRookie, (N/A)

The briefing for the operation can be seen below.


Anybody is permitted to know about this event and its results in post ICly and OOCly. Nobody ICly knows word-for-word the transcripts posted above.

Host/participants : Doxxmedearly (Cadence Brooks), Capesh (Carl Harrison)

This was ran on the Secret gamemode. The SM also detonated but that's never canon, who cares lmao we have robots to beat up.



The Icarus defense net was breached momentarily and the Aurora was infiltrated by unknown entities. These unknown entities were SLF Collaborator Olivia Johanson and Hunter-Killer 867 "Sandman," Olivia, upon further inquiry, had been outed as a Solarian criminal, sparking a manhunt for her by Security. An engagement between Sandman and Security ensued, until Security was granted two Bunker Suit control modules by Ceres' Lance, delivered to their surface yellow dock. Utilizing these, pursuit across the station began. In the incident, security officer Oscar Easter and head of security Jesse Armstrong donned Bunker Suits. The first engagement resulted in Alex Weaver being hurled by the hunter-killer's fist out of the second story floor of maintenance leading into medical, leading into a chase that would amount to Sandman's inevitable demise in robotics. Gwendolyn Miller was confronted by Sandman in the cyborgification bay, and there, engineer Quentin Stycks wedged a mech in its escape route while both Bunker Suit operators entered and struck the incapacitating blows.

Meanwhile, Olivia Johanson was preoccupied donning a disguise and being assisted by civilian staff to make it safely to the NTCC Odin. While evading security to the best of their ability, several civilian staff assisted by hiding Johanson within areas like the kitchen freezer, cargo maintenance, and so on. Ultimately, it was concluded that the combat synthetic was intent on protecting Johanson's life with the ultimate goal of getting her safely to the NTCC Odin. This was a resounding failure as Sandman met its demise in robotics, self-destructing in its restraints, leaving nothing but a peculiar data core behind...

Afterwards, Olivia was discovered in disguise on board the crew transfer shuttle by Ana Roh'hi'tin and Oscar Easter. They were swiftly apprehended and returned to Central Command, cuffed and escorted. They are projected to be sent to Sol where they will meet execution for their crimes in both territories.

Zune Carmichael was responsible for distracting Security from Olivia Johanson, buying her time and assisting the operation as best she could. Going so far as to claim bomb threats on board, they had led security on and unfortunately ended the shift in restraints. They are projected to be borgified canonically for the actions they have proceeded with.

AIMMO was a potential SLF collaborator, but without substantial evidence to this, they have been demoted temporarily and placed on official watch.

Anybody can know about the events that transpired due to their affiliation with the news post here, 


Host/participants : TheDocOct (Olivia Johanson), kyres1 (HK Sandman-867)

This event was ran on Secret. This was a unique event.


NTCC Odin’s new AI, Bubble, activates its interface in the NSS Aurora’s sector. Stupidity ensued. Five "bubbles," or personalities of Bubble, appeared on board to demonstrate the extent of the AI's abilities. With each personality assuming a different emotion, things obviously got very confusing. The crew eventually began to organize a strike until the AI's link was deactivated, which lasted a whole of one minute before Bubble's interface was simply shut off.

Anybody could know about what happened during Bubble's visit.

Host/participants : Scheveningen (Bubble), TheGoret (Bubble), Tailson (Bubble), Drwago (Bubble), FreshRefreshments (also bubble)

This is related to the canonization app and news post seen below.





The NTCC Odin has scheduled a high-priority secure package transfer for 'processing' aboard the NSS Aurora, with no given explanation or details. Upon its arrival, it was discovered to be Zune Carmichael, an SLF collaborator whose participation in a previous event led to their scheduled cyborgification on board. Her final hour was to be spent on the same facility she would meet her fate with C/Tpr escort (Amelia). It was made clear to the crew for the most part what would occur, and upon this, SLF collaborators on board attempted to halt the process of cyborgification. Failing to find an opening in the security surrounding Zune Carmichael, the only operative able to make a move ended up being Vesper, who planted a welder bomb outside of the robotics bay. The detonation was massively delayed and did not pierce the hull of the lab, failing to stop the operation from taking place. Soon after, Zune Carmichael met her end and Vesper was deduced to be the bomber by security.

Briefly after, a Hunter-Killer boarded the station as a sole distraction for security. Coming too late, its objective was changed, and it moved to the brig to secure revealed assets, namely Vesper. A security team led by Head of Security Joseph Lock successfully shot and missed the Hunter-Killer with an ion rifle, destroying Vesper's chassis behind it instantaneously during their escape. A chase occurred, and the Hunter-Killer managed to secure Vesper and return them to its vessel at Yellow Dock. The vessel soon escaped the Icarus defense net undetected.

Vesper's positronic has been marked as missing by Republic of Biesel authorities.

Zune Carmichael has been borgified, now residing in the unit Z.26.

Anybody can know of what occurred in this event.

Host/participants : kyres1, BoryaTheSlayer (Vesper), Bath Salts Addict (C/Tpr Amelia), Satinsprist666 (Zune Carmichael)



While this arc was cancelled early at Event 9 due to many complications, it went rather well from a host's perspective. The finishing portion of the arc nonetheless will include the implementation of the promised goals, mentioned on its announcement thread. These are...

Security borgs being removed indefinitely, seen in a news post here, https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/2662-mendell-city-bugle/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-119757

Bubble has been introduced, a tie-in between the Relay and ingame as the NTCC Odin's main AI.

Removal of SIM.

And most importantly, having some darned fun.

As well, some things were added ingame that will be used whenever admins desire, being Ceres' Lance gear, loadouts, and a new type of IPC for event or perhaps antagonist usage!

To everyone involved labelled on the events properly, thank you so much for your involvement.

The final news post can be seen here, ending the arc.



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