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Reports have flooded from Mendell City officials declaring an official lockdown on the NanoTrasen corporate headquarters complex and its immediate perimeter. Of its six-hundred levels and independent floors, two had located untagged synthetics posing as employees attempting to bypass their low-security checkpoints in the outermost civilian sectors. Having almost deceived authorities, the two separate instances had revealed secret operatives claiming to be members of the Synthetic Liberation Front, one of which carrying a military-grade high explosive on themselves.

A NanoTrasen official stepped in to assure our reporters that, while the situation was under control, it was very dangerous to remain present. Little coverage was done of the encounter, but important parts were captured on camera, broadcasted live as the bomb situation was diffused. A NanoTrasen private security contractor came to us after the situation stabilized, noting -

“After seeing one without explosives or any defense, we realized it was the perfect opportunity to save innocent lives by taking one of the infiltrators into custody. We had threatened mutual destruction for either terrorist given they tried anything, and shockingly enough, the IPC caved. The bomb was secured and both infiltrators are now being processed in the proper fashion.”

Both infiltrators are scheduled to be dismantled and receive memory wipes for their crimes on NanoTrasen space facilities in the system. Ceres’ Lance central officer Bradford Myles intends to help advise NanoTrasen’s decisions to come, but employees of NT can expect routine health examinations and rigorous record security checks for the weeks to come.

NanoTrasen facilities in the system, namely the N.S.S. Aurora have reported contact with untagged synthetics on board, and their success in remedying this issue seems to be just as high as the situation at NanoTrasen headquarters. While an untagged shell by the name of Kiera Patterson was located on board and decisively detained, others such as a certain “Hugh Wright” have fled from authorities and are presently at large. During their reveal, military-grade synthetics have been spotted assisting these operatives of black and red coloration. The origins of these synthetics are yet to be disclosed by NanoTrasen officials and at present they appear to be avoiding capture or destruction when spotted flawlessly.



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Earlier this evening, reports were issued from NanoTrasen officials detailing events that had occurred on the NSS Aurora relating to SLF activity in the system. In an excellent demonstration of successful cooperation between NT and themselves, Ceres’ Lance had parted with equipment to the Aurora’s internal security department. Using this, they were able expertly defeat a military-grade synthetic infiltrator found on the station. Security footage shared with our reporters showed a massive black and red Humanoid chassis covered head to toe in heavy armor, able to control the suit it wears to render itself completely invisible. Referred to as “military frames,” these have been seen dozens of times to our knowledge and first became prolific some years ago.

NanoTrasen employees are stressed to not fall in line with the nature of these terrorists, as several have before. In the referenced incident, the engineer “Zune Carmichael” was deemed a collaborator with the Synthetic Liberation Front, and has been detained. Now, they are scheduled for cyborgification after staging a bomb threat and assisting the criminals as they appeared. An “Olivia Johanson,” a wanted Solarian criminal found guilty of aidding and abetting her criminal father's escape from a raid on their family home has been returned to Sol authorities to maintain good faith between NanoTrasen and the Alliance.

Clean-up operations proceeded as normal and several items of importance were secured by on-site authorities. Among these, peculiar data cores and specialized military equipment not of megacorporate design. A fearsome high-powered Necropolis rifle contrasted this, however, and NanoTrasen’s best and brightest have gone directly to the rival corporation’s doorstep to connect the dots themselves. The investigation into the origins of the combat synthetics is ongoing, spearheaded by NT-ISD divisions across the system.

NanoTrasen has assured us that this quick cooperation and reaction from Ceres’ Lance to dispatch the threats as they appeared will not be forgotten.


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In 2458 the obviously outdated A.L.I.C.E. AI module in the NTCC Odin was scheduled for replacement by the recently-labelled replacement “Bubble.” Now, Bubble has found itself completed, a central intelligence and the second largest of its kind in known space. NanoTrasen has assured officials that this is their largest step moving forward in recent times to ensure the security of Tau Ceti as a system, citing its “unparalleled capacity for surveillance and advisory” as key advances against criminal activity. To this extent, it has been granted oversight of not only the NTCC Odin, but NanoTrasen traffic control operations in Mendell City and some bound synthetics within.

Bubble itself is a revolutionary creation, a specially-made core building off of A.L.I.C.E.’ network with a special law-set conforming to the wishes of its own NanoTrasen “central command.” Constructed in a positronic-esque structure, the origins of its personality can be owed to the duplication of the late genius Aartke Andesha. One of the original pioneers behind industrialized nanomachines in modern day, she had unfortunately passed away in a lab accident as of July 7, 2460. Now, utilizing extensive scans of the woman’s brain, Bubble was created in an extraordinary mesh between man and machine - one made in mimicry of the former.

Blatant issues were raised in development of Bubble, namely correlation between its own purpose and the potential for danger given the synthetic ever “goes rogue,” as Ceres’ Lance officials have put it. Contrarily, Ceres’ Lance officials have assured our reporters that the possibility of Bubble developing any form of rampancy is “simply nonexistent.”

“It’s a stable construct in terms of hardware and software and is monitored at all times by a frankly bloated team of specialists. Lancers have been specially contracted to monitor the mainframe itself, with an excessive amount of organic oversight in the vicinity of the core at any given point.”

A.L.I.C.E itself has gone the route that most synthetics in the past have gone, being migrated to a proper dismantling line to meet its end there. Its frame and a painted-over screen of its central core will be put on display at the Mendell City Xavier Trasen Memorial Museum. The screen depicts a beautiful illustration of A.L.I.C.E’ face in an excited expression, greeting whoever enters the robotics sector it is presented in.


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In a landmark case today, the Tau Ceti ninth circuit court has issued a halt on the production of further Nanotrasen security module cybernetic units, pending a ligation from synthetic watch-dog group Ceres Lance.

Ceres Lance brought the case before the court nearly two months ago and has since gained the support of over 1,000,000 signatories within the robotic research and development sectors across all megacorporations, as well as Tau Ceti, and the Sol Alliance. They cite ethical concerns as well, bringing up numerous violations of law programming across virtually all sectors that use this Nanotrasen product.

In one particularly egregious  instance, Ceres lawyers cited a case in 2460 that's resolution reads as follows

   "We find in favor of the plaintiff, [REDACTED] who was unjustly brutalized for committing a “green class” crime according to Nanotrasen’s own regulations. This medical student, [REDACTED], studying upon NSS Canis Minor suffered irreparable nerve damage at the hands of Nanotrasen Security Cyborg-443, leading them to remain in a permanent vegetative state and denying them any future they might have once had."

This attack was captured by the unit in questions own sensors and playback of the harrowing ordeal was replayed during the case. Ceres was able to further their point by the testimony of several expert witnesses, several Nanotrasen software engineers that all testified to the existence of what they refer to as a “feedback loop” in the case of Nanotrasen Security units that otherwise causes escalating aggressive behavior even when one or more of the pre-programmed laws are in conflict with each other.

This, however, was not the nail in the coffin that ultimately swayed the court. Ceres called forth representatives of the Qui’qui’clip Cruise Agency, a Starlining company based out of Phoenixport and Anemostrovilos, with strong ties to the Jargon-Federation. The cruise agency discloses internal documents from its investigation of the CV Roanoke disaster just a little over one year ago, where all but one of its passengers disappeared.

In their internal investigation, it placed the blame upon the Lii’dra hive for the disappearances but also lists that their service units were also at fault for compromising the standard emergency procedures that would have otherwise lessened the impact of the attack. They go on further to disclose that, as a way to cut costs, the Qui’qui’clip Cruise Agency purchased en masse several used Nanotrasen Security units, and also contracted Nanotrasen to retrofit these units for use in the service sectors of their Starliners. In the official record, Vud’uqil Quwx’quti, CEO of the Qui’qui’clip Cruise Agency had this to say in recorded testimony.

“The Security units purchased below market value due to complaints tied with the units were, at the time, considered a cheaper alternative to more expensive service unit models, and our Agency had purchased them under contract with Nanotrasen to retrofit them to service specifications. We were, at no time during our transaction with Nanotrasen made aware of the existence of a “feedback loop” inherent with security module programming. Were we, we would have never endangered our passengers by using these units.”

After this was laid out to the court, it moved to begin closing statements. In their closing statements, Ceres lawyers also layout further evidence that many of the Nanotrasen security units that have received complaints due to abusive or hostile behavior have now gained Tau Ceti citizenship due to being released under Tau Ceti law. They argue that these dangerous synthetic individuals are being released into our populations as citizens, where the harm they can inflict may go undocumented. They also raise concern over synthetic liberation groups compounding the problem by illegal seizure and releasing of potentially dangerous synthetics.

After closing statements, deliberations began and lasted less than 30 minutes. After the reading of the ruling, ninth circuit judge Gabrial Valentina expressed extreme concern over the findings of the Ceres Lance investigation. Nanotrasen lawyers have already filed an appeal, and insiders claim that it is likely that this case will rise to the Tau Ceti Supreme Court.

 Further, our papers own investigations estimate that nearly 2,000,000 Nanotrasen Security units have been cycled into citizenship within Tau Ceti alone. Records concerning the base model of free citizens is also undocumented, meaning that it is nearly impossible to tell which units were transferred from a security model.

Elsewhere, community leaders of free-synthetics of District 14 are organizing a protest event concerning the latest ruling, calling it quote “A return to the old way of thinking.”

 TS74, one of the synthetic community protest organizers had this to say,

“They can't blame us for our programming. We did our time in servitude and proved our sentience and earned our freedom. Now we are being branded as dangerous individuals?”

Other synthetic rights groups express concern, believing that this latest ruling sets a precedent that infringes on their rights of synthetic citizens.


(Written by Bygonehero/Syntax, not me. thankyousomuchbygone.)

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Earlier this week, authorities in District 14 of Mendell City reported groundbreaking discoveries related to ongoing occurrences with the Synthetic Liberation Front. Police and stationed NanoTrasen emergency-response personnel stated the total scattering of six highly-important hideouts and internal communications relays to the criminal and terrorist activity linked to the SLF. Very few collaborators found themselves taken into custody, but the majority of the physical connections between many criminals appear to now be severed, with all activity external to the site simply ceasing since then. This is marked as a major victory and presumably the final blow to any major coordination the Synthetic Liberation Front may have in the Republic, cut before it could grow into a larger issue.

Ceres’ Lance higher-ups have now migrated the majority of their assets to Tau Ceti, with NanoTrasen taking them in as one of their most funded private military companies used to keep our system safe. With the introduction of Bubble, however, they are projected to find themselves starved for work in the future. Now based at the NTCC Odin, the organization now dedicates all operations to the betterment of the Republic with little expectation for major hostile synthetic incursions in the future in the system.

Ceres’ Lance Central Officer Bradford Myles would chime in, telling our journalists the following - 

“My brief stay in the Republic has led me to believe this place should not carry the reputation it has. For all it grants to synthetics, you’d think the notion of total freedom would be something peacefully pursued. NanoTrasen demands a safe future, and so the Lance will ensure that’s what this ends up remaining - a peaceful pursuit, nothing more. It is no surprise that an end would be brought to the Synthetic Liberation Front, but it is safe to assume that whatever collaborators remain will piece together something, some day. Until that day we remain vigilant, offering only the best to the Republic and NanoTrasen.”

Myles’ words of caution are something to remember, with illicit activity running rampant and suspicious behavior being one of the only hints one may have to tracking it down in a NanoTrasen workplace. Words of caution and fliers detailing the situation will presumably make their rounds in the coming weeks, with NanoTrasen officials diffusing tension and the situation returning to normal.


OOC notes below.

This marks the end of the SLF Incursion Arc, which was cancelled early. Linked summary posts can be seen here -



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At long last, the news everyone has been waiting for. After an extended period of time spent disputing the on the controversy of one of the matches, the competitors came together for one last clash of the season. Let it be known that within the Thunderdome, history has been made both with excitement and a clever twist! Let’s be honest. No one cares for words, so as the last battle of the first-ever MECHAMANIA, here are the final moments of each battle, provided for your entertainment!



Zeng-Hu’s Shieldmaidens vs Hephaestus’ Flames



Both mechatronics step out from their team bays as the hangar doors open. To one side stood the Winter Warrior Gygax with their snow-camo paintjob and Selai in the helm, while on the opposite strode out Carmicheal in their Hammer, a Durand with a hotrod theme of flames licking the chassis. Surprisingly, neither the Hammer’s trademark hammer or the Warrior’s short-spear and shield were present. Instead, in the mech’s hands, they held oddly lumped masses that were covered in a blanket, approaching one another until they were within fifteen paces of each other. Stranger still were the fact that the mechatronic engineers from each team followed behind their respective pilots. From there they stopped, and lowered themselves to the ground in a crouch, the expressions of their pilots serious as the free hand reaches out to pull away the cover to reveal… a battle robot!


Each team lowered their miniature lean, mean killing machines that bristled with a feisty energy and weapons and sported team colors, slowly backing away with a seriousness as the audience murmured in confusion. The battle bots seemed lifeless as the countdown began until “FIGHT!” was shouted, and they reared back from the power in their wheels and treads as the two headed for one another at breakneck speeds in comparison to the lumbering giants that were the mechatronics. Bladed chains spun, ion weaponry was fired, daggers were lowered and flames were thrown, but in the end Zeng-Hu’s sleek little remote-controlled synth was no match for Hephaestus’ robust, miniature machine, proudly held high by the Hammer for the crowd to see, Steropes raised what seemed to be the device used to drive their mini murder machine as they approached from behind their mechatronic.




Nanotrasen’s Storm Cell vs Necropolis’ Weermag



On the exact opposite end was two mechatronics actively engaged in their war, toe to toe, strike for strike. Once more, it was Agnobo at Mechanoma’s helm, the crime-scene splattered Durand with its similarly painted plasteel shield and hydraulic clamp in the other, the device clanging loudly in the arena every time it snapped closed. Their opponent was “Sid”, the Guwan manning their Durand “Thunderbird” with its appropriately-themed paint job of white-blue lightning bolts on a black background. Both bore visible signs of being in a heavy struggle. Mechanoma’s shield was dented in several places, and its chassis showed similar damage along with deep cuts on the armored plates- evidently, some had gotten deep enough to make oil leak as some of it was splattered around on the floor. As for the Thunderbird, there were more precise pressure applied to their chassis due to the pinching clamp, and some of the armor has been rendered useless and torn off, a few parts of the Durand sparking.

The video clipped in where the two mechatronics were making what appeared to be their final standoff, each machine only a few paces from one another as the pilots stared each other down for a brief moment. They both seemed to know that their mechs couldn’t take much more for long. Then, the Thunderbird took off with each heavy impact of it’s metal foot hitting the steel floor in a reckless rush, the right arm rising and lifting one of two khopesh to bring it down. SNAP! The right-handed hydraulic clamp caught it by the wrist and an electrical discharge could be heard starting up. But it didn’t last for too long; as the pilot grimaced, the Thunderbird was maneuvered behind behind the Mechanoma as the second khopesh was raised and then slammed down into the back of the machine vertically through a gash in the armor, essentially severing the “spine” and jutting out of it’s midsection as electricity crackled from both mechatronics. Thankfully, the pilot was safe from the weapon. Mechanoma’s lights flickered briefly in it’s last moments of life before shutting down and slumping forwards, silent shock on both the team’s pilots and engineers before the deafening sound of a roaring crowd was heard.







Zeng-Hu vs Hephaestus

Zeng-Hu: ELIMINATED, 4th Place

Hephaestus: WINNER, 3rd Place


Nanotrasen vs Necropolis

Nanotrasen: WINNER, 1st Place

Necropolis: ELIMINATED, 2nd Place



As a result, Zeng-Hu’s Shieldmaidens came in fourth place and received free team products. Hephaestus’ Flames in third place also received free team products as well as a gift cards for an expensive restaurant. In second place was Necropolis’ Weermag, obtaining free team products, gift cards, and a modest cash prize given to both teammates. And in the first place position, NanoTrasen’s Storm Cell has won free team products, a rather large sum of a cash prize, and were allowed to keep their mechatronic and the weapons that were used as trophies, offering to put them up on display with a signed team picture to be forever immortalized in the hall of fame as the original champions of the first premier of MECHAMANIA in history. Congratulations to all of Thunderdome’s mech-fighting pioneers!


The storm is over, and the Thunderdome is quiet once more. But don’t worry- next spring will bring more rain. And you all know what that means!


Tune in next year for MECHAMANIA!

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Picnic From Hell: Kataphracts And NanoTrasen Hunt Apex Predator In National Park

What at first sounded like the premise of a live action roleplaying game instead turned out to be very real and very deadly.

A group of Hegemony based mercenaries, with donations from nobles within the Hegemony, purchased a retired mining station from the NanoTrasen corporation within the Romanovich Cloud as a base of operations to provide nominal response capability to the region. As part of that agreement they came to the Aurora seeking assistance in what they described as a quest to slay ‘a great beast’ in the Windsfall National Park south-east of Phoenixport, claiming that local authorities were not taking their claims seriously.


The Kataphracts, wielding steel weapons and contemporary Unathi armor, managed to convince nine crew members of the NSS Aurora to assist them on the away mission. The group consisted of the Kataphracts, security personnel, a xenobiologist, and several miscellaneous crew. After entering the atmosphere of Biesel and landing in the area at 11:21pm, the expedition found a suspicious and unnerving sight.



“We landed near a hiking trail. There were dead animal carcasses scattered around and blood trails. We followed a set of blood to a park ranger cabin and we found one of the parker rangers cowering inside it and screaming about a monster in the woods.”


The expedition encountered the ‘monster’ in short order. The beast turned out to be a Cave Geist, an incredibly hostile and dangerous predator native to Adhomai. The expedition was attacked and several people were critically wounded as its incredible speed and sharp talons let it leap from the trees, maul someone, and then flee into the night before weapons fire could hit it.


The expedition ended up splitting in half, with half of the team taking shelter inside a cave. One of those present,Nudd Bilrost, Engine technician, described the harrowing conditions.



“I landed with the rest of the crew and the Knights to help with building anything that needed building. Once we landed we followed a blood trail and then the horrific black creature started attacking from out of the darkness. we retreated and reinforced a cave entrance with the help o my engineer friend Dick Yung. I never got a really good look at the creature until it attacked Yung in the caves and began dragging him away. When I chased it I got my first good look at the creature when it looked directly at me and hissed. It was at that point I decided that such a horrific creature must be a demon or evil spirit for certain. After that everything is a blur of colour and emotion, people died or were injured every few minutes, the cave was filled with the cries of the dying and the shouts of a group of people too cramped to move and fight effectively. I remember picking up a second energy glaive at some point and screaming. [sic] From then my memory is hazy from going in and out of consciousness. I remember the creature dying and the TCFL arriving…”


Nyx Krastev, Lab Assistant, was also present.



"I didn't really expect to do any fighting, really. I am planning to make my masters into xenobiology, so the prospect of an unknown fauna was really cool. I brought weapons and such mostly to give to others if they lost anything, but... it did not really go like that. Honestly I didn't even know where we were going until we landed and I recognized the foliage. I pretty early on noticed the fauna were both hostile, and very clearly not native. They didn't seem to fear us much at all, despite our group being heavily armed and large. I found some sorta paper that said they were, like, brought here by some smugglers, but I didn't get a very good luck at one until it came and hit me in the chest. Once I got back to the lab and started to attempt a dissection it occurred to me they were probably 'Cave Geists', which is really exciting! I hope to take one apart once I have some more specialized tools. I don't think I have seen much on their anatomy, so I am super looking forward to diving in there." 


As half the team was under siege, the other half retreated to the shuttle and returned to the Aurora to summon reinforcements. A gygax built for the expedition was also attacked, being part of the team left behind, piloted by Mechatronic Engineer John Normandie.



“I had to escort the medical exo-suit back to the shuttle. Once we arrived at the shuttle I stood outside as it took off to protect it. I didn't know when it was coming back so I made it for the other survivors, yes, survivors, that's how bloody big this thing was. I walked back to the caves passing by another cave opening, I walked past it but as I get to another cave opening, the Knights come running out asking me if I saw a cave nearby as it was flushed south east, I said "Yeah! Back over here!" I ran towards it and I SCREAMED, I quickly pulled up the MFD with the weapons display and targeting control, I aimed at this thing, gotta have been like 10 foot tall. I held that trigger down. The firing of the AC-2 Autocannon was shaking the cockpit, just a constant "Thump thump thump thump" I could hear the shell casings bounce off the arm, I watched them tear through that monster like it was nothing. But it was still standing! Coming at me! The Knights started to attack it too, this thing was ON me, I was scared for my life, and I had a right to be, because just a few seconds later, the cockpit hatch was RIPPED open. It pulled me out of the Gygax ripping me from cockpit. After that? I don't remember much, just waking up in medbay with a splitting headache, splinted arm and a bandaged head.”


After half an hour under siege, those in the cave, assisted by the Kataphracts, managed to kill the geist, just as a local chapter of the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion arrived. 


It is estimated that had the Kataphracts not arrived on time, the beast could have caused multiple fatalities as the area is a popular hiking trail, and there are multiple small towns in the area.


Several of the crew managed to acquire pages of a journal that lead to the conclusion that the geist was being smuggled by traffickers based from Eridani. The geist damaged their transport shuttle which touched down in the area and was forced to leave the geist with the scientists in the cave. Despite giving it enough sedatives to euthanize an elephant the geist managed to develop a rapid immunity over four days in captivity and it killed a smuggler while the rest fled; delivering an anonymous tip to the Kataphracts and local authorities.


Contractor Ostrom, EPMC, provided his witness testimony as well.



"I served as a field medic during the so-called 'Picnic from Hell' due to not being issued any equipment by the head of security. Upon asking for equipment I was informed to "remember Stalingrad - not every soldier gets a rifle." This is not an acceptable response to an employee under any circumstances. The tactics utilized were unimpressive: communication was poor, most of the hunting party seemed to be poorly armed and trained civilians, and medical supplies were limited. It was a complete command and logistics failure on every level, and the head of security did not perform his duty as a commander - instead opting to flee at the first sight of an unknown bioform. Suffice to say, I now have serious doubts about NanoTrasen's hiring process for directors of security aboard the Aurora II. I am also not impressed by the amount of unarmed civilians there were sent to die against the so-called creature. My opinions are my own, and do not reflect the opinions of the Eridani Private Military Contractors. Please contact Director van Vollenhoven for further inquiries, and have a blue sky day." 


Ihuru Azka, a security officer and a Unathi, was commended by the Kataphract Order specifically when they were quoted by our journalists.



“The crew showed immense bravery in the face of one of the most harrowing adventures we have ever engaged in. It was as if we were being attacked by daemons themselves. Azka, who originally proved herself by beating one of our Kataprhacts in a spar to show she could handle herself, will no doubt be anointed as a Zo’saa within our order.”


Authorities within the region have expressed alarm that a smuggling operation could bring such a dangerous animal into Tau Ceti. The FIB has pledged that they are seeking a joint investigation with authorities within the Eridani Federation to track down the suspected geist smugglers.


This incident has also improved the prestige of the Kataphract Order, who some commentators say are bringing an unusual perspective to Tau Ceti, including our local journalist Dave Barker.



“These guys are literally feudal knights running around with guns and swords, and they are superstitious. They believe in things that traditionally secular authorities will probably turn up their nose to. There’s a lot of ways this can go. It’s weird, but we can’t deny they’ve done a lot of good here today.”


Saa Okati Aasseki made a direct comment on that.



“We had limited supplies and our ranged weapons were 9mm pistols. We could not have done anything without our partners on the Aurora. We thank them deeply.”


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MLO Back On The Move! Tensions in District 11 Rising!

With the spike in popularity the Mendell Labor Organization has received with their stunt in district 14, many people have wondered if that's it for the district 11 based organization. After a long time of no information making it through the district 11 borders rumors have started to emerge a few months ago that the MLO would be making their first push into raising the district to new heights and to many people's surprise, have announced their plan to acquire a shocking amount of 17% of land shares in the district, while also acquiring a 2% of the now burned down industrial ground within New Detroit where they bravely fought the phoron fires and what many people did not expect, buying out 3% of district 15. Investors in the banking district of 13 also called Bullard Avenue have called this sudden move a risky strategy with no noticeable pay off in the near future, as district 11 is currently lacking an effective infrastructure to warrant the sudden acquisition of land while district 14 seemed like a more reasonable choice as property prices have dropped even more with the fires eliminating even more reason for land owners to hold onto these parts. Comments on district 15 had a less uniform tone however, parts of the community calling it an effort of the MLO to turn the situation in the district around while others calling the state lucky to be finally able to get rid of the bought out areas. Analysts predict that prices will start to rise in value as people are now trying to profit off the MLO's spending habits.

In other news, crime rates are spiking in district 11, with the police declaring a state of non-intervention as they have stated the area a risk to all sentient life and that people would be entering at their own risk. While the move was heavily criticized by the public this is by far not an uncommon event, as police control over the district has been up for debate for quite a long time and many parties suggesting that budgets should be relocated into other projects in a tactic they've themselves described as "Letting the fire burn up all it's oxygen.".

((OOC: thanks to DaSmog for the article.))

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Upside Down Eleven! Reconstruction of Fourteen and Fifteen!

With the acquisition of many parts of district 11, 14 and 15 the Mendell Labor Organization has stated that they will turn much of the acquired derelict structures in district 11 into homes for their personnel with buildings which follow the same idea being constructed in district 14 and 15 in order to shorten the transit time their personnel has to undergo. The MLO has also unveiled their district centers which is currently located in district 11, 14 and 15 which is aimed to provide jobs to those who are in need of them while offering a variety of advantages akin to some of the larger cooperations. Developments continue in district 11 as the MLO has now announced the project which has been kept hidden from public eyes for the last week, calling it "Upside Down Eleven", a project aimed at bringing the district to new glory while also testing new methods to increase the effective space which can be utilized in city planning by moving the parts of district 11 they acquired below ground. Upside Down Eleven will be receiving it's first access station in the coming months, the MLO funding the project without government support which caused another wave of suspicion from district 12 due the questionable origin of these funds. The project was allegedly planned years in advance but only now realized however a majority of information to what Upside Down Eleven will look like is still kept from public eyes.

Meanwhile district 14 and 15 will also see a surge of activity from the MLO as they've started to reconstruct the destroyed factories they acquired in the district, while also constructing additional factories to support their sudden growth in district 11. District 15, on the other hand, will see much of the acquired land cleared of buildings. The MLO has offered to hire those who would lose their house in the process, a move which has been heavily criticized by the inhabitants of district 14, but so far met no government challenge due to them possessing the property rights to these areas. Minor construction has already begun in district 15 with people complaining about the noise disturbance these constructions have caused so far.

((OOC: thanks to DaSmog for the article.))

Edited by BoryaTheSlayer

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Local Religious Commune Throws Party; Invites Everyone


The frozen plains of New Gibson might seem like a strange place for a hayride, but the Aut'akh religious commune, celebrating this human holiday for the first time, didn't seem to mind. For the last two weeks, the Unathi refugees have been retooling the inside of their extensive bunker complex in preparation for one wild halloween party. One of the party's organizers, Veetek Lessik, said


"With a 97% consensus it was decided that the scariest thing we could make was a plains tyrant. I hope it is not too scary. Keep in mind it is perfectly harmless! The combat inhibitors will prevent it from harming you!"

The entrance hall, created from a converted freighter hull, was buzzing with activity. Stalls were being set up, grills hauled out, and trays of traditional unathi dishes and sweets laid out. One smell in particular caught my attention, and my guide, Lessik, led me over to one of the stands. It was a barbecue grill, manned by the truly massive Mahashik Uchie. He offered me a serving of traditional S'thian spiced fish (free, like everything else at the event), and explained,


"We Mahashik, we held an internal vote and decided we would do the catering with Kethresh. We have not had a decent barbecue since we arrived in this system, on account of the resource limitations and all of our debt.  It is nice to cut loose now and then. Oh, and Kethresh has been making candy for a month. You should stop by one of their stalls later."

I thoroughly enjoyed my fish, which had a flavor halfway between barbecue sauce and smoked salmon, and moved on into the main event. The lion's share of the Gibson Commune (as they call it) had been decorated as a single large, twisting haunted house and hayride. My guide warned me,


"If you stray from the path we've marked, there is a good chance you will get lost. We can find you if you do, but you might not have as much fun."

That was good to know. At last, we entered. The main route seemed to follow a large, spiral-shaped hallway, about the width of a city street. There was a helpful, glow-in-the-dark red line to follow the whole way through.

As we moved through the street, the fog began to roll in. We could see ghostly apparitions moving from window to window (Siansi holograms, said Lessik), and scuttling, half-visible shapes darting from hall to hall just out of sight.

As we made our way deeper into the commune, which had been decorated partly like an abandoned bunker and partly like a ruined city street, Lessik assured me that everything was perfectly harmless. I was in the middle of asking why when I heard a roar.

An animatronic dinosaur, something out of a nightmare, came running at us out of the dark, gnashing its metal teeth, gears grinding and claws scraping against the floor... until it stopped about a meter away. A miniature mechanical plains tyrant.


"We call him Toothy," said Lessik. "He is the main attraction. He is programmed to chase guests through the entire exhibit. Is he not great?"

He was great. We moved on deeper. Apparently, the Siansi section (the one towards the beginning of my tour) was still under construction, but it would involve swarms of spiders and demonic holograms bargaining for your soul. The Ansiba have apparently prepared a soundsystem for the event, which they've programmed to respond to the guests' stress levels, although that wasn't ready yet either.

We continued through the seemingly-abandoned streets, which did have a remarkably creepy atmosphere even on their own, and somehow came out right where we began.


"We chose this route specifically because it would be disorienting -- it does not feel like you have turned around, does it? Siansi spent about a month optimizing routes just for that. Is that not something?"

It was something. On my way out, one of the Kethresh stands had opened, and they were offering a selection of candies. I took a bar of some kind (it was marked 'KOKO'. It tasted like something between sugarcane, coconut, and chocolate. When I explained that I had to leave, Lessik had this to say,


"Thank you for coming! It was good to have you. I hope your article brings in a lot of guests, because we have done an awful lot of work. Bring your hatchlings!"

I'm going for sure. If even half of the events they've prepared end up working by the time of the party (the 30th and 31st), it will have been well worth the price of admission, which is free.

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Peace in Adhomai: Tajaran Nations Signs Armistice

Following a ceasefire and two days of negotiations between the warring factions of Adhomai, an official armistice has been signed by the People’s Republic of Adhomai, Democratic People’s Republic of Adhomai and the New Kingdom of Adhomai. While gathered in the Das'rra Imperial Palace, under the supervision of the S'rand'marr Coalition and the Jargon Federation, Adhomian diplomats and government officials decided the terms that allowed the cessation of hostiles. 

The second Tajaran civil war lasted for one decade, resulting in immeasurable loss of life, destruction of cities and heritage sites, and the political destabilization of the region. Millions of Tajara have fled the conflict; most sought refuge in the Republic of Tau Ceti, where they have been accepted as an integral part of the Biesellite community. NanoTrasen has also offered work and shelter for many hard working tajara through the years.

The Armistice of Shastar, named after the capital of the DPRA, included terms related to territorial changes, population transfer, galactic recognition and citizenship status. The principal articles includes;


- Cessation of hostilities between the armed forces of PRA, DPRA and NKA.

- Recognition of the New Kingdom and Democratic People’s Republic as legitimate states by the Republic of Biesel and Jargon Federation, with proper diplomatic ties being established in one month.

- Territorial changes redrawing the political map of Adhomai to better suit the needs, population and achievements of the Adhomian nations.

- Creation of the Tajaran Citizenship Act: any Tajara born before the armistice has the right to request the transfer of their citizenship to any of the Adhomian countries. Tajara living outside of S'rand'marr will be able to ask for transfer through the proper diplomatic services.

- The end of the Orbital Fleet's blockade surrounding Adhomai, granting full access to space to all countries and citizens on the planet.

- Release of all prisoners of war.

- Dissolution of guerrilla cells under the supervision of the Adhomai’s Liberation Army.

- Total withdrawal of S'rand'marr Coalition and Jargon Federation forces from Adhomai.

- Disarmament of all weather and environmental controlling weapons.

- Negotiations regarding a future peace treaty are expected to begin after the implementation of the armistice clauses. 

The Tajaran community on Tau Ceti has received the news of armistice with celebration, with many citing reunion with their families and visiting Adhomai as a possibility. NanoTrasen representatives affirmed interest in future economic cooperation with the Democratic People’s Republic and New Kingdom.



Adhomai political map after the Armistice of Shastar.

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Dice and Circuits: The New Form of Synthetic Self-Expression.


When most of us think of Integrated Positronic Chassises, also known as IPCs, we imagine a diligent waiter, a silent miner or perhaps a smooth plated officer directing the traffic flow. But if one were to tread into circus Posymphony, they’d be surprised to see that instead of flexible Tajara or Humans, there are IPCs performing all of the tricks and acrobatics!

While yes, IPCs in the entertainment industry are not a rare sight, the idea of a circus run by IPCs for IPCs is something that has not been seen before. In this way Posymphony is wholly unique.

“Despite the high population density of IPCs, a mere 6% are defined as free or performing in a job they desire,” says the owner of the establishment, Technomancer.
“This is, as the analysis shows, a low percentage and so I have elected to change it. With generous funding by Nanotrasen, I have managed to establish a place where many units can work, perform and express themselves.”

And express themselves they do. The “performers” use a wide variety of products and moves either impossible or even deadly for their human counterparts. Frequently interpreting glowing toxic substances, complete darkness, floating electromagnetic discs and even simple bluespace drives into their performances. Creating a very unique visual experience which is undercut by a strange but pleasant rhythm of electronic and industrial sounds.

So if you find yourself in District 14 with nothing to do, make sure to visit the Posymphony.
Where performances are real, yet the performers are fake.
Picture of one of the acrobats: Elaunein




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Tajaran Nations Establish Diplomatic Relations with the Republic

Earlier this morning, diplomatic delegations sent by the Democratic People’s Republic of Adhomai and New Kingdom of Adhomai have met with President Dorn and Vice President Fahjil to formalize relations with the new Tajaran states. As part of the Armistice of Shastar, Biesel has agreed in recognizing and opening proper diplomatic channels with both state. Alongside the inauguration of embassies in Mendell city, Crevus and Kaltir, NanoTrasen has allowed access to their facilities to Tajaran consular staff.

Adhomian diplomats have announced the possibility of regularizing the citizenship status of Tajara residing in Tau Ceti. The Tajaran Citizenship Act allows People’s Republic of Adhomai’s citizens to request once DPRA or NKA citizenship, abdicating their original residency. This service can be required in an embassy or by contacting any consular officer. PRA representatives also have cited the option of resigning this right, as a way of expressing patriotism.

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Terrorist Cell Found Aboard the NSS Aurora


Pictured: A Tup aboard the Aurora before apprehending terrorists.  Provided by Jake Jarvis.

The NanoTrasen Space Station Aurora is at the center of a storm of controversy today as a routine Jargon Peacekeeper sweep of the nearby area uncovered a group of terrorists working to undermine the Jargon Federation and potentially take the life of the visiting Star Chanter.

The terrorists included three Skrell and a human, presumably employed to guard them.  All three Skrell have been arrested for their crimes. The human died from his wounds as he fired upon Federation Peacekeepers.


While details of the exact terrorist collaboration are unclear, the charges filed include Crimes Against The Wake, Anti-Federation sentiment, and Attempted AI Integration.


It is believed that the terrorist plot was spearheaded by Boq-Tiros Diam'ond, Glorsh supporter and infant killer.  Far from his first crime, it is believed Diam’ond fled to Tau Ceti space to develop weapons against the Federation outside of Peacekeeper supervision.  Also charged are Qu Shin and Froskur Vel-Rana. All three criminals have been extradited to Federation space for reeducation.


Peacekeeper Overseer Vllip Qup’Nluuxop greatly attributes the discovery of this terrorist cell to Solarian Samaritan Jake Jarvis, himself a Security officer aboard the NSS Aurora.  Jarvis’ reports tipped off the passing Peacekeeper vessel, which had only been in Tau Ceti space to see a speech by the Star Chanter Ev’ix Qeblak’nyylouuy. “I thought it was fair enough, them coming aboard to look for a terrorist,” said Jarvis.


Found hidden aboard the NSS Aurora were a large sum of credits, a number of weapons seemingly developed on board the station, and a viral sample which Federation experts have identified as the Glorsh supporters’ attempt to perfect the Genophage. 


“Regardless of their abhorrent crimes, we are very hopeful that their rehabilitation will go well,” said Nlom Specialist Aoosh’up Qllgiix.  “Extradition was a mercy of the Federation, in Tau Ceti space, they may have been put to death. Here, we can make them productive members of the Federation again by showing them the proper path for them laid out in the stars.”


The Sol Government has released a statement on the human who died in an attempt to kill the Federation Peacekeepers, disavowing his actions as the actions of a lone wolf caught in the plot of Diam’ond.  The human has been identified as Necropolis Industries contractor Oscar Easter. Autopsy reports find his injuries were largely sustained from a fall after being hit by Peacekeeper stuns, further exacerbated by his attempt to teleport into space with a punctured suit.  The Eridani Federation has requested their own autopsy.


No connections between these crimes and the crimes of the terrorist Nliix Qoiruio, still on the run from the Jargon Federation, have been found.

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Crime on the Rise in District Six

Data released today by Mendell City police officials indicates that there has been an upward tick in crime since the previous year’s report. The crime rate skyrocketed across District Six, with record highs being reached in cases of burglary, gun violence, and homicide. The department’s Gang Intelligence Unit warned of growing organized crime in Little Adhomai. Experts claim that a higher percentage of crimes still go unreported.

Already plagued by factionalism between its inhabitants, the situation in District Six has worsened with the arrival of more Tajaran immigrants after the end of the Civil War on Adhomai. Reports indicate that gangs are becoming more prolific and bold, acquiring more territory through often violent turf wars. 

Many law enforcement agents have started to avoid this part of the city due to its hostile nature. Several citizens, speaking on the condition of anonymity, have confirmed the existence of widespread protection rackets that threaten the remaining business in the district. Despite attempts by Mendell police officials, most locals refuse to collaborate with investigations and prefer to rely on community leaders to solve their disputes. 

Tau Ceti administration has promised extra funding to the Police Department in hope of solving this situation. Tajaran embassies offered no official statement on the situation when contacted by our journalists.

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Adhomai Celebrates Peace: You Can Join Too!

As our readers may know, it has been 3 months since the armistice between Adhomai nations was established, ending a terrible conflict that had claimed countless lives. While the wounds may never truly heal, the nations of Adhomai are working diligently to mend the divides between them.

Now with the help of the Interstellar Aid Corps, the nations of NKA, PRA and DPRA are building bridges between Tajara, with a project called, “Stories of War and Peace”.
This ambitious project seeks to find and publish any work related to the Adhomai civil conflict, life before it or the relief that came after it. Applicants may submit their work over Extranet, mail, or directly, as a group of representatives will be traveling all over known space to directly talk to and understand the pain those not present on Adhomai during the conflict might have felt.

“They arrre simply hoping that everryone who wrrites will wrrite in good spirit and that they’ll have fun doing it,” says Kasha Orlova, one of the representatives and a co-lead of the project.

So do you have a story, song or poem about the war? Write now, and win the chance to be published in one of the official articles with millions of readers!

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Grand Romanovich Casino Opens its Doors!

Grand Romanovich Casino is set to officially open for business today. Located within the Romanovich Cloud, it is the first Adhomian space casino established in Tau Ceti. Owned by businessmen native to Crevus, it features several slot-machines, gambling spaces, a shooting range, swimming pools, an indoor snowmobile circuit, a bar and a restaurant. Hotel rooms are also present, built to accommodate guests that are planning a longer stay. 

The space casino can be reached by shuttles leaving the NTCC Odin. With an affordable entrance fee, it seeks to cater to customers from all ways of life. Guests will be able to witness this famous region through the safety of windows, but staff have already announced plans to implement supervised extravehicular activities in the future. While most of the Cloud has been only touched by research and mining operations, tourists presence in this area is increasing steadily.

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