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OK so there's a LOT of context behind this, and because I have time to waste, I'm going to dump it all here. This is basically some sorta Battletech Fanart. Very bluntly, for people that don't know, Battletech is originally a tabletop games franchise, wargames (comparable to Warhammer 40K except it's affordable), where the main units are these giant fuck-off machines called Battlemechs (or mechs). The franchise is also well-known for it's Mechwarrior video game series (that's how I got introduced to the setting) and recently a strategy game simply called Battletech, among many other things. Anyways, one of the many battlemechs in the setting is the ANH, or Annihilator, one of the heaviest, baddest boys you can get; 100 tons of ridiculous armor and firepower, walking around at the stupidly slow 30-ish kp/h.

Battletech allowing HIGH customisation of your battlemech, I, of course, made my own build. Once done, I needed to give it a name, and eventually got the ANH-CHN (forgot what the CHN originally meant), but my brother, like the weeb he is, quickly pointed out that it kinda sounded like "Annihilator-Chan". So I went on with it and imagine a full anime backstory for this giant robot, with the Annihilator being a magical girl-like character. It's incredibly stupid, but I loved it and went on with it.

Anyways, this is "her". Annihilator Chan.


For those interested, here's the build:

> 16 single heat sinks in total (8 in engine, for the rest it goes this way: 1RT, 1LT, 2CT, 2RL, 2LL)

> Fusion 200 engine

> 15 tons of standard armor (9H, 26RA, 26LA, 26RT, 26LT, 38CT, 32RL, 32,LL, 6 back RT, 6 back LT, 13 back CT)

> Standard structure


> 1 Medium Laser (Head)

> 2 LBX-20 AC (In each arms, parts of it goes into the torso of each sides too)

> 2 AC2 (in side torso)

>Ammo goes in the side torsos, 4 ammo of LBX (20 shots), 4 ammo of AC

> 2 AMS (in side torsos, their ammo goes there too, 4 ammo in total)

> 1 searchlight in the left torso because why not.

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