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  1. +1 Please someone give this man a WL, he's a good players and we really, REALLY need more dominian lizards.
  2. A silly idea of mine, but a potentially funny one... Rimworld, but with three lizard boys from the Aurora, let's see how bad it gets... Game details: Our protagonists (and their stuff) PROLOGUE
  3. I don't draw often, somehow. But here are some pieces. Annihilator-ANH-CHN-Chan herself: Han'san, the one and only: Other SS13 characters: Other stuff:
  4. Didn't know about this thread. I should check the forums more often.
  5. >1. What's it like? Can somebody describe it to me? The Wiki is NOT up to date, but it is a good introduction, and some things are still useful, like what wavelength you should set your field generator to, how to find anomalies, etcetera... Plus, ask your local co-workers (ICly or OOCly) for help when you start, have no fear, no one's going to shout at you for messing up and even if they do it's only IC, we're very understanding OOCly. More seriously, Xenoarcheology is mostly a roleplay job. YES, you will find, in rare instances, things that can put clearly help or even save the
  6. Right, I'll be quick: we'll need Science tapes, just like Engineering and Security does. Gameplay-wise this will be quite useful. There are no real ways for Science to mark areas or prevent people from walking in. As an Anomalist main I use crayons on station and light beacons in space to mark anomalous AOE and dig site position respectively, but that's only for me, and a miner coming across this may not truly understand what it means, it doesn't quite carry the sense of "FORBIDDEN AREA" of tapes, especially without the soft block they effect they have... Roleplay-wise, most importan
  7. Maybe I'll do more than just that as the character evolves, got some things planned for how he could change, maybe... And also maybe when I'll get better skills at spriting. Also thankiesss
  8. Finally, time to apply for a custom item! *** Byond key: Captain Gecko Discord key: CNEGecko#9618 Character Name: Sezrak Han'san Item name: "Imperial 16th zippo" Item function(s): It's just a zippo reskin, works like your usual lighter. Item description: "A zippo lighter given by the Empire of Dominia to the men of the 16th Regiment of the Imperial Army, also known as the "Suicide Regiments", that would manage to survive more than a dozen deployments. The Imperial 16th is a regiment deployed by Dominia during battles that cannot be lost, their
  9. Wait, so "Remove security" is serious, it's not a meme phrase? More seriously, I played antag a few time, although I wouldn't call myself an antag main. I don't think there is much problem with the security department itself, although there is, and always will be, problems with some characters and/or players (I'm not giving names and I cannot anyways since I don't remember them), but I think I see one big problem, and that's not really Security's fault. Imagine a perfect world where all sec players are not here for the sake of hunting antags but to play correctly, and where antags do
  10. [Connecting...] [Connection complete!] [Opening discussion with user: "FARK"] >Fark here. >Market for anomalies is growing. >There's money to be made. >Problem is, everything on the market comes from the people with pros working on it, IE, big corpos. Actually there's only big corpos SMH. >Anyways, I need one of these. Old ass spoons or ancient death machines I don't give a fuck. >I just need something to put on the market. >There's no precise reward, but whoever manages to bring me something gets a percentage of what I g
  11. Sezrak Han'san : Romeo Watari / Anyone who works for Zavod :
  12. Yes please, we need a place to store our things, just like in the Xenoarcheology Atrium with the Long Term Storage room. Because seriously, having a full team of productive scientists is great, but by an hour and a half, RnD quickly ends up filled with guns and other contraptions, Circuitry is filled to the brim with drones, and there isn't any place to store those, really. I guess we can always search around maintenance for a crate and use it to store the smaller items, but bigger ones like large assemblies require other solutions. Also, not only does the existence of such a room would m
  13. Nice science lady is epic. She knows everything and she roleplays well. I give a +1 too.
  14. Just the local Anomalist at work, move along.
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