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  1. Wait, so "Remove security" is serious, it's not a meme phrase? More seriously, I played antag a few time, although I wouldn't call myself an antag main. I don't think there is much problem with the security department itself, although there is, and always will be, problems with some characters and/or players (I'm not giving names and I cannot anyways since I don't remember them), but I think I see one big problem, and that's not really Security's fault. Imagine a perfect world where all sec players are not here for the sake of hunting antags but to play correctly, and where antags do
  2. [Connecting...] [Connecting Connection complete!] [Opening discussion with user: "FARK"] >Fark here. >Market for anomalies and shit is growing. >There's money to be made. >Problem is, everything onthe market comes from the people with pros working on it, IE, big corpos. Actually there's only big corpos SMH. >Anyways, I need one of these. Old ass spoons or ancient death machines I don't give a fuck. >I just need something to put on the market. >There's no precise reward, but whoever manages to bring me something gets a per
  3. Sezrak Han'san : Romeo Watari / Anyone who works for Zavod :
  4. Yes please, we need a place to store our things, just like in the Xenoarcheology Atrium with the Long Term Storage room. Because seriously, having a full team of productive scientists is great, but by an hour and a half, RnD quickly ends up filled with guns and other contraptions, Circuitry is filled to the brim with drones, and there isn't any place to store those, really. I guess we can always search around maintenance for a crate and use it to store the smaller items, but bigger ones like large assemblies require other solutions. Also, not only does the existence of such a room would m
  5. Nice science lady is epic. She knows everything and she roleplays well. I give a +1 too.
  6. Just the local Anomalist at work, move along.
  7. Hey there! Well, to be frank, when making the first draft for Sezrak, I had a hard time trying to decide if he was to be from the Hegemony or the Empire. I do love the history of the Hegemony, especially the tragedy that is the Contact War, but I really have a thing for Dominia. I am not sure what makes me love the Empire so much, but I think the sort of "Unathi Society lite" side of it plays a role, like, how the Dominian Empire is some sort of middle-ground between a human-made culture and the Unathi way of life, a sort of hybrid nation. I don't know if this is spoiling his story,
  8. Alrighty then! So, Sezrak will be 30 years old, then. Which means some minor changes: - He was born in 2432. - He spent his first 4 years in the pirate ship Sel'Exis. This could add some itty-bitty things to his character, and how sees Dominia, less like "just his birthplace", and more like some sort of miracle land that allowed him and his family to move from a life of piracy to one of comfort as a Primary (Of course, of comfort but of duty too). This, however, isn't such so important for him as a character, considering this all took place when he was still very young (at less than/
  9. Hey there! Firstly, thanks! Secondly, about the age, the first draft had Sezrak be around 30 years old, but then I saw the wiki page for Xeno-archelogists/Anomalists which says "at least 25 years of age" (https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Xenoarcheologist). I can still make him 30 or something and tweak all the dates if it's just the wiki page not being up to date. As for the more lore-related questions: - Sezrak is rather neutral toward Unathi hailing from the Hegemony, and to the dismay of many of them, would treat them like any other Dominian Unathi;
  10. BYOND Key: Captain Gecko Character Names: Romeo Watari (Scientist), Dagga Bloedwurm (Lab Assistant), Sunette Jagter (Freelance Journalist), Narrator WINGMAN (pAI) Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Light Orange/Yellow ("Sand Colored") Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I really want to play as an alien, most importantly, a Unathi. I am very interested in playing a character that comes with different mechanics (but not too diffe
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