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  1. Byond key: TomiixStarslasher Discord key: Tomiix Character Name: Optikam Al-GoodmanI Item name: Aut'akh left and right arms and legs, soul anchor. If allowed the other implants as well. Itemfunction(s): The limbs and soul anchor are purely cosmetic, to show that this character is a human who is genuinely part of the Aut'akh colony on New Gibson. They would use the existing entities and would preferably start on him. The implants he would also want to receive, but if it is found improper for balance reasons, that is fine. We can just say his organs weren't compatible. Item description: Why is your character bringing this item to work?: He was saved after a terrible accident on New Gibson by the Aut'akh colony, and fully integrated into their society, after feeling listless in life with what he was doing before. Finding purpose in Oss. How did your character obtain this item: A life saving procedure, after exposure to the surface of New Gibson gave him terrible frostbite to his extremities, and the cold air damaged his lungs. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: My character finds his augments priceless, as besides helping him live they symbolize generosity and compassion of his Aut'akh saviors. His soul anchor connection to Oss brings him a lot of comfort. Sprites: Already exist in the game, but I would like the limbs to be cargo orange, but I'm not sure if that's possible while maintiang his human body. Additional Comments:not sure how feesible this is, but currently it feels odd running around saying I'm Aut'akh with human made limbs and no soul anchor. This would help the characters place greatly.
  2. Ckey/BYOND Username: TomiixStarslasher Why are you interested in applying for a Unathi Deputy position?: Unathi are the species that I am solely engaged in, and that I deeply care for. I am a former Unathi Lore Deputy, and feel I am able to resume the position in some capacity. I have pretty big ambitions for the different factions, and having worked on and helped develop some of them, I would love to resume that position. What will you want to focus on if we take you on? Why?: I would love to develop slice of life pieces, and fluff about the culture of the different factions. Develop and design characters in the different factions. Make the world slightly more richer, and give people things they can add to their backstory. How exactly does Oss work? What shenanigans are the Si'akh up to this time? Rebellious Ouerean anti-hegemonic playwrites encouraging heresy? All things that can be played with. A lot of factions have themes they can hit more often, and I could help with those goals. Some factions need serious reevaluation, and refining and fine tuning. I am seeing complaints on a regular basis of places where timelines don't make sense, or things don't seem practical. Dominia I am looking at you. I have already begun reading their entries and determining solutions. It requires an eloquent and thought out approach, as disenfranchising that player-base is the last thing we would want to do. The goal would be to make things more consistent with the timeline of the rest of the galaxy, and to help Dominia fit in better with the lore at large. After which these goals are achieved could we move on to some genuine development of their story at large. What is Unathi lore to you? What niche does it fill for our setting?: The Unathi on the grand stage of the galaxy of bluespace capable races are often looked at as the most primitive. While some may view this as a weakness, I view it as a great potential to explore issues that affect us in the current day in a different context, providing perspective that we may not have outside of game. They also have great potential for callbacks to classic struggles of feudal societies. They have a great deal of mysticism surrounding them as well, which leads to creative science fantasy writing. Do you have examples of past commitments for creative works? (Hosting or playing in a DnD setting or otherwise proving you can devote time to the position): I am a frequent D&D dungeon master, and am taking classes on play writing/acting. I recently wrote a ten-pager on my main Unathi character, of which I posted here on this forum. (Y'all should read it... please... somebody.) Sometimes our community can be very aggressive in response to lore developments; can you feel easily defeated by hostility towards your work?: I still play Azala Guwan/Huz'kai after years of flaming from multiple people. Developing her lore and writing stories about her. You tell me. Additional Comments: I look forward to the opportunity. Please DM me your favorite lizard. For extra credit and to gain my favor, your favorite crack lizard ship.
  3. Hello denizens of Aurora. I returned recently in my semi-activity. Inspired by my nostalgia for this server, and wanting to catch up others on the story so far of my main character, Azala. I wrote a kind of biographical series of flashbacks, while I set up her next major character arc. Please provide me feedback, as I am not very good at writing and had a lot of help while writing this to try to make it as easy to read as possible. If you enjoy it, please take some time and let me know! I have been beating myself up while trying to get the confidence to post this, so the encouraging word would be appreciated. I don't anticipate a lot of people caring, because this work is highly specialized to appeal towards people already invested in the character, but if you came across this and haven't done stuff with my character, say hi!
  4. Tomiix

    Absolute State

    The problem of "people are playing traditional unathi wrong" is something that can be fixed. The problem of "too many people play traditionalists" cannot be fixed. Removing the sexist aspects would get rid of the narrative hurdle that is being subverted in the first place. So the only enforcement there is to make clear what is considered dishonorable, and enforce it on the whitelist, since to most traditional unathi dishonor is worse than death.
  5. Tomiix

    Absolute State

    This reads to me like you don't pay attention to the rest of Unathi lore, which is disappointing because a good amount of work goes into it. People are encourage to subvert this on station because they aren't ON moghes. People need to play into it because we need antagonists, people to play the straight edge traditional. People who play imperfect characters with flaws. Flawed ideals and flawed mentalities included. The Unathi are primitives xenos who nuked themselves. Having them be MORE like humans just panders to the furries more. Most furries are liberal, and would see it as a invite. (Which I don't even see why is a point you made, but since you did, there is the counter.) A good amount of unathi lore and the stories shows the absurdity of the male focused environment. The sub-cultures that defy it and are totally functional show the ridiculousness of it. The unathi on station prove it to not necessarily be a justifiable cultural norm.
  6. Tomiix

    Absolute State

    I was referring to AKA, feelings you have about Marlon, the individual. So just so I understand you correctly, your complaint isn't with what is written, but what isn't written, which is a clear set of things that guys could do to women that are too far? If so, this snippet from the wiki. "Women still do hold power in some ways. They are responsible for raising the children and can hold influence over their husbands. When married, their former clan can lose a lot of face or honor if she's mistreated or divorced." Could likely be expanded, and fulfill this need. I can reactivate my old lore deputy mode and type out something that can be submitted for approval.
  7. Tomiix

    Absolute State

    @Sytic Thank you for addressing your personal bias. You don't have to have an answer to this. It's not your responsibility to, but if you have specific issues with the wiki/way Unathi Traditional values are presented, do you have specific examples? How would you want them changed, in a way that the other Unathi players would find agreeable? Not liking something is one thing. Asking for changes that not many others are asking for is another. Offering solutions that we can use and see if the others could agree to would be preferable.
  8. Tomiix

    Absolute State

    Okay so, if this isn't intended to be a callout post, I will do my best to give you the benefit of the doubt. Like it or not, this is a callout. The indirect jabs at the 'lore writer' by sytic, and the logs showing how you talked to Jackboot are you being shown to be aggressive and indirectly calling people out. I don't know your whole situation, but it looks like you overblow a lot of things, and assume motives. Either that, or can't properly communicate your feelings. Like I said, sexual harassment should be accosted. Not courting a woman appropriately, is simply dishonorable. Unathi men acting excessively lewd towards women clearly don't understand the in lore repercussions of such actions. I.E., threatening his and his clans honor or reputation by harassing another clans woman. If she is set to be wed, or is already being courted, his physical saftey at the hands of another man when he clocks out. Men who don't RP with that in mind, aren't doing it right IMO. If they are one of those 'I don't give a shit ill do what I want types' their character will either need to go through a arc where they shape up, or eventually be fired and G-worded.
  9. Tomiix

    Absolute State

    Hey so, an incident I was involved with got mentioned, so now I am here to comment as an old Unathi female player. I have a pretty generous tenure of playing a bully-magnet Unathi female and I have some things to say. Firstly, now that Sleepy pointed out that she is the one who was playing the character, I am able to address the callout. Whereas, I feel like if you knew that it was sleepy who was playing the character, and you knew who sleepy is, you would know there was no malicious contempt oocly, "self-inserting" or otherwise. Baseless accusations on people's ooc motives, even implied, should be cut the hell out. Secondly, I am going to have to disagree with the general tone that this forum board has taken on this matter. When you sign up to play a certain white-listed race, you sign up for the whole package. How others of your race views you because of how you are, based in the rules of that race. The reason why we have white-list applications is so that you understand these quirks going in. The good faith assumption going into role play with your character, is that people will treat you as you can expect to be consistent with the lore. IE, if you are a female, traditionalist unathi will likely disregard you no matter your station, while Ourean unathi or 'queendoms' (they werent around when i last was active, not sure how I feel about them yet still, but a current prudent one to mention) are more inclined to respect them. When making your character, you are quite literally signing up to play your role. How you interact is how you play your role in response. I play a very strong female unathi, who is intelligent and has a good station, of which she never would of had on moghes. This causes males to be jealous, more harsh, and demeaning. My character responds to them in her own way. I had a long drawn out rp with a male security officer that got me dragged into an IR after they tried to intimidate me into doing a terrorist plot. Me and that player OOC really enjoyed that arc honestly, and there were no hard feelings. You need to be open to the idea that your character is going to go through some hardship, which is the struggle that the Unathi are dealing with. You dealing with the hardship is what makes the moments where you shine just the more brighter. I have never been exceedingly harassed out of game sans one incident, that had nothing to do with an IC interaction, because our characters never talked. It wasn't even of a sexual nature, it was the typical 'hurr durr snowflake char' bullshit. I don't make it a habit of taking things from beyond it's face value if it isn't hurting me. Of course if people are taking the abuse into OOC, that is a problem. However we cannot just make conjecture about the intentions of other people based on how they behave in character, that isn't fair. I can understand the point of people masking ooc bullying as ic behavior, and I have seen that happen with a certain IR that targeted a certain female unathi that you also mentioned that still hasn't been addressed yet, but should. However this shouldn't be the base assumption, and can be handled ICly, as was suggested earlier. If you feel it's really bad, and the person is disproportionately targeting you to the point where they are no longer playing a realistic character who is at work to bother you, an ahelp should solve that. That character will likely get fired as it continues, and the player will learn their lesson. Or don't and get in trouble for meta-gaming. I certainly feel like roleplay from Unathi males can be enhanced. Some I have met in game over my years have been really good at being demeaning, or disregarding females who think they are tough shit. The ones that are being deviants or straight up physical however, should be prepared for some dishonor. They should also be pressured by their peers more often when it comes to accosting females or assaulting them. Since doing so lowers your own status, however this doesn't happen as much. Maybe more could be done to enforce better traditionalist RP, and people should be held accountable for maintaining their whitelist. I would let the lore-team handle that however and not go on individual witch hunts. Point out the observed behaviors and let them talk to the player, discuss with them on how to be more lore friendly. It's a thin line between enforcing lore realism and making it difficult to have creative liberties and autonomy over your character. Too much restrictiveness can have the inverse effect of making everyone the same. Sorry if at points I ramble, its late but I don't have time to do this later. Very much a now or never sort of post. Edit: cause your reply just loaded. Just an FYI, the escalation there was fine. He received ample warning that physicality was coming earlier in the shift.
  10. Tomiix

    Absolute State

    - I clearly don't know how to edit or delete posts properly. Sorry.
  11. A really lovely application, lots of thought and effort was clearly put into this. It is hard to apply as a Guwan, but those who do so and succeed are mainstay Unathi players, and I like that. (Not to stroke my own ego while saying this.) I am very excited to see this character around station. This is a +1 from me. We need more Lizbians to join the party.
  12. If I had a say on who would succeed me or take my second deputy slot, Zyy would be one of them. I look forward to see how you do.
  13. One of the main reasons why you were banned was because you didn't seem to grasp what HRP was and every time you seemed bored, you griefed the round somehow. A proper unban request would involve you explaining your understanding of what you did wrong and how you plan on changing the behavior. Your low effort approach to this ban appeal and the lack of any substance on your understanding of what you did wrong does not compel me to approve this at all. When I ahelped you 'why did you burn yourself' you only answered 'I don't know'. Until you are able to eloquently answer that question and show your improvement your unban will not be accepted. Request Denied.
  14. Damn now I'll have to rewrite all 500 issues of Woody Got Wood.
  15. I had @Catnip help me delete the warning. As for a CCIA investigation. That would be up to you and if any CCIA would want to take that. I would accept a CCIA action instead of a character change, however in the future you shouldn't make characters who are going to need to be scrutinized by the CCIA, as if you were hired, you already were.
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