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  1. A really lovely application, lots of thought and effort was clearly put into this. It is hard to apply as a Guwan, but those who do so and succeed are mainstay Unathi players, and I like that. (Not to stroke my own ego while saying this.) I am very excited to see this character around station. This is a +1 from me. We need more Lizbians to join the party.
  2. If I had a say on who would succeed me or take my second deputy slot, Zyy would be one of them. I look forward to see how you do.
  3. One of the main reasons why you were banned was because you didn't seem to grasp what HRP was and every time you seemed bored, you griefed the round somehow. A proper unban request would involve you explaining your understanding of what you did wrong and how you plan on changing the behavior. Your low effort approach to this ban appeal and the lack of any substance on your understanding of what you did wrong does not compel me to approve this at all. When I ahelped you 'why did you burn yourself' you only answered 'I don't know'. Until you are able to eloquently answer that question and show your improvement your unban will not be accepted. Request Denied.
  4. Damn now I'll have to rewrite all 500 issues of Woody Got Wood.
  5. I had @Catnip help me delete the warning. As for a CCIA investigation. That would be up to you and if any CCIA would want to take that. I would accept a CCIA action instead of a character change, however in the future you shouldn't make characters who are going to need to be scrutinized by the CCIA, as if you were hired, you already were.
  6. Hey there, Tomiix here. Let's talk about this now that I have time. Sorry for the wait, I had a lot going on. After other staff took time looking over logs and how your character behaved during the round when I applied the ban, I don't see any reason how you can justify said bans removal. Your character endangered himself and the crew by entering the engine room drunk. He tried justifying bus behaviour by saying his Vodka were his messons. A character who behaves this way REPETEDLY is not someone who would realistically be working on the station. My stance has not changed on the ban or the reasonings for it. And if this character hasn't changed and I catch you acting unrealistically again with the same character we will have the same conversation. The warning may of been overzealous, but our warning system is our way of letting you know what the rules are, and help us establish a history of your behavior. You can't just use your drunkenness as an excuse to metacomminicate to the entire station what the antag type is. Which is why I established the warning.
  7. Hephaestus Protest Turns Into Rioting Editors note: Translated to Basic by human Sinta'Unathi linguist. A week long protest after sweeping firings from Hephaestus mining facilities and refineries throughout Ouerea has turned into a violent riot at the Hephaestus New Skalamar headquarters. The timeline, as we know it now, is the following. On the twenty-ninth, Union leaders organized a walk out in response to Hephaestus refusing to negotiate benefit increases or salary raises, as they used to before the Hegemonic conversion. Due to the more corporate friendly laws of the Hegemony, Hephaestus was no longer restrained to having to listen to union leaders. In response to the walkout, Hephaestus fired all employees that didn’t show up for work. Since then the former Hephaestus employees began strikes and protests outside of refineries and mining sites, attempting to block IPC and Vaurca crew Hephaestus was bringing in. Lords across the planet deployed their Watchmen to disperse the protests and ensure the safe delivery of the Hephaestus workers. Yesterday, protests began at the Hephaestus New Skalamar Headquarters, the protesters consisting of disgruntled employees, their families and pro-workers groups that have been organizing on websites like Ouerea Now. After an hour of protesting, Hephaestus private security began pushing the crowd away with non-lethal measures like tear gas and riot gear. Watchmen from the city’s garrison arrived and began forcefully dispersing the crowd. The crowd began singing the warsong that has been made popular after the raider attack on Terraforming site 47. Hephaestus Security Officer Duland Eskvis struck a currently unknown Sinta man with his bare claws after the unknown man attempted to shove another Security Officer. After drawing blood, violence ensued as the combined force of the Watchmen and Hephaestus security fought off the rioting crowd. It is reported that two protesters died during the fight and dozens more are wounded, and this news has already sparked outrage throughout the colony world. With Ourea Now receiving the most traffic today then it has since it’s launch. As of now, Ouerea Now has crashed, likely due to the heightened traffic. However, it may not come up any time soon after an order from Overlord Yiztek, who has declared the following. “From this point forward, I hereby order the net site “Ouerea Now” to delete its service from it’s servers. Their website has become the organizing grounds for terrorism. As is apparent today, it is being used to organize and radicalize otherwise good Sinta. May the plague of social media end with Ouerea Now.” It is yet to be known how this declaration will work out, but the Sinta Articles will report on the situation further.
  8. BYOND Key:TomiixStarslasher Character Names:Azala Huz'kai, Sir Ver, Jedark Korpar Species you are applying to play:Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):Silver or Wheat Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:Yessir Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question Why do you wish to play this specific race: I do like the design of the Tajarans first and foremost. The Tajaran political conflict is less interesting to me then the mannerisms that they have. Tajaran culture and they way they behave and the way that their culture formed is more interesting to me. The way that there is clear racism in their society... but the racism isn't superficial. Each ethnicity in Tajaran culture do have clearly breed differences. Sure, these differences don't make them worth more than one another morally wise, but character wise? Their interactions with each other and how they value each other based on race, and the fact that they base their assumptions and how they treat people on more than mere stereotypes is interesting to me. I am also intrigued by the NKA the most, and would like to eventually make a character that explores that facet of Tajaran life more. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:The most obvious difference is that Tajaran have different social norms than humans do. Especially their emphasis on avoiding nouns that seem to personal, like you and me. Preferring to refer to each other as him and her. While maybe not intended but certainly as a result this wildly shapes how they look at gender as well. Besides this obvious surface detail, they also are heavily impacted by the sudden appearance of an advanced civilization on their lives. The Tajaran people and their land is viewed widely as a resource to be used while they are weakened in their own civil war. Nanotrasen has been able to get away with inserting itself into Tajaran life, and is impacting the outcome of this species. Therefore, they are certainly not as culturally advanced as humanity, and are much more traditional. Also coming from a time of feudalistic oppression, they are certainly more rebellious than Unathi are. A species I am used to playing. Character Name:Luka Abdul-Jarih Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphsLuka Abdul-Jarih was born to a average M'sai family in the then PRA controlled Dymtris who ran a family run pharmacy. As a young child Luka had aspirations to be a hero, like the ones he was told of in stories. His parents promptly nipped this in the bud, informing him he had a duty to help run the family business as the only child. Establishing early on that he had a duty expected of him. As he grew older his dreams of being a superhero became more practical, as he became interested in emergency services. However, his overbearing parents continued to dismiss his goals into young adulthood. Luka would sneak off to First-Aid courses taught by the IAC, and his parents would schedule him with more hours alone in the shop. Leading to an absurd climax where the pharmacy would be open until two in the morning, with a tired Luka studying from a book behind the counter alone. The contradictions with Luka’s wants and expectations continued with Luka’s arranged marriage. Luka’s parents arranged a marriage between Luka and another businessman's daughter to unite the two families to help their joint survival. Luka however had no interest in women, and shuddered at the thought of having to live with one for the rest of his life, daming him from having a partner he could love. Luka had interests elsewhere, in a childhood friend that he had always been drawn close to. Although he didn’t reciprocate his feelings, and had female friends of his own, Luka kept a unhealthy obsession and closeness with him. Luka’s conflicts with authority informing his life decisions, and with him having very little to say about it culminated in one climatic event, the NKA’s declaration of independence from the PRA, and the PRA’s occupation of Dymtris. Luka was 16, and running the store during one of his cruel late night shifts when he began to hear artillery fire. He looked outside, and to his shock found that buildings began to crumble as the city was under siege. At first he was shocked, but then frightened, not for his own saftey, but the safety of the people around him. As injured tajaran fled to the streets, Luka began taking them in and treating people to the best of his amature ability. The night ran long and hard, and Luka indiscriminately rush to treat as many Tajara has he could. Not even noticing when the artillery fire stopped and when the PRA began marching onto the city. Luka continued to run out and drag Tajaran into his care, treating them indiscriminately in a stress induced furor. Until finally, he was physically grabbed by a PRA soldier he had treated while he was treating his close friends father, a NKA rebel with his friend looking on in horror. The soldier demanded the surrender of the injured NKA rebel at gunpoint. The M’sai PRA soldier expressed not wanting to shoot the young man who treated him, but he could not allow him to treat his enemy. Luka, in shock and terrified, was forced to surrender the injured Tajaran. The injured man dragged off while his son looked on in horror. Luka, not wanting to see the result of his cowardice, went back to work. Unable to hear the gunshot or the sobs of his best friend as it was drowned out by the moaning for aid from the injured hoard of Tajarans in his pharmacy. After other medically trained Tajara volunteered to help, Luka rested. Waking up to find out he lived in a PRA occupied Dymtris. Amongst most of the people, Luka was regarded as a hero. Hearing the story of the young man who helped save so many, he became a local folk hero overnight. Only being spared being silenced by the PRA occupiers by the fact that without him many PRA soldiers would of died as well. However, amongst all of this praise, Luka could not feel any more defeated. He would still be stuck in a city that was no longer theirs, in a family business he didn’t want, with a wife he could never love, without the support of a best friend he had lost when he failed him. One night, Luka wordlessly ran from home with everything he owned and went underground, being smuggled off world for a brighter future. Luka chose the name, Luka Abdul-Jarih. A combination of a portion of his original name and Abdul-Jarih, meaning ‘servant of the wounded’. He proceeded to sign up for a contract with the space corporation Nanotrasen. Working and getting an education with EMT and Paramedic certifications. To his family and friends, the Luka of old is gone, what will the new Luka Abdul-Jarih bring to the galactic theater? What do you like about this character?While his backstory is very dark, he actually has a lot to be happy about. Luka is now free in a twisted sense. Although he is stuck working with Nanotrasen in a less than advantageous contract for him, his world of opportunities are much wider than they have ever been. He can be more of himself, and enjoy free choice. He will certainly have moments where the stress will get back to him, and will still have to conflict with his romantic feelings, but in general this is a character who will be happier to play than my other ones. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I don't like tooting my own horn, but people seem to like roleplaying with me, some going out of their way to coordinate with me. So that is pleasant. Notes:This is my second attempt applying with the same character. Although the backstory is LONGER now, the real part where this app shines better than the other is that it has more focus and is more historically accurate and friendly. It also has less bait and jokes in it, as people seemed to not appreciate memes being sprinkled before and after the backstory.
  9. The last thing I was actually looking for is a defense, or ask you to discuss that here. As a lore deputy, you will be representing not only yourself but the lore team, if you are able to set aside what I discussed with interactions with the community and your team, or at least promising to do so, I can give my tentative +1 to give you a shot.
  10. It is nice to see somebody who is very interested and passionate about Unathi lore who is not only a fantastic writer, but brilliant artist. Your credentials are very nice, and the quests you wrote are fun to read. Having a history of frequenting 4chan and quest threads often, that hit a twang of nostalgia for me. I don't think your skill and potential to be a great story teller is in question here. However, you saved me the trouble of bringing up this point, which I appreciate. I will be blunt and not beat around the bush, because people cannot improve if they do not know exactly what is wrong. You have a habit and long history of attacking the people you disagree with rather than arguing with the ideas themselves. Not only with me but a with a good number of people. (I won't bring up specific incidents not involving me and you in the forums, but if you want me to bring up what you already know I can site the incidents I mean in DM's.) You can be very presumptive and abrasive, and in a team environment where you will be working with two others (one of which is in charge of you) and a greater lore/wiki team that is now 10+ members strong I wonder how long you would last without causing issue with the group. It is important to me and weighs heavy on me to ensure that you would be able to put ego or emotion aside and focus on discussing the idea. In the end everyone on the lore team is going after one thing, making the lore better. For full transparency and disclosure, I have an admitted chip on my shoulder when we discussed my ideas for the Unathi religion concept I brought up. Multiple times in your replies you attacked myself, my character, and my intentions instead of discussing the idea. Saying that I was trying to write lore to better the situation for my character, saying that I was being sleazy, ect. Understanding your passion for Unathi as a species, and for discussion on the boards in general, I can see why you didn't like the idea I put forward. However if any of those things were true, would I have posted the ideas on the forums for said scrutinization? In the end you made good points, and were one of the reasons why that idea has been buried. But if that is your first reaction (not even a knee jerk reaction, as it was apparent you took time to write things out), and the way you handle requests for feedback, I need to question how you would fair being in our discord or meetings where we spitball things. Or if you have an idea that we shoot down or go forward with an idea you didn't agree with ect. I am glad that as a deputy developer you are interested in developing lore. Me and Jackboot are currently working on sweeping additions to the Unathi to try and flesh them out. So someone coming in with new ideas is certainly welcome. I am curious to hear some of yours, and gripes you may have with the current lore. Dunking Jackboot's old ideas garner you bonus points with me.
  11. Hello! Tomiix here! Unfortunately I had to give you the warning without giving you said warning of the warning because admins didn't delay round end like I had asked, and warned you in the following round when you left. This was a warning given to all parties involved. When investigation occurred, I looked at the combat logs involved and talked to the involved parties. It turns out that things went a bit far and that things turned out to be an misunderstanding. This seemed plausible enough, and I had no reason to doubt the roboticist when it turns out they had only hit the stretchered indivudal once or twice, on help intent. All players involved were warned to ensure things were meant to happen ICly, especially when said attack only happens once or twice. This included the robotisit looc'ing a void message. As for why you became paralyzed, I used my moderator wind to stop your fight from getting too far. I winded all involved players, as I needed to read your logs as this at first looked like classic round end grief. I hope this clarifies the circumstances from the staff end, and why the warning was applied. A round end misunderstanding turned into a brawl involving others and causing collateral damage, to the point where it looked like end of round grief. Such a thing is easily avoidable.
  12. Tell us more about the new kingdom. How you feel the average citizen of the awkward duck faction works.
  13. Izweski Scramble After Terra-forming Site Abandoned By Workers After Wastelander Show of Force Editors note: Translated to Basic by human Sinta'Unathi linguist. 19 miles north of the city of Sahltyr sits a formerly bustling work camp known as Site 47 on official records. This location boasted 250 workers and 4 large atmospheric seeding machines that weremeant to generate rain clouds and storms and generally bring moisture back to the desert to halt the Wasteland's advance south and prevent the devastation of Sahltyr. But today the work camps are completely abandoned, with only Izweski bannermen patrolling the area in search for the elusive bandits that caused it to be abandoned in the first place. On the 26th the small levy of 20 Sahltyr levymen defending the site reported a large group of wastelanders approaching from the North, many of them armed. The levy ordered the workers to abandon the equipment and barricade themselves in the bunkhouses while they took up a defensive position. Reports claim that over the crest of the hills around the camp over 4,500 wasteland Sinta surrounded the camp completely. According to witnesses they were all armed with crude ballistic weapons and covered in ragtag armor and clothes. They were lead by a Sinta wearing a desecrated, salvaged-looking Breacher Suit. On the command of this leading Sinta, all 4,500 Wastelanders began to give out bellowing war songs. The camp's levy desperately requested help, but Lord Aizrahu Kaizi of Sahltyr responded that he had no men to spare. Facing the overwhelming odds, Commander Jauki Kaizi, younger brother of Lord Aizrahu, personally left the camp with a flag of surrender. There he met with someone who claims to be Don'ziki Azarak. This paper cannot stress enough how impossible this claim is due to the undisputed fact that the Azarak dynasty was brought to a brute end by the Contact War. The bandit leader accepted the surrender on the condition that the camp hand over their Izweski overseer, Tua Izweski and allow their technicians loot the seeding machines. Jauki dishonored himself and his lineage by accepting, and the entire camp was allowed to leave after forcefully handing over Tua. The workers all fled to Sahltyr, where Lord Kaizi contacted Not'zar Izweski. Upon learning of his cousin's status as a hostage, Not'zar Izweski has announced a new decree demanding an additional 2,000 Sinta from the levy provided by Ouerean Overlord Yiztek. An entire force of 500 Izweski bannermen have relocated to Sahltyr, lead by Commander Yauzi Izweski. They detained Juaki early this afternoon and Yauzi summarily beheaded him for the crimes of Abhorrent Dishonor. Lord Kaizi, who was formerly allowed autonomy, is being escorted to Skalamar where he is expected to formally apologize to Not'zar Izweski for allowing a member of the Hegemon's immediate family to be handed over to rampaging bandits without a fight. The forces being assembled by the Izweski are presumed to be preparing for a major expedition into the Wasteland to rescue the captured Tua, and destroy the marauding bandits threatening Izweski ambitions. Meanwhile, on Ouerea the warsong bellowed out by the wastelanders is being downloaded by the thousands every hour from an unregulated website on the extranet. The themes of the song, mostly of anti-Izweski sentiments and describing the hardships of being forgotten seem to have resonated with the Sinta youth. Overlord Yiztek formerly blocked the website from the Ouerean Extraanet, decreeing it a terrorist propaganda site. He has also quickly banned the public playing of the song. This however has not stopped users from Ouerea Now from sharing the song, garnering it a million plays by this article’s conception. When lord Yiztek ordered Ouerea Now to ban the sharing of the song from it’s servers, Ourea Now administrators claimed that it was looking into ways to stop encouraging terrorism. As of now however, no action has been taken.
  14. Coalf and Zundy making me want to cry. [mention]Bygonehero[/mention] The unathi already believe that spirits can poses common objects for small amounts of time. If they made shells like a shrine, and they had the capacity to hold souls that would seem to fit their lore. The spirit isn't bound to the shell forever, just like how the spirits wouldnt be bound to a sword forever. They idea behind prosthetics is that they 'extend' their souls into prosthetics like ancestor spirits can enter objects. Again both would be limitedy used. I am not saying this faction is going to be literally decked out in cybernetics and have industrials running around.
  15. If people largely have an issue with the synthetic thing, it isn't a hill that I plan to die on, I am writing lore to please the playerbase, and to get more people to play and enjoy Unathi. I feel Kaed's concern about Th'akh, and plan on highlighting Th'akh more, since I have noted and agree that Sk'akh steals most of the spotlight. I am hoping to hear more about people's input on a faction that is slightly more accepting of Synthetics and prothesis than normal. I have decided to drop the gender thing for now since that will muddle the conversation and unfocus it.
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