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  1. I feel like if the PR notes were clear, and the announcement more transparent about what we would be losing, I think the Aut'akh would of asked for it to be stopped and changed. The half-baked implementation without consideration for the characters it would destroy, is sort of disheartening. Yes, it was a desire I had to have non-fbp Unathi. It's something that is clearly lacking and should of been added. However not considering that removing the option of the FBP and what it would do to the existing community in a way killed a lot of Aut'akh characters and the motivation to play them. Honestly a proper solution would of been to just... do something similar to how Off Worlder Humans work. Create the Reborn Aut'akh, and then create a Shard Aut'akh which is a unathi with access to Aut'akh implants and limbs. I don't see why this would of been any more of a challenge with other recent examples showing how this could be done. I don't want to give anyone a hard time, it was most certainly a slip up instead of something in malice. But I would rather us not have access to Shard Aut'akh and having to wait however long it would take to separate the two then continue to have just Shards. I don't think its fair for people to not be able to play their Aut'akh they already made within the limitations. +1 BTW
  2. Yeah but how long will it take for me to earn it back? I don't expect you guys to allow me to immediately re-apply for the whitelist. At this point this judgment is going to severely impact my enjoyment of the server in the long-run, since it kinda kills my main character. I mean, unless I can play this lack of a whitelist off as 'diversifying skill-set training's' and still claim that I'm a Research Director in lore, but just not act in that capacity in game (unless made interim), but I'm not sure how much of that is allowed.
  3. I know it's up to the discretion of administration to define 'too many administrative actions' However, I am not sure if one very low severity one, which is completely unrelated to the issue that got me banned. The warning by paradox, the first one was: "Please do not break immersion with prototype gun names or anything else. References to modern day memes are a no-go." Which is me not knowing that a certain name was considered a 'meme name' and the one serious one, is too many. Please keep in mind, that these two warnings, are two of four total warnings that I have on my account, during the course of three years of playing on the server off and on, of which not one is a major warning.
  4. For me, personally some of the antag types are pretty hard to work with. A lot of it is the pressure to have a good gimmick. I keep my antag preferences on so that we have a chance to have good rounds in different types, but then I have a pressure to perform/am walking on eggshells to not get in trouble, and also give everyone a good time. I'm also pretty bad at the game's mechanics, and use the fact we are a slower paced HRP server to my benefit. I'm kinda afraid to take risks, and try new things, because of harsh consequences and group judgement of what kind of antagonist I try to be. Nowadays I kinda just want to play extended, but that is me personally. If I am playing antagonist rounds, I'd like a bit more diversity for lower pop, since I only seem to have time to play when pop sits at 20-30 people.
  5. I didn't get that impression from the reply, however the current circumstance is that he banned me. At the end of the day I care less about the reversal of the ban, because also at the end of the day two people's experiences were ruined, and some form of justice is merited for them. It not mattering if it came from ignorance or not. I am simply asking that the totality of my situation be considered, as well as the good of me having a majority positive command rounds vs the two negative ones that happened near each other. I wasn't aware that you couldn't relink the borg to the AI. That wasn't a bug but more so a lack of understanding of how the mechanics worked. This isn't where the bug occurred, but that it occurred during the crowbar scene. To be precise about the series of events, so that there is no confusion. >I had my PDA in my hand, to eject my ID so that I could surrender to the borg once I realized he had a weapon. >Backup arrived, and I paniced and started clicking and moving around like my life depended on it. Causing me to unlock - lock - unlock before I realized I had a fucking PDA in my hand. >I realized I had a PDA in my hand, and swapped to my crowbar, which again had the consequence of not doing damage, but starting a opening animation. The borg pushed me away, and I was still juking him, and the loading bar sprite never finished, so I didn't think it had opened. (It doesn't help that the sprite was also a custom sprite, so i didn't recognize the sideways open hatch sprite. >I put my crowbar on my belt, and get a punch click in before looking for something else to bludgeon with, my saviors break through the glass and back me up, and my attempted punch throw instead pulled the power cell. I understand it's a very convenient series of events. I also understand that there is no way to verify if this was malicious or not. I at the end of the day wont be mad at whatever decision you make, because I get that we need to be fair to everyone. I just feel like that when you take in the totality of the situation, a series of mistakes, accidents, and a bug happened. I made my best effort to bring all of these issues to the proper channels attention, and I have created an action plan to improve and avoid this issue again. I feel like that is more effort than someone that was making something up would put in, but at the end of the day that is for you to decide. I am simply asking that my otherwise relatively clean record, long activity, and overall normally non-controversial status on the server be considered in totality. That you trust that I am not being malicious, that I am taking the warnings and advice to heart, and that I am going to do my best to avoid any future bwoinks. I would understand this approach to someone who was unproven, and joined the server mere weeks ago, I just personally feel it's unnecessarily harsh. I'm just asking for one more shot, before my character that I play the most, and was my motivation to return, is essentially stripped from me.
  6. Hello! First of all, sorry that I wasn't able to apologise to you in private. I didn't know that you played thay Borg until now. So, sorry about the round! I had no understanding that cutting your link would not be a reversable action. I thought I would be able to cut it, question you, and uncut it. Thinking it would liberate you. When I cut you and put the cell back in, and you commented on the unlinking, the other director at the time mentioned the command announcement. I repaired your link and was kinda devastated that it didn't fix itself right away. If I had known that cutting the unlink while fixing your cell was not reversable, and would hamper your entire round, obviously i would not of done it. I thought I was being clever for further RP and instead I was embarrassed. So, sorry for my general stupidity, and harming your gameplay. Now that I know this, I'm not gonna mess with the Borg wires. I would like to say my record before the past few days was very good. I made a real bad judgement call the day before the incident in reference in the op. So my lack of knowing how mechanics works is kind of killing me here. I would understand if it was beyond a reasonable doubt that I had bad intentions, or if this behavior was more consistent then just these two rounds. But it isn't, which is why I'm asking for clemency.
  7. BYOND Key: TomiixStarslasher Staff BYOND Key: Alberyk Game ID: b5y-aB66 Reason for complaint: I was banned for valid rules violations, but I feel like I could of been warned instead, due to the circumstances of the incident. Evidence/logs/etc: A ban request thread, in which I was redirected to this. Here I explain my story. Additional remarks: I do not want to argue with the reasons for the ban, as due to a result of circumstances rules violations occured. I just want to argue that I had shown during the round that I had taken a good faith approach to address my warning and improve, and that I could of been given the benefit of the doubt. I don't feel like being banned/having my whitelist stripped is fair when a series of reasonable accidents and a bug caused something to happen that I did not want to happen. I have since the incident did everything in my power to report the bug, and talk with the effected players on how future encounters in this situation can be improved, and myself and the Borg in question found faults in our gameplay that caused the RP to not go the direction we both thought. We both discussed the situation in depth, and agreed a combination of lag and misunderstanding caused the incident, and that there is no bad blood. I also acknowledge that I need to relearn the systems. Like for example with the Borg being delinked. I had no clue you couldn't relink them when you cut the wire. I thought the connection would be restored if I mended the wire, like other hackables. Or that you can't see what a Borg is welding without examining them. I'd also also would like to note that there is nothing against Alberyk. I don't disagree with anything but the form of punsihment. He has to treat me like everybody else.
  8. I'm confused, you make it sound like I have an option, when it currently seems like I either choose to be unbanned and lose my whitelist... or choose to be on 72 hour ban and still lose my whitelist. Are you saying that I have some other option?
  9. I feel like this is overkill, and not only overkill, but kind of bans me from playing the main character I enjoy playing. I don't feel like two instances of misconduct, one of which was accidental, should lead to me being banned from playing my character. I'd like to request a probationary period, of the length of time it takes for my warning you gave me on this matter to expire. If I goof up again I cannot object to you taking my whitelist. I feel like enough people benefit from me having my whitelist that it outweighs the recent two incidents of negatives. If it would help, or make you feel better about this, me and the affected parties already talked and have gotten over the incident, and have actually had really pleasant conversation on how to improve and work with fleshie/Borg encounters that I can adapt and share with others. They said they intended to reply to the thread, if allowed and I think it could provide a perspective on why I might be deserving of that courtesy of the third strike. Edit: For added context I think I would rather sit in 72 hour time out then have my whitelist barred for an indeterminate amount of time.
  10. The difference is that you can survive being hit with a stun, and can even win the situation. If you pry a borg during combat you will get boinked because it's not reasonable to be able to do that during a combat situation.
  11. I'm not really sure how often good faith capturing happens in rounds that you would want to disable a borg. While moreso my ancedotal experience is that you simply pull the cell and throw the Borg in robotics to sit for the rest of the round. Furthermore, I can't think of a situation where you would be okay to remove their cell during a combat situation. If the Borg is fighting back in any way, and you pull a cell, that is considered power gaming.
  12. Do you feel pressured to have a good gimmick? I know an apprehension I have is that I don't want the spotlight to be on myself necessarily, as ooc can be pretty toxic if they don't like your gimmick. As an admin how do you approach security no-rp shitstomping you? It's interesting that even as a staff member you kinda feel defeated by a sense of low-rp shenanigans. I would think the theory is that by ahelping them, they will be reprimanded and the behavior eventually curving.
  13. Currently, it is really easy to meme, even accidentally, a cyborg. While the rules against power gaming should apply to most instances of these tactics to disable a borg, I feel that they still need a buff for things to just make better sense. I am proposing the following changes. Crowbars should not be able to pry a borg while the user is in intents harm/grab/disarm. This is a buff to the crowbar, as you can now use it to attack borgs. This is a nerf to prying, as you can be more easily bullied while in help intent. Borgs should not be able to be pryed open while they are powered and in harm intent. Borgs have limited ability to combat external threats outside their few tools they get to have at a time. While they are in harm intent, their hatch should lock down so that it cannot be pryed open, to prevent tampering giving a similar message to doors with security motors. If you ion them and make them lose their power, I can see the argument for then being able to open it, as it can no longer resist you. You should not be able to open the hatch while the borg has a shield. I am not sure if this is actually doable, but this was relaid to me by a borg main, and if it is then this just doesn't make sense point blank.
  14. Hi there! During my return to Aurora, I've noticed a repetition in secret round types. A lot of the time, the round type in secret ends up being malf ai from my personal experience. When it comes time for the game to fetch a secret roundtype, a lot of other types get ignored because of a lack of antags. It's kinda killing the diversity of rounds from my anecdotal evidence and experience. How does the general community feel about this? What's the motive for people turning off antag as often as they do? I have some theories of my own, but I want to reserve them and not steer the conversation until I hear some unique inputs first.
  15. BYOND Key: TomiixStarslasher Total Ban Length: 72 Hours Banning staff member's Key: Albyrek Reason of Ban: Reason for Appeal: TL;DR I accidentally ignored fear rp because I forgot how certain mechanics worked, and new changes to the server confused me. I accidentally power-gamed due to a bug. I understand how these actions are bad, harmed the fun of a player, and agree that rules were breached, and I resolve to use my new understandings of the game mechanics to ensure it doesn't happen again. --- Hey, it's your boy, Tomiix. My return to the Aurora has been kinda shakey what with getting used to the changes and remembering how SS13 works. After a year or more of inactivity I have returned, and having a blast, besides from my antagonist activities. Yesterday Alberyk gave me a well reasoned warning about how to approach dealing with AI's, and reasonable central command messages. Today I joined a late in progress round to a kind of hectic situation, and was waiting for command (the multiples of each role, since there was an ongoing AI gimick I wasn't aware of.) While I was doing so, people were complaining about the AI in coms. Heeding the warning, when I came in and found the other 'director' (who was roleplaying not knowing what to do due to the gimmick rather well.) I reasoned it would be fine to disconnect the borgs link to the AI until I got further clarification on what was going on. The gimmick was explained to me, and I attempted to relink the borg, but for some reason repairing the wire wasn't relinking the borg. We tried troubleshooting it over looc, but I think the borg ahelped and got it fixed. My second issue during the round was when a borg sprite I had never seen before rolled up (looked like a generic borg with the light hat on) came by and requested my ID, after the AI had ordered the surrender of all ID's. At the time the then captain that I recognized from prior rounds had informed me that he intended to turn off the AI, and so I didn't really want to comply. I didn't feel threatened, until it hit me. It asked me to again drop my ID, and I put my PDA in my hand, getting ready to eject it and drop it on the ground. Then the captain and his friends showed up to bust me out, and then all bets were off while I was hitting the borg with everything I had, since I had backup. First was my PDA, because I agilely missed my click to try to get a bludgeoning weapon in my hand, and miss pressed a key to switch hands with my keyboard and was sweating. I then didn't miss my click, and drew my crowbar, which started a loading bar. I noticed the loading bar start up, and I panicked cause I in the moment forgot that would open the chasis. (Against normal opponents, the crowbar is my go to spanking weapon... which doesn't get used a lot because I avoid most fights cause I am bad at aurora combat.) The borg pushed me away, so I thought I was good. (After reviewing the log later after I was banned. In the chat the success message popped up despite me being a whole tile away, and the loading bar disappearing. My next post will be in bug reports. ) Not wanting to crowbar and open it again, I swapped to hand because I had no other weapon and... I think you know where this is going. A combination of the captain breaking in with the borg chasing me around, and them staring at me trapped in the robotic's manufacturing wing with the power cell in my hands, kinda caused me to just roll with it. I accidentally meme'd a borg. The wackyedy sax series of events explanation out of the way, I want to first get my apology out of the way to the borg. Whoever played F.R.E.N. that round, I am super sorry. My return to the game has gaps in my memory, one of them being that borgs don't display items in their hands, so I had no appreciation of the fact that there was an underlining threat to my character with your hammer tool. If I had known that, I would of cooperated a lot sooner. I know the series of events sounds more like a story than truth, that is what Alberyk straight up said to me. However, it is true, and if I had taken the time to examine you, and known that I needed to do that, the scene would of played out a lot differently. F.R.E.N., you tried really hard to be fair with me, and your LOOC message that you should of killed instead of rp with me really deflated me. I didn't know what words to say, because I really don't want that mentality to be prevalent in the community. I used to have that mindset when antag players would gank me, or not give me as much time as I thought fair a long time ago, and it kind of killed my enjoyment of the server. Everyone has their own definition of 'reasonable time frames to reply' and 'reasonable amount of rp'. I play heavy rp because I am not skilled at robusting, nor do I want to be known as the most robust. If I had a preference, I'd want everyone to play more like you, and not feel punished when they play like you. I tried to bring Alberyk's warning to heart, and I hope my interaction with the first borg shows my good intentions. I'm not sure how I could of recovered from the cell popping situation, without a lot of loocing with the other players who were breaking into the lab to save me, and made it to the borg to stop trying to help me and pause rp for a sec so that I could fix it. I didn't have that idea, and I am not sure if that would of flown with everyone else. Staff suggestions on how to reversal accidental mistreatment of antags/regular players as an antag would be appreciated for me so that I can apply it in the future. I don't want to be known or have the reputation of a bad egg, I am just trying to relearn everything again. I wanna be a good egg. Thanks for reading and considering my ban talk. Edit: Adding a link to my bug report to contribute. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/issues/8197
  16. Aticius is a very competent coder, spriter, and character writer and role player. I feel like their multifaceted skill-set and dedication to the species can only be an asset to your development of them, and how quickly said development can impact the station. They have an endorsement from me, and my preference for a pick if only one can be had.
  17. I'll start with Dominia, and move forward. As Dominia is kind of easiest to pick on, and was the one I focused on the most. Firstly, the biggest egregious thing about Dominia, is that it proclaimed itself an Empire after Unathi raiders invaded the planet in 2437. A year before Unathi developed the capacity of space travel, before the contact war. Either first contact with the Unathi needs to be moved back a bit, or Dominia needs a reworking of it's origin story. I also find it extremely surprising that this empire was able to proliferate as largely as it did, over the course of twenty-five years. I find it very odd that Unathi who before never had contact with the technology went from being slaves, to being able to control an entire fleet and dominate a planet. To then that planet resolving the tensions fast enough to unify the world, to then get so many other planets into it's rule and start effecting the global stage so quickly. The concept of Primaries, Secondaries, and Tertiaries don't make sense to me. "the colonial overseers implemented the rationing programs that required large family sizes for food ration cards. This first generation of neglected exiles formed the Primary generations. Children born as Primaries were held in high regard, for they were considered the future of the colony, being born into a rugged and inhospitable environment that gave rise to a spirit of ruggedness and perseverance. The rationing programs did not relax until 2195, when life on Dominia was no longer a brutal struggle to survive. The people born in this generation form the Secondaries." Okay, so those who had bigger families had more access to food because they were given higher ration allotments... because they had to split it among themselves more. That doesn't necessarily mean they were better off eating, nor would that make you suddenly held in high regard. Who dictated where the rations were handed out? What kept people from fucking a lot to have more kids to become a 'primary'. What does being part of a big family have to do with being the future of a colony, besides the parents just helping population size? Why are bigger families incentivised in times of food struggle? Furthermore, when food starts being abundant again, the children of this generation were called the secondaries. Yet... descendants of the primaries are still called primaries, so which is it? I think one of the confusing things, was they use the wording 'born in this generation'. What would make sense is that, people who qualified for the rations under the new program became the 'secondaries', but again the premise of this program makes no sense. I feel like a better way to do this, is to emphasize the importance on faith, and call the primaries the faith founders. Since people found comfort in faith, those who had popular religious ideas, found claims to family members who performed holy deeds, and otherwise were favored by the people or whoever was in charge of rationing were given the tools needed to survive. I also feel like the emphasis on ruggedness should be reversed. If you received a lot of special treatment, and were given rations so that you could peruse educational or theocratic pursuits, while others had to focus on cultivating food to survive, the primaries should be the less rugged, while as you go down to people being included in the government food program get lower in class but higher on the ability to survive. Since it took longer for them to get the assistance. It would also make the whole 'debt' thing make more sense. As the primaries were the ground breakers and took on the intellectual pursuits required to form their governance, while those who labored for themselves could only help themselves. --- My next target is the Grim Compact. My major criticism with the Grim Compact is less to do with potholes, and more so with 'why?' The faction is very 'extra' with societal terms and a culture based around these two personalities. I should start with the fact that the characters created are really neat, the story by itself is cool at most points, but it being a major faction doesn't make sense. I don't like that the Hegemony gets a free pass by essentially sponsoring and benefiting from a major terror organization that steals from the citizens of other governments. Why hasn't the Sol Alliance, Biesel, or anyone else protested or threatened the Izweski over the actions of these pirates? Why does a religion with a large focus on removing chaos from the world in favor of order sponsoring pirates? Because Unzi needed to get out of a tight spot one time? I am very surprised that half of Sk'akh faithful are cool with these guys. Why does this need to be a faction? Personal anecdote time, I haven't seen a single unathi from the Grim Compact on station. Why would someone who was a former pirate, who is unapologetic for their actions, work for Nanotrasen? I can see Unathi being from the planet that is being abused by these pirates, and how they have to struggle with a banana republic of sorts. I can also see a Unathi being repentant for their actions, but this is less believable as apparently at least half of Unathi society accept them, so they could just as well turn home to where they would be more comfortable. What stopped this person from making their character from just saying they were a pirate? If the Grim Compact take up a slot in our 'faction allotment' I feel like they could be made a lot more minor of a role then they are now. Instead of trying to be it's own culture it should be a opposing force for the Hegemony. A plot-point about a planet that the Hegemony is trying to reclaim, and instead a faction be made to either explore something priorly unexplored, that is a major difference from the normal unathi flavor. The grim-compact feels like the Hegemonic structure but pirates, and it shows it's shallowness very clearly. --- I like the Wastelander factions, and think they can be expanded upon more. The Reclaimers are cool, but not a lot separates them from Star War's Jawas. A lot more can be done to talk about how they are merchants, or archaeologists. Discovering relics from the old world. They could set up interesting tendencies like how they preserve things, or create odd devices through scraps of old tech. More can be developed. Like the american natives, they have settlements that are ment to be moved. Where do they move and why? Do they have a pattern? Perhaps the clans of the Reclaimers circle between the untouched lands and other wasteland settlements, and drive a global economy of sorts. Clan Gawgaryn does not read well on the wiki. I am mega confused about what the fuck they are so repentant about. They simply don't make a lot of sense to me and could be restructured to be traditionalists that committed war-crimes during the contact war. This doesn't feel very well thought out, and like it's a work in progress. Very under-cooked idea. The Spirits of the Oasis is non-offensive, and can be used to play up the story of the Diona-Unathi relationship. They make sense but again are very open ended, but in this way I feel like that is a positive. As they aren't trying to present a different style of Unathi play, but simply a way to play a non-hegemony loyal unathi, who still plays like a basic traditionalist coalition unathi. --- Thank you for the good question, and letting me get out my initial thoughts. You have a lot of good candidates to choose from. You should definitely pick one or two that you feel could be great assets to your creative efforts, and make things easier for yourself.
  18. It's been my distinct pleasure to return to Aurora to players like Skyglazer playing and enjoying the game. He puts a lot of work and love into his characters, and cares a lot about the spirit of heavy rp. There is a reason why I choose to spend time with him above many others. I give a big +2 cause my opinion matters more, clearly.
  19. +1 Now my erp's won't result in my baguette melting off mid p.
  20. Reporting Personnel: Azala Huz'kai Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Research Director Game ID: b5p-aJ9S Personnel Involved: (Dastgir Ma'zaerral - Head of Personnel - Witness) -(Holiday Lynn - Captain - Witness) - (Ian White - Janitor - Actor) - Secondary Witnesses: (Tzarka Ssarzi - Lab Assistant) Real Time: (Estimate between 11:00 and midnight. Kinda drawn out. Also involves things in the prior round.) Location of Incident: Research Nature of Incident: [x ] - Workplace Hazard [ x] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [x ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ x] - Misconduct Overview of the Incident: During the course of the shift with Ian White, it came to my attention through problematic use of language over coms, as well as odd projects he requested to do, like creation of nine janitorial bots, that things would get odd. However, what I wasn't expecting during my first shift with him was for him to inject himself with five units of Mutagen, making himself a test subject. During the course of this discovery, and us studying him and attempting to reverse the effects of the mutagen, he insisted on continuing to test on himself. Eventually, his impatience and incompetence led to an accident that severely burned him, of which involved him smoking in an area where he wasn't supposed to. After his recovery, when I shared another shift with him, he proceeded to then again insist on self experimentation, while claiming he respected that we wouldn't let him on station. He also continued inappropriate conversations on communications, and was harassing other crew after they would inform him he cannot smoke in the department. This harassment led to him making implied threats to the assistant Tzarka Ssarzi, as well as towards the on duty pharmacist (of whoms name I did not gather) when they did not provide him Phoron for another one of his escapades he wasn't willing to fully inform me about. His continued failure to regard the safety of himself or others, led me to work with the Head of Personnel to demote him for the shift, and make this report for further action. Submitted Evidence: Attached transcript. Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: Holiday Lynn, Captain - Dastgir Ma'zaerral, Head of Personnel Actions taken: Crewman was demoted and scolded for the behavior. He served the remainder of the shift as a janitor. Additional Notes: It is my personal belief that this individual is mentally unstable, and is lying about his employment records and qualifications in some capacity. He also may still be considered Nanotrasen property, and the nature of that status needs to be looked into. Transcript: [00:00] Recording started. [00:03] Azala Huz'kai says, "Ian. For thiss sshift you are going to be demoted. However, I am curiouss to hear more about your ssituation, sso that we can have thiss cleared through the recordss office." [00:13] Ian White says, "Yeah, that's fair." [00:28] Azala Huz'kai says, "Hopefully we can come to a ressolution, that will make thingss eassier for you in future sshiftss." [00:38] Ian White says, "I'd hope." [01:08] Azala Huz'kai says, "Firsstly, tell me about the accelerated degree path, and your criminal investigation that wass apparently wiped from our recordss." [01:11] Dastgir Ma'zaerral says, "You've made a mess of today Misterr White." [01:17] Dastgir Ma'zaerral asks, "Is that fairrr to say?" [01:27] Ian White says, "If I had a nickel for every time someone told me that." [01:32] Ian White says, "But yes, that's fair." [01:36] Dastgir Ma'zaerral says, "Then you'll underrrstand why he expects you to clean this up." [01:38] Dastgir Ma'zaerral says, "Quite literrrally." [01:49] Ian White says, "Makes sense to me." [01:58] Dastgir Ma'zaerral asks, "May he see yourrr ID?" [02:36] Dastgir Ma'zaerral says, "Please use the update function on yourrrr PDA." [02:49] Dastgir Ma'zaerral says, "Ah." [02:50] Dastgir Ma'zaerral asks, "Do you have a copierr?" [02:55] Azala Huz'kai says, "Unfortunately, no." [03:04] Dastgir Ma'zaerral says, "Then he will simply fax it to himself." [03:18] Azala Huz'kai asks, "What sschool did you attend Misster White?" [03:47] Dastgir Ma'zaerral says, "When you arrrre finished herrrre please rreporrt to Janitorrrrial forrr the rrrest of the shift." [03:50] Ian White says, "Northeastern Medical." [04:21] Dastgir Ma'zaerral says, "He should go check on ourrr brrrrewing situation." [04:25] Dastgir Ma'zaerral asks, "Mind letting him out Dirrrrectorrr?" [04:34] Azala Huz'kai asks, "And with northeastern medical, you got a doctorates in Xenobiology, and chemisstry, in only eight yearss?" [04:48] Dastgir Ma'zaerral says, "Let him know if she needs anything else." [04:50] Ian White says, "This is correct." [05:17] Ian White says, "At the time, pursuing two doctorates simultaneously was allowed." [05:21] Azala Huz'kai asks, "What were you accussed of when you were being invesstigated in sschool?" [05:40] Ian White says, "I was accused of mass production and distribution of illegal narcotics." [05:52] Azala Huz'kai asks, "And in a trial wass found innocent?" [05:56] Ian White says, "Correct." [06:08] Ian White says, "I had it wiped from my record to prevent employment trouble." [06:33] Azala Huz'kai says, "Undersstandable. Nanotrassen iss a non-disscrimitory equal opportunity employer anyhow." [06:41] Ian White says, "I will give them that." [07:04] Azala Huz'kai asks, "Now, why do you have a sstrong philossophy of sself experimentation?" [07:18] Azala Huz'kai asks, "Wass thiss taught in sschool?" [07:37] Ian White says, "Not taught, no, it did come to me, so to say, while in school." [08:10] Azala Huz'kai asks, "Do you believe sself-experimentation iss ssuperior to monkeyss in ssome way?" [08:15] Azala Huz'kai says, "Bussy." [08:17] Ian White says, "In every way, shape, and form, yes." [08:50] Azala Huz'kai asks, "Can you explain?" [09:31] Ian White says, "When working with oneself, the response is immediate, there's no middle ground, you know what you feel, and you know what's happening to yourself near instantaneously." [10:06] Ian White says, "A monkey can't articulate it's feelings, and the red tape of getting a human test subject is an enormous hassle." [10:34] Azala Huz'kai asks, "Are you aware that when you sself experiment, like you did lasst round with the mutagen, that you become nanotrassen property?" [10:39] Azala Huz'kai says, "Er- sshift." [11:02] Ian White says, "I was not aware of that as of my last shift, no." [11:18] Azala Huz'kai asks, "With that knowledge, doess that disssaude you from future experimentation?" [11:29] Ian White says, "In my workplace, yes." [11:43] Azala Huz'kai asks, "Doess thiss mean you would want to outsside of work?" [11:50] Ian White says, "Yes." [12:04] Ian White says, "If I were legally able to, I would, in a heartbeat." [12:10] Azala Huz'kai says, "Undersstandable." [12:51] Azala Huz'kai asks, "Can you explain the failure to follow direction when it comess to the ssmoking in prohibited areass?" [13:06] Ian White says, "What can I say, I've always had trouble with authority." [13:26] Ian White says, "That combined with the nicotine addiction as well." [13:36] Azala Huz'kai says, "Undersstood." [13:57] Azala Huz'kai says, "Talk to me about your interaction with crewman Ssarzi." [14:19] Ian White asks, "The one from the medbay?" [14:27] Azala Huz'kai says, "Pleasse." [14:58] Ian White asks, "Was she the one who needed the phoron?" [15:07] Azala Huz'kai says, "No, that wass the Vaurca." [15:12] Ian White says, "Ah." [15:18] Azala Huz'kai says, "But, you may talk about you going to medical and demanding phoron if you wissh." [15:42] Ian White says, "I wouldn't say I demanded it, I just asked for it in a very blunt and cold manner." [16:36] Ian White says, "But, in reference to my coworker, I honestly believe that was a misunderstanding, from what I recall, I asked her in the elevator if she was going to tell the HOP that I was smoking in a prohibited area again, and she got the impression that I was attempting to intimidate her." [17:01] Azala Huz'kai asks, "Don't you ssee how the area you were in, and the nature of the quesstion could lead her to believe that?" [17:20] Ian White says, "Yeah, 100%, I'm not saying that I wasn't at fault, merely that it wasn't my intent." [17:28] Azala Huz'kai says, "Alright." [18:01] Azala Huz'kai asks, "White, would it be fair to ssay that you haven't been following direction?" [18:15] Ian White says, "I guess so, yes." [18:44] Azala Huz'kai asks, "Okay. In the future, when we clear out your hisstory and permissionss to work in our department, are you open to following directionss?" [19:01] Ian White says, "More so than I was, yes." [19:18] Azala Huz'kai says, "Alright. When you get home from work today, pleasse re-read your corporate handbook." [19:35] Azala Huz'kai says, "I'm going to let you go off to your new assignment, don't want to hold you for too much longer." [19:53] Ian White says, "Take it easy RD, see you around." [19:58] Azala Huz'kai says, "Pleasse give me your materialss." [20:14] Azala Huz'kai says, "Any ssupliess that are for thiss department only. Anything you keep that dont belong iss contraband." [20:26] Ian White says, "That's all I've got." [20:36] Azala Huz'kai says, "Alright, the HoP will give you your new ssupliess." [20:42] George Field says, "Hey." [20:51] Azala Huz'kai says, "Have a good day, Misster White." [20:56] Ian White says, "Take it easy RD." [21:04] Recording stopped.
  21. Byond key: TomiixStarslasher Discord key: Tomiix Character Name: Optikam Al-GoodmanI Item name: Aut'akh left and right arms and legs, soul anchor. If allowed the other implants as well. Itemfunction(s): The limbs and soul anchor are purely cosmetic, to show that this character is a human who is genuinely part of the Aut'akh colony on New Gibson. They would use the existing entities and would preferably start on him. The implants he would also want to receive, but if it is found improper for balance reasons, that is fine. We can just say his organs weren't compatible. Item description: Why is your character bringing this item to work?: He was saved after a terrible accident on New Gibson by the Aut'akh colony, and fully integrated into their society, after feeling listless in life with what he was doing before. Finding purpose in Oss. How did your character obtain this item: A life saving procedure, after exposure to the surface of New Gibson gave him terrible frostbite to his extremities, and the cold air damaged his lungs. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: My character finds his augments priceless, as besides helping him live they symbolize generosity and compassion of his Aut'akh saviors. His soul anchor connection to Oss brings him a lot of comfort. Sprites: Already exist in the game, but I would like the limbs to be cargo orange, but I'm not sure if that's possible while maintiang his human body. Additional Comments:not sure how feesible this is, but currently it feels odd running around saying I'm Aut'akh with human made limbs and no soul anchor. This would help the characters place greatly.
  22. Ckey/BYOND Username: TomiixStarslasher Why are you interested in applying for a Unathi Deputy position?: Unathi are the species that I am solely engaged in, and that I deeply care for. I am a former Unathi Lore Deputy, and feel I am able to resume the position in some capacity. I have pretty big ambitions for the different factions, and having worked on and helped develop some of them, I would love to resume that position. What will you want to focus on if we take you on? Why?: I would love to develop slice of life pieces, and fluff about the culture of the different factions. Develop and design characters in the different factions. Make the world slightly more richer, and give people things they can add to their backstory. How exactly does Oss work? What shenanigans are the Si'akh up to this time? Rebellious Ouerean anti-hegemonic playwrites encouraging heresy? All things that can be played with. A lot of factions have themes they can hit more often, and I could help with those goals. Some factions need serious reevaluation, and refining and fine tuning. I am seeing complaints on a regular basis of places where timelines don't make sense, or things don't seem practical. Dominia I am looking at you. I have already begun reading their entries and determining solutions. It requires an eloquent and thought out approach, as disenfranchising that player-base is the last thing we would want to do. The goal would be to make things more consistent with the timeline of the rest of the galaxy, and to help Dominia fit in better with the lore at large. After which these goals are achieved could we move on to some genuine development of their story at large. What is Unathi lore to you? What niche does it fill for our setting?: The Unathi on the grand stage of the galaxy of bluespace capable races are often looked at as the most primitive. While some may view this as a weakness, I view it as a great potential to explore issues that affect us in the current day in a different context, providing perspective that we may not have outside of game. They also have great potential for callbacks to classic struggles of feudal societies. They have a great deal of mysticism surrounding them as well, which leads to creative science fantasy writing. Do you have examples of past commitments for creative works? (Hosting or playing in a DnD setting or otherwise proving you can devote time to the position): I am a frequent D&D dungeon master, and am taking classes on play writing/acting. I recently wrote a ten-pager on my main Unathi character, of which I posted here on this forum. (Y'all should read it... please... somebody.) Sometimes our community can be very aggressive in response to lore developments; can you feel easily defeated by hostility towards your work?: I still play Azala Guwan/Huz'kai after years of flaming from multiple people. Developing her lore and writing stories about her. You tell me. Additional Comments: I look forward to the opportunity. Please DM me your favorite lizard. For extra credit and to gain my favor, your favorite crack lizard ship.
  23. Hello denizens of Aurora. I returned recently in my semi-activity. Inspired by my nostalgia for this server, and wanting to catch up others on the story so far of my main character, Azala. I wrote a kind of biographical series of flashbacks, while I set up her next major character arc. Please provide me feedback, as I am not very good at writing and had a lot of help while writing this to try to make it as easy to read as possible. If you enjoy it, please take some time and let me know! I have been beating myself up while trying to get the confidence to post this, so the encouraging word would be appreciated. I don't anticipate a lot of people caring, because this work is highly specialized to appeal towards people already invested in the character, but if you came across this and haven't done stuff with my character, say hi!
  24. Tomiix

    Absolute State

    The problem of "people are playing traditional unathi wrong" is something that can be fixed. The problem of "too many people play traditionalists" cannot be fixed. Removing the sexist aspects would get rid of the narrative hurdle that is being subverted in the first place. So the only enforcement there is to make clear what is considered dishonorable, and enforce it on the whitelist, since to most traditional unathi dishonor is worse than death.
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