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  1. Add water cooler to main medbay lobby.
  2. If it's unbalanced, consider making it a ghost verb? exit corpse, then re-enter corpse with hearing? I'm not sure.
  3. Allow corpses to hear what is locally around them. This allows you to let players know that you're in your body, and hear what transpires around you. You can already see, at least let us actually spectate from the corpse's perspective? Completely if at all possible.
  4. Just like the title says. There are a lot of times I wish I could set a status on my PDA so that people know if I'm currently working, on my lunch break, or in some project. You see the status of the person from the crew manifest and also if you're messaging them, and can set your status at the messaging menu. Optionally this could be visible at the crew monitoring station, where health is displayed alongside their status in parentheses. This gives a more reliable method of letting everyone in your department know what you're doing, if you bother with it. Don't have to shout out over the radio, where the log will only remain for a few seconds. You could even set 'away' to let people know you're AFK temporarily.
  5. It doesn't have to always end with the rip in reality. It could be for a gamemode, or used as a concept for something else.
  6. Right now, when the supermatter explodes or has its meltdown it's boring in a text-book and realistic way. We all take radiation damage. That's the main threat. What if when it blew up, it ripped the fabric of reality and SOMETHING pours in? Sure it could be xenomorphs, but anything could happen at that point. It could be its own gamemode, or the side-effect of delamination. As it stands, there's a lot of potential here for something powerful and fun. Chaotic. Lights could blow out too, and give us a Black Mesa kinda feel. ERT could get called in to either kill or rescue people, with a 50/50 chance. Maybe it's not the most original idea. But it's intended to be fun, and we can do our own spin on it! ANYTHING can march out of the portal.
  7. Created by BRAINOS at my request. I would like this hair added to the game for everyone to use, including myself. It's intended for females. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/347132555218255893/481271930079412224/animehairthing.dmi
  8. It's not impossible to get rid of your crap. But every single round? Your character's bringing a labcoat he hates, in this case, to work. And wearing it. Every day. Oh, and penlights were just an example. Not everyone hates them. There's just plenty of stuff I'm sure people would rather have be optional. rather than have forced into their slots just to remove them consistently within seconds of spawning.
  9. Every job has those items you are forced to spawn with in your inventory by default. This is annoying because you might not necessarily want these items and wouldn't necessarily wear them or take them to work with you. Captain has the captain's cap and sunglasses, and doctors usually get a labcoat and penlight. This means you literally have to throw these things away or stuff them somewhere every time you join into the game and not want them. Or if you have a jacket or hat already, you have to change. My suggestion is this. Give us occupation preferences in our character setup, where we simply say yes or no to optional objects. Captain Sunglasses: Yes/No Captain's Cap: Yes/No Medical Doctor Penlight: Yes/No Labcoat: Yes/No
  10. Give players options for allergies in their loadout. These allergies could range from mild to severe reactions, with exposure potentially being lethal. This could lead to particularly interesting ways of killing someone as a traitor or adding another layer to medicine. Add something like Benedryl or other medicine to stop allergies and help reverse side-effects. The medicine can be combined with things they're even allergic to to prevent a reaction so long as it remains in their system. Chemicals, food, medicines, pretty much anything you want to add to the list. These could go into their exploitable information tab by default, or optionally.
  11. Could you reiterate what that OOC purpose is? Also, the adult category contains blood, gore, mature themes and also sexual or suggestive things. You can push everything else into the fiction or other categories, but the adult bookshelves could be made into something else for consistency.
  12. Ditto, but optional with its implementation. A hot shower making you cold would make no sense, but if you towel off... I have a hot shower, yeah, then go for the next thirty minutes without drying off, I'll be cold. You should be toweling off immediately after your shower. Guess so. But knowing the game, it'd be instant. Probably.
  13. So you can have a somewhat fine-dining experience if need be? People approach the podium, declare how many will be seated, then get their order taken/etc.
  14. Ditto, but optional with its implementation. A hot shower making you cold would make no sense, but if you towel off...
  15. If you get splashed with a solution that is water, become wet. If you examine someone, you'll get a description eg, "they are dripping wet," in blue text. If you're in clothing, your clothes will get a descriptor "wet" similar to how they can become bloody. Again, blue text for that too. If you use a bath towel you will become dry immediately, but otherwise will dry off on your own. Optional dripping icon state, water beads falling down your body. Also add a cabinet with towels, in restrooms.
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