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  1. I think that with earbuds you would still need to hold it to use :l or :r.
  2. I think you could tell specific information with some kind of forensics gadget, adding more depth to crime scenes. This could help you determine whose footprints belong to who. Like if bloody footprints are from the same set of footwear or if someone else was present.
  3. Whether forensically or just through observation, it would be cool to see what made the footprints. Barefoot? Paws? Boots? Shoes? Sandals? These are all helpful things to know, and you could probably tell by examining. If you want to know what type of boots(workboots, jackboots) or shoes(sneakers or dress), forensic tools could be used? Thoughts?
  4. I think there's more than one weakness to the radio. You have to go into a menu to toggle the microphone so people only hear what you want them to hear, and right now, everyone close to you hears it. I think the "everyone hears it" part is really obnoxious, and that in-universe characters would feel that way too. If you use earbuds on the station radio, you still have to do the stuff with the microphone in a menu. If you wear earbuds, you cannot wear a headset too. It's still a pretty crappy option even with the earbuds, imo. But it's slightly better.
  5. It's a lot better. I disagree for the reasons I mentioned above, but I appreciate you explaining your points.
  6. That's it? "Bad -1" dismissal At least hear me out or actually debate why it's a bad idea. I think it's a good thing. People act like vomit doesn't exist as is, because it doesn't actually get on anybody or make a huge mess like blood does. And we all know that bloody footprints are far more hygienic. I have a blood bar to wash myself with in the bathroom.
  7. Vomit puddles start wet like blood. If you walk in it you leave yellow footprints and your shoes/feet get vomit on them. When the vomit dries this no longer happens. Just to make it more gross, but also consistent with most other puddles that come out of people.
  8. Earbuds that can be attached to a station-bounced radio, so you're the only one that can hear it. Station-Bounced radios remain functionally the same, but don't leak audio. Not visible on character sprite, thus making it ideal for nitpicky xeno players who realize they don't have ears on the side of their head or have nothing for headsets to attach to. Upgrade to station-bounced radio that makes sense, without replacing the headset in the meta. Headsets do not take fiddling and can be used with various commands during your say verb, like ; or :c. Emphasizing the fact that audio can still leak into the microphone, just as normal. And you still have to toggle the microphone on and off to speak into it. If there's anything about this suggestion you do not like, or if there are parts of it you do like but others you don't, it could be tweaked or discussed below. Thank you for reading my suggestion.
  9. you have got to be joking. it's just adding another piece to the corporate set? "snowflake uniform?" It's a single beret.
  10. Corporate jumpsuit is all black with barely a sliver of blue. That's just more of the same by putting a beret on top of that. "Black is tacky" is an opinion, not a fact, you know! Nevermind how you could wear accessories and badges on top of what you have.
  11. We have very polished audio feedback for loading and unloading a .45. There's even a sound of casings falling to the floor when we unload it. Is it possible we can have an additional sound, even if it's recycled from something else, for inserting bullets into a .45 magazine?
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