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  1. I have seen a small number of secborgs that roleplay well, but I understand that secborgs may damage the balance of the round. I like the concept of secborgs, but many of the arguments proposed for their removal are sound. Their execution is just not acceptable, as is. Cyborgs have a set of laws that they cannot logic or reason with, them or anyone else. Secborgs, therefore, cannot be reasoned with. An IPC can think for itself, whereas a secborg cannot. An IPC, also, can be fought in a much more level playing field. Without extensive reworking, removing them and allowing IPCs to fill in for the robot security officer meme may be the right thing to do from a gameplay perspective. They have tangible problems that could be rebalanced, however. This is the kinda sloppy solution. I like secborgs and think that suddenly chopping them out is pretty jarring, rather than attempting to fix their problems.
  2. I suggested burns because people can usually recover from them and they aren't so bad. Even getting lit up by a carbine isn't the worst thing in the world. If a victim resists arrest, being stunned multiple times after being downed is usually just done out of spite. The perpetrator should get in trouble if they actually hurt the person that was not violent, but just trying to escape. If someone was fighting tooth and nail to get away, however, that's another story.
  3. Plenty of lore is disregarded on a daily basis in SS13, no matter how relevant it is to the station and the people on it. Things are overlooked and left unexplored, whether it's the lore of a race or the different corporations. I get where you're coming from here, also. As for letting people know about the cryo pods, in-game, without policing it or making people they should change up everything or have their roleplay stolen, I was thinking of a few ways to do this. There is descriptive text when you enter and exit a cryo pod, for instance, and perhaps it could be expanded to reflect these changes? There's always the wiki or a book, but that's generic and I feel like it could be described organically just by how your character is feeling in a sentence or so upon exiting the pod. Whether or not people are aware of lore, this is something that has almost none whatsoever. People who do not read the lore and just want a quick spawn without waiting usually don't roleplay how cryo sleep made them feel, so I hope these changes wouldn't negatively impact them. They don't need to be hounded or corrected for just wanting to skip loadtimes, and there's no continuity between most rounds as I said. Instead of exploiting cryo every round, the canon could be that they only sometimes use the pods. Most people don't go straight to cryo when a round ends, instead riding the shuttle to their home.
  4. What are you talking about? If you're implying that my post is saying "no you cannot roleplay this," that's not right. Those couple of hours that anyone rests in the pod(before freezing) could be all they are functioning on, as there are plenty of people who work on just a couple hours of sleep and in fact act similar to what your character is doing. Being tired all the time from abusing the cryo system is essentially what I'm proposing happen to anyone who chooses to roleplay using the cryo pod to exclusion. Nothing is different from what you're already roleplaying. When I say "there's no substitute for real sleep," I mean to say "this is not enough sleep to sustain a healthy lifestyle." There's nothing physically stopping you from using just the cryo pod, and you could adapt to very little or subpar rest. Even if it's not good for you.
  5. A few minor burns for excessively tazing someone and them needing ointment because you put it to them might get you in trouble with the higher ups if you were just supposed to stun them two or three times. The point is so that, by causing damage through excessive tasing and stun prodding you leave evidence of excessive force that can be utilized to make a case against you. If you stun the heck out of someone over and over, you can just say you didn't actually hurt them and as far as mechanics are concerned you didn't, despite using excessive force. Permanent or severe damage may not be ideal after all for doing that.
  6. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): None of the above. Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): Cryo sleep actually having mechanics; people needing real rest eventually. How will this be reflected on-station? Cryo-pods will be more nuanced and feel like part of the game. Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists? Not applicable. Why should this be given to lore developers rather than remain player created lore? There is no lore around cryo sleep or the pods, as they are largely regarded as an OOC way of excusing players from the round. If I were to propose this as a single character, the concepts behind cryo sleep remain up in the air for everyone else. Do you understand that if this is submitted, you are signing it away to the lore team, and that it's possible that it will change over time in ways that you may not forsee? Yeah. Long Description: I wondered a lot about cryo pods and how they affect an individual's body. There were some things I was thinking should be canonized or detailed about them, since some things are up in the air about how they actually work. Here are some of my ideas, although minor. After the individual inside falls asleep, the machine gives a short while for their body to reach R.E.M. This is so that the body naturally begins rejuvenating itself at least a little bit. After an hour or hour and a half, the freezing process begins. The pod can detect whether or not its occupant has reached this state of sleep, so there is some leeway if you have insomnia. The freezing process slows down the rejuvenation process mentioned above, including all other bodily functions. This preserves their current condition and wakefulness for later, without improving upon it too much. When the occupant awakes, they should feel only slightly more rested and potentially have sleep inertia if they were already sleep deprived when going into the pod. Those who weren't very tired will feel around the same as they did going in, but a little more alert. Like a nap. There is no substitute for real sleep. Workaholics trying to abuse the cryo system will eventually start to become delirious as they avoid true rest. The machine preserves their current condition and wakefulness for later, without improving upon it too much. You still need to go home to recuperate at some point. You cannot live at work forever unless you want to be tired all the time.
  7. Tasers, when used in great excess(5+ shots), could cause minor burns. Batons, in great excess, could cause severe ones. I don't think that's too crazy. It's not rule breakers we're having in mind here, just actual repercussions for stunning someone way too much so that the regulation being broken makes more sense. People falling over and getting hurt is one thing that will probably never happen.
  8. In my time of using rubbers, and tasers, rubbers seem to be the only thing that can seriously hurt someone when improperly used or excessively used. What I'm suggesting is that excessive tasing/batonning should have potentially less-than-lethal or dangerous consequences. If you whack someone with a baton several times, even on help intent, expiring your whole battery on a person should cause severe burns, or heart damage, I'm not talking about the few necessary strokes. I'm talking about the three or four licks when they fall down and are already stunned, and are being excessively punished. This way their misuse is comparable to that of misusing .45 rubbers, and excessive force is actually excessive.
  9. Helmets allow you to toggle hair. Why not hats? Beanies hide your hair, even loose beanies. Why not let us toggle that sort of thing?
  10. I agree with the above. On a side note, could the parade uniform ever be more feminized? Could the regular captain's cap possibly have alterations?
  11. I see what you did there. I see what you did there.
  12. I think that as things are, the interaction between characters and their personal relationships are usually what drives the round for people. I almost never see or hear a drop of lore outside of a few subjects, unless someone is doing something because of lore. Which really isn't that often in my experience. As for direct and immediate consequences, I don't see many. All the races are generally tolerant of one another for logical reasons unless an event or antagonist empowers them. There's no reason to bring up history or lore on a normal day of Aurora, unless you're talking in private with a colleague or are making an effort to include it in something. I admit I'm biased. I've played the game off and on for years and haven't learned almost anything about the human race on our server. There are not many organic opportunities to learn something about the universe while playing the game, and I will stand by this as my opinion. It's not because I don't roleplay and it's not because I don't care, because I do seek out interaction. I will agree that more world events on the server would be better, but so would just a situation where current events are being compared to the past and debated about. I'll also say it's hard to work lore into everything when it's not relevant to the day-to-day. This isn't a story with a beginning, middle, and an end. It's always going forward. Everyone here knows the lore, even if the person OOCly doesn't. Can't just ask without seeming incompetent or ignorant ICly.
  13. I proposed ideas for putting the station physically closer to other factions in the universe.
  14. Disregards reasoning? I said what my reasoning was, and suggested an idea to try and make the overarching plot of the universe more self-evident and available as a driving force of rounds from time to time, thus revealing more information about it. How that happens, whether by traveling around the universe and being caught in situations(like Star Trek), or just having more characters from those factions "respond to events." Background lore helping shape characters is fine. I am hoping that someday "further background" lore comes into the foreground beyond just a person coming from far away to react to what's happening on the station. It feels very remote and distant, to me, but my opinion is just an opinion. Driving the overarching plot, with our place in the universe, is not an easy task unless you change the formula that makes Aurora what it is in some fashion. And that's a very sensitive thing to do, potentially taking years for big sweeping concepts like I spouted. My concerns have been addressed in "TNBT" in some capacity, which shows that it was something that was at least thought of in some minor capacity. Even if it's not as bad as I'm making out. My questions, though rhetorical and somewhat condescending, were mostly intended to spark discussion of our future with some complaints. Organically learning everything about the universe is hard to do when the story of Aurora has no clear-cut beginning, middle, and end like movies or books do, and so what I expect from the game as a medium for storytelling holds that in mind.
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