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  1. It doesn't have to be, you know. I'm sure this concept could be balanced somehow. Like if you were to knock into someone and both of you fall over, you could scatter apart a few tiles? Or you could counter their push so that they're the only one falling over? I like the ideas for stamina drain and ready stances.
  2. A method of takedown that deals no damage and takes no equipment to do, but also doesn't give you the advantage of an instant pin or grapple because you fall over as well. Primarily for cutting off someone that is fleeing and giving time for backup to arrive, but also an obstacle for sprinting carelessly. It could deal some damage, but not more than a bruise or nothing at all. It could be balanced in a number of ways, and I will present some ideas that could work. It is also somewhat realistic, and presents a real factor to sprinting around in hallways with disregard for others. This is not a
  3. I think it should also be available at coffee machines throughout the station, so I don't have to backpack from one side of the station to the bar because I want sugar in my coffee. But people in the bar would benefit from that, and it's also close to the kitchen.
  4. Take this with a grain of salt, but I also asked around out-of-context in real life and other places if anyone's known anyone that took sugar and creamer to work. It's not completely unheard of.
  5. We have dispensers, but it's not provided at coffee machines, and not everyone has access to a dispenser without talking to the chef or somebody. And I don't know about you, but having to go visit the cook or something is a bit much when I just wanna make a cup of coffee the way I want. That stuff could be provided either at the coffee machine with the coffee or/and in the break room like you said. Loadout implementation is not a must-have.
  6. It'd be pretty weak, ngl. The kind of thing where if you threw coffee in someone's eyes, you have enough time to get the leg up and run or throw the first punch. I'd also think there should be a delay before you could be stunned that way again.
  7. You could use something smaller for the canisters and pipes, such as a pallet and pallet jack(which I've suggested already). Imagine if you could put two phoron canisters and haul them all down to the engine room at once. The forklift would be, specifically, for things that should be physically impossible or extremely difficult to move. A forklift doesn't have to come into the equation for some of those things. Same goes for your emitter. While a RIG could fill in for the forklift or a mech, I still stand by my original suggestion. It doesn't have to be the all-encompassing mover of every l
  8. I really want forklifts, not mechs, but if the the mechs look and operate like forklifts...
  9. While I don't know anyone who's taken these from home, them being available from or beside the coffee dispenser is fair, I think. IRL, most coffee 'stations' in a workplace have a space beside where you take your coffee to mix in what you want with plastic spoons and such that are provided for free. It's not impossible to buy your own sugar cubes to use at home, and it's not impossible to take them to work. It would just be odd, considering that most workplaces provide this stuff to you for free. There could be a small table with sugar cubes and these creamer packets. They could be purcha
  10. Sugar cubes and cream packets(liquid) added to coffee machines, both sugar cubes and cream packets being 5u each. Can be saved in your loadout to take some to work with you. Able to be added to coffee cups(they're half full, so there's plenty of room to add sugar or cream) dispensed from the coffee machine or to a glass. Should be fairly inexpensive.
  11. If you implement a gambeson that doesn't protect against anything, I will literally eat my shoes! If it was something that was designed to look like a gambeson without actually being one, that's another story. P.S. I love gambesons.
  12. I hear that this may have been a bug, and that it used to work this way before.
  13. Other than historian nuts, or ancient history enthusiasts, who would wear this? A gambeson should absolutely have protective properties as well, especially cutting and blunt weapons. This is armor we're talking about here.
  14. What I had in my head is that if you were drinking a hot cuppa, you could throw it in someone's eyes/face to then run away. A brief blinding would help, temporary slowdown MAYBE. If piping hot coffee, water, or something was thrown into your face you would be staggered for a moment. If it was extremely hot or a harmful substance, like acid, the effects could be more severe than just that. Sorry for my misleading title. I changed it.
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