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  1. Apprentice Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Atmospheric Technician, Chief Engineer.
  2. Standard Engineering, Atmospherics. Yes, they're a lot more simplified. You're gonna be wearing vests, webbing, coats, voidsuits, ect. They don't need to be so cluttered. Give feedback. This is day one of working on them.
  3. This is unnecessary. Security is uniformed for a reason, and that's how it should stay.
  4. Willow Harper is ironed out well by the current era. There isn't much I can think to say on her, or the other active Rosetangoians. Other than them being good, that is.
  5. Rosetango threatened me and said I had to add red back to the robotics one.
  6. Robotics, Researcher, and Intern. In that order.
  7. I don't like you at all, but like Satin said Topaz is good. Worth a trial.
  8. I've read very little since my last post here, but I keep thinking that these scouts main priority as a mechanic is to always provide enough personnel for expeditions, which currently are limited to requirements of personnel from each department. Rather than replace personnel who would go, they should be complementary to them, coming along or going there first.
  9. Do people want Red or Green virology/BioChem?
  10. @Garnascus Nothing that isn't said now. But, I did think that they were both trying to leave the brig, and that the blastdoors cut them off- not them going into the brig, since the raiders were down the hall near the sec locker room. I assume the raiders used the isolation cells maint door to cut them off, is why my original understanding was warped. But yeah, was clear to me that the Captain was just trying to get back to Summers.
  11. Can you outline the commission payment stuff? Like how much for a full body, head, ect? Or is it just totally based on the individual work?
  12. Well, it has to, otherwise it'll be floating far away from the hand it's suppose to be held in. For each sprite where you're looking at the side holding the shield, the shield is retracted to that side, to cover this issue. I mean we can have it always facing forward but I'd want more input on it just to see how everyone feels about it. Personally I'm indifferent.
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