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  1. Someone other than me makes wooden wall sprites. We have none-currently, it's just a metal wall but brown.
  2. No antenna pls. It looks better as tinted glasses with all the tech gizmos being so small they're in the arms.
  3. Well, you can re-enter it, right? Like, you'd take your husked character into a quiet area, keep them there. Or just leave them somewhere obvious if you want to push for a certain approach to the round. It's similar to finding a ling victim's body. It acts as a prompt for ramping up the tensity. Plus, I enjoy the idea of the initial host being somewhat long-term. Like the slug has long since eaten away at most of the brain.
  4. They spawn with a .357 in hand. That's crazy and calls so much attention.
  5. I don't get why we need the initial slug to even be in another player. Why not just make the initial host the own player's character. When they leave it, the body is braindead. That makes more sense than forcing more people to be involved in the antag stuff at round start.
  6. You didn't answer my question, you just told me to disable the feature. How does having 5-40 overlapping sound effects at any time in the round contribute to gameplay, atmosphere or roleplay. What purpose does this serve? Games that use sound effect voices do so for reasons. It helps differentiate characters, adds to atmosphere, provides a unique audio key in your head for things. But how does that work here, where there's 50 players a round and every one of them is using this, at the same time.That doesn't help differentiate characters. All other sound effects are 'IC', so this is sort of an OOC thing? I'd compare it to the old slip sound effect, which breaks character. Again, the fact that there are so many people makes it impossible to link the sound effect to any specific person. How does, in a full room of people chatting, the constant beeping and booping of notes, help tell who is talking. How are we to correlate 1 of X number of sound effect types with a character, when Y amount players use it? This system doesn't make sense.
  7. How does having 5-40 overlapping sound effects at any time in the round contribute to gameplay, atmosphere or roleplay.
  8. I can get behind it. But let's see what the Sci Mains think.
  9. I don't, really see how having two heads on this snake is powercreep. One of the guys is a heavily armored in-the-field squad leader. The other essentially sits on the shuttle, or interacts with the crew while the others do their jobs. In my mind, it doesn't hurt to give them access to helmet cameras for team overwatch. The pilot can't really do anything for the team but talk or fly the shuttle, and TCFL teams tend to be larger than NT-ERTs. As for their- the pilot's- existance, I don't see the issue there. Currently, they're of no consequence. They exist to bolster the appearance of the TCFL, and provide an extra role for ghosts while not really adding more firepower- just a guy that can be talked to by the crew without a likelihood of them running off to fight things. It feels right, it looks right. Shuttle has pilot. It can't really be abused or something. My suggestion still keeps them in that auxilliary role, just allows them to have a bit more inclusion with the actual operation.
  10. I've survived way too long after being hit with like, 3 grenades, shotgun shells, TTVs, Depressurization. It's really weird. We should make succumbing easier to achieve. I hate being stuck, unable to tell what's going on for 10 minutes as I slowly die.
  11. By solidifying everyone as legionnaires, you can stamp on top of the organization that it's a volunteer force. There isn't a need for there to be a specific part-time volunteer role. Now, any of the roles can be part-time, allowing for more characters to be TCFL and use their resumes to do something other than just shoot a gun. Additional ranking provides a better comprehension of the organization. By pushing ranks like Prefect and Legate higher up the totem-pole, you allow for the existence of more intermediate ranks between them and the standard squad. This better communicates the size of the TCFL, something that currently seems extremely small- a Prefect is a lot farther up in rank than a squad leader. These fancier titles also give a bit more flavoring to the organization, fitting well with their aesthetic. The breaking up of team command between a shuttle leader and squad leader allows for co-op leadership which suits the larger size of TCFL teams. It also makes sense given we have a pilot, whereas no other ERT has one. I'm also in favour of adding cameras to the squad helmets so the pilot can see what's going on. I only want the Latin names on the wiki, and in some item descriptions where it fits. The in-game ranking would in my version be as follows: Lgn. -> S/Lgn -> L/Lgn. = Aquil. -> Pfct. This is more straightforward and lines up better with the naming conventions of the NT-ERT. Given you are making things straightforward for random players, this will much better explain how the squad works. S/ for Specialist, L/ for Leader, Aquil. for the pilot, Pfct. for the guy who only spawns in events. The TCFL's aesthetic currently is much more Roman than it is militia-ish. The armors are all very crisp and clean, despite it being construction gear. Even so, the heavy armor does make one think of Roman soldiers, heavily armored- they even have big shields. The gold accents and clean shiny blue seem very Romanesque. Given the TCFL offers citizenship for those who serve, it draws a lot more on Romanization than it does plucky militia-ism.
  12. This is a thread about improving the very bare-bones Tau Ceti Foreign Legion. The Tau Ceti Foreign Legion, should be well in-depth given it's literally the unofficial official military for Tau Ceti- where most of our characters are from, or at least live. Currently, of all the ERTs, the TCFL is the most standout. It has a ship of its own with a flushed out hanger, a customized transport shuttle. The TCFL has a lot of implied character, that is not reflected in the amount of actual information we have on them, and the more information you give me here, seems to directly contradict the supposed themes you were trying to get across when you made it so bare-bones.
  13. I also wanted to better differentiate from the standard formula- as dictated by the NT-ERT- by playing into the addition of the pilot and sentinel forces, and breaking up the fluid authority from the squad leader over everyone who spawns in-game. By splitting the authority between two leaders- the pilot- Aquilifer- and the squad leader- Decanus- you get more ideas and situations playing out. Sentinels already act as an inner police force. I just gave them a thematic name.
  14. The point with my rank changes- initially- was to better show that everyone in the legion, is a legionnaire- that they're all volunteers, wanting to defend TC and to further solidify the solidarity among its members as a unit, despite it's voluntary, come-and-go, nature. The secondary objective was to better expand on the size of the TCFL by dishing out more ranks related to the Roman legion and re-ranking the squad leader and legate to be higher up in the chain to better communicate the size of the legion.
  15. You've dropped the rest of your phrase. "Plucky Militia force." It's hardly a militia as it is now, as you've made it even more clear here, that everyone but the riflemen are full-time professional soldiers. If you're REALLY trying to drive home that they're plucky maybe don't have Roman rankings in the first place, given that doesn't really jive with plucky. So it's not even plucky. The TCFL manipulates the poor- by incentivizing them with easier access to higher education- and the foreign- by incentivizing them with citizenship. The people joining, are not doing so because they want to defend Biesel from threats, but because it may be the only way for them to move up in life. How is this a plucky militia force?
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