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  1. By what I've seen of your characters, Volvolaad and Kotchal- the Detective one- you are not someone I want to see as a whitelisted Head player.
  2. United Americas, is the better name. I like it. Please fix. Thanks.
  3. Honestly, I thought it was a unique item when it was first added. Surprised it was made a general item.
  4. 1. I'll probably change the colour slightly, yes. Likely not much lighter though. Nor any darker. 2. Captain and HoP stuff. I need a lot of suggestions for the changes there. If anyone has any suggestions they should DM me, or just post here. 3. Each of the Heads already have their own unique looks, and I don't really want to make them look too similar, or force a colour on to them all. 4. FT/CSI will probably share a uniform with the detective, which will just slightly differ from the standard Sec uniform. It's above at the top of this page. The idea is that since Investigative isn't expected to wear a uniform, they'd just sort of have this thing on backup if they ever needed a change of clothing and didn't have work appropriate stuff around. Green is their sub department identifier. Science will have a white version of the Research Director uniform with full stripes if they're a researcher, and no stripes if they're a lab assistant. I don't want to make too many sub department variations unless people want it. But I could, I suppose.
  5. I think they add a unique look. They're a part of the jacket. I added them [Tie and badge] like I added shoes and gloves. They're just there to help visualize what the outfits will look like in use. The tie isn't a part of that uniform either. If you want, I can add all the relevent equipment for each of the roles, so you can see what it'll look like in your average round. I already started the process of respriting all of mining's purple. Here, take a look. It's not that hard to do, really. Most equipment across the board does not have department colours. It's mainly signs and clothing. mining_sprites.dmi
  6. I've finished for the most part what I want HoS, CMO, and RD to look like.
  7. In regards to Detectives and Forensics. I'm thinking of cutting the amount of shit they get down, a lot. Why does the Detective need to get three separate outfits in his locker, plus jackets and hats? I only see them needing a single always spawning outfit, a work uniform. Everything else should be their own personal business attire. That includes the jackets and hats. Just put it on the loadout or have it spawn on the character, unless they pick to have a different coat and hat with them. Any thoughts on this standardized uniform? I was thinking of just going with what the Forensic Tech already gets. They share one of these uniforms, they aren't expected to wear it, but it's there if they want to. Just like now. We add all the detective locked outfits to the suit list so people have more variety. Or, we just delete them. The standard detective outfit is really, really crappy. And I plan on respriting it to be a better shade of brown.
  8. They wear all-dark blue outfits, with suspenders/overalls underneath. So, they don't look like anyone else.
  9. @Senpai Jackboot Yeah, BUT, we also need to remember that these guys are wearing what's gonna be visible when they're in the mines. Our guys are just wearing something for when they'll be sitting around the bar, or sorting ores inside. It's not a requirement that they wear something like the Engineering team- high visibility, caution colours, a lot of pockets- nor anything the MedSci branches wear- sterility, formal appearance-. So they get dark blue clothing to wear under their suits.
  10. Mining is now for MEN. BLUE COLLAR. MEN. If this doesn't appeal to you- I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do.
  11. This is still peak Mining, and if anyone speaks against it, I will personally have CCIAA destroy them IRL.
  12. That was already decided against, actually, and was just a hold over from when I got in an argument over whether it should be down to the crotch or not, instead of a jacket and pants like the the utility clothing. I got side-tracked with VTC and forgot to include a blurb about it. As for why you think black is bad, I'm still not convinced that it's anything special to keep it purple. A dark-blue/black outfit stands out as much as a purple and yellow one, given that the background is always going to be grey unless you fall into space. But then again, why are you not wearing a suit if you're EVA. I forgot I closed it, my mistake. Either or, in regards to what you've said about the mining outfit. You tried to match the same shade of purple and yellow as the dark blue- which makes no sense, imo, and was pretty clearly going to be ugly. I want dark mining, I like how it looks. A lot. But. At the very most, purely to make you be quiet, I will make a khaki-ish version using what I originally wanted for the cargo outfits. Also, here's a nicer looking version of what you did.
  13. The first one can be for assistants, the second for full-on Researchers. Makes enough sense to me.
  14. I'm still thinking it over. I do think it's not that bad a change. I'll keep both versions, with and without the arm stripes.
  15. I guess that's too bad then. You'll just have to live with the fact that I intend to make these, no matter what you want, and that at the end of the day, if this is wanted, it will be added. If not, you can rest easy. Maybe it's a bit hard for you to understand, but everything I've posted is a Work in Progress. Whether it's added or not, I want constructive feedback. I don't care, that you don't like them at all and don't want them added. That doesn't help me make better sprites. Five different people telling me that "IT NEEDS MORE CONTRAST.", when it's literally already been shown in a picture and response that it's being done, doesn't help me make better sprites. Nor does arguing about the colour of a department, or the availability of alternate Security uniforms. Then it's a lost cause to try and win you over. I tried to see what you wanted already, by asking you to further clarify what the issues are with the sprites, other than "They look 2D, and lack the colour themes of SS13." You've not answered this. Tell me something I don't know. But that doesn't change the fact that vaguely hinting at why the sprites are awful, is useless to me. If Conspiir wants to argue about the colour Purple, and VTC wants to try and act like a prick about something I'm actively working on, while people like Jackboot are literally making visual examples of how they're like me to change the sprites- I'm going to focus on Jackboot. I'm remaking all the sprites in my own image. This thread will showcase that and allow input. Complain about how awful they are, elsewhere, if you aren't going to actually contribute to me trying to make them better past vague criticisms. I think I'm behaving quite well. I've no reason to not call out VTC's behavior which is entirely uncalled for, or dispute Conspiir's constant accusation that I hate purple, simply because I don't feel it should be on the Mining team's gear. Nor should I have to spend my time responding to you as you do nothing to give anything constructive to me, past vague criticisms of 2D-ness, and not being 'SS13' enough. You don't seem to want to answer to this, and explain- so I have no reason to even attempt to change things in a manner that would be favoured by you. Why is it that Skull says, "The contrast could be higher." I oblige, and then get VTC making a snide remark, as though I need a 'congratulations' on finding a proper balance for contrast like this was some large task for me to accomplish. This is not constructive. I don't care for it. Conspiir has been going on about the colour purple for all of his posts, this is not constructive. My focus here, is hardly on Mining, I have another whole thread about mining and the colour purple that he can go talk in, if that's his fancy. Jackboot's being constructive. Jackboot posted his own edited version of the RnD uniform, that's helpful to me. He didn't even just explain what he wanted changed- which would have been what I expected- he asked me for the sprite, and did the change himself- and I obliged him. DasFox doesn't like his change, but I do. Who do I choose, though? How exactly am I suppose to 'sell' this now that there's a direct dispute over a change I may or may not make. Which uniform is the most visually offensive, then, seeing as you don't believe it to be the mining overalls. So you do not believe that visuals have a large contribution to behavior of individuals? You think it's a coincidence for the most part, that there's a large quantity of corp wearing characters that are subpar and liable to powertrip? You think that removing this identifier won't help to quell the issue? To further the sprite creation. Not try and stop them being added in their current state, as is been tried so far. The only thing I've said no to- definitively- is putting purple on my mining sprites.
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