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  1. AmoryBlaine

    Playable simple mobs on extended

    What ben said. As extended Sec Officer I do not want to have to secure every single possible attack point from carp, or Icarus drones.
  2. AmoryBlaine

    Bar becomes a Bistro

    Honestly, I don't see why the bar and an extended dorm area doesn't exist on the construction deck along with some nice confusing unfinished halls and rooms for the IT department. It's sort of a waste that we just imply that stuff'll be there eventually by calling it the construction deck.
  3. AmoryBlaine

    Bar becomes a Bistro

    It seems like the only point of contention was food vouchers and stuff. You don't have to buy the food, it's the same as now, but it's a new focus on the kitchen rather than the bar. Because this is a corporate research station, and not a habitation facility. You go to the workplace cafeteria, eat your meal, get something to drink, talk with other employees, get back to work. Or just sit at a table for the whole shift, I don't care, but it fits the setting better than everyone sitting at the bar, at work- half of whom cannot actually drink because they work with firearms, industrial machinery, and medical stuff- chemistry, cryopods and surgical tools.
  4. So, rather than have fucking, crazy ass on-station Olympics like we seem to do every few weeks now, we just have the contestants picked up and flown to central and they do their shit in the thunderdome. Everyone else just watches on the monitors, or goes there. With the contestants and event characters. Oh, and if more people want to go, send the shuttle back and forth ferrying people there. Would make the whole occasion more grounded in reality and be as if things actually existed OFF STATION, and we aren't just living in a simulated reality.
  5. AmoryBlaine

    Bar becomes a Bistro

    Agreed. Maintenance should be expanded. A lot. Like enough to warrant a new suggestion on it. I really hate how tiny our current version is. >:c
  6. AmoryBlaine

    Bar becomes a Bistro

    We move the kitchen to where the washroom is, make it an L shape and push that portion of maintenance back. This L-shaped kitchen connects to the bar with a side airlock and a counter to move orders across without having to leave the behind the counter area for each section. We move the washroom to where the stage is, the stage gets removed. Why do we even have a stage. Why do we even have a designated bar, larger than the kitchen. NT can be co-op'd with some fucking restaurant chains that have their own signs, which can be chosen by the bartender and chefs. I dunno, otherwise, it's just the typical NT owned and operated bar area. Who knows, spit balling. Moral of the story, please make the bar less of a bar and more of a corporate cafeteria bistro where employees get lunch and take breaks, not drink until they vomit on the floor.
  7. AmoryBlaine

    bigass sprite rework

    The current look is nice, I would suggest building around that art style, rather than attempting to convert the station's aesthetic. Currently, the new bureaucracy sprites are horribly out of place. The pen is ten times bigger, the paper is giant and fat, the paper shredder is nearly the same size as the human sprite. Please try to just make the current look, more nice- not change the whole aesthetic.
  8. AmoryBlaine

    Remove/adjust availability of frag grenades

    The issue is when they're applied in combat scenarios with special task forces. When there's Mercs V. ERT/TCFL or Marines V. ERT/TCFL, it essentially just comes down to chucking grenades knowing that the other guys are gonna be lagging since there's so many of each of them. So, remove frags from Marine HARDSUITS- let them keep them on hand, that's fine. Increase the cost on the uplink so Mercs can't main grenadier. ERT has access to one box, so that's fine. TCFL don't even get any as I can tell.
  9. AmoryBlaine

    Bretscher's Gang Memorabilia

    Looks good! Not too flashy, but stands out.
  10. AmoryBlaine

    Make Vox Not a Meme.

    Vox for admin authorization only. Make them only come about during events or well planned gimmicks.
  11. So, essentially, I think it'd be neat if there was a chance of low pop rounds hosting a non-player ghost mob that simply travels the station, but always disappears within a few tiles of any player mob. I'm not sure how hard this would be to code, but I think it'd be a neat addition to rouse some questions about the prolonged affects of being in an area so close to the cloud. Whether they're actual ghosts or not, is left up to debate ICly. But for all intensive purposes, they have the same attributes as one. Also, it should look like Nawfal
  12. AmoryBlaine

    Make Vox Not a Meme.

    Merchants, and raiders. Just have the current rules for Vox pop up when you select to become them. If you fuck around and don't follow it, you're entirely liable because they're in your face the moment you convert to them.
  13. Seconded to what Menown said. Though, my honest opinion is you center literally everything around YOUR characters, rather than adapting to the world you have chosen to partake in, when you join the server. Your main guy is really REALLY Gary Stu-y at this point, and this- trying to canonize your sphere of lore that makes your characters protagonists- is not helping.
  14. AmoryBlaine

    Stop people from abusing SSD rules

    If someone SSDs while being arrested , ahelp it. Cryo them after stripping them. I've yet to ever be talked to by staff for handling SSD shitters.
  15. AmoryBlaine

    Library and magazines

    This is cool. I like it alot. Please do this.