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  1. I thought of it as being an NT look, rather than anything else. It'd add a bit of uniformity to their suits. ISD Voidsuits feature it, NT-Hazard Suits have it, and HAPT can have it. I think ERTs ought to as well. On top of that is the coming Mining suits, the Engineering suits.
  2. Perhaps a version with the Dead Space style visor? A lot of NT suits have that, seems fair that HAPT might as well.
  3. Currently, the requirement for Mercs is four players. Given, that throwing four random players together and expecting them to come up with a reasonable plot and gimmick for the round in under 30 minutes is nearly impossible, and there's hardly a merc round that goes by without inadequacies related to team play, I suggest we lower the requirement to one player. This would allow for rounds of 1, 2, 3, 4, + Mercs, rather than 4+ only. So 15 man rounds can still experience a shuttle-based intruder/visitor mode, without there being only 10 people on station. Smaller groups allows for easier planning anyways, more focus. A shuttle that docks, and the capacity to start off with equipment and the ability to make themselves part of the crew, allows for a large variety of gimmicks that usually aren't possible with a four man team, due to conflicting ideas. "Just play ninja." Ninja, nor Traitor, gives you the means to hide among the crew like Merc does, with the capacity to forge records and manifest listings. Nor do they allow you to dock with the station as a means of proving you didn't just spawn out of the ether. You're given access to a number of working softsuits, firearms, belts, voidsuits, tools, and so on. Coupled with the TC, you can essentially carry out whatever you want to. "But you'll die fast." If you try to act as though you're a four man killing team, with numbers and firepower on your side, sure. Going at it alone isn't suppose to be an equal experience to going at is as a team. It's suppose to liberate you of conflicting gimmick ideas, or unwilling playmates- so you can finally do that gimmick no one else wants to do when you roll 4 man merc. Except the aforementioned four man kill team gimmick.
  4. Hey, so, this is getting crazy. Nearly every round is Sec antags. I'd prefer no antags, to Sec antags. You can usually tell when the round is Mercs because Sec is empty. Perhaps we should set it so Merc requires less players as Mercs. Maybe two Mercs, or hell, even one. Having every 15-20 person round with 5 Sec characters end up taking all 4 of them, or 5 if it's raiders, is a bit of a killer for story and plot diversity. I don't know, there's just got to be some way to stop this. It makes joining after the start of a round hell for someone like me, since I end up joining a skeleton crew for Sec against all of Sec as antags.
  5. The only time I've ever done this it was as a ninja pretending to be my character, and even flipped some of the lettering around. I agree with this, though.
  6. Bumping, need someone to help add this, that will talk to me about what they want to do with it.
  7. That's out of date, we already added the one I posted in response to those suggestions.
  8. b4b-anTn, was the latest I saw him actively carrying and wearing all the combat gear from maint. b4b-aPzH, he got bored I guess since there was no gear or antags to interact with directly. He was in the library SSD for an hour wearing his gasmask. b4a-cW4Z, I think, which was when I finally reported him. Can't remember the other times, but I was made aware of his consistent powergame behavior by other players two days ago.
  9. BYOND Key: AmoryBlaine Game ID: Multiple Player Byond Key/Character name: Graham Drift Staff involved: N/A Reason for complaint: Powergaming, Self-antag behavior. Player consistently sweeps maintenance for combat related loot, and keeps it on their person. Knives, belts, tact masks which they wear indefinitely after acquiring. I've heard other players state they do this over many rounds, I've seen it across three/four. I'd appreciate it being looked into. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? N/A Approximate Date/Time: Multiple.
  10. It was not my idea, I keep getting support for it. Would you prefer pencil skirts, which is what they currently have?
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