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  1. Agreed. A brig assistance borg would be nice. Tbh, the basic 'cyborg' IPC, that is the basis for all robo limbs and cyborg designs could just be an all-access sub race of IPCs that are automatically selected when you roll for their slots.
  2. More applications, does not necessarily mean more accepted ones. I doubt people who play Sec borg as main are going to make IPC whitelists, anyways. It's easier just to play a human officer, or do a different borg module.
  3. The only reasonable way to have any security borgs is if we increase the amount of borg slots or have a separate slot for a single sec borg. I doubt that is going to happen, given they add nothing to the game that isn't already accomplishable with an IPC. I can't name any sec borg mains off the top of my head, so I doubt there is going to be much loss. And if there are any, it just incentives more IPC whitelists.
  4. The capacity of the players aside, there exists only two borg slots. It is unfair, then, to have them be taken as Security support given Security is typically a stacked department.
  5. I need someone to pick this up for a PR.
    Would have been stellar if the snake things weren't zooming around biting people in Medical, and if the Captain hadn't ordered floor lights be installed to kill the aesthetic of the round.
  6. Was not a fan of hearing the Captain was the one to try and game the darkness-focused scary event by having floor lights installed everywhere since they can't be broken. I don't think that's the sort of behavior we want from Command players- gaming the mechanics.
  7. Why not just have it stop at the 1:30 marker? Auto-traitor shouldn't just be wave after wave of new antags. It's not really conducive of an HRP environment. The initial waves will have created enough chaos that makes any newer waves rely on either joining in that prior existing gimmicks, or- the above.
  8. These are awesome, when I first saw them I tried asking for you in OOC but you left LOL What's your discord? I'm interested in commission.
  9. Better Redcoat. The tricorn is going to be a pith helmet. Goodbye, 18th Century, hello 19th.
  10. No, it's not. It's to hold two items and act as an accessory to the utility jobs. Thus, it should look good first and foremost.
  11. Muted colours, shorter, and able to close them.
  12. Thoughts on making all tools do a reasonable amount of damage, given they're all pieces of metal you can very easily swing around.
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