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  1. If you're talking about the Dominian LORE, I would say I'm probably one of the persons who know it better. However, Volvalaad has a 7 months development as character, and you probably lack a lot of knowledge about him.
  2. If you developed a bit more it would be useful for me to learn or to understand it! Thanks.
  3. I mean, I'm ''arguing'' (I prefer discussing) with you, not to make you change your -1 to +1, that was never my idea. I'm speaking with you to gather feedback, as much as I can. The idea of this app was to gather feedback, since I was like 90% sure I wasn't going to get through it! I don't think this is annoying for the moderator, in this case Juani, he volunteered for this job, don't think he's annoyed *shrug*
  4. I don't know if this is worth but since you posted a Sabaton song I'm going to stop thinking and write +1
  5. You should check the differences between IC and OOC more often! This is your opinion, I respect it, others here (people who roleplayed like, a lot more than you probably have with Nick) said the opposite. I mean, you're even allowed to create a totally new character to play it as Command, playing a character daily is not a requirement for him to become Command. One thing is to say Nick's an asshole and whatever you want. A very much different thing is to call me a liar. I said what I said, and what you're saying now shows a total lack of respect. If had an urge to play HoS, I would have deleted Nick, made a typical friendly officer, play half a month daily, interacting with as many people as I could in a friendly way to get their +1 and cya folks. I accept all the hate you want to throw at Nick, but when talking to me as a player, please, control yourself. Thank you.
  6. All I could say would be repeating what Soultheif said up there, every single interaction I ever had with Satin was great, I think she has the charisma to do this, and her way to treat people fits very well, I think she has all you could ask for to be CCIAA. Would be awesome to get permasuspended by her. +1
  7. I think you're both totally right. I play Nick the most, like at least 2/3 of the rounds I play are with Nick, cause I enjoy playing him the most, cause he has a well-built past, and he has lots of interactions with different people, some hate them, and, believe it or not, some like him. But, since the character is kind of ''absorbing'' me in the terms of how the community thinks I am, I probably have to use Draxler or other characters to show that I can play other things not just assholey characters. Thank you for your replies. Well, in fact, one ''good'' character in terms of being more kind and that should be a good proof of my capability of playing different types of character, yeah. Also, that thing you say about ''character direction''. I wish to state a complaint against the players who hate Nick. You show me how much you ''don't like'' the character, but you show it OOCly. It would be interesting if anyone took serious actions against Nick. Nick has never lost an Incident Report, and he has, for sure, given enough reasons to be reported to the CCIAA's like a hundred times. Thank you all for your replies.
  8. As I said, I didn't expect this to be accepted, no hard feelings, but it was a good way to gather feedback, and collect information! Thank you RTNP
  9. Thank you butter for at least reading the app! Yeah, it's difficult and unfair in situations like these. Even after making clear Nick is not getting a HoS job anytime soon, everyone comments about Nick and that's all. But I decided to go along with Nick, and I have to accept what I get for it
  10. I guess I will have to do that, I knew people would be scared when I said I want Nick to be HoS at some point. Thing is no one decided to read enough to notice that I'm as opposed as they are for the moment. I wanted to use another Shaun as head for the time being, but I guess Nick is kind of "absorbing" the real me in the server (at least for the ones who never interacted in-depth with me or Nick) Thank you for your reply!
  11. I don't know if we are allowed to respond here but I can't stop myself from saying that Goret did really really well handling a couple of issues I had, very effectively, he knows what you need before you do, kind mood (some admins struggle to act kindly to players imo). Goret cured my cancer handling my tickets. Remove Garnascus, Goret Headmeme Kidding Hope you make it Goret, you're really good at this.
  12. Although I clearly specified Nick is not fit for a command role like 4 times, this answer has a lot of feedback, thank you!
  13. I'm starting to think people who answer here are mostly not reading the application. "Nick would be barely eligible"... Did you read what I say about him? There's a full explanation of the incident you quote right here, since you seem to be lacking quite an amount of information! Thanks for your reply
  14. Yes, of course I understand this, but judging someone using as argument a conflictive character is a bit unfair for the person judged!
  15. I mean, first that's non-canon round, and second, I said that's an idea for the future, in months, probably not even this year. People change, Azande, and in your life you probably know many people who changed a lot. And yes, he has a bunch of infractions, that's why I said I need a lot of time and the proper canon event and proper situations to give him a twist. It's so easy to make a character who follows all the regulations and has 0 personality, don't think we're judging that here. However, I appreciate your feedback. It's a bit unfair to me to get a -1 for having an IC conflictive character, but I understand your point. However, I pointed out that Nick is not ready for Command, and also pointed out that he won't be ready in the near future.
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