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  1. See, another post of yours. It's always the same people xD I was already warned for that.
  2. Your comments about me are usually important to me, like the one in my whitelist app, since I have high-esteem for you. This time is not the exception and I know I fail, and I usually acknowledge them personally to the staff member (I always speak to the staff member on discord after getting a punishment, not to have it lifted, but to discuss the reasons and how to improve. However the threads are showing that a limited amount of players make a lot of noise about me, and I think that's something we should take into account. And about the comment against Cake. He disrespected me, I did the same. You won't find any other punishment, note or warning regarding disrespects from my side anywhere. I will add a x1 to the times you have posted against me. This is just supporting my hypothesis that some players are making a lot of noise against me.
  3. Indeed I guess that what Cake did is acceptable although aiming at me or saying something prior to shooting like a psycho would have been very appreciated (and would have stopped the interaction from escalating) I have lot of notes and warnings and I've spoken to a trial mod here in a bad way, which are bad things, and I already got warned from them. But you are not saying anything about the staff complaint itself or about why is it so unbelievable to stop an officer that acts like a madman from batoning your respectable boss. Again, my interaction in the arrest wasn't openly hostile or with an escalation purpose but the opposite. I tried to de-escalate. I would like to know what rule I broke. This was believable conflict since I was trying to stop what in the eyes of my character was police brutality, without actually harming the officer who had a lot of means to finish the arrest. His actions are okay too since he overreacted but that's legit (considered in the rules, the situation was okay for overreacting), although I would say he powergamed (played to win), but that's not what I'm discussing, I want to know what rule I broke.
  4. Hello folks! One by one I'll be answering This was the only time I ever felt disrespected by a staff member, and I answered to a trial mod the same way he talked to me. With little respect. I don't even know who you are tbh First read the whole command whitelist app, since most of the complaints are against the behaviour of a character of mine, while none of the others are quoted about it. And you know what? I will take a bit of my time to list all the players who posted anything negative about me OOCly (not speaking about my characters, but about me and how I behave OOCly). My hypothesis is that many players are always the same, posting in all my threads and making a lot of noise. I will either confirm this hypothesis or show it's false. I will count the answers to this post, the last player complaint (the one you are talking about), Prate staff complaint and the whitelist app. Negative Posts FreshRefreshments (x4) Scheveningen (x6) SHODAN (x2) Shestrying (x5) You (x3) The creator of this complaint who I don't even know. Yeah, it seems like some players are making a lot of noise with 5 or 4 posts. It's curious how two of the ones making the most noise (Fresh and Schev) are players that had bad interactions ICly with me quite frequently and one of them had a recent complaint from me against him. I also had a couple of players saying positive things like how2add. EDIT: Btw, I was already warned for that comment in the forums so if you want my punishment to be increased, follow the proper path and fill a staff complaint against the one who issued the warning.
  5. That's a blatant lie and many staff members have posted here and no one disagreed with what I said regarding how respectful I am. I've made friends in this server and you don't get that by 'being so rude'. However I got my warning for what I said to that 'trial mod', so you can be happy!
  6. Actually I assumed that the officer was NOT evil, hence the reason I opened the door for him to get to the RD. I assumed the officer had something to do with the RD and I made it easy for him. At that point all the information I had is that the officer was trying to get to the RD and the RD was behind a door. Then, once the door was opened, the officer started batoning the RD like a madman, without any words or prior action. At this point I already have information: The officer who I just helped is batoning my boss, a valuable head of staff, without having said any word or having tried to cuff him peacefully or anything. So, now I had information. This officer is acting like a madman, and I just helped him, I feel bad about it. I push him (which is not even considered assault), and take his baton away to stop the beating. Once the baton was in my hand, I moved back in order to show that I didn't want to hurt him. What was the thing I expected to happen (OOCly)? He would have aimed at me and I would have asked him to calm down and dropped the baton. What happened? He reacted like a psycopath shooting less-than-lethals on me. Who could have expected that an officer shoots a full magazine of rubbers at someone who is clearly disengaging, right?
  7. You are showing everyone the vicious person you are with this. This is the first time I have ever, EVER, disrespected someone OOCly like this. Not just staff, anyone. This is a game in the end, a community, and I appreciate a lot of them, and the staff team is made of excellent people. I've never been spoken to this by anyone, from Garnascus to the newest Trial Mod. And anyone who has spoken to me can assure you how respectful and kind I am.
  8. Re-read my post. Your mod status is not shown in the forums, and well, now I understand a lot of stuff. Your peace means nothing since you are the one involved in this staff complaint, and I'm complaining a second admin decision. You have already made very clear that you are a greedy new mod who has serious problems in his life and wants to go around having people banned to feel powerful. You speak at me like that, you get the same. Man, if you are badly treated in your injection plant, don't bring it here buddy. In the year I've been playing here, I've seen no mod nor admin speak like you have in this post. PD: Don't compare yourself with Abo, you sound ridiculous.
  9. 1- You shot like a psycopath at me and said ''drop it'' after I was already shot multiple times. You are the one trying to explain things in a false way, since you started aiming at me when I was already running, after having shot me MULTIPLE TIMES with rubbers (which aren't non-lethals, but less-than-lethals) before starting to aim. 2- I was ahelping, I didn't move when you said 'drop it', and you didn't even give time for me to react or write, since you were acting like a psycopath and if you want to act that way you can go to a griefing server. 3- The screenshots show nearly everything, and I explained that I resisted in medbay. There is ONE, ONLY ONE RESIST INTENT TO GET OUT OF THE CUFFS which I missed since I didn't see it. And when you press your arrow keys when grabbed, it auto-resists. 4- You are writing a LOT OF OOC INFORMATION I LACKED. And since in game, canonly, a RD would never be a terrorist, you are suggesting me to metagame. 5- That's information I didn't know ICly. Who would you believe? A Research Director, or a officer who is batoning and shooting people without saying a word like a real psycopath? 6- I didn't take any bullets for him. You acted like a psycopath shooting at me like that, that's all. 7- I opened the door for you, remember that. Cause I had no information, so I helped you. The moment you start batoning his ass without trying to cuff him or trying to speak, you are giving out a LOT of information buddy. 8- Totally false, I only resisted once in the very beginning (mistake since I thought you were grabbing me, not cuffed), and never again until medbay, as the logs show. They died because you acted like a psycopath. And I acted like you act when you see a psycopath, you try to defend yourself. 9- You are no one to judge me, the punishment or my story, buddy, you are just a griefer.
  10. I explained I tried to get out of my restraints later on medbay
  11. I'm saying the reason is the permaban I had before Nothing else
  12. You said 'I don't see any issue here' But okay
  13. I wasn't even using a security character and the permaban was applied cause I had a permaban lifted not long ago
  14. BYOND Key: TheNewOrleans Staff BYOND Key: @Pratepresidenten Game ID: Game before b1U-cyYZ Reason for complaint: Reaction out of proportion from Prate, when I didn't do anything wrong. I will explain everything in the logs. Evidence/logs/etc: So, I joined a round where transfer shuttle already left, I walk inside the Research Department and I find an officer in there, and the RD in the room beside. The officer wanted to get through, so I opened the door, and he batoned the ass of the RD without saying a word. When I saw this, I pushed him once, since he was batoning my boss, with no other officers around, without saying anything, without trying to cuff him prior to the batoning. There was nothing but batoning from the officer. So I pushed him once, disarming him and grabbing the baton. I could have done many things once I had the baton with me, but, applying logic, the best thing was walking back a bit, and trying to speak with the officer, to de-escalate the situation. Did he say anything? No, he didn't. He shot me multiple times without saying a word while I tried to write 'Stop' while avoiding getting shots. At that moment I ahelped. He shot me THE FULL magazine. Then he said DROP IT, MOTHERFUCKER. And shot me more with the tazer while I didn't have time to reply. I ahelped about it and I was told those were rubbers, he wasn't killing me, and it was okay since I stopped an arrest. Imo the fact that no words were said by the officer shows a lot about him, only going pew pew. once I was downed after a full rubber magazine (not even the tazer, which his non-lethal, he shot me rubbers which have another name, can't remember). And then he banged me against a window, making me bleed. Prate said I didn't roleplay the pain I was suffering, then explain this My character was kneeled next to the Director who was unresponsive And the psycho officer batoned me again, when I was bleeding, and giving my back to him @Aboshedab was the one handling my ahelp, and this is what he said about the situation Which was acceptable since I did that (without knowing it), Abos deemed it okay so I accepted it. My character was stumbling, trying to help the Director, to protect him, but without being hostile in an active way, since she was in a lot of pain, but the officer had killed someone already. All the purpose for my character was trying to keep them both alive, since, as I said, the officer already killed someone and was acting like a psycopath. By the way, Abos deemed both his actions and mine acceptable. Then the officer healed me, and also the medibot and later in medbay I tried to escape cuffs. And, the outcome of all of this is that the next round, Prate bwoinked me and applied a permaban after speaking a bit with me and taking a long time to gather info So *I intervened in an arrest to stop a batoning with in my character eyes was brutality, since the officer didn't even try a peaceful approach or say a word, by taking the baton away, not even hitting the officer or anything *The officer shot me like a psycopath after having killed someone *I roleplay the pain quite more than people usually do *I try to protect the Director from being killed *I am permabanned What am I missing? Additional remarks: Abo deemed actions acceptable that round, and I don't know why, out of nowhere Prate bwoinked me and applied the permaban.
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