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  1. While (even as a command main) I don't have any particularly strong feelings about this, I saw a couple of things that I was either genuinely curious on or wanted to point out. I'm confused by the way the way you say this as though this policy change will fix this, and then go on directly to quote Directive 2 (underlining all but the part that states) "Should, during standard operation, the Command Staff be missing a Captain, then it is preferred that all members of the Command Staff present stay on equal terms and act as a singular commanding entity." Are there any plans to change this so that an acting captain is not flat out discouraged? Another thing, though this is less curiosity and more something that bugged me. I'm not saying you need to come up with a different example because I think the gist is there, but this one is just blatantly untrue and I feel like it's an attempt to blow up potential issues that there are already failsafes and regulations for. "Any search of departments or individuals on green alert require a search warrant stamped by the Head of Security. If there is no HoS then the Warden's signature is also valid. If there is no Warden or Head of Security then IAA may stamp off. If none of these roles are occupied then just do your best." There are easily a dozen other examples on the wiki (some on pages that can't be quoted ICly, I'll admit) that specify that only X or Y or Z (in that order of preference) heads can do a thing.
  2. I'm making a vague attempt to make this complaint and keep interaction minimal afterwards, because I am somewhat sensitive and very much easily egged on by personal attacks and worry about my ability to keep civil while having insults hurled my way, but I'll respond when clarification is needed: While I wanted to make a ban request, the rules specifically stated that it's only for outright griefing - things that would've warranted a ban regardless but no admin was around to do so, as far as I can tell.
  3. BYOND Key: Zaeperry99 [b]Game ID:[/b] N/A Player Byond Key: TheOrleans Staff involved: N/A Reason for complaint: Blatant toxicity, personal attacks on regular members of the community, and a very evident disregard and even malice for anyone else in the playerbase, both staff and non-staff. Personal attacks included things such as outright lies in a staff complaint, extremely condescending remarks to other players, and most specifically, from the linked forum post: I know it's not my place to suggest judgement, but I want to be clear since this person has already been permabanned: I think there is absolutely no place in our community for this kind of behavior, and that a forum ban should be applied before more people have personal attacks hurled their way. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? N/A: Issue on the forums. Approximate Date/Time:: Forum post linked below.
  4. I'm not sure if "I like Aviators and HUDglasses, why the hell do we need to remove one in favor of the other when all it's going to do is create a divide in the community" is a style specific choice or an opinion that should be taken away from everyone except coders.
  5. Resi asked me to come with input since I'm her best Skrell friend. The short of it is, there are quite a few things I like about this and a few things I very much dislike. I'll categorize them as to make responding a bit easier. Just name the spoiler so that you won't have to make a post which is 50% quotes of my own. Don't expect this to mean I won't be going on colossal tangents constantly, though. I'll also be including jokes in the spoiler names as to lighten the mood a bit, so don't think any of those are snide remarks at anyone expect probably myself. Also, it's 2 hours after my bed-time and I just spent a solid hour and a half making some stupid useless formula nobody needs and another typing this up, so I'm making blood sacrifices in hopes that all of my English professors and teachers don't smite me from beyond the fucking graves. Thus, forgive me for my probably atrocious grammar and structuring. And maybe get a cup of coffee, since this is gonna be a long one. To start, Resi's personality is good. Fernando is an asshole, as everyone knows, but I interacted with Ellie Shoshanna(I'm probably misspelling that, forgive me) long before I met Fernando, and thought she was just the neatest dude lady. Whether or not I consider Resi a worthy member of staff is a no-brainer; I think she'd have no problems with the responsibilities and image expected of staff. My points of contention are entirely in the lore ideas, though there are several things I like. I'll go in order from my biggest complaints to the most minute ones, with the things I like sprinkled around when relevant. Things which I consider contradictions, but other Skrell may recognize as having a clear intent: This brings me to my second point: The very extremely large no good several paragraphs of questions and points. What I think about what you think about what people should think about the Genophage, otherwise known as 'Please rename it something other than literally the same thing it's called in Mass Effect'. Now, some things I really like. As a totally unrelated thing, but something I'm always curious about; How do you feel about Tup commandos? Thanks for reading all of my unsubstantiated nonsense. I want to make it clear here that I'm not saying you're unfit for this position, just that I want more context or reasons for some of your ideas.
  6. I've been undecided about this for a little while, but figure I might as well chip in. To start, I agree that there's no reason to continue debating the Bauser-Fowl debate here from Discord, since it's literally just sitting in the Discord. (A useful starting point is "from: noodle_buster#1934 Then why do you dislike their mechanics so much?" ) Feel free to scroll up from there to make sure nothing happened earlier, and then read as you will and come to your own conclusions about what both parties said. To keep this short, I don't think I've ever seen anyone complain about the loreteam - not the lore itself, but the lore team - for any reason other than refusing to listen to the player-base or dismissing most criticism outright. Whether or not they do that is subjective and not the point, it's just the only thing about the team itself I really see complained about. I have firsthand seen you respond to criticism, whether justified or not and even when not directed at you, by making jokes, memes, and essentially just making fun of the other party. I've also seen you respond to criticism with well thought out and genuine responses, but responses like that haven't been a one-off thing, either. I doubt I need to specify why I think this would worsen the problem stated earlier.
  7. As it stands I'm undecided but leaning toward a +1, especially with a couple of these tweaked. I like several of these. I think hardware engineer / electrical technician is a welcome change, as well as assistant/tourist (a nice flavor detail for the station at large that I've been wanting to see since tourism is my in-universe excuse for us having a pool, bar, etc and 'Visitor' is usually used by people visiting off-duty). There are a few problems with the others, though. I'm not sure I understand the thought process of 'There are already asinine alt titles that nobody uses, let's add more asinine alt titles that (maybe) nobody will use'. Despite what was said on the github (which was probably 100% more correct than what I'm about to say) IMO Most of the alt-titles in-game should provide one of two things. A very large backstory/education change i.e surgeon/virologist/MD who play essentially a different game, or a very small flavor difference i.e cook/chef who basically just present their food differently. I think Nurses are kind of worthless with Interns being re-added, and I think 'Engine Technicians' are very useless considering literally everyone in engineering can set up the engine. The difference between a custodial technician and janitor is probably a week-long training course - it'd be better just to rename Janitors as a whole to Custodial Technician and put the entire thing in their sphere of influence. The difference between a Quartermaster and Supply Manager would be whether or not you have employees under you, which a QM usually does. As such, it'd probably be better just to rename them to Supply Managers (Though I can imagine we'd receive hellfire from cargo mains for some reason.) I really like 'Curator/Librarian' and think it could actually be pretty great especially given some additional coding love and could make the role as a whole a bit more played, so I'm in full support of that. As for the Arms Dealer, I'm 50/50 on this. It's mostly a matter of 'Why would Nanotrasen let somebody board who's only job is to either A: Rip off the most funded department to buy even more guns they shouldn't need or B: Sell illegal weapons to Civilians. At the very least, a title along the lines of 'Sec toys dealer' or something of the sort would sound better.
  8. This is a +1 from me. I haven't interacted much with Cactus IC or OOC, but the writing on this was surprisingly pleasant to read IMO. I got a good sense of Lusquiil even before the 'What do you like about this character' section, and think he'd be a nice addition to the GROWING SKRELL ARMY species' playerbase. I am curious about Lusquiil in the present tense. I'm curious as to what his goals, aspirations, and hobbies are, as well as his outlook on the arts, both old and emerging. Things in that sort of vein! Not many think to include - including myself - what is, in my opinion, the most fun thing to write about the characters, which is what they like and dislike.
  9. I'm in full support of simplifying the engine set up so that, if nothing else, an entire crew is less likely to be in the dark for two hours due to the constant shortage of engineers from 11PM-8AM CDT since setting it up with or without an AI would be a little bit easier. As for medical, I think it'd probably be better to go with a slightly different setup. My go-to every round as CMO is keloderm, bicaridine, dex+, alkysine and clonex. I could definitely see doing just alkysine and hyronalin as those are the only two treatments for common ailments which require a chemist to fix. (Side-note: Setting up chemistry for the first 10 rounds is definitely my least favorite part ever of playing CMO, and I greatly regret giving my CMO the capability to do it. This would be a godsend.)
  10. I want to point out that this cures a rather small number of traumas (See https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Psychologist#Mental_Trauma for reference) and would thus more likely be a 'Hope they have that one' drug (or more likely literally just a direct upgrade to Alkysine.) But I also want to point out that any doctor can diagnose traumas and prescribe psychiatric medication. As such the only staff actually required is an MD as well as either a CMO, Psychiatrist or Chemist (But only one of the above.) (Reference for that, as well https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Guide_to_Medicine#Mental_Trauma_and_Policy ) On the topic of this as a whole, I can't see Omnizine and Atropine being used whatsoever, and more likely only further skewing the best chemistry loadouts. I already pre-mix 5u of Dex+ with my bottles of Dylovene and Inaprovaline and thus 5u of both bottles gives me essentially it but instantly curing all oxygen damage instead of curing oxygen damage very slightly faster. I feel like Atropine would be useful if Epinephrine wasn't being added, and Omnizine feels mostly useless. However, I very much like Epinephrine (because reaching a patient in the mines 10 seconds before they bleed to death regardless of your treatment is possibly the worst feeling in the entire game) and Mannitol feels, as stated, like just a direct upgrade to Alkysine.
  11. As it stands, we have rescue robots who have to go out through external airlocks to rescue miners who may be close to them. This would make things harder for average and competent players in order to stop grief, which is sort of the wrong way around. It'd probably be better to get a policy change to make messing with the airlocks (unless needed) explicitly against the rules if that isn't already the case.
  12. Chloral being under-utilized as an anesthetic doesn't make it an ineffective means of anesthesia. Which it is, very much so. It is inherently superior to soporific for surgery when the KO gas can't be used (See: Punctured lung and fokken prawns). It causes patients to fall into 'hard-sleep' (A sleep caused by the chem itself, rather than just an overload of drowsiness from the chem. Patients can wake up from a 'soft-sleep' at any time, hence those under soporific waking up on the table, whereas for hard sleep the chem actually has to be out of their system to wake up) in almost 1/3 of the time it takes soporific (chloral has a 40 second avg compared to soporific's 110 second avg for a hard-sleep) which means you're a lot less likely to have patients wake up on the table mid-surgery, unless the metabolism system has a hiccup. It also (according to the wiki, at least - I haven't seen it utilized enough to be certain and really didn't feel like pulling up a test server) only has a toxin output of 1 damage per unit, which is quite a bit less than people seem to think it is. It's hardly a cyanide - especially considering you only need 5u to put somebody under for 3 minutes. Case in point, if anything chloral should probably be used more by medical, rather than used not at all by anybody.
  13. +1 because TURBO QUOIT is god-tier. But no, really. Everything Senior talks about adding/adds/has added seems to be significantly focused on actually refining the lore, making it feel more lived-in, and leaving less up to guesswork as compared to just adding more and more space battles and new places etc etc. I think him being on the lore team would be an excellent step forward, and not only because he, too, wants to turn the station into a giant space mall.
  14. I'm swoocing in from the sidelines to say that fires aren't a problem and in my time playing engineer I've never had to deal with a single one, and thus they've never been a problem. The big problem is this absolutely ridiculous new slime meta where you can unleash a hoard of slimes onto the station / a department and since fire extinguishers have been gutted they basically just have to locker/disposals them and hope for the best. I've seen the tactic used at least four times and likely more since the fire extinguishers were given this useless update.
  15. Unless I'm extremely unlucky, no. Power always goes out in the lobby before it goes out in the Paramedic quarters, as the lobby takes up quite a bit more power. So you're left with the front shutters down and power everywhere else locking you in because MDs don't have access for shit and the lobby seems to drain power faster than anywhere else in medbay sans the cryo cooler. There's also still the problem of other departments locking down, and my initial emphasis that this improves roleplay and gameplay in no way sans in security and research even if there is a convoluted way past the shutters.
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