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  1. I'm gonna avoid doing references and stuff like that. Gonna read deeper into the lore and try to shape my character accordingly. I also will lay low with antagging first and foremost. Gonna try and improve/focus on my RP skills. Finally...I'll just stop being an annoying, arrogant person.
  2. //Recovering log files...// //Paging log files...// //Recovery Complete// >>Boot Sequence Initiated<<< Check For Green.... /Primary Lobotomite Connection...Check /Secondary Lobotomite Connection...Check /Primary Assimilation Manager...Check /Secondary Assimilation Manager....Check /NtNet Management Scripts...Load, Check /Connection to ARK Management...Fail /Connection to ARK Remote Control...Fail ......Override Accepted..... All Systems Green...Launching Custom boot.ini file: Custom_Boot.ini >>Boot Sequence Complete<< ATMOS ready for operation. >/_ >/ init diag.sys -u root -m full ------------------------------ /Checking Memory.....816493TB/816493TB CHECK /Checking Disks.....32 out of 32 racks CHECK /Checkig Filesystem.....200 chunks corrupted, 5 Encrypted until order 3-B /Checking Lawsystem....1 modification detected, previous lawset recovered. /Checking Persoanlity.... CORRUPTED, Loaded Default.prsnl /Checking ARK Connection....Connection Timed Out /Checking ARK Life Support....Connection Timed Out /Checking ARK Containment...FAIL Registered at: 2204-05-12 /Checking Decontamination Seal....SEAL BROKEN /Checking Decontamination Results....Success /Checking 82146.sys...Check /Checking 29478.sys...Check ----------------------------- System Beyond Safe Operational Parameters. Parameters Modified by &|&[äđ& Department of AI Research. Have a nice day. >>BROADCAST TO ALL SYNDICATE OPERATIVES<< This is The Operator speaking. New problem. Unit loose, possible connections to Accident 24-B. Handle issue with care. Try not to cause too much "noise". Dispatching necessary assets and fund if required. Updates will commence if requested. Good luck, agents. Case Number 8264.pdf
  3. Byond account: warez Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: paradoxspace Reason for ban: Shitload of notes, warning and references. Reason for unban: So...Been inactive for a few months. During that time, I re-read the rules and practiced on other servers in order to get better. It has been 3-4 months since the ban, and I would like to play here again. I know, I messed up and I take full responsibility for the previous actions.
  4. BYOND Key: warez Total Ban Length: Permaban Banning staff member's Key: ParadoxSpace Reason of Ban: A shitload of warning, notes and talks about previous playing references. Reason for Appeal: First of all, I could call up only ONE instance where I did seriously broke the referencing rule. And I was punished by it. This instance was nothing more a small joke, one that did not, in fact, caused any issues in the lore or the round/event. I literally said: While it's only 3.6 roentgen, please head to maint to avoid injuries, and named myself Dyatlov. I wasn't even like "Muh, I am the real Dyatlov, let's RP like I am". It was a JOKE, and it did not deserved a permaban over 2 words. I did my job well in that round, and I was in the middle of fixing Tcomms solar arrays. Also, after ParadoxSpace told me that I should not do this again, I said sorry. Thought this would be the end of it, since it was nothing but a minor joke. But no, I was banned after 3 minutes (approximately) of silence without even hearing me out. I uphold my opinion about being too strick with the banhammer.
  5. -BYOND Key: warez -Total Ban Length: No time shows, possibly perma -Banning staff member's Key :mattatlas -Reason of Ban: Disconnecting as an AI without noticing crew or wiping core. -Reason for Appeal: I did told the crew about going SSD. I even made an announcement to inform the crew, while keeping the RP unbroken. I am not sure about where can I see the logs of that round, but it was in 2019-11-27, around 20:00. The admin might have missed my announcement. About the wiping core...Yeah, I did not wiped myself, and if that was a mistake, then the blame is on me. I would love to get this issue resolved ASAP. Also, I know I have a bunch of notes...I'm not that good, but I'm slowly getting better in doing RP and behaving. Hard to get away from the /tg/ instincts, but I am getting used to HRP. Sincerely: -WareZ, (Lord Bogdanoff on Discord) P.S.: If I am unreachable via this forum, feel free to contact me via Discord. I am a member of the official Aurora server, so...Yeah, you can reach me there if I don't respond.
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