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  1. I'm gonna avoid doing references and stuff like that. Gonna read deeper into the lore and try to shape my character accordingly. I also will lay low with antagging first and foremost. Gonna try and improve/focus on my RP skills. Finally...I'll just stop being an annoying, arrogant person.
  2. //Recovering log files...// //Paging log files...// //Recovery Complete// >>Boot Sequence Initiated<<< Check For Green.... /Primary Lobotomite Connection...Check /Secondary Lobotomite Connection...Check /Primary Assimilation Manager...Check /Secondary Assimilation Manager....Check /NtNet Management Scripts...Load, Check /Connection to ARK Management...Fail /Connection to ARK Remote Control...Fail ......Override Accepted..... All Systems Green...Launching Custom boot.ini file: Custom_Boot.ini >>Boot Sequence Complete<< ATMOS
  3. Byond account: warez Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: paradoxspace Reason for ban: Shitload of notes, warning and references. Reason for unban: So...Been inactive for a few months. During that time, I re-read the rules and practiced on other servers in order to get better. It has been 3-4 months since the ban, and I would like to play here again. I know, I messed up and I take full responsibility for the previous actions.
  4. BYOND Key: warez Total Ban Length: Permaban Banning staff member's Key: ParadoxSpace Reason of Ban: A shitload of warning, notes and talks about previous playing references. Reason for Appeal: First of all, I could call up only ONE instance where I did seriously broke the referencing rule. And I was punished by it. This instance was nothing more a small joke, one that did not, in fact, caused any issues in the lore or the round/event. I literally said: While it's only 3.6 roentgen, please head to maint to avoid injuries, and named myself Dyatlov. I wasn't even like "Muh, I am the re
  5. -BYOND Key: warez -Total Ban Length: No time shows, possibly perma -Banning staff member's Key :mattatlas -Reason of Ban: Disconnecting as an AI without noticing crew or wiping core. -Reason for Appeal: I did told the crew about going SSD. I even made an announcement to inform the crew, while keeping the RP unbroken. I am not sure about where can I see the logs of that round, but it was in 2019-11-27, around 20:00. The admin might have missed my announcement. About the wiping core...Yeah, I did not wiped myself, and if that was a mistake, then the blame is on me. I would
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