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  1. I think when you told Alice to drop the shotgun the logs got flooded with other messages at the time or I just missed it due to me having some bad tunnel vision and focusing on the screen and not the text
  2. Were you the one who was in the white voidsuit and was gunned down by ERT?
  3. I was just following ERT to patch them up if they got hurt because from what I saw they lacked anyone who would patch them up. I did hang behind the ERT so I would not get shot. I did fire a shotgun once and honesty I should not have. And also all I did was loot people to protect myself and to maybe hope that a SEC officer would come online so she could give the stuff. And I screamed dead to tell the ETR to stop firing at a dead corpse. And she did call the ETR's hero's because the raiders were holding unarmed people hostages and killed a lot of people on the station.
  4. Kinda but not so much BURN EVERYTHING DOWN IN MY NAME! I took the name but that's about it and the cleansing of one self with less burning your body.
  5. computer fucked up this is STILL WIP I WILL FIX THIS Please hold
  6. BYOND Key: Sarge6676 Character name: Jessica Taz Item name: The Tome Of The Boundless Flame Why is your character carrying said item to work? Jessica Taz is a fire priestess of the Boundless flame. It is about cleansing the imperfections of the body. Item function(s): It will be like the bible but it will be changed to the Tome. Item description: A holy book to Kossuth the lord of fire Item appearance: Just use the Tome. (Note, not the Arcane Tome) How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? This book is about helping fixing the wrongs of the body and stopping the use of deadly chemicals Like drinking or smoking. This book also wish's for the person to strengthen of ones mental and spiritual health and even help others who are suffering. oocly I'm sick of having to ask admins to give me the tome at the start of each round and also I have been playing this character a lot so it would help my immersion. Additional comments: Note any grammar fuck ups are due to lack of sleep and shitty meds.
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