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  1. (Sarge7767 here) I wanted to say sorry for how I started that whole encounter, I was enthralled and my orders were to detain you and bring you to the warden/vampire. But that still doesn't excuse the total dickry I pulled on you in the HoS's office, I should have Ahelped and ask but I was far to mentally tired and while at the same time starting to just get fired back up due to the excitement of seeing the round finally pick up, so I wasn't properly thinking at the moment. But like I have said, what I pulled wasn't ok, a telebaton and riot shield vs a energy carbine on stun isn't fair, especially when you just joined the round only about 15-20 minutes ago and didn't have time to even gear up. I just hope that I can learn from this mistake and try to use better judgement in the future.
  2. Reporting Personnel: Rain Kato Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Security Officer Game ID: cdo-b40A Personnel Involved: Reene Oguto, Curator: Offender Secondary Witnesses: N/A Time of Incident: 8/6/2021 Real Time: 8/6/2063 Location of Incident: Library Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [X] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [X] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: I was doing my normal rounds around the station's main floor when I noticed Reene Oguto in the bar with tools, breaking down chairs back into planks of wood. At first I didn't think much of it, but noticing the lack of Heads of Staff I figured that didn't have the proper paperwork and authorization to do such so I did a double back and found them in the library using the wood they gained from the chairs in the bar to set up crude easel's to place canvases onto them. When I stepped inside I informed Reene Oguto to refrain from breaking down chairs without proper authorization, that is when they suddenly turned hostile and started to make needlessly rude, snarky, and outright hostile comments towards me, when I asked why they became so hostile they only gave me more snarky responses. This went on for about half a minute longer before they demanded me to leave the library at once. When I asked what I did to be removed from the library they didn't give me a proper answer, only telling me to leave. I then asked if it was because I was a security officer and they gave a non-verbal yes in response. Submitted Evidence: N/A Would you like to be personally interviewed?: [X] - Yes [ ] - No Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: I didn't report it to any Heads of Staff, reason was there were no Heads of Staff active at the moment to handle the problem. Actions taken: N/A Additional Notes:
  3. BYOND Key: Sarge7767 Character Names: Ishel Blackmar, Theo Bodkin, and Juliet Potter Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Silver Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I believe it would be an interesting way to break out of the mold of just making Human characters over and over, for as enjoyable as Human lore is and as free it can be, there is something refreshing about picking up something new like another race, and exploring their lore, culture, and history. What really drew me to the Tajarans was actually their history, with the first revolution having militia groups such as the People's Emancipation Movement, Republic of Free Tajara, or the Liberated People's of Harr'masir. All of that really reminded me of real life wars such as the Congo wars and the like which makes me very happy for I like realistic depictions of wars, civil wars, and uprising, along with all the splinter cells that would pop up from such a massive war across the entire planet. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: What makes Tajarans a bit different to Humans is their technological development on the home planet, for unlike the Humans, Unathi, or Skrell, most recent Tajara developments were from other civilizations. This inturn has lead to a strange mix of 1920’s and modern day livelihoods on the home planet, with it being even stated in the lore that though they have modern medicine in the New Kingdom of Adhomai, most tajarans still use more primitive forms of medicine such as herbal remedies and even bloodletting. So this can shape a lot of the perceptions of Tajara who live in these more outdated lifestyles being suddenly exposed to new technologies they might have not had access to, or the money to get depending on parts of the planet. These things are not often discussed or talked about in Human lore, and so not many people really roleplay a character from a more outdated time period. Though if we’re also to say the differences biologically speaking, they’re very different to Humans to state the obvious, Tajarans tend to be quicker than Humans, more cold resistant to Humans, and can be somewhat shorter than most Humans, while also being a bit more physically frail to things like blunt trauma or lacerations due to their lighter bodies. Character Name: Trhofiim R'odion Please provide a short backstory for this character Trhofiim R'odion was born in a small village outside of the city of Kaltir, he was raised as the oldest child out of three other siblings. His younger years as a child were spent often helping on the farm as best he could, being retold stories of his great grandfather by his family who he served as a soldier for the Kingdom of Kaltir during The Great Revolution; this heavily influenced his life, leaving a permanent mark on him and his personal ideals. Trhofiim R'odion when nearly an adult was given the greatcoat his grandfather wore during The Great Revolution, a piece of clothing that stuck with him for the rest of his life and often wore it around as often as he could durning the bitter and unforgiving winters. When Trhofiim R'odion turned 22, the NKA rebellion had started, the mixture of stories from the past about his Grandfather defending the monarchy, the secret printing press releasing pro-NKA propaganda, and being so close to the capital of the NKA rebellion is what prompted him to sign up for service for the Imperial Adhomian Army to become an infantryman. He served in the military all the way up till the end of the civil war, while serving he didn’t do anything to noteworthy or extreme outside of what the common footsoldier partakes in on the daily. Though in his military service he did suffer a lingering injury that still plagues him to this day, he suffered a bayonet wound to the left hand, making it lose some motor control in the middle and ring finger, thankfully this wasn’t his trigger hand, and was still able to serve. By the end of the civil war, all notions of patriotism, the glorification of duty and being a soldier, or the honor for fighting for one's king had left him at this point, replaced with a hollow melancholy for his lost youth and innocence. Trhofiim R'odion returned to his family's farm as a jaded and quiet person, and for about a year he spent his time working with his family. But the endless reminders of war from his scarred homeland was too much for him to bear so he departed Adhomai to hopefully find a more peaceful and quiet life in Biesel. What do you like about this character? I like this character for it allows me to explore my own personal interest of war veterans, but also soldiers returning home from war changed. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would say my skills as a roleplayer are above average, yet I’m eager to keep proving still.
  4. Recently after getting back into medical, I noticed a lot of changes for one, alot of medical jobs were removed and I was informed due to it causing too much confusion and way too many arguments which is understandable! But I'm here to say that the roles of medical have became way to narrowed down now, to the point that all there really is for the actual medical tending is medical interns which are meant to be seen as Green Horns who don't know what they're doing, physician which are meant for people who oocly and Icly know enough about medical to do bad stuff to people by accident, and surgeons which are people who mostly focus on the surgical part of medical. But with the physician you have to learn and do a lot of things, me who loves to play medical but has very little interest in doing surgical is kinda forced into that role and some others might as well feel this way. But say if we re-added a nurse or something similar it could be a fun middle ground between a medical intern and a physician, being skilled enough icly to do most that a physician can but not having to worry about doing the surgical rp, and not just that but forgetting a key part of medical rp, recovery! A nurse's job is often to offer medical treatment to less serious injuries while also doing the more time consuming task of looking over patients, something that a physician shouldn't be doing in the first place. I know this is sorta a block of text, and not very skillfully formatted but if you can read through the eye sore that is that block, I hope you can understand my reasoning for wanting to bring back the Nurse job.
  5. BYOND Key: sarge7767 Total Ban Length: permanently Banning staff member's Key: garnascus Reason of Ban: The reason I want to appeal my ban is because I want to get back on Aurora station and once again play and have fun. My behavior in the past was not acceptable at all and was in part me not properly understanding Fear rp because at that time I didn't really fully understand what that meant, and that most of my time on SS13 servers beforehand was on colonial marines and stuff like that. I also very often got overly excited and jumped the gun on stuff without really thinking about it. Though I most want to say sorry is for how I acted when I last joined and played, I was in a poor mood, kinda overly emotional at that point in life, and did the immature thing and vented my anger directly into the game which lead to me getting permabanned off the server.
  6. As someone who plays a librarian I fully agree on this. If say some new players join the server and take a look at some of the outdated books thinking this is how the station and game works it can give them the wrong idea. I believe instead of wiping many of the books we update them instead. I know how unlikely that will be but still if you're going to remove a lot of the books something has to replace them so not to make the library not feel so empty, but still I fully agree.
  7. This could just be being a man who hates change and all that, but when I look at the textures I feel like the stuff around it feels out of place almost. I can't put my finger on it but it just feels wrong. Don't get me wrong, its wonderful but it still feels out of place.
  8. Reporting Personnel:[/b] The Protector of the Silent Job Title of Reporting Personnel:[/b] Bartender Game ID: B5W-ahu4 Personnel Involved: Bartender The Protector of the Silent, Victim Freelance Journalist Moxi Morgue, Offender Visitor Larisa Hunter, Witness Secondary Witnesses: Time of Incident: (If unable to provide, leave blank) Real Time: 6PM EST 28/02/2020 Location of Incident:[/b] Bar, NSS Aurora Nature of Incident: [X] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [X] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other Overview of the Incident: This all started when we told another Human to leave our bar because he was being disruptive, in the form of them mocking us and jeering, we asked for them to leave, they refused, when we called for security none came. So we used our legal right to use reasonable in the form of removing the shotgun from the stand and aimed it at them. When we ordered them for the last time to leave they refused and mocked us to fire at them, we fired 2 shots one hitting them in the chest, second missing. When this failed the disruptive Human jumped the counter and started to brawl us. But then Moxi Morgue stepped into the bar and ordered both of us to cease our fighting, when we tried to pull away from the fight, the unknown Human kept up his attack, forcing us to fight back, this leads to Moxi Morgue pulling a tactical knife from her boot, jumping the counter, and started to stab us, that's when this turned from a fist fight, to a fight for our very life. We fought the two as best we could, but it was not enough as we soon were knocked down to the floor by the two combined attackers, this lead to Moxi stabbing us hard enough to jam her knife into our core. That's when ISD showed up in force and detained all 3 of us. This attack scared us so greatly that it was one of the major reasons we joined the legion, so we can better protect ourselves from these violent attacks on us. Submitted Evidence: We only have our one witness. Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: We would have reported it to a head of staff if one was on duty. Actions taken: Officers showed up, disarmed, and detained Moxi Morgue, taking her to Brig. We do not know what punishments she served, if any at all. Additional Notes: This attack is the stem of our distrust towards humanoids, for most of them appear to want to either mock, or attack us.
  9. I tried my best to fix all the parts where I put him or he and replaced it with It. I also put the characters I often play down. I also fixed up the story alittle and added a small note at the bottom to help people better understand. Also why the botanist created the Nymph and threw it out, I still have no clue why. Also why I was unable to get a ID or anything was the HoP just flatly told the Diona to go away and the Captain was busy dealing with Antag stuff so I could not add it to the story. Also my roleplaying skills are much better then my story writing skills. But still I thank you for pointing out these faults and giving me some tips on how to fix them!
  10. BYOND Key: Sarge7767 Character Names: The Protector of the Silent Species you are applying to play: Diona What color do you plan on making your first alien character: N/E Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes I have. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I find Diona to be one of the most fascinating races out of the bunch due to their collective mindset. Another thing that really peaks my fancy about it is due to their wide backstory opportunity potential making writing a story for them extremely comfortable and easy. I also find the idea of communicating by song and learning from drinking the blood of other races to be a very new and refreshing thing about this race, making it one of, if not the best in my opinion when it comes to lore creativity and the like. So these are the reasons why I would want to play a Diona, they have a very unlimited backstory potential , something new and interesting, and have the potential to make something very fun to not only roleplay but for others to roleplay with. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Well one of the biggest things is that they are a plant based species and are not made of flesh and blood like most other organic races are but instead, made up of vines, juices, and Nymphs (They are adorable). They also have a wildly different way of communicating, they have 6 minds all having to work together to speak as one and this forces them to live in harmony and if they are unable to live in harmony they will quickly become unable to do much of anything from the rampant discord, simple tasks as moving or picking up anything will become near impossible as the body fails to find common ground. This makes roleplaying a Diona a much more of a harder task for it forces you to think about every sentence you put down because all 6 Nymphs have to agree on it. The final thing I find most different about them is how they learn, with how I understand how other races learn so far, Diona are the only one who learn from absorbing the blood of other races. Character Name: The Protector of the Silent Please provide a short backstory for this character In the beginning there was nothing, then a botanist planted it's spore and grew it until it became a fully grown Nymph. It was rather confused at first and wondered around the small garden of plants before the botanist picked up the Nymph and threw it out of the garden and then hit it with a bag, causing the creature to flee into the unknown halls of NSS Aurora. It didn't understand much, how could it understand much in it's state, it could not speak what the others spoke and was rather hungry, but thankfully soon enough it came across a Surgeon who allowed it to feed on some of her blood. It gratefully took this opportunity and drank it up happily before moving on. It's quest to find food was cut short when a Human wearing a blue jacket picked it up and took it to a room full of metal looking limbs, inside this room was another Human wearing a grey mask. The two Humans allowed the Nymph to drink their blood and it did so, it just needed a little bit more blood to drink before it could start to understand their weird voices and so it left the room full of metallic limbs. It went exploring some more until it came to the holodeck where then again 2 more people allowed it to feed and that's when the world opened up to it, it could understand the weird language that all the Humans it came across would speak. Now with this, it soon started to ask questions, where are they, are there more of my kind, can I have your blood, you know the Important questions. So moving on from that it had at that point gained enough biomass to grow out 4 other Nymph and merge together to create a Cyclops, though it was at that point it's right arm had not grown fully so it was forced to move around the station with one arm, no ID, and no bag but later down the line it did gain enough biomass to grow out the last Nymph. Thankfully a kind woman helped show it around the space station, which help it learn where each branch of the station worked and what they did. So after a long tour around the station, it was taken to the bar where it met Yumi Yotin, it's soon to be friend and caretaker/teacher. Yumi Yotin took the Diona under her wing and allowed it to drink some of her blood to learn the dark arcane craft of bartending, but not only that she actively started to teach it how to make more exotic drinks and assisted it in getting citizenship in the Republic. So after helping it gain citizenship it now lives with Yumi in her apartment and will be soon working as a bartender for NanoTrasen. (Do note, this story was made from a round I played as a Nymph who grew into a Diona Cyclops. So I hope that clears up a little confusion about the story, sorry.) What do you like about this character? I love this character idea is because of how much character development It has the ability to gain, and how it's morality and personality will from. I have always like those kind of characters, a alien taking in the culture and outlooks. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would say my roleplaying skills are slightly above average. I still have some stuff to learn to take me from a average role-player to good one. Notes: This took way to long. I play these characters.
  11. I think when you told Alice to drop the shotgun the logs got flooded with other messages at the time or I just missed it due to me having some bad tunnel vision and focusing on the screen and not the text
  12. Were you the one who was in the white voidsuit and was gunned down by ERT?
  13. I was just following ERT to patch them up if they got hurt because from what I saw they lacked anyone who would patch them up. I did hang behind the ERT so I would not get shot. I did fire a shotgun once and honesty I should not have. And also all I did was loot people to protect myself and to maybe hope that a SEC officer would come online so she could give the stuff. And I screamed dead to tell the ETR to stop firing at a dead corpse. And she did call the ETR's hero's because the raiders were holding unarmed people hostages and killed a lot of people on the station.
  14. Kinda but not so much BURN EVERYTHING DOWN IN MY NAME! I took the name but that's about it and the cleansing of one self with less burning your body.
  15. computer fucked up this is STILL WIP I WILL FIX THIS Please hold
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