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  1. Hello lads, I found a game through this forum MANY years go and I'd like to reintroduce it to the new waves of players coming in. It's called InfernoMOO, and it's an apocolyptic roleplaying game where you can be a horribly deformed mutant monster man that's a master of crazy weapons. You can use things like electrified gauntlets, chainaxes, irradiated blades, and many other things to kill enemies that range from other players to NPC mutated bees that pump you full of toxin whenever they sting you, horribly overdosing you and causing a painful death. It's one of the only MOOs that has a great minimap, and this is only a few of the great features from it. It's a better shard of another game which shall not be named, as it really doesn't deserve any more attention. This is the one you wanna play if you're gonna try it. You can download a client like Mushclient, Mudlet, or SimpleMU if you're really a filthy casual. This game is incredibly addictive for me, and right now it just lacks players. Real hidden gem of a game. You're needed to bring it back! If you want to give it a try and want guidance on getting started give me a shout, I'm Arachne. Here's the connection info: IP: inferno.optiquest.org port: 7777 You'll just want to follow the prompts it gives you when you connect to make an account and then a character. Feel free to ask me questions here too, I'll pop in occasionally to look at this thread. I don't play on this server much anymore admittedly, but I had some good times with it and these forums lead me to finding my favorite game, which is an obscure text game of all things. edit: I seriously understated the content of the game here, but there's so much to it. Weapon types, mutations, enemies, build possbilities, there's cybernetic implants, incredibly cool well-described areas, the best combat ever engineered in any MOO, seriously. It's amazing. Please do ask about it and try it out if you have any desire to.
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