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  1. Hocka has always been a great pal and we coded afew things together and we brainstormed for a while, we've been coding on/off and talking about things ever since Skulls programming lectures that we attended together. I think they have what it takes 👀 I mistook Hocka for someone else, but I still very much think they have what it takes, the things on this that actually happened aren't striked through. +1 from me.
  2. Fox has consistently been a joy to interact with ever since they came to the server, constantly offering help to people and the like, I don't have any doubts that they'd be a positive influence on the community as a moderator, and represent the team very well. I don't see them getting the position going wrong, ever.
  3. This is very true but we could always remove rats or just ... completely exclude those rats from the ghost spawner, this isn't hard to change.
  4. And what level of roleplay was the server? Were rules in place discouraging this sort of gameplay? Because this kind of use wouldn't be tolerated here and go unpunished, even with rats it can get you bwoinked rn, even. It'd become a lot easier to spot with limited roles. Also, however, Poly and the other Station pets weren't limited in the way that these would be, they were always available on a round by round basis, these would be situational and depend on the event firing, which is an uncommon thing, and could be made even more uncommon. So not really the same thing.
  5. The former isn't true because this would be entirely changing how the feature works, you'd be making them extremely limited, like 3-5 spawns every hour at best and that's not a given at all, and it could be even less than that. The main issue with rats is that they have infinite respawns, you kill one, it comes back immediately, and so you have no choice but to trap everything. This would actually be impossible and extremely unlikely to happen with this change, because: 1; They're extremely limited, that inherently changes how the role is played, it's no longer a throw-away pest, the
  6. My suggestion isn't about keeping rats, it's about expanding the umbrella and making a lot of other things playable as well as rarely rats. The pest event spawns a lot more interesting things than just plain rats, and they could add a lot more to a round than chewing stuff. Not to mention it would be more fun for the Crew to see Lizards and Yithians and all of these other little animals crawling through the events around the Station rarely, it'd be fun Not to mention, the pest event only fires every hour or so, you could expect making 4-5 pest spawns every now and again, and then that can
  7. You're absolutely wrong, yes it will. Because knowing they can't just respawn immediately on death, and that they are playing a limited, few in a round role, they will take it more seriously and be more careful.
  8. Yes it would, just don't actively inhibit security while doing it. 👀
  9. One idea that is very good and would probably add a ton to rounds is to instead make the pest spawn event open ghost roles for a variety of different kinds of animal that can also just be rats, it could include spiders, snail fellows, rats, lizards, etc. And their limited lives (How many spawned, how many haven't been killed by Crew yet) would make people play them a lot more evasively and make Crew a lot less likely to actively hate them. So it could be more of a benefit to rounds than a detriment. Just my idea tho.
  10. As of now, the hypospray voidsuit/hardsuit issue may be being fully fixed, you can see the bugfix by Mya here: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/10523
  11. This can be locked and archived -- I think it feels good enough rn, and I'm not too sure I want to put in the time and work to actually pull this project through.
  12. I'll hold off on arguing against this point even if I very much disagree with it and have very intricate reasons of why just because it'd be better to wait until you post the next thread to say 👀 We can have a more productive discussion there. If 'borgs don't have a flash, they can resort to lethal means immediately according to laws as a last resort, that's not good, also I'm glad it's considered bad faith roleplay, I've been trying my hardest to push 'borgs into that direction, and last I checked the sensor augmentations actually were different, they actually showed the antag-hud ove
  13. I'm glad you like the new tools minus the jetpack, and also the reason many 'borgs have clerical tools as of now is purely for the roleplay aspect of being able to print papers/do paperwork for Crew if the 'borg wants, so you can like, advertise on walls for a blood drive and roleplay stuff like that, write down symptoms, and those sorts of high RP things. I think it's very important for that sorta stuff even if they have no mechanical use whatsoever which is why I gave it to Service, Research and Mining. Also the gripper was an accident, I was trying to code the 'borg able to put a new g
  14. Yes and now a PR that does what the thread is asking for by and large is merged -- The suggestions forum last I checked is for things that aren't actually being worked on, at the very least it should be moved to the projects forum in that sense... but it doesn't really matter much if it is or not, it can stay here in limbo too with people maybe dropping an idea or two if they think of them. The Hypospray issue has a *LOT* more likelihood of being fixed if it's posted in the issues section of github too. There's a reason for the things I'm saying, I'm not just saying them.
  15. As of now, there's a developer addressing the issue of Mortaphenyl/Perconols' debilitating side effects, you can see their changes here: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/10454 All credit to geeves as the fix is unprompted but very appreciated.
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