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  1. Out of these, this one is the most likely to solve all of your problems. If the new lawset included 'To the best of your abilities' where it used to, none of this would be an issue. I'm not sure how I missed that, granted, I didn't write the new laws at all πŸ‘€
  2. Most servers are using the same laws they've used for decades, they rarely have made any efforts at all to fix the problems with AI and their lawsets, instead they more often do like Bay and remove the role altogether. So this claim that the AI has been fine tuned and is heavily developed is easily considered nonsensical since in the past they've largely been more interested in maintaining the status quo than attempting to make any possible changes to how the AI is played. After we see this in practice following the 1st of next month, we can tweak the lawset more, but like, I think it's
  3. This is theoretically true but untrue in practice -- You still have to justify why you're ignoring the AI, you're just not compelled to do what they ask, if what they tell you is helpful and within your 4 laws, you still have every reason to listen to them. But I mostly meant the AI being awful (Validhunting, not acting appropriately to Crew) makes playing 'borg very unfun when it happens.
  4. I'm very *very* happy with this change in direction, but like. Also, the direction it's going is exactly what I attempted to do with Upsilon unsuccessfully, so like. If that's never going to be continued/worked in/expanded on, that could potentially be retconned as well, all existent mentions of it are in the bugle, which is under rework. So it could be done during the rework if desired.
  5. I'm so happy that the AI is finally whitelisted, not to be over dramatic but it feels as if I've finally been able to see Aurora take a first step towards finally eliminating one of the worst problems with Stationbounds, which is unvetted play of the AI who commands them. The laws still might need some adjustment like what Carpe said.
  6. I'm really glad that the AI/'borgs are being removed from Antag/Crew interactions as well, it was what me and Amunak were hoping to do in a project before, actually, but it was discontinued due to really really negative response, I hope it works as well as I foresaw it working there in this case as well, I'm p. sure it'll drastically improve borg and AI for the better.
  7. I'm seconding Ping here -- Caelphon, you can certainly do some minor-ish wiki work as a Lore dev I'm sure, so why do you need the extra responsibilities of Wiki Maintainer to do so? It seems like it's risking adding too much necessary work to your plate when you could do both Lore and Wiki without responsibilities towards the wiki, just so long as you kept the wiki team informed. πŸ‘€
  8. Geeves PR here: Thank you v. much PoZe, but also Geeves has improved it further for us, it goes on the ghostspawner when it PR goes up and then it'll stay for 3 minutes.
  9. Removing the AI and 'borgs from being capable of harming most antags is a good change since it'll force 'borgs/AI to try more diplomatic approaches against them, but also please don't forget my law changes, they're super important to consider
  10. O also I love the 'Protect/Safeguard Sapient Life on board' because it effectively cuts the AI and 'borg validhunting out at the source -- If a 'borg/AI is going out of their way to endanger/shut down Antags they're actually in violation of their laws with that change -- I think that's a good thing.
  11. I also think the laws could use some adjustment as outline in the thread too: * Safeguard NanoTrasen facilities and ensure only authorized personnel gain access to areas of high security or importance to the facility and its operation. * Serve and assist NanoTrasen and assigned crew, with priority as according to their rank and role. * Protect sapient life on board. * You are a valuable asset. You must avoid tampering from unauthorized entities and destruction. The change from Station to facility will make the lawset not require a massive change in terminology for
  12. I love this and I've been the champion so far for increased AI/borg responsibility and even the AI nerfs -- My only concern here is if 'borgs are remaining unwhitelisted, that they should continue to be unable to bolt, it is my favorite role to play and it was ridiculously negative to towards the game for them to be able to bolt like they used to, even with the delay I think 'borgs would be a massive problem in that area So maybe leave the bolting stuff to the AI and remove it wholesale from non Antag 'borgs? I dunno, but I'd prefer it that way.
  13. More modern me with adorable doggo and FOOT Crazy hair because of Covid quarantine and refusing to go to a barber or shave my hair. Covid and the mass of hurricanes earlier this year hasn't been treating me very well but I'm doing πŸ†—and that's really all I can ask for. πŸŽ‡πŸŽŠHappy New Years in advance!πŸŽŠπŸŽ‡
  14. This could almost be considered an accessibility feature because as it is anyone who needs to do CPR in their job can't be a person with arthritis or carpal tunnel or they'll be in agony.
  15. Alright well, I'll see about coding the Nymphs onto the ghost role menu and making their pods work similar to Posibrains, I have no clue how successful I'll be as I've never touched this system Ever so if anyone wanted to help me with it that'd be great, but I'll try.
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