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  1. This'd probably go in the lore canonization forum instead of here but amazing catch, this has been on the wiki for 6+ years without being noticed by anyone 👀 PS: Mods will shift the thread around fir you if I'm right so don't worry about that.
  2. I'm extremely excited for this, doxx 👀
  3. The second PR is merged. Have fun with the new animations, (New walking animations for the old legacy borgo sprites, all spiked and treaded sprites, Basic, Landmate, Treadmate, Treadhead, all have new ones). Arachnotrons (Borgo Mega spiderdrones), the new Drone overlays, using the arachnotron overlays and fitting them to the old drones (Maint. Drones, Cons. Drones, Mining Drones) all have updated overlays. I've had some bug reports regarding the TC drone overlay being ill fitting so when I have internet again I'll return to fix that too.
  4. Alright I'm going to consider this app closed and have it archived, thank you for your interest Wezzy. 👀
  5. Alright the next stage of the rework is over with, the arachnotrons are fully finished, and the drones have new overlays and small sprite adjustments, now they glow a bit more. A lot of the older legacy 'borg sprites, the basic, landmate, and treadmate series have movement animations now too, and I also added a movement animation to the new treadhead series. I decided to pull the Repo-Icarus-Drone series out of the available sprite pool, it doesn't match the new sprites anymore and I decided I don't want to put in the time to fix it up. This second PR is moving into the review stage.
  6. I have some good news and I have some bad news, we will be getting this conceptual spiderborg resprite, but it won't be in this PR. It'll be a little bit after the rework goes live. To see the PR: Go here. It looks really good, though! https://imgur.com/sfQWDFx <= example of it in action with sci/jani colors. https://i.imgur.com/OPBJ9NO.gifv <= example of it in action with engi colors. I plan to give it the same scuttle animation drones have and to also try to update the drones to their overlay, so that it looks more spider-like and glows in the same way. The other, updated spider 'borgs will p. much be replaced by these.
  7. That's true but if you're playing an antag mode as antag vs antag you're probably not going to make a fun round anyhoo. Just the AI not being under Crew control makes it helpful for an Antag even without subversion/etc, it means more than likely it's not going to help lock you down. 👀 That coupled with it being antagonistic/etc will be a really big help usually, and if the Malf does get destroyed the 'borgs are still lawless and can do whatever they want to do (Usually going to be to survive and help the Antag) so it's still p. positive for the round.
  8. Ideally the Malf AI and the other antags coordinate to some degree, the main problem in malf rounds when it's solo is that the AI and Stationbounds in general shine in giving utility to a round, and not in driving tension in them, and yet they're put into a position where they're supposed to drive tension and stuff without any scaling (2-3 'borgs max regardless of the Station population, it's the same at 20 crew and 80 crew) and with just really powerful, potentially round-destroying abilities that don't add a whole lot aside from escalating 1>100 in three clicks. P. much unless the AI and 'borgs are completely in sync on the gimmick and are VERY loud it's p. darn hard to do a good malf round with a compelling progression/etc This is p. much why I think being in combination rounds nearly solely will make the Malf able to just help the other Antags and play around them to help drive up tension instead of trying to do it with 2 'borgs and and themselves in a round of like, 70 people. It should turn out better.
  9. On request of Wezzy, the Heavy and Spiderborg spritelines have been re-added and re-tuned to fit the new system, though I have the idea to alter the Spiderborg line to be more akin to giant, bulkier Drones than the monstrocity they are now. There are multicolored versions of the spider borgs and they have a new, much better overlay than what they used to have. But I still kinda don't like them much.... https://i.imgur.com/33shHsJ.gifv <= See this gif here for the new overlay. The rework may be merged soon:tm:
  10. When we see malf AI in multi antag modes, it should be a loooot more fun.
  11. Diona do need some fixes and nerfs but the solution to all of these problems isn't to nerf Nymphs into the ground. Many of them have to do with the actual gestalt and how they split. Edit: AND how they regenerate in general. Apparently they regrow limbs in 5 minutes? That's not good
  12. That sounds like a p. good way to fix this problem Arrow without making Nymphs die in 3 hits from nearly anything. This'd cause nymphs to come out dead if the Gestalt took a lot of damage, right? Edit: Re-read and now I see you said explicitly that's a bad way to manage it. SO health is split between each Nymph.
  13. As said in the PR, 25 is far too low because while those NPCs are easier to kill, yes, and sometimes have less health, they're not player controlled, and they are NOT expected to roleplay, and do not follow escalation rules and rules against self-antagging. They're NPCs, meant to p. much just be there and a threat and then to be fought and destroyed by the Crew. Nymphs are completely separate, the only thing linking them to those is that they're mechanically a simple mob, which really isn't a reason to make them die in 1-3 hits from most improvised weapons and 1 hit from any actual weapon. Your entire argument here relies on there being 3-6 of them but Nymphs are also grown and singular player mobs at times, they don't only exist in the multi-form from splitting as a Dionae Gestalt. Multiple other ideas (I loved the others THO!) were given and you've had substantial pushback only on lowering their HP to 25. 50 has been said as acceptable and so has other ways of making gestalt nymphs weaker, such as making Nymph health scale on biomass, and also by making a Dionae gestalts' nymphs have lesser starting health based on how much damage their gestalt had taken before they split. This change as you've done it will likely just make Nymphs get killed while they're trying to roleplay p. much instantly and without being able to run away, the problem with it is that it targets Nymphs universally without exception when it should be targetting specifically Gestalt splits.
  14. One of the biggest problems as I've already laid out but only afew people recognized and vocally acknowledged is that there is no scaling in Malf, so in many cases you're expecting a single Malf AI and 2 'borgs to engage 70+ Crew in roleplay and drive a narrative with them, that's not exactly easy and often times what seems like a stealth malf round is really just the AI and 'borgs struggling to do that. It really shouldn't be its own gamemode, fixing the APC explosions to be a lot weaker and more contained and making delta take more APCs, almost the whole Station, and also outright removing the baseline gamemode and only having it in combination modes would really Really fix a lot of these problems if not all of them, then an AI is driving the narrative with OTHER antagonists instead trying to drive the narrative with actually 1-3 other 'borgs and probably only being able to reasonably interact with afew Command members with the 'borgs interacting with whoever they run into. This is a massive hinderance to this mode actually being engaging, the AI has to be extremely loud to have any chance of driving tension in the round just on that.
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