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  1. I like this idea too, but I dunno how hard it'd be to code in.
  2. It's also worth mentioning that I simplified the AI laws specifically to make the behavior being punished here less possible, if you see a way to adjust the laws further to prevent this, tell me and I'll PR that change. If the issue is the Mech not being part of the AI, I could make it explicitly stated in the 4th law that any systems you're directly linked to are an extension of yourself or something similar. PS: Why the hecc are we not whitelisting the AI already?
  3. That PR merging doesn't mean it couldn't be readded in a later PR if the feedback here can be used to fix the problem
  4. The first/last law both apply to the AI too tho to some degree. Make sure to ahelp that if it happens again
  5. Also the PR being merged until the AI mech (if it happens) can be swapped/changed/etc is also probably fine, and it might make it clear to the AI abusing these mechanics, when/if it comes back, that this won't be tolerated. it also sends any culture that built around abusing it into disarray and fazes it out, so we could see if it helped/is working Definitely not, if a station bound has gone crazy and you as the AI need help, you need to ask the Crew/other Stationbound for help.
  6. Those are v. good ideas and weakening the mech for combat + maybe removing its ability to attack would probably help yup πŸ‘€
  7. I'm p. satisfied with the reasons given but this also drastically removes the amount of things the AI can do in a round, for instance, the AI can setup the engine in dead hour IIRC, but that could just be seen as an acceptable loss. I'd v. much like the mech to be officially seen as *part* of the AI as according to law 4, and thus just putting the mech in danger on purpose = inhibited and bwoinkworthy, but if we're not going to put our foot down and do that, removal is the only other option
  8. We're not the premier research station but the like, secondary premier research station πŸ‘€ Upsilon is the #1, we're the #2. But that's besides the point, it still makes absolute sense that we'd be guarding secrets, and we could use stuff for contractors to try to steal too, so yup, just +1.
  9. Can't streamline them too much, but we can definitely simplify the most awful to make to try to increase their use, some chemists avoid making certain chems for no other reason than they can cause a headache, saline Plus is kinda like that rn. We plan to try to increase the use of like, the weaker pain relievers and other weaker drugs by just making them more accessible and making them available alongside the other chems tho which is probably a good idea.
  10. I'm open to the idea of adding the lowest tier of each damage type to the sleepers. πŸ‘€
  11. If you like atmospheric/story heavy puzzle adventures, check out the newish game 'Observation', it's near actually the same as playing an AI in SS13, actually if people took notes while playing this game they'd play fantastic borgs/AI. In it you play the Station intelligence aboard an expanded ISS guiding the Crew through a tooon of disasters and trying to save them, it's like SS13 turned into a movie if the AI and roboticist were the protagonists. πŸ‘€

    1. Synnono


      Observation was great and well worth the money. It tells a strange sci-fi story from a unique viewpoint and I highly recommend.

  12. Me and Kermit talked about it and the main issue rn is Saline Plus is actually Extremely strong so it can't be made less expensive without actually nerfing its power, when put into an IV, it's as good as an entire 3 O- blood bags. Now, one thing we considered is just making the other ingredients 1u/1u and leaving the Phoron cost at 5u, which makes it more convenient and simple to math together, but leaves the expense. We're planning changes soonℒ️ but we're not sure to what extent it'll be convenience/nerfs, if we keep it at its current strength the ingredients will be 1-1 (with 5u phoron), if we nerf it, it could all be 1-1 (with 1u phoron).
  13. First time liches:


    1. Mofo1995


      You'll always be the best to me ;-;

  14. TYVM for the feedback. πŸ‘€ I rushed the wiki page out specifically to get it all out there for people to read/etc, so I'm glad that part helped out. For transparencies sake, RMT is being raised to 40 OD and will metabolize much slower (Thanks to Hocka), and people seem most receptive to negative effects to non-offworlders who take that drug, tho I dunno if we're gonna expand it past how it is rn.
  15. "Welcome to NSS aurora how tough are ya?" "How tough... am I? how tough ... am I? I work in Mining..." *Chuckles "yeah, so?" "I'm a ... Dionae..." "RiGht ThIS wAy SiR, SoRrY fOr KePPinG yOU WaITiNg."
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