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  1. I love this sprite and I'd love to see it rolling around the Station!
  2. Socks would pad and insulate a bit from hot/cold so could see that actually Nantei.
  3. As someone who has run shoeless on cold/room temp/hot metal I can confirm you tend to step slower and less hard because it is uncomfortable as heck, for the extremes of cold and hot it's not just uncomfortable, it's borderline torturous. For mechanical limbs it makes sense because you have no feeling. So in that case it wouldn't bother you at all. I would say remove it for species that can't wear shoes and keep it for the ones who can and make it so robo-limbs are full speed
  4. Instead of Maintenance Technician, I would suggest changing it to 'Station Technician', because Maintenance Technician is p. vague. Still. Electrician can be used by people who want the maint. tech niche still.
  5. Not persay, Chloral and other methods are still stronger (Even if completely antifun) in this situation, if using an Antag-variant stunbaton they'd have the chance to escape. It's not like you're knocked down in one hit. I agree with you on the all-access thing. But it's extremely less useful for 'borgs compared to regular traitors do to the scope of interaction they have with items, still. Also: On the note of Atmospherics. No. You don't touch Atmospherics or you risk accidentally ganking people, it's the equivalent of setting off a bomb. Yes it does, Malf more than ANYTHING requires a way to non-lethally detain people. It can't have a hostage situation without it, which is what the Security 'borg was usually used for in that mode. As it stands, it can use Combat, but you know the funny thing about Combat that made me want it removed more than anyone else and outright refuse to play it? It has NO NON-LETHAL TOOLS AT ALL. I know, it's ridiculous. A combat module without even a taser? But that's how it is. It was literally designed to kill and nothing else. I don't want to mirror that with other 'borgs just because me and Paradox decided we wanted to remove Security 'borgs. In like... most cases, if a 'borg intended to kill you, they'd have better weapons to do it, especially for Medical, Construction, Engineering, and Service. Service can dump alcohol on you and ignite you with a lighter, Engineering can burn your face off with a welder or stab your eyes with a screwdriver, construction can do what Engineering can do except better while also deconstructing the floor you're under so you fall 42853767 feet. Medical can saw your face off with a circular saw. If they wanted to kill you, they have better options. What they don't necessarily have are generic non-lethal means.
  6. Yes, it is, because you can actually talk.
  7. Choosing the wrong modules to contrast doesn't invalidate my point any, tho. Custodial, Clerical, and Service both would have looots of issues subduing anybody without killing them, even then. The rag example (Soaking it in chloral/other things) would work if you could keep your opponent down without already doing enough damage to p. much kill them. The point here really is that there are 2-3 'borgs. If Sec 'borgs removal makes Antag 'borgs so much weaker, all it takes is giving them the pivotal tools that the Sec 'borg had, but lock it behind being an Antag. Cuffs/Stunbaton. There's also the argument that subduing players via Chloral and other drugs is Really anti-fun for that player, since it's instant and fully takes them out of the round. It's really not a big deal to give an Antag-locked Stunbaton to most Modules even if you exclude the cuffs, or make it to where they can make cuffs with their inbuilt wire manually and grasp it, I guess. Remember, 2-3 'borgs per round. They are limited and do not scale to the rounds population, they need to be capable of a lot and not have to rely on their inbuilt tools for All of their antaggery, afterall other traitors aren't, are they? A normal traitor is capable of using TC to summon any equipment they need. A 'borg traitor can hack and overclock itself, which is a rooough equivalent, but gives barely even a quarter of the same amount.And you will have more general Traitors in a round than you will 'borgs. In that sense it's kinda important that when a 'borg goes Antag it can have the impact it needs to have irregardless of what inbuilt tools they have when they're not an Antag.
  8. The problem with this is that there are only really two-three 'borgs per round, so when they are Antags we kinda need them to have the tools to do their thing. It's not like they can pick up new tools to use, so limiting them like that could actually be p. negative for the round progression in rounds where they're the primary Antagonists. For instance, it's believable that any 'borg that's not operating normally could shock someone on touch, but instead we'd have Mining/Service and other 'borgs being forced to *kill you* than disable you non-lethally and then weld you into something or other means of disabling. This'll lead p. much to 'borgs being forced to take people out of the round even when it doesn't call for it, or they'll be destroyed.
  9. Not to argue with your statement or anything but worth clearing a possible misunderstanding, from what I said, at the least the Electric Arm zappies need to be given to the other modules too, so they at least get a stunbaton. (The point of this thread is to arm traitor and malf 'borgs afterall) But it should definitely be locked behind being hacked either via emag, traitor 'borg, or the malf 'hack 'borg' ability.
  10. It might be better to just give the regular modules some malf tools akin to the emag tools. Electric Arms (Basically a special stunbaton for Construction and Engineering) and some zipties wire ties would cut it for most of them. All the Security module really had of value for a malf AI was the handcuffs and stunbaton. Through this, Traitor 'borgs would also get basically a stunbaton and a handcuffing method. This would also enable a malf AI's 'borgs to not be clearly compromised while using these tools.
  11. Unless something changed, Malf already has access to the Combat override. It's the only way to play a Combat 'borg ATM.
  12. Keep in mind everyone that just because you mechanically can do something doesn't mean you roleplay wise should. You can RP your IPC as not having CPR programming either way, this suggestion doesn't force that on you.
  13. These are fantastic and even as a 'borg player I feel they'll make it a lot more fair for Antags and even the Crew when the AI is malf.
  14. Why not make this a conjoined whitelist for Synth and Command? It's actually really great for 'borgs to have a hierarchy they can defer to without constantly PMing heads. Alternatively, creating a master 'borg like Kyres had planned to do before he resigned would also fill this void. There are lots of good arguments for whitelisting the AI vs removal, this is a nuclear approach that is extremely excessive. Read here: https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/11613-whitelist-the-ai/
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