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  1. Alright, as of now, the new laws are in. Note, we haven't swapped to the SCC yet, and the personnels were all changed into entities. That's p. Much it. 3 'to the best of your ability' + a law 3 rewrite to give Borgs a bit more leeway to help in a non aggresive way. Keep this thread informed if you notice a positive/negative difference and how.
  2. Right at the moment, I'm not sure removing traitor AI is on the table so much as improving AI laws for the second, they might be a subject people jump to after my PR is merged however, what do you think about the law changes? Also, keep me and pwate/itzal informed on how the new laws work in practice when they're merged, they can still be tweaked.
  3. I'm down, lemme change it on the github rn actually
  4. Stellar Corporate Conglomerate is too long, SCC is too abstract and indirect which'd lead to borg players not knowing what it meant, so I opted for Corporate Conglomerate, which is only a lot longer than NanoTrasen instead of massively longer.
  5. SCC added in place on NanoTrasen
  6. I could do that, yup, but that's a lot to parse in a law, sure thing tho, it's lore acknowledging and better
  7. Using your feedback, I've made a change to law 3. As of now, the suggested changes on the github are 'Protect Sapient life onboard' TO "Protect NanoTrasen personnel to the best of your abilities and refrain from deliberately causing harm to Sapient life."
  8. For now let's try to get this in and you should make a thread on its own for a revert of the lawset, so it can be discussed without chaining it purely to the AI whitelists' feedback/etc. I'm p. sure you'll have a lot more success if you make a feedback thread requesting a revert and for why/etc.
  9. Lawset QOL changes here; https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/11606 Especially made afew changes you'll appreciate I think @Cnaym
  10. Correcting myself, no heads can be traitors rn, and I'm still kinda onboard with removing the AI from traitor OR Adding some heads back to traitor 👀
  11. Last I checked it's only specific heads of staff that can't roll traitor, though I'm actually not against the idea of removing the AI from it for the same reason as Captain can't
  12. The laws desperately need QOL changes, I'll draft them up soon and PR them onto the github, but they need more room to fail and act within their character
  13. Examples here: https://imgur.com/XRi25Nn https://i.imgur.com/SIChNJ9.gifv https://i.imgur.com/yx27Qtr.gifv Mostly for fun, but to be nice and practice as well
  14. I am. Gone, again. Please don't worry about me, I'm okay.

    1. SatinsPristOTD


      You can't tell me not to worry. I'mma do it anyways! 💗

    2. Chada1


      I came back with a new kitty, have shared in the discord, if anyone wants to see, just ping me. 👀

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