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  1. Hello (Whoever is reading this), considering the p. extreme changes to the AI, the removal of malf from secret, the removal of bolting (From non-Antags), the addition of Antag gear that allows them to avoid being seen by the AI, and the like, is this thread really needed? FMPOV at least, the new changes are working v. well even if there was a looot of resistance to them at first, then the vote was 2/3 for keeping the AI, so the thread seems to have ran its course and all of that and created a lot of changes already. It might be better to have it closed and archived, if not, so that another AI/Stationbound thread can take its place in the future if anymore changes are really needed.
  2. Make sure it counts as wearing a wizard uniform too. Not sure if it's already like that or not. 👀
  3. Please take care, Menown.
  4. This is very cool. You could use black wool as the view of space outside of windows if the asteroid etc is too far away, maybe could experiment with using spots of white wool or glow stone to simulate stars.
  5. I'm sorry, but I think you misunderstood the reason behind removing the AI bolting/electrification. It's not just to protect the Crew from new AIs, it's to protect the AI/borgs AND Antagonists from being ordered to validhunt and shutdown/being valided and shutdown. Allowing bolting and electrification to come back in the form you're proposing would just lead to this happening again and the AI and borgs can't tell the Captain/Research Director no ICly when given the order, so it is in absolutely no way just the silicon players fault-- these features are removed from non-Antag Silicons to avoid them from being ORDERED to act in this way too, which is 100% what you're saying you want to return. To sum it up; It's not just how the AI uses bolting/electrification, it's how the Crew uses it too. Which is why I'm sorry. This is an incontrovertible NO from me.
  6. I don't mean to push this idea too much, but I still think a really good way to approach this would be to tie the pest events to the ghost spawner so players would get a more varied selection of pests to play on a round-by-round basis too. 👀 It sounds v. fun, and I think would be more conducive to roleplay if the roles were more limited-time things.
  7. We don't need to do this, we already removed bolting @Kaed, the AIs ability to be an extension to security is completely limited to keeping an eye on suspects, they can't lock people down anymore near at all. The final thing we could do is remove the AIs ability to jump to and automatically follow persons, but that's it really. That coupled with that most Antags have the ability to use an AI cloaking device now too (If they have access to an uplink) would do it.
  8. Continuing: If we added them as part of the ghost spawner system (and require the pest event to be playable) It'd be far more immersive too, and I really do want to play as a Lizard or a Yithian, or one of those doggo things that'll likely just get shot to death by Security 👀 We could also add Diona Nymphs as part of the event which'd add a lot of roleplay and stuff to the round.
  9. We really need to get into the habit of removing things that don't contribute to the roleplay/enjoyability of rounds, rats as cute as they are, are one of those. I think we should either make them create ghost spawners from the pest event instead of being a constant available thing, or outright remove them. If we did this idea, we could add the other pests as playable too which would be far more fun anyhoo. 👀
  10. Oh, I thought it was actually getting removed? Also, the IAC wouldn't be added to all away teams, the NT ERT wouldn't have them, only the more freeform moral-driven teams (The TCFL, the Kataphracts) would actually accept them, the freelance mercenaries wouldn't, and the NT ERT wouldn't. But if they're still in the game then I guess this isn't really needed, I thought we were effectively removing them. This can be locked and archived then (But the IAC would still be great as a role in the TCFL)
  11. BurritoJustice was a v. good wiki maintainer and mostly played on other HRP servers @Kaed So I can vouch that they had good intentions in mind, I think they (and Synnono who also had a part) were just trying to have some fun with that section of the wiki.
  12. So long as it's made clear they're jokes and that this behavior won't be tolerated by Staff I don't see any problem with it. The actual pages they link to almost all encourage you in the opposite direction. Maybe a decent middle ground would be to change the strike throughs to be more exclusive to the jokes and in general make the synopsis more information and true outside of those?
  13. Also part of the reason we're removing them from the rotation isn't just that they're armed I don't think, them being armed doesn't mean they'll attack the antagonists/etc, it's for their self-defense too, but an unarmed/non-defensive Emergency Response Team just isn't great for the round overall as I understand. I just don't agree with this, the Kataphracts are essentially vigilantes yes, but they're in human space, on a basically humanitarian mission, reacting to emergency SOS signals. There's nothing at all about that, that'd be incompatible with the IAC. I'd even think the Kataphracts on Moghes would go out of their way to protect the iAC where they exist. Keep in mind too, the IAC isn't a monolithic entity with a strict hierarchical structure -- and it's not only humanity. You could figuritively play an IAC Unathi in the role too. 👀 They have colleges and stuff on Moghes where they're actively training Unathis to be doctors/etc.
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