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  1. Simple reason-He wasn't there for 80% of that time. Also, as RD, they could actually probably have gotten a better read of what was needed as far as resources go.
  2. As the player of someone in the first wave? No. The guns didn't help much because, and I'll say this several times- No one brought them. No one offered even a cursory rifle to Tabor. The better combat hardsuit was given to a medic while nearly everyone refused to leave the ship /at all/. Very little guidance was given. The medic was given an actual rifle and Tabor, pressured to leave the shuttle first with MartYr to open doors? He wasn't offered one. No amount of mercenary preparation can stop that kind of thing on site. And that's just the problems that started with the expedition after it launched. Before launching? Expectations. It really did seem like Vira Bolivar demanded an entire armory instead of accepting that the first mission would be for scouting. Command staff were not forthcoming with the exact amount of materials they /needed/ from mining, instead expecting us (mostly just me) to man reports, make enough materials for four advanced guns and three mechs (while signing and faxing all yield reports, maintaining four drills, and getting ready for expedition with snap deadlines (altered twice even though I planned around them and would have failed only narrowly to meet), which I was psyched to finally go on) and, after a bunch of work but apparently not enough, CANCELLING the expedition initially in what felt like a curt temper tantrum while a bunch of us were already in the bridge. Only to change their mind twenty minutes later. We had money in cargo. Bolivar did not order materials via shuttle. No extra weapons that way, either. Tabor did the lion's share of damage to a giant spider with a diamond pick and a resonator. And it didn't actually RUN until the resonator came out. The combat mech was not robust, as they have been nerfed not to be, from my understanding, to stop powergaming antags? We could have done better. Schev, if you hate expeditions so much, you don't have to do them. This was only my second one in eight months of play, and I'm sad that it was less fun than the same one done with almost no preparation by command seemingly enjoying itself and nearly everyone involved exploding into admeme cookies. Your captain is usually hypercompetent but that tendency to end chaos gamerounds (thank you) does not a fun expedition make. There are other players trying to enjoy the game, too. And it wasn't very respectful of our time or efforts to portray this as almost solely science's fault.
  3. Sycmos is an excellent roleplayer and has thought long and hard about this application. Slaved over it, really. They know as a player the expectations of command, too. I have never been so quick or happy to place my +1 on a command application.
  4. To be honest, it felt like he was just trying to let a player do their own thing and there was a lot going on at the time. It was a ling round, and only a few crew members kept demanding the golem be destroyed, as we were unsure if the force needed to destroy it would cause a further detonation.
  5. Low pop rounds often suffer for a lack of command staff, and Tomkiel knows engineering backwards and forwards. I can certainly vouch for his rp prowess, though I know I'm biased and will get that out of the way. As long as he isn't playing something expected to frontline combat, I think he could avoid most of the pitfalls that command often faces when dealing with antags. He has my +1.
  6. I just shut down right now while trying to learn it. Depressed brain is not good at the learning this way. ._.; And yeah, it is nice that I am getting help offered to me.
  7. I downloaded a client and I'm trying to follow this stuff, I really am, but I'm a boomer at this. It's not coming naturally at all. I really didn't want it to come to this but it's above my skill level. I'm still just trying to find what these words mean.
  8. Er, I'm sorry to have left this for so long but it's.. it's daunting for me. Git Fork appears to be fifty dollars?
  9. I don't have the know-how for that, but you can link me to a guide, right?
  10. Byond key: Estoytrucha Discord key: Obligate Healer 3.0 Character Name: Tabor Janssens Item name: Freakin' Awesome Shades Item function(s): Per a discussion in another forum post that I will link below, I was hoping to get a meson overlay/tint on a pair of aviator sunglasses as well as three-five squares of shadow removal to allow me accessibility in mining in EVA. Item description: This well-used set of aviator sunglasses has a small light blinking on the inside of the ear loop on the right side, They're clearly attached so some internal microbattery, and emit a small internal glow, providing vision aid in total darkness. Inexplicably, the lenses smell like Space Mountain Wind. How did your character obtain this item: He bought it through from the same eccentric old man he often purchases his bad movies from in an obtuse shop on the ODIN. Old Man Jemkins, as the proprietor is called, promised that these glasses were both haunted and lucky, thus netting an extra eight hundred credits from the miner with more income than sense (clearly before the phoron shortage, but what are you gonna do). What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: Per previous discussion, I need this more for mechanical reasons than to contribute to rp. Sprites: They should be identical to any other set of aviators; extra spriting work shouldn't be necessary. Additional Comments: Please see original thread for context. Thank you for your consideration.
  11. Do I need to apply separately, or is thread sufficient?
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