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  1. -1 Removing looc for any reason, save, perhaps, ghosts on canon rounds. Not only can users turn it off if they fear their immersion being ruined, ghosts can provide life-saving mechanics information or inform you about a relevant bug before you make a critical mistake. Plus, it seems to just be a risk that comes with any community. Of course, if you have a dead antag/player salting you, you can and SHOULD report it (provided there's any staff available to field the call). I would suggest turning off looc during canon rounds if only to dissuade people from staying to watch and chunking the serv
  2. Night lighting is an irritation at best and a diona-killer at worst. If we do this, I would be happy, but I would also request we kill night lighting.
  3. Actually I crawled on space lube the other day and it worked wonderfully. That's about it, though. Had a round earlier where Tabor had a completely wrecked leg and was bleeding out, unable to call for help, and crawling might have at least allowed him to get just a little closer to the airlock, you get me? He was conscious for the entire thing, just not able to move for most of it.
  4. I'd like to agree. Either this, or make the fix ridiculously easy. It doesn't just affect security and command. This means a miner or anyone else EVA is completely alone for what can be hours.
  5. There is no way to hold the revenants accountable or Ahelp them when they behave very, very badly. They all have the same spawn marker. This alone makes me want to remove it. Not even cult is this difficult to parse.
  6. I enjoy Cylean's RD, though I'm not privvy to a lot of the inner workings of their other characters. I'd still give my +1, though, based on what I've seen.
  7. Please. As someone who PLAYS this, I would enjoy having an alternative like this. Or at least something that can detect anomalous PEOPLE. It should go off in the presence of vampires.
  8. Then remove those features, Chada. I want to play a nymph, and if I can get bwoinked for beeping too much as a maint bot then I sure as heck can be ahelped as a nymph. My understanding is you could already ahelp them people just haven't PLAYED them in forever because they're so hard to play.
  9. I understand nymphs are a controversial topic, as people can play them without whitelists, but they're also adorable additions to any round. This suggestion has been a long time coming from me. Please, fix the nymph spawn point. As pointed out to me, the way they only live for six seconds after spawn, giving such a small window to enter, is not lore compliant. It's also frustrating in the same way there's no pop up prompt, easy way to enter the pod, and there's no ghost spawner makes playing them a QTE. Please, let people play the nymphs. Please, give them as much respect as you give posis or
  10. Simple reason-He wasn't there for 80% of that time. Also, as RD, they could actually probably have gotten a better read of what was needed as far as resources go.
  11. As the player of someone in the first wave? No. The guns didn't help much because, and I'll say this several times- No one brought them. No one offered even a cursory rifle to Tabor. The better combat hardsuit was given to a medic while nearly everyone refused to leave the ship /at all/. Very little guidance was given. The medic was given an actual rifle and Tabor, pressured to leave the shuttle first with MartYr to open doors? He wasn't offered one. No amount of mercenary preparation can stop that kind of thing on site. And that's just the problems that started with the expedition after it
  12. Sycmos is an excellent roleplayer and has thought long and hard about this application. Slaved over it, really. They know as a player the expectations of command, too. I have never been so quick or happy to place my +1 on a command application.
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