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  1. There’s no way you’d have permission or get away with sneaking out an artefact. Some of those things tear your skin off! Can you imagine the hysteria at the Odin checkpoint? It’d be pretty funny but I doubt it’ll hold up canonically.
  2. repost if you HATE dionae romance arcs!

  3. You either drink too little and the effects of the drink wear off within minutes or you drink too much and you’re needing to be treated in medical for a failed kidney. I think it’d be better if the effects were longer lasting as well as making it easier to achieve the effects of drinking alcohol. It’d definitely make for some better bar RP if the mechanics lasted for longer and it wasn’t so easy to drink yourself into a coma just trying to get the drunk speech in the first place. I don’t even think most people mean to knock themselves out when they’re drinking, it’s just so hard to maintain th
  4. repost this if you metagrudge all dominians

  5. You don't have the guts to metagrudge ANYBODY "BunkyB" if that is your real name...

  6. I think I'm a little late to the party but MccRrib is so approachable and friendly I think he would be a great addition to the lore team. He seems genuinely interested in open discussions about lore and whenever I've hopped into VC with him, everyone in the call always gets into long chats about the lore (the conversation is normally brought up by MccRrib!) I don't often sit in on lore talks either but, the few bits and bobs that MccRrib told me about actually caught my attention. You can tell he's passionate!
  7. Love the first one! Are you using these for the relay?
  8. Sounds pretty easy to get working but I’m not the Coder. If this was implemented it would be a game changer though. So glad you revived the thread!
  9. I made the complaint confidential because you said the ordeal was causing you to be depressed and ill. We both agreed in this thread to make it public. I did not call you a monster, read the thread. You are posting in your safe space that is a community discord for Aurora. Nobody is going behind your back to get these messages, it’s a community discord. Everyone in there can see it. You’ve said yourself in this thread that you continued to speak on the matter of Ryan and Isski even when told not to. Go back and read what you’ve put. I’m not going to be replying anymore because this is just tur
  10. It’s very late over here but I really, really need to say this. How can I take your word that you weren’t continuing to tell people? How do I know that you’re not even still doing it? You continued to do it when Alberyk told you not to, you did it in the past and even if you didn’t intend for it to be spread about, telling people about a situation like this is of course going to be gossiped about. You’ve already changed your story multiple times in this thread, and gone around doing the exact thing I said you would do. You’ve been scoring pity points once again, by asking people from Aurora if
  11. This is going to be my last reply to the thread because now we're just starting to go back and forth and it's turning into an argument. The IR that somebody made regarding all of this is not the matter at hand. That is a completely separate issue which was caused by you spreading around that my character had in fact, sexually assaulted or as you put it, "tried to bully her into sleeping with him" another player of the Aurora. You shouldn't of even let it get that far. I had to solve that myself by reaching out to the player that made the complaint and asking them to shut it down. Your "damage
  12. Okay first off. You may not have meant to insinuate that any sexual assault had happened but unfortunately, that is how it was interpreted by the players that saw our LOOC conversation, and the ones that you told. The IR specifically says "sexual assault" and I have had players DMing me using the word "rape" when describing what you accused my character of doing. When this first became an issue and you were looking for individuals to back up your claims you specifically said "Do you remember that round where Barrett told Issksi her suitor was dead and he tried to bully her into sleeping with h
  13. I also have the screenshots from January where they accused me in IC and it ended with the conversation bleeding into LOOC. This is where they say that Meltharas would agree that Ryan had raped their character.
  14. Here are the screenshots of the player who plays the Unathi that Ryan had "raped" denying that anything of the sort had ever happened.
  15. Thank you to Arrow who helped me post this, after a frustrating hour of being met with a 500 internal server error! I am going to post the screenshots now that I can finally create a thread. These are all the conversations I have had with Estoy since January to present day. I can give some timeframe as to why each conversation occurred if necessary. It may of been my own fault when I appear to come off as soft in response to some of her messages. You have to realise that the change in tone happened after the DMs I had gotten from another player where they were telling me Estoy was saying thing
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