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  1. I'd say that Charles is one of our best AI on station but there's no competition, he is THE best AI hands down.
  2. greetings to all my fans how are you

    1. goolie


      @admin there i


      s hacker

      on my profile

    2. PrutteHans


      hahahahahaha i am in thee mainfram you cant stop me i have all access hahahahahahah

  3. im sorry pruttehans i was mean on ur profile update it wont happen again i swear

    1. geeves


      GET OFF MY PROFILE!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. goolie


      hi pruttehans how r u

  4. I heard about that from someone, might of been in LOOC during a round some dude was just like "That doesn't sell, that doesn't sell... and THAT doesn't sell" do I never bothered to do it. Thought that the only thing that was able to be sold was ore.
  5. I don’t know what’s actually able to be sold, can everything be sold? If that’s the case then I’m probably just going to start making a “sell” pile when I’m sorting it out. I’ve seen people shift some items onto the shuttle but the credits never go up that high.
  6. Did anything ever come of this? I completely forgot I made this thing.
  7. Would a coat rack not suffice as a new item that’s dotted around the station?
  8. God PLEASE at least filter some of the completely useless items out there are just so many that don’t even serve a purpose, mechanic or create an opportunity to roleplay. What am I going to do with a green crayon and five sticks of lipstick?
  9. Thank you for a wonderful Christmas(©) Santer Cläus™ now I feel so inclined to donate my mortal body to our corporate overlords at NT
  10. When the mummy changeling spawns the gore nest lil baby changelings should pop out that are player controlled and they gotta grow into responsible adult changelings kinda like how the vampire has to gain power
  11. pull request the entirety of space station 13 

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