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  1. It would be silly to just remove it all. Even if it would be boring as hell, it would be best if every individual book was reviewed.
  2. AIMMO explained it much better than me! A better word to use would be a quirk, instead of a law. It gives them a random quirk, changing their personality until either the set time runs out, or they're fixed by a Roboticist. I wasn't suggesting they're given laws by the random event, but more so what AIMMO said.
  3. I just think the ion random event is wasted potential when it could be fleshed out so that it rivals in quality to the other random events. At the moment? It hardly happens. The RP that entails when it does happen, is often memorable and interesting. Also? It's 2AM. I'll be headed to bed after I've posted this and I'll be responding to comments tomorrow. Probably have a few more cohesive arguments to sway you over with when I've actually gone to sleep!
  4. I was under the impression it would of been easier to implement without any hitches but you're right about the lore stuff. That's what discussions are for though! I'm sure we could figure something out once more people post their opinions and general ideas.
  5. Thought this would bring a lot more RP to the ion event situation, especially when there isn't an AI to receive the laws the event gives them. Not only that, but it's kind of rare to see an ion law in play, so this would make it more common. It could definitely add flair to an antagonist if they were an IPC. You could even base an entire gimmick of some of the laws that are thought up. I wanted to make this, after discussing this topic in the IPC Discord and, to see what all of you thought. You could maybe draft out some ideas for some laws that could pop up during the event. From goofy, to serious to maybe even harmful? The only downside I can see to it, is if it were to happen in extended and that would probably bring up a lot of canonization problems. Would you really want your character succumbing to a law that forces them to speak in tongues? Probably not. Then again, it would be funny! That's kind of the whole idea. Like when the AI get's one of these laws, it should be funny and lighthearted. Comment your opinions! (Just wanted to clarify. I'm not suggesting that an entire new law system is put in place, when the ion happens. IPCs cannot be lawed, but they can be messed with! Their personality could go haywire, they could become obsessed with something or someone completely random or have their desires and whims changed. There isn't any laws involved. I just couldn't think of a better title since I imagine, the ion laws code would be used to make this happen. A better way to explain it, would be comparing it to the bio-hazard alert. Instead of a disease, the IPCs get sick with errors in their programming.)
  6. Hey! That's me! x) The Medical staff were accusing me of putting "bodily fluids of questionable nature" in the protein shakes I was selling, because I said one of them was fat. That was a great round! I didn't sell any after that.
  7. Thanks to @MattAtlas for coding everything! Here's the GitHub link if any of you want to check it out. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/8417
  8. @StationCrab @Natiform It's all about finding the right balance between it being too easy or too hard. There's a lot of surgery related ideas, which I really like. But for other antagonists like Mercenaries and Ninjas, won't it be a little too challenging for them to find a safe place to actually perform said surgery? Let alone the surgery table. I think as long as it's not an instant M1 convert IPC, it'll be pretty balanced. Maybe add a timer? Give the IPC a whack, handcuff them, get their radio off, swipe the emagger against their stupid dumb head and boom. You gotta wait a bit, and they're converted. That's fair enough. The good ol' bonk on the head and drag into maintenance is balanced as balanced gets. They have ample time to scream for help.
  9. @StationCrab You think it'd be hard to implement it? What'd you think would be difficult specifically? Most of the code is already there from malfunction. I'd hope any coders that decided to put their mind to it, would have an easy job of getting it back in.
  10. I like the idea, but I don't think it could warrant a full two hour round, (Maybe if we could try flesh it out with more ideas?) I can see it being a random event, though! Like space carp, scrubber malfunctions and the lot. All the situations that could unfold from someone harbouring an egg that could potentially contain some monster is fun to think about.
  11. Wouldn't be much hassle to implement an item, would it? Maybe some coders could look into it? I don't know jack about coding or how to transfer one mechanic to another. Relying solely on admin intervention when there's a chance we could get a fully working item in the game that does the admins job for them, is totally worth it.
  12. Also, this. I think we've all had that moment as an IPC where you go, "Oh. It's vamp." And kinda just sit there not being involved.
  13. It's a pretty high risk, low reward for an antag such as a ninja or merc to try sneak around and upload it. But then again, I can see it working. Especially with the merc / ninja teams that make themselves known to the crew and try to pose as friendly or helpful. They could probably get away with quickly running up to an APC without anyone noticing. The general consensus so far though is that it's OP and definitely needs a rework if it is going to make a comeback.
  14. Now that AI malf has been removed from the rotation, a lot of its better features have been lost. I think one of the most exciting things for an IPC player on a malf round was to jack into an APC and then get hacked by the AI. It was always fun to be involved in the action, and tons of IPC players I've spoken to really miss it. I think the easiest way to bring it back would be in the traitor loadout. I'm not sure what changes should be done to it, but that's another reason why I made this thread. It would probably need some rework to work better than it did, and to fit in with other gamemodes. What's your opinions? Do you miss it? Do you hate it? Comment below! I'd like to see what other species who don't have an IPC whitelist would like to see what happens with it.
  15. It would be different if it was extended, but this is an antag round. You have to expect to be forced into RP with an antag, on an antag round. That's just the way it is. Would I be against adding a "host" preference in the antag options? Probably not. But it isn't as game breaking or immersion breaking as it's being made out to be.
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