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  1. After going through Matt's recent status update, I have decided to call him an idiot for no reason.

  2. AMEN! 🙏🙌💯🔥🙌🙏

  3. Going to miss u so much can't believe hes gone💯 😇 🤑
  4. I remember you showing this to everyone in the chat months ago, you've done so much!
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  6. Not sure if +1’s really go on developer applications but I’ll say that every single one of Desven’s Vaurca characters have been 100% different from each other. He’a able to RP as each of them so well that I actually wasn’t able to tell which one he played, and which one was another character. If there’s any doubt that Desven doesn’t have a clear understanding of Vaurca lore, (which I’m sure isn’t up for debate) I can say that from my experience the narratives he’s been able to provide so far have been nothing short of amazing. I love interacting with him in game and I’m sure that what he has planned for Vaurca lore will only solidify the uniqueness and interest in the species.
  7. You definitely know what you’re talking about, you know how to RP and you’ve worded the application brilliantly! Wish you luck on the whitelist!!!

  9. This sounds super interesting and would be more engaging than one-round ghost spawned prisoners. Gives a little more oomph when it comes to punishing people too.
  10. wow mofo i didn't know u had a brother 

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