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  1. I was asked to appeal a time after February 22, I just never did.
  2. BYOND Key: Alexanderself1 Total Ban Length: Perma Banning staff member's Key: Rushodan? Reason of Ban: Drugging someone with no RP Reason for Appeal: I was pretty active in the SS13 community like a good almost year ago, stopped playing after I got banned from here pretty much. I was told to come back after a month to appeal the perma again, but I literally forgot that this game existed. I suddenly had some schizo-fall on the floor flashback of RP'ing the antags and god give I want to do that again. I loved playing CSI too, and I cant name another server with that system.
  3. I agree to the terms stated. I will appeal sometime post February 22
  4. BYOND Key: Alexanderself1 Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: Rushodan (?) Reason of Ban: Injected someone with space drugs as antag with no rp whatsoever. (this is not the official ban reason but I don't know how to check it without opening up Aurora on Byond) Reason for Appeal: I like Aurora and I have repeatedly failed to RP because going from any non-hrp server that you spent a long time at to a server where you have to follow tight and close rules is a big change that I really messed up. I believe that if given another chance I could follow the rules and fix my
  5. BYOND Key: Alexanderself1 Total Ban Length: 3 Days Banning staff member's Key: Rushodan Reason of Ban: Went SSD without cryo usage as antag Reason for Appeal: I ahelped, said I had to go, said hey im tator too btw, got confirmation I could go, and scrammed, because I had to go immediately. I'm sure logs could be pulled proving I did in fact inform the staff team that I had to go and I don't think I should be banned because I told the staff team I had to go which normally means dont have the time to walk or run to cryo
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