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  1. Out of curiosity, what characters of mine have you seen been violent, even when not antag? I rarely participate in violence when I'm not an antag or playing Security, additionally I don't play on-station antags very often, so I'm unsure of where the notion arises from. The last time I recall playing an on-station antag, was with a Vaurca Cadet in Security who I decided I didn't enjoy and trashed the character concept, and during the round I played them, I was only violent when attacked by Security.
  2. I don't mind the fact it is blue, but does it have to be such a dark blue? If it was brightened up abit were things were more discernable without damaging my eyes, it would be great.
  3. now this is what we in the business call poggers
  4. Space Force is about to catch a copyright law suit from a certain Japanese company... but that's not Qoi's problems, cool item +1
  5. I addressed this on the last app, where I was taken away from my computer during trial because of IRL. It wasn't something I had control over, it was a one-time occurrence, it was just bad luck that it happened at that time. As for the robusting, valid, and win part. Yeah, for the time I've been here I've done alot of stuff in the department instead of driving a story. I get that, and you're right. Like you said, for the large span of time I've been here, I've antagged hard and fast without placing the need for a story first. I've acknowledged that, and spoken with admins about it. I can'
  6. BYOND key: Butterrobber202 Character names: How long have you been playing on Aurora? : A long time, I’ve lost track. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: The Command whitelist provides the receiving player with extended roleplaying opportunities by extending their job choices to those in positions of power. This gives you a very strong ability to influence rounds, and hopefully make them more enjoyable for others. Furthermore, the lore-centric Consular position is locked behind the Command Whitelist, and it's a role I would like to play more. Why did you come to
  7. Add a 1 TC Traitor Implant that lets you have a Remote Signaler in your head. Like, have it function like an augment.
  8. Correct. Loner is a new gamemode that has a population limit. It won't be in rotation if we've got more than like 10 readies or something. Making Wizard (and Visitors) have a upper limit is the way to go.
  9. I'm thinking neon YELLOW for entertainment so people keep it off, thus sabotaging Yermak. Really tho change it. It's annoying as a cargo nerd
  10. Captain: *sitting in the bar chair RP'ing for the last 15 minutes* Sec McCuck: "CAPTAIN SOMEONE BROKE INTO YOUR OFFICE!!!" Captain: "Oh well investigate that please, was anything tak- Engineering McChad: "Captain, atmos alarms in the Vault" Captain: "Oh- Security theres a breach in the Vaul-" Scientist McRandom: "I HAVE A BOMB!!!" Captain: *sigh
  11. Simple as title. Prevents Sec from using disposable Xion Shell Officers.
  12. I'd like to think, HoP, Consular, Research Director, and Scientists could be have limb impairment without significant issues arising.
  13. I need an explanation on this one, it’s too good.
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