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  1. The Directory of Defense Operations Turns Towards the Traverse! Translated to Tau Ceti Basic Today, the groundbreaking organization established by Grand Councillor Weashbi, took its first major official action. In the previous weeks, the Federation’s best and brightest were examined critically and six Directors were found and placed within the organization. Thankfully, the Grand Councillor promised to handle the Tupkala Reformation personally so the Directory could focus on other matters. The Directory declared their intentions to “increase presence” within the Traverse due to the recent troubles from the Federation’s distant worlds. The Qukala have been asked, in addition to the previous measures, to begin stationing themselves at accessible points and provide medical and social aid to all Federation Citizens that have been negatively impacted by recent events. To ensure a swift resolution to the civil unrest, the Directory stated the Ruupkala and Sromkala have been deployed to the Traverse to restore faith in the Federation and to drive out dangerous activity with the assistance of the Qukala already present. The Directory said they are “optimistic” about the situation, and believe it can be resolved without any further serious action. We'll place our faith in them and hope for the best!
  3. The Tupkala’s Rebirth: A Bright Step Forward! Translated to Tau Ceti Basic Today, Grand Councillor Weashbi announced in an address to the public that the Tup Reformation Act is near completion. The Federation’s most prestigious branch of Enforcers shall once again shine as the shield between its citizenry and whatever the Spur may throw at them. An excerpt of the announcement has been transcribed below for our readers: With the final phases being wrapped up, Weashbi announced that a ceremony would be held within the Kal’lo Qeblak Observation Dome, hosted by the Starchanters. The Ceremony will include the inauguration of the new Tupkala Commander. The reaction to the announcement has been very positive, many in the Federation claim to be overjoyed to know the Tups are standing tall once more. We will continue to bring you the news on this development!
  4. DOUBLE TEAMED!!!! MORE QUESTIONS!!!! 1. Is Xrij a receiver or a listener? 2. Does Xrij follow a traditional Skrell religion? 3. What subspecies of Skrell is Xrij? 4. What is Xrij's favorite food?
  5. thread necro, I still think Suit Sensor's Tracking Beacons are evil.
  6. This problem can be solved by an infiltration gloves to the uplink, I believe.
  7. I think the general population wants security to not have better restraints, which this is the opposite of.
  8. Having to open the character sheet every roundstart and switch each antagonist to "off" is a chore that could easily be circumvented with a mid-round toggle.
  9. I don't mind rolling for antag at the round's beginning, but I'd rather not be halfway through a round's worth of RP and suddenly have to be a traitor/ling or whatever else. It takes a decent chunk of prep-work to be an antagonist, or atleast the way I play it. So, I'd rather not have to start with less than half my usual time. This would specifically only apply to non-conversion antags, so normally conversion mechanics still work.
  10. normal glass looks bad tbh... also we're in space and windows need to be able to stand up to vacuum when breaches happen.
  11. Secondary numericals have the right to reproduce taken away from them until their score improves, children already born would be re-homed. Aweiji is close enough to the core that the Federation would have a very strong presence on the planet, and would be enforcing this standard policy. - Other than that, nothing jumps out at me in the application, it's somewhat short, but I believe it meets the minimum requirements and your answers to Haydizzle's questions are detailed. Now I'll throw some of my own in. 1. As a menial laborer in the Federation, you'd have a very high chance of working alongside of Diona and C'thur Vaurca, what does Yeqol think about them both? 2. Outside the Federation, you will often encountered the Skrell's favorite boogeyman, the Synthetic. How does Yeqol feel about potentially having to work alongside them? 3. You've mentioned Yeqol is a strong supporter of the Federation, what's his credit score? Who did he vote for in the recent election? 4. Is Yeqol a listener or reciever? 5. What is Yeqol's favorite food?
  12. Murder is loud, should stay loud. I'm not against that, but the problem is that it's someone on the other side of the station discovering you, rather than people nearby. Again, this isn't the problem though, the problem is that Medical can then send Security to that exact location. I am not saying vital sensors should be touched at all.
  13. this is far more discussion post than suggestion, but I make suggestions, so it's in suggestions, treat it as both types of posts. (it was also originally a stealth antag rant, but it evolved as I typed) First Issue: Information Game Ok, so do you every wonder why every antag and their moms go loud? It's actually pretty easy to answer, being a stealth antag is almost impossible. The main culprit is suit sensors, if you so much as touch someone with maxed suit sensors, medical will pretty much instantly know and start asking questions. This in itself isn't bad, but the fact they also have access to the exact coordinate position of the person in trouble is a HUGE disadvantage for an antagonist trying to kill/kidnap and so on without being detected. There are currently three counters to this that I know of: 1. Radio Jammers will block suit sensors in their radius, their disadvantage is that they deafen you as well, so you have no idea if back up is on the way. The improvised variation of the jammer only works for a few seconds as well. 2. Cutting Telecommunications, if you cut off telecomms or the NT Net, sensors shut off. The downside to this strategy is that it's hard to do remotely and can take quite a bit of prep work. Not to mention, Engineers will make it their number one priority to fix if there's nothing wrong with the Engine. 3. Stunlock. Just stunlock your foe, don't give them a chance to call for help, restrain them, then cut their sensors. The disadvantage here is that you have to rely on them not RNG'ing out of your grab when the stun wears down. Additionally, stunlocks only works with certain antag abilities, or chemical solutions. What this usually results in is that antagonists, usually played by new or mid-range experienced players are unsure how to get around the sensors issue outside of brute forcing it and hope you can get their sensors cut off before medical notices. Medical usually has atleast one or two people with their eyes glued to sensors, so it's a very lucky day for the antags if they're not caught instantly. Medical will ask on common, security will catch wind of it and instantly start running over. You usually have about 30 seconds to a minute to react to being caught before 3-4 Officers are ontop of you. That's not including the Investigators or Warden that will sweep the entire department camera network within ten seconds before the Officers reach the first door though. So, what's the ultimate problem here? Security and Medical are two of the most popular departments on the station, and are the two directly responsible for countering the Antagonist's actions. A fully stocked Security Team (4 Officer, 2 Cadet, 2 Investigator, Warden, HoS) is already a Ten versus One. Add Medical's support behind Security's numbers advantage and most antags won't stand a chance. The amount of information the crew has access to at any given moment can usually counter an antagonists movement rather quickly. Proposed Solutions for the Above Problems? 1. Remove Tracking Beacons as a Suit Sensor Option. Knowing someone is getting hurt is fine, useful, but won't instantly reveal an antagonist. As for Miners, Engineers, and others that go EVA often and need to be tracked down on the asteroid, they already spawn with GPS Equipment in their lockers. They'll just take those instead and be fine. If someone gets hurt, not due to an antagonist's actions, nothing stops them from calling out on the radio for help. 2. Have the Uplink Radio Jammer (read: not the improv one) disable camera coverage in their radius. Just temporarily depower the camera, without triggering the alarm. 3. Add an Encryption Key that grants immunity to radio jammers. Not sure about this one, but you would have to give up your department radio key for it work, or wear two headsets. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second issue: Getting Spotted As it stands, when you get spotted as an Antagonist doing your antagonist business, you have two options. 1.) Kill whoever spotted you, fast. 2.) Threaten whoever spotted you, hope you put the fear of God in them. Option 1 isn't great in some cases, because killing someone is a pretty noisy affair, and people tend to run when attacked. In the case of Unathi and M'sai, you just can't catch them. Not to mention, people tend to salt about getting killed because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, varies from person to person though. Option 2 is usually worse than 1 because most characters will instantly march to Security and rat you at the moment you are out of sight. There are a few excellent RPers who will go through the trouble of being scared into silence, but most will tell Security. While discussing the issue in OOC, I proposed adding a new item to the uplink, an Amnesic Pen, that forces someone to forget the events of the last few minutes. Similar to the Vampire Bite effect, but this was met with resistance by a few players, stating that they'd rather just get killed. There's obviously no pleasing everyone, but if you don't try staff will start looking at your antag play with suspicion. So, outside of the Amnesic Pen, I have no real solutions for this one, so it's open for suggestions from the people reading this. -------------------------------- Third Issue: Forensics this one is less issue/problem/unwinnable and just PSA. 1. Use Cham Clothing, Infiltration Gloves, or Wet Rags to avoid Forensics figuring anything out. You can wipe down doors, items, almost anything and remove the forensics evidence. Downside is, it takes time. 2. blowing up the Forensics lab also works. ------------------------------ please post any other observable issues with antagonist play, from crew or antag perspective. I intend to take what's deemed useful and good from the thread to a dev and hit them over the head with it.
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