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  1. each department has access to basic first aid kits, outside of service. It would and is not hard to find some ointment when you need it.
  2. Please, I've been pretty wounded before, and obviously RP'd out being in bad pain. Medical gets there, and my wounds have some how receded on their own. Its maddening.
  3. Butterrobber202

    Coalf's Art

    Has Supreme Commander Nated (Suns Bless him!) been drawn yet?
  4. @Arrow768 I don't suppose you could clear up how Liaison's should fax? They are an RP role with NT's/[Insert other Megacorp]'s interests at heart? What kind of things can they ask for? What are good things to report? It's always been pretty vague.
  5. fuck fuck fuck fuck bugs hate'em smelly idiots crashed a hiveship on my house AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  6. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Desven as a Roleplayer, and they have a strong grasp on Aurora Lore. Each character they’ve made has a strong concept, and are enjoyable to interact with. i have little doubt that they could preform well as a lore writer and inject some life into Vaurca.
  7. I support this solely on the basis that Skrell are going to look hilarious
  8. pr man take me by the hand, lead me to the land...
  9. I want Camera Drones for the Reporter for obvious reasons. Afaik it functions as an advanced camera. BUT, I'd also like them added to the loadout menu, it opens up a few gimmicks for Visitor Characters and interaction with the relay. While true, it's nothing that can't be done already with the polaroid, I think it would be cooler to have a Camera Drone.
  10. oh cool. It did kinda feel like after King of the World everything just got turned off.
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