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  1. While tacky, it is in line with the Medieval Aesthetic we give Unathi. Peasent Levies would wear something similiar to the ghazak into battle to display their noble lord's flag. It was called a tabard.
  2. Traditionalist Armor would be a fucking BOP for Traitor Unathi
  3. Yeah, I’m here as the Captain of the round. It was a mess. I was lagging the entire time and couldn’t hardly get anything organized. I had to order multiple people multiple times to get them to go places, and with all the shit happening around me, I kept missing pieces of information and was always behind. anyways, in response to the complaint proper. I personally do not have any knowledge on Dawnguard because I rarely play Science and I’ve only played on the same Command team briefly with him outside the event round. But, Scheven is 100% correct in saying the shuttle sending was not the fault of the Director, an admin was slapping the console to get this moving along. I genuinely believe the round was an awful, broken mess with to many moving parts to be reasonably managed by anyone. The chat was moving at a lighting fast pace, communication felt like it was always a minute behind the clock. Additionally, the Director’s small team choice was likely my fault. I clearly misunderstood the event instructions and asked Command to send small teams first and then we could ferry everyone over after, and it was only after alberyk yelled at me that I just said, “Get on the ship and go.”
  4. I think it's a matter of departmentalizing knowledge. The Head of Security should know because it is a, Security matter.
  5. Allowing Mind Shielded Command members works for me. I think the HoS (and possibly the RD if they shielded) is a logical choice.
  6. You know we could just reduce Camera Coverage and that alone would give antags magnitudes more freedom.
  7. fair and deserved, I have bad habit of reverting to unkind slang of internet ages past. So I'll withdrawl.
  8. hello +1 tis a decent story that's believable and interesting. don't RP a whole lot with Kryo but I have shitposted in OOC with him every now and then. (also no one plays bishops so woo hoo model diversity)
  9. the main reason these exist is so Medical/Security have something to do on extended rounds, since they require some chaos to get to do their work. what do you propose we replace them with?
  10. Ckey/BYOND Username: Butterrobber202 Position Being Applied For: Vaurca Deputy Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page: Yes Past Experiences/Knowledge: I read a lot of Sci-Fi. I've also been on the server for quite awhile now, though I have little experience as an actual staff member. English Major if that helps at all. Examples of Past Work: I'm particularly proud of two of my applications on this fourm, which would be my Diona App plus my Tajara App, though my Vaurca one itself isn't bad. But, outside of the Diona App, they are old versions of my writing. Also, just to be clear, I'm specifically talking about the story parts of the applications. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Yl3IFzOwJPtJlyIfF3O_zrzQsbQJ8CfuBCCgEoEtYv4/edit?usp=sharing I wrote a short story about the concept of Guwandi from the Unathi Lore page about two years ago or so. I write in general, but most of my stuff is unfinished as I get distracted easily. Additional Comments: I like Vaurca, what can I say. I probably annoyed Bygone for about two weeks after getting my whitelist to pester him with Questions. Something I would change: I recently had a brief conversation with Rooster and Jam on this so it's on my mind. But the Lii'dra. It's a great concept that's largely been wasted to an unfortunate series of events. I believe that with sufficient effort and willingness to work with people, the Lii'dra could be properly utilized to drive Aurora's story. The King of the World Arc's Phoron Shortage Plot point is a great springboard for such events. They are such an unknown from the public that we could rework them without changing much established lore, and if we can do it well we can have more fun Vaurca Antagonism and more interesting events for the playerbase. (and if people enjoy them, hopefully more people applying for Vaurca) I'd also love to expand on the C'thur in some way, I don't know how I'd do this yet, but they are hands down my favorite hive. (because they're blue, its my favorite color) I also have huge soft spot for Skrell, so I'd get to enjoy the best of both worlds there.
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