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  1. wait why can't we? Its a really good hiding spot.
  2. I would argue for preventing DRASTIC changes in jobs. Heads shouldn't ever jump down to bottom rung (or near bottom rung) of their department. But I don't see a problem with them dipping one level below their respective position. I also don't believe command should jump into Civilian roles (read:Service/Cargo) because have the CMO suddenly become a chef would break immersion in my eyes. but yeah, thats my two cents.
  3. space lice, clearly also this is super creative and gives off really good vibes. I just really like the theme you're going for and I'll support this all the way to the bank.
  4. I just want like a bullet point list of "the typical unathi thinks..." or "The Diplomatic relations of the Hegemony is..." towards X race. We don't have that, maybe on purpose but I'd like to add it. But after reading over Geeves's app, I liked it so much, I'd rather him get it over me. So I'd like to retract this application.
  5. holy shit I really like that Aut'akh angle. I also felt really strange about Aut'akh when they came out. I was literally on the github page for them 24/7 and was excited to play them until the lore events around them. Their entrance to the stage felt like, "hey this new faction? Plot armor, 4 feet thick." I'm 100% all for that plan, and I think Geeves is probably the best man to handle such a retconn. I'm also really excited for C&C3: Wasteland.
  6. Going to be honest, Dominia never captured my interest and thus I've done very little with it. But! As I understand it and from what I've witnessed other excellent players RP is all about zeal and duty. Every citizen of the Empire is a representative of it's traditions and mannerisms. The Edicts are a interesting RP point, and I can absolutely see (and have seen) them played to interesting affect on the station. I enjoy the idea of Dominia but I haven't had fun actually playing them.
  7. Ckey/BYOND Username: Butterrobber202 Why are you interested in Unathi?: I love honor coded societies, its just something I'm absolutely fascinated with. I love having the nearly universally enforced set of honor rules presiding over Unathi society. It gives me a strong united vibe and makes me feel like no matter what Unathi I'm playing with, chances are good we have that in common. They are really well put together for what they are, which is to say, they make sense. When I first read through their lore page in my infantile Aurora career it was clear how they evolved as a society and it made sense that "the strong rule over the weak." Its super clear how and why a warrior-centric society would arise out of these conditions. This narrative draws me in the most post-contact war. A space-faring society's own home planet is an apocalyptic wasteland. This climate creates this fantastic mix of galactic-age/primitive-age dynamic on Moghes. What do you think are the core themes about Unathi?: Core themes of Mainstream Unathi (Izeweski-Brand) are all about honor, tradition, clan and strength. These are the long standing values of the Unathi that hold them together. Worship of the Spirit(s)/Ancestor is also a very fun theme of a warrior society, mostly because it adds alot of flavor to their deaths and knowing their ancestors are watching them from above. Core themes of sub-class Unathi (Aut'akh, Guwan) are a different piece of the puzzle, that still fit well. Aut'akh propel themselves off of being the polar opposite of Si'akh doctrine. (That being FUCK AUGMENTS) Aut'akh are all about friendliness, unity to the point of hivemind, and AUGMENTS WOOO! Its a fun dynamic between the rare Si'akh Unathi and the Aut'akh. Aut'akh are all about serving Oss, and they are passionate about it, because complete devotion to your robotic ancestor spirit god isn't fun if its not zealous. Guwans are depressing to say the least. Their core themes are loneliness and being exiled from Unathi society. They are a disguisting lower-class to be spit upon and hated for their vile crimes against clan and country. Those who arrive on the station can expect a less than kind greeting from the Unathi there. Do you have any specific projects you want to do?: I'd like to expand the honor code. At the moment its got this tiny little page in the Unathi Navbox, I think it could be fleshed out. I'd also like to create tension that actually directly affects on-station Unathi, instead of it being some "far-away war/conflict." What do you like the least about Unathi and what would you want to change? I don't particular like Unathi relations with other races. By that I mean the LACK of detail regarding those feelings. All we really get is "yeah skrell were on Ouere and fuck Dominia" Would you want to become a full Unathi maintainer if you were asked in the future or remain a deputy? Unsure. It would definitely depend on the climate of the team at the time, and I would have to make sure I would have enough personal time to dedicate to being a full maintainer. It would be a disservice to the Unathi community to take the role, then half-ass it. Additional Comments: I actually wrote a short story on Guwanadi and if anyone wants to read it, I'll send it your way
  8. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QjzIYm1xR3katOru7YRXSTqqd7dbRd-gf6ja4sOjDwY/edit?usp=sharing X-02's Second Log during the Ceres Lance mini-Event. Slightly less entertaining but man that was a jam-packed round.
  9. I thought about it! It was really fun.
  10. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tqUB19Gswpm3qVSjNhpjUd7y1zR9BS78IoeNnajZoAw/edit?usp=sharing I spent the entire round as AI logging nearly every semi-important event. Enjoy!
  11. "hey @event there is going to be a small mini-event this round, hop on!" I just want to get a @ when events happen.
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