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  1. the general talk in OOC (from what I've seen) is that it's a cool gamemode, but it should be voteable rather than in secret
  2. 2500 Players that want thick Diona Lips
  3. if people are concerned with being harassed then just turn the setting off???? even better, REPORT harassment or the admins so they can actually handle it????
  4. I find myself agreeing with tomkiel. With your proposed system Skull, you are not promoting sportsmanship, you are enforcing it. Some people like secret, some people like extended. I'm usually in the opposite boat of tomkiel, I like bullets flying through my RP, and therefore, I vote secret just about everytime, then I proceed to just leave and do something else when extended wins out. I'd much rather the winning votes be locked in.
  5. what does it matter if you know who the antagonists are? You can already accurately narrow down the possible gamemodes by comparing the readied up total to the crew manifest roundstart. This changes literally nothing. Additionally, as far as I can tell, most people don't care that people know what characters they play. If Jimbo wanted to not be noticed, he could've just turned it off?
  6. you'd be able to disable this if you don't like it. That would not be the case for the old antag ckey display.
  7. I summon @niennab and @Tailson to the field because I'm pretty sure they are the Synth Devs
  8. Read title. It helps to know which job slots are being contested so I can switch to a different character. for those that don’t know, it basically takes up the (Ready) skit kn the lobby and replaces it with (Readied as OCCUPATION)
  9. As mentioned before, double paragraph is kinda eh. But, I also think the answers to the follow-up questions more than filled the holes. I've played with you a few times on Sophie, and I've never had a serious complaint, so I think you'll do fine as a Frog! 🐸
  10. the quantity is good, if we just remove the restriction on which races can wear nitrile gloves that would work brilliantly
  11. see title. This was initially suggested in the lore discord and it seemed to be well-received, so I was going to put it here so a Dev could look into it. General Idea is being able to add visible damage to your IPC's chassis, such as rust, scratches and busts. Perhaps something involving damage to Synthskin for Shells. Regardless, yeah, lemme play a rust bucket.
  12. I'd be down for a kitchen/bar remap so the serving area is more central to both of them tbh. As it stands it's more "if you want food, hallway serve" and "drink in the hugely massive drinking area holy fuck why is it that big??"
  13. Are borgs considered "life"? According to previous stances, there are equipment.
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