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  1. Literally taught an intern all of Chemistry in one go the other night, felt good.
  2. If we make raider gear any more bare they are gonna be raiding the station with Softsuits and wooden sticks
  3. We could make it like the Alien: Isolation tunnels, you know the ones that have that circular opening and ladders n' stuff. It would accomplish the same goal, but the vents would only open to the correct IDs.
  4. This is a video game, not a cooking simulator. Can we just be happy with a simple system for a simple job designed to be entry-level for new players?
  5. Y e s. I’m all for this. It would make navigating maintenance so much more fun if it was tighter and spookier. We'd need icons and stuff but yeah. This would be so fun.
  6. I’m very aware of the method @ben10083 but the secondary way requires a willing roboticist to work, and materials if it’s in a round in progress.
  7. This is a thicc station with even thiccer needs. Just bump up the Synth Slot count by 3 so we can have service robots in more departments. (and to be honest, now that we are hitting 50 players consistently, we could use more all-access helpers around.)
  8. I would like their eye/light sensitivity to be represented in game.
  9. This kinda breaks the 1 suggestion er thread rule, but it’s small so whatever. But while I think the Antag hud is a great idea, I’m against them being fixable. It’s hard as fuck to snipe those APC infections as Malf, and it would be a serious waste to have the IPCS be fixable.
  10. +1, sounds great as long as refusing a thralling has negative effects, besides you know. Getting SUCC'D
  11. This would be more at home with a TG server than our HRP environment. I can see what gains you want from it, but realistically they won’t happen.
  12. That was the idea, and multi-tile mobs are definitely possible, we'll just have to see what a coder says.
  13. Alright, so my idea is to give maxed out Vampires access to different forms, with various benefits for each. The power is activated from the menu and yadda, the forms themselves don't have huge disadvantages instead, the power as a WHOLE will suffer from a single set. Forms: Bat: (Low Health) Vampire turns into a bat(s) that has evasive abilities. Wolf: (High Health) Vampire turns into a large wolf that has offensive abilities. Fog: (? Health) Vampire turns to a fog that has mind-altering abilities. Shapeshifting Disadvantages: very open to suggestions and amendments.
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