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  1. When it comes to voted captains, NT could just be vague about what actually happens when the SAT is activated. As where a real Captain would know "Yes this is an explosion" a voted captain could just be told, "This Nuclear Device solves targeted Station Problems, but can be tricky, use with care."
  2. Yeah this seems like a solid idea, we could probably get this on the Wiki.
  3. If say the Bunker is a good way for he rest of Command to access it in emergencies, and this also far away enough for Antags to go “hm yes mild planning.”
  4. Hello this is very good, why is it not in the game?
  5. There are a million different ways to get to the surface if Command is smart enough to open maintenance, and the fact that all (normal) shuttles have to come through the surface of this giant asteroid is nice. I get the concerns, but there are solutions to most things between you and the shuttle.
  6. I’d like it if we took Bay12's approach, where both bar and kitchen have a table that is in the dining area,
  7. Could you please do the wield icon for the energy rifle as well, it’s so weird and ugly rn.
  8. give traitor borgs a 5 use emag when they overclock themselves. You can regain 1 charge per 30 minutes if you visit a recharger after the 30 min cooldown. basically just to buff traitor borgs, since being a solo antag is hard enough, but they don't even have hands.
  9. Wiki updates will be big on this update. Also, this would be a fantastic time to include those Xeno Medical Differences. *coughs in Skrell and Vaurca Blood
  10. I absolutely do not want the mute removed. Because you know Tits McGee is going to scream bloody murder and reveal the cult at the 0:13 mark when they get stunned.
  11. 100% should be the case, if you die you should be the one provided with the opportunity to hop in the body.
  12. Remove medical and Command from this, and we will be good. command is a super secure area with quick access to some of the stations functions, people should not just wander in there.
  13. Or a gamemode that randomizes the mixed antag types.
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