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  1. I've survived a few dips in as well. I think it mainly comes down to how you land.
  2. Hey, So to explain my end. I was in talks with a mod simultaneously where I was warned while you dragged me down to science while hulked for failing to act aggressively as a vampire in that state. The moment that ended and I received the warning I took the aggressive approach they had recommended. Going so far as to scream blood!!! on at least two occasions before violently grabbing you and doing the sip. Now I'm not sure what you were trying to do by dragging me down there as I even covered for you with sec who questioned if you willingly took me there. I'm a fairly new player and I'm pi
  3. Being able to freely move slimes about with a terminal is a major quality of life fix for slimes. It seems like its much too manual at the moment. The delivery chutes for monkeys kill them half the time before they can even be dispensed to the slimes. Delivering the monkeys is already fairly grindy and makes Xeno very dangerous when some slimes may not have imprinted during the initial stage of breeding. So having the ability to utilize a terminal to move them between pens would be a major boon. ~Mire Jellenheimer's player.
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